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April 12 1894

Nicholas Lacroix makes complaint against Traugott Posner for selling liquor to his son Rudolph, a minor. Case set down for hearing on the 19th inst. before Justice Horton.

Mrs. A. M. Carter of Manistique, has taken up her residence with her sister Mrs. Jonathan M. Widrig. (Note: I believe that this should be Mrs. James M.Widrig, not Jonathan M. Widrig -af)

Western Lenox. Mr. Helt from near Mt. Clemens has moved on David Hill'sfarm which he has leased for a term of years. Mr. Hill and family will moved to New Haven.

Romeo. Miss Loretta Crissman, teacher in the Bay City schools, has been spending her vacation with her people in Romeo.

New Baltimore. Mrs. Pearl Dixon nee Jones of Silver Springs N.Y. is visiting her parents and friends here.

New Baltimore. Stephen Schars has served his time with D. M. Heath and expects soon to move to Detroit, where he has secured a position with a paper house. Mr. Heath's many customers will miss Stephen.

New Baltimore. Horace Perkins sailed from St. Clair flats for home last Wednesday forenoon and was caught in the gale and his scow capsized while about two miles out. Horace took a cold water bath for an hour while some of our brave sailor boys went to his rescue and succeeded in taking him safely ashore after swamping two row boats in the attempt.

April 19 1894

Abram Peltier caught a 16 pound German carp near the railroad bridge last Sunday.

Senator Vance of North Carolina, a notice of whose death may be found on an inside page, was a brother in law of Mrs. Geo. M. Crocker of this city. Mr.and Mrs. Crocker left Monday to attend the funeral obsequies.

John Nicol has bought John C. Bolty's store and saloon at Waldenburg and expects to take possession on May 1st.

Washington. Charles Phelps and family have moved to River Rouge, where he has employment. We are sorry to lose them.

May 17 1894

H Weigel and family moved last week onto a farm near Valley Center, Sanilac County.

A gambler is the lowest thing on the face of the earth. He toils not neither does he spin, but is arrayed in the finest broadcloth and lives on the fat of the land. Every gambler in Mt. Clemens should be driven out. Such vermin must go.

The somewhat celebrated Rivard will case is being tried in Detroit before Judge Frazer. The estate has been appraised and amounts to $700,000, and its division has a peculiar interest for some Mt. Clemens people. Ferdinand C. Rivard made a will in 1874, and afterward attached 12 codicils, practically leaving his wealth to two sons, Paul and Ephraim, cutting off the other five heirs. Mrs. Henry Lodewyck of this city is one of the disinherited ones, as are Mr. Lodewyck's children by a former wife, who was also a Rivard. The will is attacked on the ground of incompetency and undue influence.

May 24 1894

A ten-mile road race will occur at Richmond tomorrow. Oscar Brehler, Fred Behnke and Chas Wenegar of this city will participate in the contest.

Wm. Schott of Macomb has shown signs of insanity for several months, and was committed to the Pontiac asylum Wednesday by Judge Tucker. His last delusion induced him to refuse food, which he did for a week.

G. Gale Collins of this city and Miss Zada M. Jones were married at the home of the bride's parents in Lodi, Ohio, Sunday, May 13. They will go to housekeeping in the Ecker house, No.24, Grand Trunk avenue.

Dan'l Lynn, a brother of Capt. Lynn of this place, was the only one saved out a crew of five that went out to rescue a crew of a wrecked vessel near Port Huron, Friday. Mr. Lynn is a powerful man and saved himself by swimming to shore. Henry Little, captain of the crew and one of the drowned, was a nephew of Henry Little of this city.

A number of bicycle riders met Monday night and organized a bicycle club, under the name of The Mt. Clemens Wheelmen. They propose to give a race meet during the summer that will surpass any ever given in this part of the state. They boys are hustling already for new members and also making preliminary arrangements for the meet. Officers of the club are: President -- Seth Knight; Vice President -- Geo. Nichols., Secretary -- Lin Delvin; Treasurer -- B R Erskine; Captain -- Chas. Freeman; Race Committee -- Geo. Nichols, Chas. Ferrin, Chas. Freeman, Geo. Lennebacker, Robt. Stewart and Art. Donaldson.

William and Mary Kellogg lived in Mt. Clemens, having been married Dec. 24 1879, and have three children. The latter asks for a divorce on the ground of cruelty and non-support.

Edward and Fredericka Rose were married Nov. 17 1859 -- nearly 37 years ago and have six children all over 21. Fredericka claimed cruelty during the past 10 or 12 years and Ed claimed that his wife although 70 years old, was altogether too frisky. An armistice was agreed on and the case was discontinued.

