Trimble CO Kentucky History First Court

The First County Court
March 27, 1837

Copied from the First Order Book in the office of the County Court Clerk, Bedford, Ky.,
March 27, 1837

"Be it remembered that agreeable to an act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky establishing the county of Trimble met in the Methodist Church in the town of Bedford in the county of Trimble on the 27th day of March 1837.

"Present: George Strother, Mose Tandy, John Sibley, George Ray, Robert King, Burr Galley, Wyatt Coleman, James Talbott, Elzer Wilhite, Daniel L. Lane, James L. Thornton, and Daniel Garrett, justices of the peace whereupon they severely produced a commission from his excellency James Clark, Governor of the State of Kentucky, to the persons above mentioned as justices of the peace for the County of Trimble, which being read and they having taken several oaths required by law, a court was held for said county.

The said Court appointed James Latty Clerk protempore of the said Trimble County Court (until their next June term) who thereupon took the oath prescribed by law and together will William Campbell, Davis Latty, and Wesley J. Wright, his securities entered into the acknowledged bond in the following words and figures: (towit) Know all men by these present that we, James Latty, William Campbell, Wesley J. Wright, and Davis Latty are held and finally bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky the penal sum of five thousand dollars for the payment whereof well and truly to be made to our said Commonwealth. We bind ourselves our heirs our Executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 27 day of March, 1837.

"The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound James Latty hath this day been appointed Clerk protempore of the County Court for the County of Trimble in the State of Kentucky -- if the said James Latty shall truly and faithfully discharge the duties of his said office of Clerk protempore of the Trimble County Court and shall faithfully pay over as required by law all taxes and money belonging to the Commonwealth which shall come to his hands under existing laws or laws which may hereafter be made, then the obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force.

James Latty
W.J. Wright
Davis Latty
William Campbell

"William Gatewood produced in Court a commission from his Excellency James Clark, Governor of the Commonwealth pg.8 of Kentucky, appointing him Sheriff for the county of Trimble. Whereupon the Said William Gatewood took the several oaths required by law and together with Wesley J. Wright, Reubin Gatewood, Charles B. Good, Anderson Johnson, Silas Gatewood, and Archibald Bain, his scurities entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of three thousand dollars conditioned according to the laws which bond is approved by the Court and also entered into two other bonds in the penalty of ten thousand dollars each with the same securities which were approved by the Court, which bonds are in the following words and figures (towit)

"Know all men by these presents that we William Gatewood, Wesley J. Wright, Reubin Gatewood, Charles B. Cook, Anderson Johnson, Silas Gatewood, and Archibald Bain are held firmly bound under the Commonwealth of Kentucky in penal sum of $3,000. for the payment whereof well and truly to be made to the said Commonwealth, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 27 day of March, 1837.

"The condition of the above obligation is such if the above bound William Gatewood as Sheriff of Trimble County shall by himself or deputies well and truly called all officers fees and dues put into his hands or their hands to collect, and pay account for and pay the same at such time and place and in such manner as is directed by law, shall also well and truly execute and due return make of all process and receipts to him directed and to him or them delivered and pay and satisfy all sums of money or tobacco by him or them received. Or which ought to have been received upon any such process or receipt to the person or persons entitled thereto and in all other things shall truly and faithfully execute and perform the said office of the Sheriff according to law during the time of his continuance therein then the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force.

William Gatewood
W.J. Wright
Anderson Johnson
Charles B. Cook
Silas Gatewood
Archibald Bain
Reubin Gatewood

Nine of the men in the foregoing records were related by blood or marriage. Thus it may be seen that the Gatewood-Cook families were foremost in founding the new county. William Gatewood, the first sheriff was father-in-law of his bondsman, Charles B. Cook, William and Rueben Gatewood were brothers, and Silas Gatewood was a son of William. Daniel Lane, a justice of the peace, was a son-in-law of Reubin and his wife was William's niece. He was county judge during the Civil War. Archibald Bain, another bondsman, was son-in-law of William Gatewood and brother-in-law of Charles B. Cook. Silas Gatewood was William's son, and was for a long time postmaster of Bedford. Dr. Wesley J. Wright, bondsman for both James Latty and William Gatewood, was brother-in-law of William. He was a lawyer and doctor, and in 1850 was a delegate to the Consititutional Convention for Kentucky. Davis Latty, brother of James Latty, County Clerk, was brother-in-law of Charles B. Cook. William Campbell, not related to the others, was probably the wealthiest man in the county, living on the 1369 acre plantation north-east of the town.

An order to the Sheriff, William Gatewood: "Order of the Court that the following be and the same hereby established as plan for the county jail of Trimble County. (viz) To be built of logs, the house to be 32 by 16 feet, one storey, ten feet high with two rooms, to have a stone foundation, two feet deep in the ground, and wide enough to receive a brick wall nine inches thick around, the logs to be one foot square and dovetailed together at the ends, the front room to be built of single timber, and the dungeon to be built of double timber in the following way..."

A handwritten slip of paper in possession of William Gatewood's great-granddaughter: "State of Kentucky, Trimble County Court, January term, 1839. Ordered by the Court that William Gatewood Sheriff of the County pay to the undertaker of the building of the Jail the sum of One Hundred and twenty-five Dollars out of any money in his hands not otherwise appropriated. James Latty, Clerk, p.t."

First County Officials

The first county officials of Trimble County, March 27, 1837.
George Strother, County Judge; Elijah F. Nutter, County Attorney; James Latty, County Clerk; Isaac T. Buchanan, Assessor; William H. Gatewood, Sheriff; Francis E. Shetman, Jailor; William Campbell, Coroner.

from the Trimble Banner Bi-Centennial April 1974

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