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July 9 1891

John A. Welts, principal of the New Baltimore schools will be in Crocker & Crocker's law office during the summer months.

Western Lenox. Herman Fursteneau, who has been attending college at Evansville, Ill. is spending his vacation at his fathers.

Utica. C. E. Church visited his sisters Mrs. A. Van Epps and Mrs. Ed. Conner in Mt. Clemens on Saturday and Sunday.

Harrison. John Tucker of Saginaw and E. J. Tucker of Mt. Clemens visited at their brothers of this place Sunday.

July 16 1891

Mrs. S A Widrig returned home from New York State on Tuesday. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Thos. Marriott, who will hereafter make her home here.

The L.L. Club gave a reception to its member from China, Mrs. Hayes, at the residence of Miss Hall, Cass Ave. on Saturday the 11 inst. About thirty-five members and a few invited guests gathered to exchange greetings. A few who had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Hayes as Mercy Briggs in her girlhood days to renew the acquaintance, many of them to meet for the first time the very pleasant woman who has devoted eight years tof her life to foreign missionary work and who hopes and expects to continue in the good cause for years to come .................... Persons who failed to attend the lecture of Rev. J. N. Hayes of China, on the land of Sinim, at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday evening, missed a rare treat ...........

New Haven. Mrs. Sherman and her daughter Mrs. Chittendon and child of Sodus, N.Y., spent last week with her brother, Nelson Sutphin, leaving Monday morning, July 13th for Allegan.

New Baltimore. On Tuesday, the 14th inst, George H. Burgess went to Detroit and took out marriage license No. 9038, Wayne Co. which read, "George H Burgess, New Baltimore 41; Minnie B. Ely, Detroit, 21." George kept his secret well and did it sly in going to another county, but his friends here knew it all that evening and have big congratulations in store for him when he returns with his bride. Miss Ely formerly resided in Mt. Clemens, and just finished a very successful term of school in the Salt River River district. She is to be congratulated on her choice as few gentlemen possess such sterling qualities of head and heart as does Geo. H. Burgess, and the fate that has befallen him in obtaining so excellent a partner just serves him right.

July 23 1891

Mr. Gemmer and wife of Buffalo, N.Y. are visiting their daughter's the Mesdames Meldrum and Ullrich.

Justice Salisbury's Court. Theresa Blay, charged with being a truant and disorderly person, was sent to the industrial school for girls at Adrian until she reaches the age of 19.

Chesterfield. Calvin Davis and family from Macomb were among the many faces that congregated at the church last Sunday to listed to Rev. Hayes, Mrs. Davis is a sister of Mr. Hayes.

Long article. Alfred Ashley kills Eber Dequindre with a screw driver. The Coroner's Jury Exonerates Ashley from Blame and he is Discharged. The village of New Baltimore was greatly excited last Thursday night over a quarrel between Alfred Ashley and Eber Dequindre at Heath's livery stable which resulted in the death of Dequindre. Ashley is 17 years old and the son of a widow lady who resides in New Baltimore ........ Testimoney by witnesses Roy Leonard, Henry Barthels, Henry C Schnoor, Louis Gulett and Franz Gulet ......... the principal witness was Roy Leonard whose testimoney was printed in full.

July 30 1891

Mrs. John Peltier, Mrs. Fred Peltier, and Mrs. David Chapaton of this city, made their sister, Mrs. James Rooney of Toledo a two days visit this week, returning Wednesday.

Columbus Burnette of Detroit and Miss Annie B Wilson of this city were married on July 23d at the Cathedral by Rev. F. Bradshaw. They will visit relatives in northern Minnesota three weeks after which they will take up their residence in Detroit.

A serious accident occurred at the Media's new supply tanks, under process of construction, about 4:30 o'clock Monday afternoon a carpenter's scaffold upon which were Dan Greenman, Fred Vannettar and Chas. Peltier, gave way precipitating the ment to the floor, twenty-eight feet below. Peltier miraculously escaped with only a few bruises. Vannettar's right limb was terribly bruised and lacerated. Greenman's head was badly crushed and he is suffering from concussion of the brain. His recovery is doubtful.

We clip the following from a late issue of the Los Angeles Times: "The wedding of Dwight W. Davis and Miss Alva W. Stephens took place at the home of the bride on Wednesday afternoon, July 1st. On relatives and intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. ...... Mr. and Mrs. Davis left for Colorado in the afternoon and remain a few days when they will return and reside at the Argyle."

August 6 1891

Louie Burkhardt of the popular firm of Burkhardt Bros., is preparing to open a shaving parlor in the Sherman House. Chas. will continue business at the old location.

August 20 1991

Mrs. Rose Dawson is entertaining her sister-in-law Mrs. Thos Meek of St. Thomas, Ont.

Romeo. Announcement is made of the marriage of Wm. Morton and one of Louisiana's fair daughter's at St. Charles La.

Sept. 18 1891

His honor, Mayor Chapin, has been kept busy this week receiving the congratulation of his hosts of friends. Last week the mayor let the city leaving the impression that he was going to attend the state fair, but on his return several days later accompanied by a lady he smilingly admitted that he had not been to Lansing, but had taken a trip to the hymeneal alter instead. His bride was formerly Mrs. N. J. Hicks of St. Johns, Mich, daughter of E. Walsworth, and sister to P.E. Walsorth, cashier of the first national bank of St. Johns. The council and numerous other friends smoked to the health of his honor and lady Monday evening.

Sept. 24 1891

Alfred Parks of Warren turned out 50 barrels of cider on Saturday, Sept. 19th with his new mill and press.

Oct 1 1891

Mt. Clemens will be represented by ten students at the Michigan University this year: Franz Kuhn, Paul Ullrich, Elmer Allor, Henry Chapaton, Edward McCreedy, Almand Demerick, Waldemar Lungershausen, Warren Stone, Miss Aggie Atwood and Miss Anna Richards. They will all leave for that seat of learning this week.

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