Malvin Davis and Mary E Cleveland were married in 1879. Work didn't agree with Malvin, and in 1893 he left his (scratch) ... and luckily for Mary hasn't shown up since. They were the parents of seven children, three of whom are living.

Daniel and Lucinda McLean of this city were married July 4, 1878 and have two children. But Daniel loved the flowing bowl better than he did Lucinda and he deserted her December 26, 1892. She seeks a separation on the above grounds.

Abbie J. Farrington of Armada, asks the court to dissolve the tie that bind her to Silas Farrington. They were married sept 5, 1870 and she left him Feb. 17 1893. She charges cruelty.

Frederick Burr and Anna Berger were married sept 4 1891 and Fred. claims that Anna left him Jan 4, 1892 and wants a bill on that ground. They lived in Sterling.

Romeo. A. B. Rawles left last week for Boston, in which place he has secured employment.

New Haven. Philo Burgess has just set out 2,300 tomato plants

New Haven. Frank Clemens was taken sick Monday noon with a disease in his head. Monday night he was out of his head all night. No sign of improvement.

Prestonville. John Potts house on the town line between Macomb and Davis was burned Friday.

May 31 1894

A R Miller is visiting his daughter Mrs. E G Folson. Mr. Miller is located at Minneapolis, Minnesota and is in the wholesale hardware business.

August Henkel and Chas. Eschenburg will represent the Mt. Clemens Arbieter society at the annual meeting at Battle Creek, June 12, 13 and 14.

The marriage of W L Potter and Miss Kittie E Sompson of Flat Rock, Mich, on the 24th inst by Rev. C. Simpson, father of the bride is of some interest to Mt. Clemens people. The bride is a sister of Mrs. Geo H Nichols, and eighteen years ago Mr. Simpson was pastor of the M. E. Church of this city ........

Richmond. The annual commencement exercises occur at Cooper's Hall one week from tonight. The graduating class numbers eleven this year and is comprised of the following young ladies and gentlemen: Misses Nelling Ballentine, Grace French, May Heath, Evelina Patterson, Emma Raven, Nellie Welding, Marguerite Freeman, Messrs C. M Bailey, E M Harris, J W Lutes, A D Weeks.

June 7 1894

Northeast Chesterfield. Miss Amelia Volkening attended the wedding of her brother in Detroit, May 22nd. .... Henry C Volkening and Miss Louisa Kuhn were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, May 22. The ceremony was performed in Detroit.

Harrison. Mamie Perry closed her school in District No. 1 last Friday.

Harrison. Lena Campau is learning the dressmaking art at Mt. Clemens.

Harrison. The recent hail storm killed two hundred hills of melons for L. Charbeneau.

Romeo. Mrs. Earnest Bishop and baby of Norwalk, Ohio is visiting her parents, Joel Smith and wife.

June 14 1894

Miss Nettie Tucker and adopted son leave next Monday for a few months visit with friends east.

Word has been received from Belgium to the effect that B. VanLandeghem is suffering with quite a serious illness.

Fremont Hayes, a druggist of Utica is in hoc, charged by A. E. Ewing, member state board of pharmacy, with selling drugs without being a registered pharmacist. Hearing before Justice Horton on June 21.

Eighth Grade Graduation takes place at the M.E. church tonight. Following are members of the grade: Lizzie Burr, Christine Gundert, Mabe Phillbric, Lucy Price, Mamie Provost, Mabel Russell, Laura Strue, Harry Dalby, John DeKay, Claude Folsom, Robert Priehs, Charles Kelly, William Miller, Walter Olde, Clarence Parker, Bert Pingle, Arthur Tucker, Leslie Ullrich, Percy Upton, Howard Wade, Walter Williams, John Bryant, Henry Verniea, Clarence Nunneley, Bert Kimmeritz, Josie Hunt, Bert Wood. Admission 10 cents. (The program is included in the paper - af)

Graduating Exercises of Mt Clemens School will take place at Nelson's opera house, Wednesday June 20. The class has eighteen members: Mildred Grosvenor, Maude Rutter, Nellie Hall, Hattie Lewis, Mattie Kuhn, Mamie Widrig, Margaret Upleger, Helen Shook, Flora Miller, Florence Richards, Mable Moross, Belle McCready, Kate Trufant, Sate Tufnel, Lillian Broome, Fred Cady, William Sawitzky, and Annie Dalby, a post graduate, who last year graduated in Latin and this year in English and Scientific courses.

June 21 1894

Miss Rosa Steinart who has been visiting her sister Mrs. Koehler for the past four weeks has returned to her home in Saginaw.

John Andrus of Utica plead guilty to selling d---- [rugs] without being a registered pharmacist and Justice Horton fined him $10, the maximum sentence for the offense.

