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Thur. Sept 3 1925
Capt. Gilbert LaCroix, grand old man of the local G.A.R. returned yesterday from Grand Rapids, where 10,000 veterans attended the annual encampment. Jay Cotton, Joe Barney and Louis Grant also attended from here. In a panorama picture of the parade, printed yesterday in the Grand Rapids Press, the genial Captain is plainly seen. Five thousand old soldiers were in line.

Macomb. Mrs. Kate Dooley of Los Angeles, California is spending some time in the home of J. B. Imman, her cousin.

Louis Schlussel is the new proprietor of the American Laundry, having recently closed a deal for the plant. Mr. Schlussel is an old laundry man from Detroit. he will move his family to Mt. Clemens in a few weeks, and devote his entire time to giving improved service to Mt. Clemens patrons. Mr. Scheussel has associated with him his son Edward and Sidney Foreman, who will act in the capacity of general manager. Four automobiles, Mr. Schlussel says will be used to pickup work, two of which will be used for only emergency calls. New machinery and ---- needed improvements will be given immediate attention by the new management.

Fri. Sept 4 1925
Fraser. The following attended the Malow family reunion at the home of Wm. Malow at Utica Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Malow, Wm Malow, Mr. and Mrs.Otto Malow, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hintz, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Fink and family, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Reick and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. Reick and family. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reick of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Malow from Fair Haven; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith of New Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Malow and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reick, Mr. and Albert Malow and son of Uttica; Miss Lena Malow, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Malow and children, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Malow of Fraser.

Sat. Sept 5 1925
Wm. M Schultz of Macomb county lost two cows by lightning during Wednesday nights heavy electrical storm. Walter Zoelling of Clinton lost three. In both instances the cattle were in pasture. All were covered by insurance.

Wed. Sept 9 1925
Alfred Rice 90 years old of Carney Neb is visiting for a few days with his niece Mrs. Austin Ewalt. Mr. Rice attended the National G.A.R. reunion at Grand Rapids. In his youth Mr. Rice was postmaster at Milton, one mile north of Orr's Junction on the Gratiot Road.

Thur. Sept. 10 1925
Old Street Names become extinct..... Leander street, the one block along the Grand Trunk right of way between Cass and Grand avenue is changed to Grand avenue. Kibble street, west of South Gratiot avenue is also wiped out. This street extends alongside of the property of the Colonial Hotel from So. Gratiot to Smith street and will hereafter be known as Colonial Court. There will be no Ahrens street west of North avenue. The street platted as such in the Crocker 7th Addition to the city, now becomes Parkview avenue, which is an extension west of the present street known as Parkview avenue.

New Home for Highland - Another fine residence going up on Highland avenue. Harry Harms this morning applied for a permit at the City Clerk's office to build a home at No. 125.

Fri. Sept. 11 1925
Warren Maids Star as Milkers. Five Win Honrs in State Fair Contest. The milking contenst at the Michigan State Fair yesterday was participed in by Matilda Rinke, Ethel Schoenherr, Marie Lucas, Rachael Beals, Henrietta Rinke and Catherine Schoenherr all of Warren, who won places in the order named. Miss Matilda Rinke caputred first place, while her sister Henrietta who has been participating in milking contests for eight years and who won first place three times won fifth place yesterday. Henrietta Rinke and Ethel Schoenherr, who are neighbors have completed against each other for several years, but each must drop out of the race now as they are verging on 21 years of age, the limit for competing in the contest. The family milking feud, however, will be carried on by a younger sister of each of the girls, Matilda Rinke and Kathryn Schoenherr. Coe Emmlns of Warren won first place in the boys division.

Tue. Sept 15, 1925
Three Macomb County men committed to the State prison at Jackson yesterday to begin sentences ranging from 20 to 2 years. They are Roy West of Armada, sentenced to 20 years on a statutory charge; August Hohensee of Mt. Clemens, sentenced to two years for carrying concealed weapons, and William Pierson to 15 years with a recommendation of five years for breaking and entering at night......

Washington. Sept 15 -- By making several hits on the bull's eye at ranges from 200 to 600 yards, Gilbert H. Rivard of Mt. Clemens, Mich. qualified as an expert rifleman in the Marine Corps according to a recent target bulletin issued at Marine Corps headquarters. Rivard who is a native of New Baltimore, made his home with his sister, Miss Emma Rivard, 6 Smith street, Mt. Clemens, before he joined the Marine Corps at Detroit several months ago. In recent weeks he has been stationed on the U.S.S. Utah, winning his qualification when the Marines of that vessel came ahore for target practice ....

Sat. Sept 19 1925
Bills of complaint asking divorces have been filed in the Macomb county chancery court by the following persons: Anna vs Ray Anderson of Mt. Clemens; Theresa vs Leo Bilicki of Warren; Glenn vs Eugene Yax, Halfway; August vs Mary Winkelman, Erin; Gust vs May Nast, Warren; Katherine vs Walter Rickert, Halfway; Reid vs Thelma Hedengren, St. Clair Shores; Alma vs Walter Essig, Macomb Twp, and Luella vs John Taylor, Clinton Twp.

Sept. 22, 1925> J. H. Malbin & Sons, local furniture dealers at 74-76 Macomb street announce that the following have purchased Gulbransen pianos during the last five days: Dr. G. C. Griffis, Lake Shore, a Gulbransen grand piano; Mrs. Gust Weidman, Nunneley road, Gulbransen Suburgan Registering piano; Mr. Frank Zuehike, New Haven, Gulbransen Suburban Registering piano. J. H. Malbin & Sons are the exclusive dealers in Macomb county for Gulbransen pianos, Brunswick phonographs and Radiolas.

Sept. 24 1925
Judge Richard Pierson of Sandusky was brought from Harper hospital to the home of his daughter Mrs. E D Wiemann, where he is suffering with cancer of the stomach.

N H Pillsbury and daughter, Mrs. Frank G Leavitt of Portland Maine are guests of Mr. and Mrs. B C Preston. Mr. Pillsbury left Armada for Maine 44 years ago where he has since resided.

The "Armada Horshoe Pitching Club" have as their leader, L. W. Asquith, who has won 13 straight victories during the contest. Wm. Tibbets has won 12 and Elmer Gibbs has third place with 10.

Sept. 28 1925
Mrs. Peter Bodah, 89 Logan street is under arrest, charged with being a disorderly person. While in a tantrum she is said to have threatened her husband with a butcher knife. Mrs. Bodah was arraigned today in Justice Sawn's court.

Sept. 29 1925
Peter Siewert, formerly of the Sugar Bush Road, who has been an invalid for nearly twenty years is critically ill at his daughter's residence at Orion, Mich.

Sept 30 1925
Kluxers Order Family to Move. Smash Window and Attempt to Fire Home, It is Charged. Mother and Children alone, flee in fright. Renewal of activities by the Ku Klux Klan in Macomb County was reported last night when the family of Charles Frohm on the Telegraph road, was told to moved within three weeks or suffer the consequences. The latter were not long in coming for they seemed to accompany the warning given by a hooded figure who appeared at the farmhouse, smashed a window and then attempted to fire the building with a large dispan filled with burning oil soaked rags. When Deputy Sheriff Percy Moore responded to a call last night and arrived at the scene, the alledged Klan members had dispersed and nothing remained to tell of their visit but the broken window and the dish pan and its contents of oil soaked and charred rags. Mrs. Frohm and children were badly frightened but declared they had been told to move because they represented too large a family and further that they were not desired in the neighborhood. Frohm himself was not present. It is said that last night's warning is the second that has been given the Frohms by the Klan.

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