Descendants of LEWIS PICKARD

1. Lewis PICKARD b 1819 KY or VA - He immigrated to 1867 to Macomb Co., MI. Moved to Kalkaska Co., MI in 1874. He died on Sept. 20, 1878 in Rapid River, Kalsaska, Co., MI He emigrated from Canada. He was a farmer.

He was married to Eliza LINCE on Oct 7 1840 in Ontario, Canada. Edward Lince married Eliza Pickard and Lewis Pickard married Eliza Lince in a double wedding ceremony. Eliza Lince died before 1861 in Ontario, Canada. Lewis Pickard and Eliza Lince had the following children:

2......i. Ira Pickard
3.......ii. Esther Pickard b abt 1845 in Ontario Canada
4.....iii. Malcolm Cameron Pickard
5.....iv. Thomas Pickard was buried in 1854 in Ontario, Canada
6......v. Benjamin Pickard Isabel Pickard
8....vii. Addie Pickard
9...viii. Emma Pickard
10...ix. Eli Pickard
11....x. Martha Pickard
12...xi. Cyrus Pickard was born about 1852 in Ontario, Canada. He died Dec 28, 1871 in Middlesex Co., Ontario

4. Malcolm Cameron PICKARD was born on June 15 1849 in Nazora, Ontario, Canada. He died June 1913 in Bellaire, Michigan. He was married to Sarah JORDAN who was born July 14, 1870 in Lennox, Macomb Co., Michigan.

6. Benjamin PICKARD was born about 1856 in Ontario, Canada. He married Cornelia McCREADY who was born July 15, 1878 in Westwood, Kalkaska Co., Michigan. Benjamin and Cornelia had the following children:

.....i. Benjamin Pickard
....ii. Roy Pickard
...iii.Elizabeth Pickard b 1888 in Michigan; married G. J. Huff
.......................i. Dorothy Barbara Huff b 1914 Michigan
..iv. Dorothy Pickard b 1890 in Michigan
...v. Blanche E. Pickard b 1891 in Michigan

10. Eli PICKARD was born July 22, 1841 in Ontario, Canada. He died on December 12, 1929 in Kalsaska Co., Michigan. He was married to Sarah Jane LINCE (Daughter of Edward Lince and Eliza) on October 7, 1864. They were first cousins. Sarah Jane Lince was born November 15, 1846. She died on November 22, 1906 in Kalkaska, Michigan. Eli and Sarah Jane had the following children:

13....i. Isaac Ladd Pickard
14...ii. Martha Pickard was born on May 5, 1869
15..iii. Blanche Pickard was born on Mar 16, 1879. Died of scarlet fever Jan 31 1883.
16..iv. Maude Pickard

11. Martha PICKARD married Sam WILSON and had the following children:

17....i. Blaine Wilson
18...ii. Ora Wilson
19..iii. Grant Wilson
20..iv. Guy Wilson
21...v. Naomi Wilson Ruth Wilson

13. Isaac Ladd PICKARD was born on April 25, 1865. He died on March 20, 1932. He was a farmer and a blacksmith. He was married to Nellie SWEENEY on July 14, 1881. Isaac Lord PICKARD and Nellie SWEENEY had the following children:

23....i. Marian Pickard
24...ii. Sherman Pickard
25 .iii. Sheridan Pickard
26..iv. Clyde Pickard
27...v. Clive Pickard Burton Mac Pickard

16. Maude PICKARD was born on August 16, 1881. She died January 1961. She was buried in Alden, Michigan. She was Secretary-Treasurer of the first Board of the Helena Township Library. She married Frank HAWLEY (son of Charles Phineas Hawley and Hannah Frazer) on October 16, 1898. They were farmers and owned 80 acres in Antrim Co., Michigan. Frank HAWLEY was born January 12, 1869 in Antrim Co., Michigan. He died on May 4 1968 in Harbor Springs, Michigan. He was buried in Alden, Michigan. He was Township Supervisor for 25 years. Maude Pickard and Frank Hawley had the following children:

29...i. Blanche Hawley born about 1900 in Antrim Co., MI; Died 1917 in Antrim Co. Michigan
30..ii. Neva Irene Hawley
31.iii. Gladys Hawley
32..iv. Florence Hawley
33...v. Elmer Dwight (Pat) Hawley

Please see the HAWLEY Family Tree for related information. The Pickard and Hawley Family Trees were provided by William Montney, descendant. Sadly, Mr. Montney passed away recently (2002) and I leave this page here in his memory. If you would like to have a PICKARD contact, you can email Fred Montney or visit his family tree on line at

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