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Feb. 16 1893

Myron White has cut down the two walnut trees in front of his premises on Market street. They were planted there about 60 years ago by Wm. S. Robinson and Wm Lewis and scaled 775 feet.

Feb. 16 1893

Wm. Albrecht, our Roseville butcher is erecting his new slaughter house this week. Fred Hartung and Gustav Nummer are building it.

Feb 23 1893

Romeo. Mrs. Wilber F Smith of Fort Wayne Ind, who has lately been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Partch of this village, is now enjoying a short stay with her sister, Mrs. C. Rawles of Port Huron. Next week she will return to Romeo and remain till about March 1st.

Mar 2 1893

The minor children of Julius Jock, deceased, of this city have been granted a pension.

Mar 9 1893

Before Justice Horton. Varnum Lufkin, 20 days in the county bastile for indulging too freely in corn juice.

Mar 23 1893

Mrs. N. E. Tomlinson of Ansonia, Conn., is spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. Dr. Gunn, of New Haven.

Apr 6 1893

Mrs. I. L. Forbes, of Vassar, paid a flying visit to her sister, Mrs. Martin Crocker of this city, on Tuesday last.

Apr 6 1893

Before Justice Horton. Frank Brown and Herbert Clemens were arrested for rifling the pockets of a drunken man of $7. Brown confessed and exhonorated Clemens. The court fined Brown $10 and discharged Clemens.

Apr 20 1893

It was first supposed that the cyclone that passed through Macomb county last week Wednesday did no great damage but this was a mistake. It is estimated $10,000 worth of damage was in done in Sterling to buildings alone, let alone the incalcuable damage done to fences, orchards, forests etc. The wind entered this county in the southwest corner of Sterling coming from Royal Oak, and laid everthing low in its path, which was about 125 feet wide. It lifted the new town hall off its foundation and demolished the school house in District No.2. John Licht, Fred Dill, Mr. Bowers, Carl Barg, Richard Sylvester, Chris Weier, Wm Fisher, each lost a barn. Fred Cartwirght has his house wrecked, and Patrick Hern had three barns blown away, the timber being scattered 80 rods away. Nothing of these buildings were left. The roofs of many other houses and barns or parts of them were blown away. We understand that considerable damage was also done in Chesterfield township.

Apr 20 1893

Charles Trost has purchased one half of Ceasar Ballard's fish net for $160.

Apr 27 1893

It is reported that F. C. Williams, formerly of this place, but now of Chicago has gone insane and been placed in an asylum. Mr. Williams is a son of Jas. Williams living on North Branch street.

Apr 27 1893

C. H. Burkhardt was the lucky person to guess nearest the number of beans and peas contained in a large glass jar at R. C. Ullrich's hardware store. The actual number was 4,606. Burkhardt's guess was 4,615. H. Thede came next nearest with a guess of 4,617. Mr. Ullrich promptly presented Mr. Burkhardt with a ticket entitling him to six admissions to the World's Fair, railroad pass, hotell bill for six days and a $5,000 accident policy, all valued at $38.

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