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Feb 14, 1895

The Forresters pay Mrs. S. P. St. John $1,100, the amount of the life insurance policy carried by her deceased husband in that order.

Albert A DeVantier, a former Mt. Clemens boy, returned Wednesday from Iowa where he has spent the past three years. He reports the destitution in that region wide spread and general.

F W Rutter has sold his interest in the Fair to his partner Ed. J. Connor, and purchased the boot and shoe stock of Ferdinand Wenigar on Pearl street. Mr. Rutter will make a success in his new venture as he does in everything, and Mr. Conner is abundantly qualified to play it alone at the Fair.

New Baltimore. Franz Kleinfeldt, a brother of Mrs. Doris Schnoor, paid her a visit a part of last week. He resides in Saginaw.

New Baltimore. Frank Baker, brother of Wm Baker and Mrs. J H Jewell of this place and who lives at Vassar, has been visiting them during the past couple of weeks.

Feb 21 1895

Mayor Donaldson appoints A Laponsca as city chimney sweep.

Before Justice Salisbury. Xavier Maison, arrested some time ago on complaint of Phimamen Rattell, for bas [tardy] has settled on payment of $87. The parties are from Erin.

Another case of diphtheria has been reported, in the family of Philo T Burgess of New Haven.

Representative Davis has appoionted Adison L Lincoln of Armada to a scholarship at the State Normal.

John Tromble had a straw stack tip over on a two year old steer, and he supposed it had killed the animal, but 21 years after the steer appeared, having succeeded in eating its way out [Warren Watchman].

Mar 7 1895

Dennis R John and Frank Dowling have bought out the Biewer saloon on Front street, and will conduct the same after the first of May.

H. Kunstman buys out William Lehner's stock of gent's furnishing goods. Mr. Lehner has secured a situation in Toledo and will move to that city.

Register of Deeds Pruessel sent in a communication this morning, urging the county to buy the abstract books of Lungerhausen & VanEps, in which he agreed to keep the same free of charge, and pay the county during his term of office $250 per year.

Lenox Station. Mrs. Minnie Corey is visiting her mother Mrs. E Duval this week.

Lenox Station. Mrs. Jesse Gleason of Big Rapids is visiting her sister Mrs. R Hubbell.

Meade. Mr. and Mrs. John Pearsall of Owosso are visiting this place. Mrs. Pearsall will be remembered as Miss Cora Stroup.

Prestonville. Mr and Mrs George Fuhrman leave for Cleveland, Ohio, where they will their future home. George will go sailing this summer.

Before Justice Horton. Antoine Laponsa arrested for peddling fish without a license, had his trial, but the first jury disagreed. At the second trial he was convicted and was fined $1 and costs amounting to $24.83. All the jurymen and witness agreed to donate their fees, which left only at $5 to be paid. Laponsa then started and began collecting money to pay the balance after he had the money nearly collected, he couldn't stand to see so much money go through his hands without having a spree, so he got gloriously full, and was sent to jail for ten days.

Samuel Gibbs of Groton, South Dakota was in the city last week, visiting his neice Mrs. John Nunneley and other relatives.

March 14 1895

Davis. Mrs. A H Springstein of Pontiac is visiting at her brothers, W. W. and S. M. Whitcomb.

Washington. Frank Pitcher has accepted a position at River Rouge near Detroit.

Washington. John Holstine is now conductor on Woodward avenue electric line, Detroit.

The roller skating rink at Richmond was opened last week.

March 21 1895

John C Weiss of Chesterfield has had his pension re-issued.

Meade. Mrs. Edward Vovillia and little son, Harold, spent part of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ford Milton in Chesterfield.

Fraser. William Klein, father of Chas. Klein, is seriously ill at his brother's home in Detroit.

Davis. J C Potts, one of town line's most enterprising farmers, shipped another car load of fat sheep to Buffalo, N.Y. last week.

Davis. Fred Meeker, who has been working a farm four miles north of here for the past few years is moving this week onto his brother in law's farm, W. B. Whitney.

March 28 1895

Rev. Wm. Bryant and Miss Winifred Ferrin left for Bay City, Tuesday, delegates to the state convention of the Christian Endeavor.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bountian left Tuesday for their home in Bayfield, Wis. They had been visiting their daughter and son in law Ed. Brehler and wife since Thanksgiving.

Davis. Fisk C. Davis and family moved to Dryden village, Lapeer County, this week, and Earna Teller is moving into the house he vacated.

Fraser. Miss Mattie E. Mulvey is teaching school in the 5th district.

Washington. Frank Pitcher moves his family to river Rouge this week and John Holstine and wife take up their abode in Detroit. Much regret is expressed at their departure.

