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Jan 26 1893

Louis Ameel took out his first papers in 1856, this week he was admitted to full citizenship by Judge Canfield.

Wm. Fox and Sylvia Conger of Armada, who were brought here from Benzie county last week, charged by the woman's husband with adultery, were released Tuesday. Lorenzo Conger, the woman's husband being satisfied with a divorce, and the woman was might glad to get out of the scrape that easy, agreed to let him have one, so all parties were satisfied and went on their way rejoicing.

Jared S Waldron, who has been visiting his mother, Mrs. C. Waldron the past few weeks, has returned to his home in Nebraska.

Western Lenox. G. E. Treytag, of Cologne, Prussia, is visiting his cousin Mrs. Antoine LeDuc and other relatives in this vicinity. He expresses himself as well pleased with this country and will prolong his trip to the northwest.

Feb. 9, 1893

The social event of the past week in Milton was the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary or Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. James Leonardson. ......... Mr. Leonardson is now in his seventy-sixth year, and both are natives of New York. Married in Montgomery county, February 1st 1843. Soon after their marriage they went to Ohio, living in Perrysburg a year, they then came to Michigan, settled on a piece of land in Chesterfield on which they still reside. Seven children have been born to them all still living.

One of the pleasing sights at the Organ recital Wednesday evening was again to see Robert Welts out among his old friends, after being confined to the house for three months.

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