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When I was 6, my Grandpa Wempe, who was born in St. Charles, Missouri gave me a letter from a 3rd cousin of mine, Marilyn, who lived in Missouri, too. I lived in Michigan. I had never met Marilyn ( at least not that I can remember) but when Grandpa brought me her letter and suggested she and I became pen-pals, I never suspected that not only would I gain a life long letter writing buddy, but that I was slowly, imperceptibly being bitten by the genealogy bug - one that would stay with me all my life. I think Grandpa knew exactly what he was doing! Family meant everything to him - and several of his spinster sisters had already begun - even in 1956, the collection of family data that I would one day inherit and contribute to.

Perhaps four years later I was given the assignment in school to trace my family tree. What luck! I had by then a great deal of information - names, dates and places and I remember the excitement I felt even then at drawing out a tree, entering the names and making a little booklet to hold it all. Both of my Grandfathers contributed information about their families and when completed, I sent it to Missouri to Aunt Maury - who up till then, was the keeper of the records. She was thrilled that someone else was interested - and she sent me "THE TREE". Information I had never dreamed of seeing - great grand parents, great great grandparents - even great great GREAT grandparents! I was hooked!

That's how it all began for me. I came from a big family - and am the oldest of ten children, so I was always letting Aunt Maury know when a new name could be added to the tree. After a while, she added my name to the "tree compiled by" heading and I never lost interest.

Grandpa Pecar, from Trimble County, Kentucky used to tell me to be careful shaking the family tree - he said one day I'd discover there were monkeys in it . He was right, you know - we sure do have our fair share of monkeys. But we have a pretty healthy dose of strong willed, brave, honest to the core, hard working and long suffering members of the family, too. Just like any family, I suppose.

Gilbert Allen Pecar, my grandfather ~
Next to his family and Kentucky, fishing is what he loved best!

Grandpa Pecar loved his Kentucky home. He moved to Michigan during the depression to find work - he found that, but also found my Grandmother, Helen Habarth. For her and a better way of life, he left his beloved Kentucky and made a home for all of us here. But his ties to Trimble County were never broken and trips back home to visit his family were frequent. He was an artist and his best paintings were of Kentucky - and nearby Madison Indiana. It is in his memory that I chose to adopt Trimble County Kentucky. When I research our family or assist someone else in the county, when I go there to visit, when I look at pictures of Milton, I think of him.

I would like this page be about the families of Trimble County; a place where you can leave your family information for others to read and enjoy. There is no set format. If you would like your family group sheets to be published, that's ok. If you prefer to print an outline descendancy tree, great. If you would like to tell your family history, it's good for me! If you are visiting this page and recognize a name you'd like to know more about, simply click on the highlighted name and you will be taken to that family. Should you have any questions, please feel free to write to me!

Margaret Pecar Fallone

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