Candidates at Clinton
Supervisor: Henry Cadow (D) & William A Rowley (R)
Clerk: Peter S Greiner (D) & Edward D Millar (R)
Treasuerer: Frederick J Ahrens (D) & William Faulman (R)
Highway Com: Louis May (D) & Charles Valentine (R)
Justice of the Peace: Louis Fox (D) & Frederick Hummel (R)
School Inspector: John Clore (D) & Bert Millar (R)
Mem. Bd. Review: Julius Coulon (D) & Earnest Coulon (R)
Constables: Julius Kandt, Frederick Priehs, John Wilson & Henry Eschburg (D) & Julius Faulman, William Bahlman, Frederick Coulon, Albert Devantier (R)

Candidates at Macomb
Supervisor: Carl Juengel (D) & Harry B Hall (R)
Clerk: Gordon H Wade (D) & Eugene Giddings (R)
Treasurer: John Schwarck (D) & John Klockow (R)
Highway Com: Pete Wiese (D) & William Bliss (R)
Justice of the Peace: Bert Shattuck (D) & Aeneas Bottomly (R)
School Inspector: Gustave Scholz (D) & George C Whitney (R)
Mem. Bd. Review: Charles Schramm (D) & August Weber (R)
Constables: Harry C Castle, Louis Wolf, Herman Engelman, William Miller (D) & William Card, Henry Alward, Thomas Schoott, William Chamberlain (R)

Western Lenox. Isaac Lemon and family have moved from Columbus and will make their home with Mrs. Lemon's mother, Mrs. Calista Wilder.

An account of Michigan G.A.R's 17th Annual Encampment held at Mt. Clemens this week.

April 4, 1895

Romeo. Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of Three Rivers are in Romeo, called here by the illness of Mrs. Roberts mother, Mrs. S H Ewell.

Southeast Shelby. Miss Tena Lewis and Millie McLellan passed the seventh grade examination given by Mr. Russell.

April 11 1895

Fred Cady has secured a position in Herman Baatz' drug store, corner of Monroe & Randolph streets and expects to begin work about May 1st. Also Otto Waltzer, formerly with F P Ullrich, left today for Detroit to take a clerkship in the shoe store of W J Dahnke, Gratiot avenue.

Davis. Nelson Gass who has been engaged as head musician in a traveling minstrelsy for the past six months, returned last Saturday from an extended trip through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. He reports as having a very enjoyable time.

April 18 1895

At the annual election held at Grace church Easter Monday, J.R. Snook, T.J. Shoemaker, F.H. Vannatter, G.L. Fulton, and R.F. Eldredge were re-elected vestrymen.

The steamer Lily was the first vessel to clear from this port. She started for Toledo, Monday, but had considerable difficulty in getting out of the river on account of low water. She is officered as follows: Captain, Clem Dubay; mate, Wm Ainsworth; engineer, Phil Thomas.

Miss L French of Pontiac is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Tom Norton.

April 25 1895

The Macomb County jury commission will be: John Smith Jr., Romeo; J E Barringer, Armada; W W Andrus, Utica; Adam Bennett, New Haven; Chas. Steffens, Fraser; T W Newton, Mt. Clemens. Politically the board consists of four Republicans and two Democrats.

John Tucker of Saginaw after an absence of twenty-nine years, moves back to this city. Mr. Tucker first saw light in what is now Harrison township, nearly seventy years ago, and was one of the first white children born in the vicinity of Mt. Clemens. He returns to spend the remainder of his days amid the scenes of his youth. May they be many and pleasant.

Vital DeKeyser has gone to Lichtervelde in Belgium, on a two months visit. This is his first trip to his native land in twelve years.

Miss Anna Burchard will not be engaged in the public schools in this city after the present school year expires, she having secured a very desirable situation as teacher of music at Anderson, Ind.

New Baltimore. Mrs. Hoyt of Cicero, N.Y. is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. McIlroy.

Salt River. Ed. VanStambrook will endeavor to cope with the drouth this year by means of windmill irrigation.

Roseville. Miss Alma Schott is visiting her sister Mrs. Hoffmeyer.

Northeast Chesterfield. C Swanebeck sold a fat beef to Wacker Bros. of Mt. Clemens, which weighed 1800 pounds.

May 2 1895

Clarence Snyder and Fred Loose have joined their fortunes and will hereafter conduct a saloon at the corner of Front and New streets, George John's old stand. They are popular young men and will get their share of business. The opening occurs today.

Washington. Forest fires did much damage in the woods east of here. Arnold Adams lost nearly 100 cords of wood and a large amount of fence. Others lost fence. The extreme dryness is risky business to set fires.

John J Whitney of Bad Axe is visiting old friends here.

Washington. Alpheus Smith move his family to Sanilac county this week.

Washington. About three months ago, little Mark Corwin, a seven year old son of John Corwin, was taken to a hospital in Detroit for the purpose of having an operation performed for straightening a foot that turned in. The little fellow returned a few days ago with his foot as straight as any ones and he is able to wear shoes like his playmates and the joy of his parents is of course unbounded. It is indeed a wonderful cure.

