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Aug 2 1894 Mrs C H Schnoor of Detroit is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. J E VanEpps

Before Justice Salisbury. Annie Alband had Charlotte Allor arrested for using indecent language, and to make the honors easy Charlotte cause the arrest of Annie on the same charge, and each were fined $1 and costs.

New Baltimore. Chas. Hubel and family of St. Clair Sundayed with Mrs. Doris Schnoor.

New Baltimore. Miss Ada Parker of our village has undertaken to win a scholarship in the Boston Conservatory of music by obtaining a thousand subscribers for the Ladies Home Journal. She deserves success.

Clinton. Bert Warren and wife of Capac are visiting at her parents G. Wood and wife.

Clinton. Mrs. D. Kandt and children of Detroit are spending a few weeks with her parents. J. Wentlent and wife.

Aug 9 1894

Mrs. A T Donaldson is receiving a visit from her sister Mrs. B W Sperry and daughter Maude, of Macon Georgia

B B Coursin and Henry Miller caught 770 perch with hook and line, at the lake one day last wee, and it wasn't a very good day for perch either.

The latest thing in a social way is the progressive hammock party. A description of the play is this: Each lady had charge of a hammock. Each gentleman selects a hammock, and for five minutes entertains in conversation the fair occupant. The bell rings, the gentleman passes to the next hammock, and so on to until he has completed the rounds. A vote is taken by the ladies as the best entertainer and the lucky man is awarded the prize.

Fire broke out in the dwelling owned by Louis Dubay, and occupied by his son Levi, on the sugar bush road, at one o'clock this morning, and quickly communicated to another dwelling owned and occupied by Andrew Dubay. But few of the household goods of either were saved. There was an insurance of $300 on each house and $100 on the furniture of Andrew. The buildings were beyond the city limits, and out of the reach of water. The origen of the blaze is unknown.

Louis Matt, captain of the yacht Foam, was complained of for commanding vessel without a proper license. An investigation by the collector of customs disclosed the fact that Capt. Matt held papers which entitled him to command any vessel under one hundred tons, and the charge fell flat.

Aug 16 1894

All the members of Mr. Card's family in Macomb who were down with small pox have recovered.

New Haven. Mrs. William Carl has opened a bakery and ice cream parlor in the Mrs. Haire place. May success be her's as it has been needed very long.

Salt River. At the last meeting of the Farmers' Club of Chesterfield and Lenox, they elected the following officers: President, Jos. Fuller; secretary, Ford L Milton; treasurer, Mrs. Parker. The next meeting of the club will be at Wm Shattuck's, the last Friday in September.

Aug 23 1894

Wm Sawitzka is attending Cleary's business college at Ypsilanti.

Either an attempt at suicide or a dastardly attempt at murder was committed near Utica last Thursday. Willard A. Wales, a gentleman 70 years of age was found shot in the head. He regained consciousness and accused a young man named Jesse Bromley with firing the shot but contradicted his own statements so often that Bromley, who was brought to this city under arrenst was released on his own recognizance Tuesday. The shot tore away a portion of the skull behind the right ear, and it seems impossible, or at least highly improbable that Mr. Wales inflicted the wound with his own hand and the affair is wrapped in mystery. Mr. Wales is one of the oldest citizens of his township, and is said to have called the first republican convention in the county. He was still alive at last accounts with few chances in favor of his recovery.

There is an institution called the Mt. Clemens Liquor Dealers Protective Assocation, who want to see fair play among their brethren throughout the county, and believing that country dealers were not doing the wquare thing, sent a man among them, and as a result the following dealers have come in and whacked up $150 each in addition to the license already paid: Henry Bloss, Erin; George Hundt, Warren; August Rein, Erin; Chas. Klein, Erin; Henry Vernica, Erin; August Peters, Macomb; Fred Schulwitz, Erin; Henry Hummrich, Erin; August Kleist, Erin; Wm Glefke, Clinton. Four others John Nicol, Erin; Gustave Reipert and John Most, Erin, and Aug. Zilegn, Warren are marked men, and unless they come to time complaints will be entered against them. A list of others are on the program and they too are expected to put up or shut up.

Utica. Floyd Upton graduated from the business university in Detroit last week and has secured a position with the banking firm of Frenceh & Hale at Rochester and will go to work immediately. Others started with him but fell out by the wayside.

Utica. Willard A Wales, a respected farmer near this place, attempted suicide on Thursday morning alst, by shooting himself in the head, the shot did not prove fatal at once and he may live. This is we understand his third attempt to try the suicidal route.

