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Antrim Co SurnameResearchers Name & email link
ACKER Becky Hoff
ADEMA Katherine Dailey
ANDERSON Bill Hollenbeck
ALDER Jan Alder
APPLEBY Theresa to view family page Dorothy M. Paul
ASHBROOK Karen (Rodenbach) Rex
ASHTON Gary Phillips
ATWOOD Jeanne Atwood Venturino
AYERS Mary Keep
BADGLEY Brent Hooton
BAKER Melanie M. Sussner to view Peter Baldwin History Mary Williams - email n/a at present time
BALLARD Douglas LeRoy Martin
BARTHOLOMEW Merita Clark to view family letter Lee Taylor (no email)
BEAL Carolyn Barnett to view family research data Joe and Mary Ellen (Bedell) Rhea
BEEBE Bruce Kopf
BEEKMAN/BECKMAN Trudie Fowler Turner to view family tree Russell Bruce
BISNET Joan Conley
BLAIN Les Blain to view old family photo Georgia Perkins
BLASDELL/BLAISDELL Thelma (Folsom) Craig to view old family photo
BRENNAN/BRENNEN view Soundex 1880/1920 Kathleen Callanan
BRESSEPT Joan Conley
BRINKER Jill Gasowski
BRODRICK Jeff Brodrick
BROWN Nancy Fales Zoulek McGinley
BROWN Howard Bostwick
BULLOCK Pamela D. Lucas
BUNING Clinton Buning
BURNS Thelma (Folsom) Craig
BURWELL Charlyn Bailey
BUTTON Doug Sarkozy
CARBERRY Gary Phillips
CARY Denise Shooks
CHAMBERLAIN Patricia Dowling
CHANEY Jeanne Atwood Venturino
CHAPMAN Al Chapman
CLANCY Barb Donathan
CLARK Jay Finch
CLARK Merita Clark
CLOSS/CLAUSS Jeanne Atwood Venturino to view descendancy charts Greg Hamm
COLES Douglas Cole
CONWAY Timothy D. Conway
COON Ruth Ann O'Hara
COON Robert Coon
COUTTS Lucinda Moench
COY ... click to view family page Marilyn Madden
COYLE Jay Finch
CRAIG Thelma (Folsom) Craig
CRAWFORD Dennis LaVanway
CROZIER Lucinda Moench
CRYDERMANfamily tree Diane Oslund
CURTIS Jim Curtis
DALY Alona Haseman
DARLING Douglas LeRoy Martin
DEATER Bonnie (Deater) Robinson
De GROOT... click to view family page Carolyn Medendorp
DEMARY Barbara Louise Duckworth Dean
DEMPSEY Gin LeClaire
DEMPSEYfamily tree contributed by Jan Dempsey - no email
DERENZY Thelma (Folsom) Craig
DERENZY Kathy Kidder
De YOUNG... click to view family page Carolyn Medendorp
DONALDSON Larry Randall
DONALDSON Sharon Donaldson Heatly
DRENTH Thelma (Folsom) Craig
DREYER Carolyn Garber
DUFFEL Carolyn Garber
DUTKIEWICZ Jim Dutkiewicz
DYKEMA... click to view family page Carolyn Medendorp
EASTON ... click to view Biography
EATON Jay Finch
ECKHARDT Michelle Baker
EDGERTON Joan Conley
EDGEWORTH Sue and Howard Edminster
ELAM Kendra Wernke
ELZINGA Jim Curtis
ELZINGA Katherine Dailey
EMMOREY Dan Emmorey
EMPEY Carla Johnson Sumner
EMPEY ... click to view family page Gail Kirby
FALES... click to view family page Terry Greenman ... no email
FALES Nancy Fales Zoulek Mcginley
FELTENBERGER Marcy Feltenberger
FELTENBERGER John F. Feltenberger
FILER Dan and Doris (Robbins) Filer
FINCH... click to view family page Jay Finch
FISHER Thelma (Folsom) Craig
FOLSOM Thelma (Folsom) Craig
FULLER Karen Anderson
FULTZ Peggy Brown
GABRION Bill Theeringer
GAGNON Dennis LaVanway
GARMAN Carla Johnson Sumner
GATES Gerald Cook
GEARY ... click to view family tree & more Frederick J Geary email address
GEARY Carla Griffith-Cummings
GEE Ellen Gee
GEORGE Melanie M. Sussner
GLASS Dale Glass
GLAZIER Carolyn Garber
GLEASON Suzi R. Ecker
GLIDDEN Ruth Ann O'Hara
GODBOLT Carla Johnson Sumner
GREENMAN ... click to view family page Terry Greenman (sorry! no email address!)