Romeo. Howard Fenner has entered the drug business with his brother Harvey at Bay City.

Romeo. Hiron R. Hathaway, Harry L. Jerney and Bert J Spencer gave a small minstrel show last Monday evening.

Romeo. Omer M Glass of Macomb County, a graduate of the Romeo high school is the principal of the Utica high school.

May 9 1895

Sterling. The annual meeting of the Sterling Grove Association was held at the residence of Frank Schulz, Saturday eveing, May 4th. The following officers were elected: President, Fred Karr; secretary Frank Schulz; treasurer, John Kuehn; executive committee, August Schild, Wm Heimke, Carl Stoldt; trustees, Wm. Kickbush, John Doblar, Wm. Zeihm, Fred Roggow and Wm. Bahlmann.

Mount Clemens City Council
Petitions were received from Luke John, Edward Devantier, Rudolph Loose and George Essig asking to be appointed night policemen.

Jun 13 1895

Commencement exercises of the Mt. Clemens high school occur in Nelson's opera house next Wednesday evening, June 19. An admission of 15 cents will be charged. Tickets will be put on sale at Westendorf's drug store at nine o'clock Saturday morning, when they may be reserved. All tickets will be reserved. Graduates. Latin and Scientific Course, Louis Keeler; Latin Course, Trufant Schumacher; Scientific Course, Robert Crocker; English Course, Belle Farrar, Blanche Hall, Ethel Fullerton, Frances Salisbury, Jennie Reimold, Ed. Upton. Post Graduates. English and Scientific Courses, Lillian Broome, Nellie Hall, Maude Rutter. (the program follows with no new names except for Rev. Geo N. Kennedy who presented the diplomas and the Invocation & Benediction by Rev. William Bryant).

Commencement exercises of St. Mary's Schools take place at Nelson's opera house tomorrow (Friday) evening. Rev. F. J. VanAntwerp of Detroit will confer the diplomas. Admission, 25 cents; reserved seats, 40 cents, at Westendorf's. A matinee will be given the children in the afternoon at 2 o'clock, to which an admission price of 10 cents will be charged. The following is the program. (only parts with names listed) Salutatory, Miss Alice Crane; Gleanings from Science, an essay Miss Mable Trombley; Breaking the News to Mother, a recitation Miss Gertie LaPointe; Our City, an essay by Miss Rose Lodewyck; The well of truth, an essay by Miss Frances Brehler; The Napoleon Renaissance an essay by Miss Blanche Lodewyck; Valedictory, Miss Clara Willetts.

Jun 20 1895

Mrs. Wickert and daughters, Minnie and Flora of Neenah, Wisconsin, are in our city visiting their uncle John Pingel.

Before Justice Horton: Henry Savage accuses Willie and Martin Drake, Percy Upton, Charles Eggerston and Malon Rice, all young lads of Sterling, with being guilty of throwing overripe eggs at his house. They had a trial yesterday and the jury failed to agree.

New Baltimore. Commencement exercises will be held at the hatheway Institute Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The graduating class is Miss Bessie Schnoor, Miss Belle Murdick and Miss Lizzie Carter.

June 27 1895

Fred Postal, the new proprietor of the Griswold House, Detroit, is well known in Mt. Clemens. Fred was born on a farm out near Utica in this county. He went from there to Evart, Mich, several years ago and engaged in the hotel business. He made a success of it. His hotel there soon became the popular resort of that town and for all the drummers throughout the country. That Mr. Postal will make a hit in the hotel business in Detroit is beyond all question.

The electric railway between Detroit and Mt Clemens will be put in operation July 1. The engines at the power house, midway between between the two cities, have been started. Cars and trailers are all on hand ready for the opening. This line 15 1/2 miles in length, will be operated by the Rapid Railway Company..................

New Baltimore. Dr. Ives and wife visited friends here last week. Mrs. Ives formerly known as Jennie Schnoor is in poor health. They will leave this week for Mexico where they expect to remain for sometime in the hope that she will recover.

New Baltimore. D. W. Richardson, Miss Sadie Lemmon and Miss Carrie Stroup are the teachers engaged for our schools for the next year. Miss Loehr, who had been our most successful primary teacher, has secured a school in the western part of the state.

July 4 1895

The athletic exhibition at Nelson's opera house Friday night was the best thing of the kind ever held in the city......... Then came Wm Sunderland and Columbus Tuscany in a three round boxing match. This stirred the blood of the sports present to a fever heat. It was decidely interesting. Sunderland was the best boxer but Tuscany was the heavier. The first round was a little tame, but the send and third were red-hot from start to finish. Sunderland was given the decision but the crowd was decidedly in favor of Tuscany.........

Clinton. Miss Grace Coulon of this place and Fred Simms of Mt. Clemens were married in Detroit a few weeks ago.

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