Trimble County Kentucky Photo Album
Photos 65 a,b,c,d

Picture taken in front of Bedford Bank across from Courthouse. Written on back: Dusty Graves, Warren M. (which ones are they and who are the other?) Plus, who are the two older gentlemen in the back ground?)

Courthouse in background. Written on back: Selectees who left on (blank). David Hawkins is written as to appear it means the man on the left in the dark suit holding a hat. Is this David Hawkins? And who are the other men?

same group of men as in military32 file, but in a standing position. Written on back: Feb. 3, 1943. An arrow is pointing to the 8th gentleman from the left or 3rd from the right. He is identified as Eldred Fisher.

These photos were a part of the collection of the Trimble County Historical society and they are most anxious to identify these men. If you are able to help, please contact Joy Muck (address below)- thank you!

Submitted by Joy Muck

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