GREULICH/GREULICK Deborah L. (McClelland) King
GRIFFORE Mary Pecar Griffore-Wilson
GROVE Rick Moran
HADCOCK Walter James Hadcock
HALE Nancy Fales Zoulek McGinley
HAMMOND Patricia Dowling
HARDY Gary Jakielek to view family page Melanie M. Sussner
HARRIS Nancy McGinley
HARTWELL Sue and Howard Edminster
HAUN Carla Johnson Sumner
HAVENER Gail Kirby
HAWLEY ... click to view family page Fred Montney
HEDGETON Joan Conley
HEMSTREET Barbara Apsey
HENRY Lucinda Moench
HERRINGTON John F. Feltenberger
HERSHA Jay Finch
HOLE Robert B. Hole, Jr.
HOLLENBECK Bill Hollenbeck
HOSLER Joan Conley
HOWE ... click to view photographs Ollie Howe
HUYGE Trudie Fowler Turner
INGALLS Denise Shooks
INGALLS Carol Page
ISAMAN Dennis LaVanway
ISMAN Joan Conley
JACKSON George C. Jackson
JENKINS Joye Giroux
JOHNSON Bill Johnson
JOHNSON ... click to view family page Carla Johnson Sumner
JOHNSON ... click to view family history Elden J. Johnson
JOHNSON/JOHNSTON Anita Marie Johnston Cutshall
JORDAN Jay Finch
JUSTICE ... click to view photo ... Justice Narrative from Catherine M. Wilson - no email address
KANE Les Blain
KELLER Phyllis Pawloski
KELLOGG Audrey Andrus
KENEL Kim DeLong to view family tree Russell Bruce
KIDDER Kathy Kidder
KIDDER John Samuel Rader
KIEL Jan Alder
KIRBY Gail Kirby
KLOOSTER Katherine Dailey
KOTALIK William Boyer
LaCOUNT Theresa
LaDERE ... click to view family page Earl LaDere
LAGATREE Jan Johnson
LAMBERT Thelma (Folsom) Craig
LAMBERT Stephen Lambert
LANCASTER Kathleen Halloran
LARGE ... click to view old photo of family home Hal Prentice
LaVALLEY Carol J. LaValley Dickinson
LaVANWAY Dennis LaVanway
LONGCORE Dan Emmorey
LYNN Gayle
LYON Pamela Linderman
LYON Norma Hollis
MAHAN Morgan Henika
MAKEL Pamela Linderman
MANCHESTER ... click to view family page Gail Kirby
MARTIN Morgan Henika
MASON Barbara Mason Lucas
McALLISTER Sue and Howard Edminster
McDOUGALL George C. Jackson
McKAY Joan Conley
McNEAL Dempsey McNeal
McPHERSON Kristi R. McPherson-Burns
MERROW Gail Kirby
MILES Joseph B. Miller
MITCHELL Charlyn Bailey
MITTON Carla Johnson Sumner
MOORE ... click to view family page Earl LaDere
MOORE ... click to view family page Russ Bruce
MOORE Gail Kirby
MOORE Georgine Marbeiter
MOORE Leatha Moore Basco
MUDGE Walt Hadcock
MURPHY Joan Conley
NICHOLS Barbara Louise Duckworth Dean
NICHOLS Thelma (Folsom) Craig
NICHOLS John P. McMenamin
NICKELS ... click to view family page Jay Finch
NOYES Gary Jakielek
OLMSTEAD Tammy Parsons
PAINTER John Powell
PARISH Robin Wilson
PARODZ/PARODISE Melanie M. Sussner
PATRICK Peggy Brown to view family page John Andrew Gerrath
PEARCE Lucinda Moench
PEARL Norton Bretz
PESEK Chuck McDermott
PICKARD ... click to view family page Fred Montney (sorry-no email address)
PINNEY ... click to view early family history & photo Gary R Byar
PORTER Carla Johnson Sumner
PROBASCO Nora Probasco
PROFITT ... click to view family page no email contact
RANDALL Brent Hooton
RANDALL Larry Randall
RANDALL Dave Randall
REIBER/RAIBER Deborah L. (McClelland) King to view family history Dennis Reiley
RIDENOUR Robert B. Hole, Jr.