New Baltimore. Eugene Beethney formerly one of our citizens, but now a groceryman of Detroit, spent Wednesday of last week in our village.

August 30 1894

Miss Maude Hayward has returned to Coldwater where she accepts the position as teacher of music and drawing in the public schools. This is her second year in that city.

New Baltimore. Mrs. Fannie Woolley expects to move to Detroit soon. Her youngest children go with her. The older ones will keep house with their grandfather, J M Wilson.

Prestonville. John B Giddings of Evart is visiting here a few days. He will sail on the John V. Moran the rest of the season.

Sep 6 1894

Mrs. Geo. Scott and two sons, Dr. Harvey and Burt of Detroit, have moved into the Gale residence on South Gratiot street. Mrs. Scott is a sister of J T Nunneley.

Leon Marsack lives in Erin, and has a flagstaff in front of his premises. A crowd of seven or eight young fellows from Warren drove up one day this week and demanded the flad, which was refused, whereupon they took it by force, pounding Marsack quite badly, in the scuffle. He caused their arrest but on payment of $50 to Marsack and the costs, they were released.

Romeo. Asa Warren, formerly of this place, now of Elmer, is visiting Romeo friends.

Sep 13 1894

Miss Lena Marquardt enters the university at Ann Arbor next month.

New Baltimore. Mrs. Belle Collins of Upsilanti is visiting her daughter Mrs. F. Schnoor.

New Baltimore. Mrs. Arthur Elsey of Marine City is visiting her mother, Mrs. J. B. Lozen

Southeast Shelby. Francis Payne of Disco did most of the threshing in this neighborhood.

Circuit Court - Criminal Cases
People vs Charles Klein. Keeping saloon open Sunday
People vs August Kleist. Keeping saloon open Sunday
People vs Ivy Hulett and William Fillmore. Keeping saloon open Sunday.
People vs Alfred Willett. Murder.
People vs Michael Reubenbach. Adultry.

Sep 20 1894

New Baltimore. S. Schars, who has been employed by the firm of Beecher, Peck & Lewis since April, moved his family to Detroit last Monday morning. We are all sorry to lose them from our town, but Steve has promised to come back and talk horse with the boys occasionally.

Sep 27 1894

New Baltimore. Dr. H. S. Chapman, formerly a New Baltimore boy but now mayor of Pontiac together with his wife and Mrs. Wm. Perkins visited friends here last week.

Oct 4 1894

While John Faber and Harvey Diehl were sailing on the river Sunday, their boat was capsized by the wind and the boys thrown into the water. Young Faber is a cripple and was held up and saved from drowning by Diehl until assistance reached them.

Romeo students to the University of Michigan are: Miss Grace Palmerlee, Messrs F. A Eckert, Henry McKay, Lynn Johnson, W T Starkweather, Robt. Greenshields, Monte Weirs, Will Wilkinson and Hugh Dicken.

Oct 18 1894

John Charbeneau takes three car loads of apples to Chicago today.

Mr and Mrs. R O Meldrum returned to their home in Buffalo, N.Y. yesterday.

A stranger makes Charlie McSherry a present of a baby at the depot, and then jumps aboard a train and departs. The little one will be cared for.

New Baltimore. George Pomeroy moves his family to Monroe this week.

New Baltimore. Alfred Bucchler left Wednesday for Nebraska to look after business affairs in and about Kearney.

New Baltimore. Mrs. Fannie Woolley who recently moved her family to Detroit, has returned quite well satisfied that New Baltimore is a good place to live.

Lengthy biographies of men seeking office on the democratic ticket: Leonard Schneider for sheriff, Edward D Wiemann Jr. for County Clerk, Carl Juengel for Treasurer, Warren Parker for Register of Deeds, Oscar C Lungerhausen for Prosecuting Attorney, Seth W Knight for Circuit Court Commissioner, Warren S Stone, Adam Bennett for State Representative for the 1st district, John I Crissman for the 2nd Representative district.

Oct 25 1894

Dairyman Wm Rosso sports a handsome new milk wagon.

Peter J Dahm has purchased the interest of August Pringnitz in the firm of Pringnitz & Haller, grocers, and the new firm will hereafter be known as that of Haller & Dahm. Mr. Dahm is an active energetic young man, who has been for several years connected with the Mt. Clemens Savings Bank, and he and Mr. Haller will make a strong team. The Press wishes the new firm success. Mr. Pringnitz has not decided what he will do as yet, but he will have the good wishes of a host of friends in whatever he undertakes. (Mathias Haller - af)

Washington. We are pleased to note that two of our young men, Irving D Cannon and Chas Delaney, are in the service of Uncle Sam as railway mail clerks. Cannon runs between Detroit and Chicago, and Delaney between Cleveland and Chicago.

