The following photo was sent to me in hopes that Antrim County researchers may help identify some of these individuals. The sender, Steve Williams, says this about the picture:

This photo was taken in front of Gleaner Hall in Eastport, Mi. circa 1900. If anyone is able to help identify someone in this photo, please let us know!

A big thank you to Angie Toothman (email address who has identified the people in this photo. Her letter follows. Please also read comments sent by other viewers who have helped in the identification of those photographed.

I have a copy of the "Old Antrim" photo on the website. My Mother was Ada McPherson of Antrim County. She wrote on the back of the photo the names of those people she knew. They were from left to right;The child is George McPherson (her brother) The lady with the hat is Mrs Cook, behind her and to the right is Addie Harvey McEwan, The lady with the scarf around her head is my great grandmother Angeline McPherson. She had the tall man behind her as Oscar Whitney. Next she wrote Hattie Arnold and Maria Chamberlain {not sure which two ladies they are]. The three men From the far right are John McEwan, Don Blakely and Dock Chamberlain. Hope this is some help. I have a few more old Photos you might like to see." school, family etc" . Sincerely Angie Toothman

An email from Joshua A Dawson (email address is says this about the photo: "Well I believe that the fourth man in from the left is my great, great grand father. The tall man in the middle of the crowd with the mustach and hair combed to the left. If it is him his name was George G. Dawson (19 SEP 1843 -19 MAY 1927) If that picture was taken in 1900 he would have been 57. He was married to Jane Petrie.......Well, Upon seeing the picture I got that funny feeling that it just may be him...I may be wrong but am pretty certain."

And he continues in another letter: "My great grandmother has pointed out to me in some photos i have, her father....... the man on the far laft is the same man as in the pictures. Again If it is him..His name was Thomas Edgar Willson and he was married to Mary Stoker...". Later, Joshua wrote back to say he'd made an error - here are his latest comments: "The man on the far right is none other than John Petrie!! but the tall man in the middle with the mustach IS my great, great grandfather George Dawson"

And another viewer, Debbie Kimball (email address write the following: "Believe it or not I have the same picture! It was in with my great-grandmothers picture albums. Bless her heart she went through her pictures and labeled who they were as best she could. The gentleman third from the far right with the long white beard is my ggg-grandfather Henry Chamberlin. The man in the back holding the little boy is his brother Cyrene Chamberlin. The child I only know as Vern. The lady in the middle of the front row where the three women are real close together is Maria Chamberlin wife of Cyrene."

Thank you to you both!

Margaret Fallone