RINGLER Pat Ringler
ROBBINS Dempsey McNeal
ROBERTS ... click to view family page Gail Kirby
ROBINSON James P. Robinson III
RODENBAUGH Karen (Rodenbach) Rex
ROSE Don Rose
RUGGLES Carla Johnson Sumner
RUSHTON ... click to view family page Carla Johnson Sumner
RUSHTON Thelma (Folsom) Craig
RUSSELL ... click to view family cemetery Beverly Sutter Johnson
SANFORD Merita Clark
SCAFE Carla Johnson Sumner
SCOTT Joan Conley
SCOTT Earl LaDere
SCOTT Thelma (Folsom) Craig
SECORD... see 2 early Secord photos Heather VandenBos
SEDGMAN Carla Johnson Sumner
SEE Gail Kirby
SHEPPARD Thelma (Folsom) Craig
SHUMAN Sharon Friedman
SMALLEY Melanie M. Sussner
SMITH Carla Johnson Sumner
SMITH Charles Wattson
SPENCE Thelma (Folsom) Craig
SPRINGSTEAD J. Lopez & M. Balahoski
STEWART Melanie M. Sussner
STOCKING... click to view family page Cherri Lynn Stocking Timmer
STONER Michael Hervey
SUTTER Beverly Sutter Johnson
SWARTOUT Mila Powell
SWIFT Melanie M. Sussner
SYPES Carla Johnson Sumner
THAYER... click to view family page Marilyn Madden
THAYER Joan Conley
THAYER Pamela Linderman
THAYER Norma Hollis
THIER Carla Johnson Sumner
THOMAS Suzi R. Ecker
THOMAS Pennie A. Thomas
TIPTON ... click to view Family Tree Herbert Tipton
TOCKERT Sheri Cook
TORREY Lucinda Moench
TRETRICK John P. McMenamin
TURK Gayle
VALLEAU ... click to view family web page Rich Turnblom
VANNIMONS Robert B. Hole, Jr.
VOUGHT ... view family page Marilyn Madden
WALDRON Brent Hooton
WALLBRECHT Diana Stevenson Wolfe
WALSH Charles Wattson
WALTERS Nancy Fales Zoulek McGinley
WARD Denise Shooks
WARDROP Joan Conley
WASZAK Jim Dutkiewicz
WATTSON/WATSON ... view family history Charles Wattson
WEATTER Karen (Rodenbach) Rex
WEISLER Thelma (Folsom) Craig
WEST Dan West
WESTCOTT Lucinda Moench
WILSON / WILLSON Thelma (Folsom) Craig
WILLSON Carla Johnson Sumner
WILTSE Tammy Parsons
WISE Ruth Ann O'Hara
WOOD James P. Robinson III
WOOD ... view family history Elden J. Johnson
WOODWARD ... view family group sheet Ermazine Woodward
WOODRUFF Suzi R. Ecker
WOODS Brent Hooton
WYLIE Kathleen Halloran
WYLIE ... view family history Charles Wattson
YETTAW Sue and Howard Edminster
ZICKLucinda Moench

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