Meade. Ed Furton and wife have closed their house here and gone to Whiawassee county, where, we understand Mr. Furton has procured employment.

Clinton. John Burnham of Saginaw visited his sister Mrs. A Fox last week.

First Annual Statement of the Chesterfield Creamery shows up well .... Oct 15 ..... Secretary Peter Monnier Sr. made the following report ........... Henry Dixon, the manager made the following statement ......... The stockholders expressed themselves well satisfied with the year's work, and the patrons of the creamery are highly pleased with the treatment received, and the general expression among them was that the creamery is a blessing to them, and that the only way to make money out of cows is to patronize a creamery .......... The following named persons were elected directors for the ensuing year: President, John C Miller; Vice President, Wm. F. Tomlinson; Secretary, Peter Monnier Sr.; Treasurer, Charles Yates, Directors, Wm. Baker, James B Eldredge, Joel Hart, Charles Harms and Charles Schmidt.

Nov 1 1894

Mrs John Conner is making her parents in Sandstone, Ont. a month's visit.

Clinton. Charlie Dittrich Jr. has come home from Detroit, where he has been working in a brewery for about two years, and is going to work his father's newly purchased farm.

Clinton. A number of our farmers have found employment drawing dirt for Mr. Sherman's race course in Mt. Clemens. The dirt is taken from the embankment of the canal in Aug. Kerner's flats.

New Haven. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baker from Centerline visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sutherland.

Nov 22 1894

New Haven. M M Drake and wife will go to Bellville, Wayne county, next Monday, where Mr. Drake will locate for a time with his photo business.

Richmond. Camillo Napolitano will try and organize a class on the violin here again this winter.

Roseville. F and C Haselhuhm have moved to Detroit where they will open a meat market.

Nov 29 1894

Albert A Ameel will give thanks over a bright 14 pound boy that arrived at his home yesterday.

New Baltimore. Insult was added to injury last Sunday morning when Fred Schnoor found the heads of his late departed ducks nailed to the hitching posts in front of his place of business and each head decorated with a small piece of crepe. Fred enjoyed a good laugh when he recognized the joke and remarked that he was one of the boys once himself.

Dec 6 1894

Before Justice Salisbury
Exivier Maison of Erin, charged with bas [tardy] by Phimamen Rottell, has his examination tomorrow.

Dec 13, 1894

Examination closed on the part of the people against Exivier Maison for bastardy, and further examination adjouned to Jan. 5

Clinton. Rudolph Schulvitz returned home from a visit to Alpena last week and surprised his friends by bringing a bride home with him.

Roseville. A Beste has moved to Detroit.

Dec 20 1894

Ed Paya opens a meat market in the old Milwaukee house. Also John Roskopp in Barney's old fish market.

The unique house belonging to Mrs. D W Dykeman on Lincoln avenue is completed at ta cost of over $2000, the porch costing $500. It will be occupied by Casper Czizek after January first.

Mt. Vernon. Jonas H Crissman is a cripple nowadays caused by a cow stepping on his ankle.

New Baltimore. D. B. Elsey, A Randall, and A Lozen are the latest sailor boys home from sailing.

New Haven. F M Hastings has gone to Evart, in the northern part of the state, where he has secured a situation in a store.

Washington. Pedro parties are becoming quite common. The last was at W A Stone's Friday evening.

Washington. John J Whitney of Bad Axe, is spending a few weeks with his people here.

Washington. Watson D Norton has taken up his residence in Detroit, where he will enjoy better opportunities of following the study of music.

Roseville. David Stricker is attending the business university in Detroit.

Mr and Mrs T J Shoemaker will leave Monday for Amsden, Mich., to spend Christmas with his parents.

Dec 27 1894

Marshall John took Frank Barney to the reform school at Lansing on Wednesday. The lad is 12 years old and was sent up for truancy.

Capt. Louis Charbeneau and others have undertaken the task of improving the long neglected old French burying ground on the Tucker and Jobse lands. The plat has been resurveyed and a new fence built. Other improvements are contemplated.

A very rich mess is likely to grow out of a wedding recently solemnized in this city. Chas. Kersting, whose legal wife is confined in the Pontiac asylum, by some means induced Postmistress Bellus of Ray Center to marry him, since which the festive Charley has been rusticating at Mrs. B's home. Now comes Mr. Bellus, an honored citizen of Penn Yan, N.Y., a son of law of Mrs. Bellus Kersting and has gone to Ray with the Sheriff. Later developments may be looked for.

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