Trimble CO Kentucky Business Pre-Civil War

Trimble County Kentucky
Pre-Civil War Business Was Thriving

While going through some papers at his home long ago, County Judge William Chancellor Morgan found a list of places of business and their owners in Trimble County in the year of 1862. The list which was compiled 69 years prior, and which Judge Morgan made available in the original form, lists the business houses by communities as they were known at that time. Many of the names will be recognized by our readers, and many of the people mentioned will be remembered by some.

A. W. Ackers, Dry Goods & Gro.; F. A. Adams, Dry Goods & Gro.; W. P. Adcock, Hotel; R. Bell, Grocer; George W. Edwards, Boots & Shoes; J. H. Lane, Hotel; James Martin, Blacksmith; J. F. Pitman, Dry Goods & Gro.; W. D. Ray, Hotel; Geo. Stratton, Tannery; Jos. Stratten, Boots & Shoes; James D. Thompson, Mill; Wm. H. Vawter, Carding Machine; J. N. Yeager, Hotel; Richard Yeager, Blacksmith.

J. M. Abbott, Hotel; Arnold & King, Grocer; Allen Broad, Blacksmith; Hirman Broad, Blacksmith; D. F. Caplinger, Dry Goods & Gro.; Daniel Donivan, Boots & Shoes; John Holstein, General Store; Zeb. King, Dry Goods; Moseley & Givens, Grocer; D. J. Vawter, Carding Machine.

Abbot's Ford
James Abbott, Dry Goods & Gro.; James Abbott, Hotel; James Moore, Boots & Shoes.

Sanford, Metcalf, Boots & Shoes; John D. Mills, Dry Goods, Gro., Hotel; John F. Varoter, Carding Machine.

Corn Creek
M. Parnham, Dry Goods; Oliver Strother, Steam Flour Mill.

John E. Allen, Blacksmith

Garriott's Landing
E. M. Garriott, Dry Goods & Gro.

Little Kentucky
F. Hutcherson, Corn Mill; S. Wilhoit, Corn Mill

Middle Creek
John Chandler, Blacksmith

Mount Pleasant
L. F. Hopwood, Blacksmith

Mouth of Spring Creek
Monroe Fletcher, Grocer

Postmasters of Bedford
James L. Young, 1821-34
Silas Gatewood, 1834-36
Thomas Laughert, 1846-47 Hugh Logan Lane, 1847-51
George Givens, 1851-53 Ambrose Talbott, 1853-57
Seth Duncan, 1857-61
Office discontinued Oct. 8, 1861, re-established, Dec. 2, 1861
William Shelten, 1861-64
Pulaski B. Gatewood, 1864-74
William B. Love, 1874-76
Silas Gatewood, 1876-80
Leonard G. Peak, 1880-80
Andrew Giddens, 1880-86. He carried the mail to Sulphur until about 1918.
Leonard G. Peak, 1886-89
Hallie Bartlett, 1889-93
James W. Bell, 1893-94
Charlie A. Bell, 1894-98
Hallie J. Bartlett, 1898-1900
Enoch Curran, 1900-1914
Charlie A. Bell, 1914-22
Mrs. Susie Curran, 1922-28

The first rural delivery was from Milton Post office, 1902.
Before then Trimble County had 16 post offices.

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