The item published in last week's Press regarding the illness of Mr. B. VanLandeghem in Europe is pronounced a canard by his son Frank, who received a letter yesterday saying that his father was feeling better than he did before he left home.

The following pupils of the Mount Clemens High School have not been absent during the year ending June 22nd: Lillian Broome, Fannie Parker, Della Nunneley, Albert Behnke, Lizzie Diehl, Carrie Lonsby, Willie Sawn, Lizzie Sumner, Bertha Whitney.

The Fire Department elected officers Wednesday night for the ensuing year: Captain - John L Longstaff; 1st Lieut - A Amiel, 2nd Lieut - Chas Ayers, Capt H and L Truck - Cap Keiles; Assistant - Rudolph Rottman, Secretary - Fred Krauseneck, Treasurer - Ed Heine.

New Baltimore. Last Wednesday Max Schnoor had a collission with a horse and cart driven by John Klein and miraculously escaped without any broken bones. He was knocked down and badly bruised about the head and the wheel passed over one leg.

Southeast Shelby. Mrs. Will Campbell visited her mother, Mrs. H. Degroff, near Davis last Sunday.

June 28 1894

At the examination of graduates of the district schools recently held here by Com. Russell, there were nine candidates, six of whom passed and received diplomas. These were Maggie and Nellie Baumgartner, District No. 4 Sterling, A. D. Joyce teacher, Florence Inerby and Ella Hearn, District No.3 Clinton, Mattie Miller teacher; Fannie Axtell, District No.2 Clinton, Jennie McEwen teacher; William Buss District No.5 Clinton, Mattie Mulvey, teacher. Each of the above received a diploma which admits them to any high school in the county in the nineth grade.

New Baltimore. Miss Hattie Schnoor returned from Canadagua, N.Y. where she has been attending the Granger Institute.

Washington. Dr. Yates did a wholesale job of vaccinating Saturday last. (this would have been for smallpox - af)

July 5 1894

Joe Barney, a fisherman who was shut out with others by the fish law, has turned his attention to turtles, and recently shipped 300 to Baltimore and other eastern cities. He now has 500 pounds more ready for market.

The girl that gives away to the desire to gad about the streets and cultivate the acquaintance of young men, the simpering simpleton, is laying the foundation of a useless life. Then to one, when she is married she will develop into a slatterly gossip, if no greater misfortune befalls her. It is the girl of good, sound, hard sense, the girl who loves home and helps her mother who wins the model men and becomes an ornament to womanhood. The girl that does this and devotes part of her time in reading and strives for the grace of mental culture, commands the respect and esteem of everybody, while gadding street ornaments only win the admiration of those whose attention is not worth having.

Before Justice Horton. Frank Umlauf, compalined of for keeping his saloon open on Sunday, has his hearing tomorrow forenoon.

Romeo. Lightning destroyed the barns on the farm of Chris. Hartway, eight miles southeast of this place last Friday noon. There was nothing of any value contained in the buildings at the time of the fire. No insurance.

Meade. The New Haven physicians have done a wholesale business in vaccinating at this place of late.

Meade. It is reported that Warren Card, who has been very ill with small pox, is slowing recovering. There appears to be but little fear of the disease spreading.

July 12 1894

Herman Benbenbeck of Sarnia, Ont., a former resident of this city, is here visiting relatives.

A B Kent of New Richmond, Wis, is the guest of his brother, A H Kent of this city for a couple of weeks.

The jury summoned by Justice Salisbury last Friday to ascertain the cause of death in the case of Jessie VanZant, consisted of James Wilson, Ed. Paya, Fred Sayles, Wm Stuck, F. E. Young and Jas. Carney. ......... (testimony etc.) ..... The jury finds that Alfred Willett ......... guilty of murder. In another article it states that Edward Willett, held on warrant sworn out by Almer VanZant, charging him with the murder of Jessie VanZant. (Note: Aug 30 1894 Alfred Willett, charged with murder has his hearing Monday; full details & testimony appear in the Sept. 20th issue).

July 19 1894

Armada. C J Cudworth and E A Hulett have rented the plant of the Armada Dairy Association for the balance of the year, and will try their luck at the creamery business.

July 26 1894

Miss Georgia Leonard of Port Huron is visiting her sister, Mrs. H. C. Benton.

Mrs. Fannie Jordan of Chicago, sister of John Cady and Mrs. Castle, is visiting at the Cady homestead.

Everett Stuck of Dayton, Ohio, who visited his brother William, the first of the week, returned home Tuesday.

Ed Willett, Traugott Posner Jr., and George Dunlap have enlisted in the U.S.Army, and several other young fellows are in Detroit today undergoing an examination with the intention of joining our Uncle Sam's fighters.

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