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This is a photo of my grandfather, Charles Tolbert McClure and his third wife, Minnie Mae Jackson. On her knee is their child, Wilma Doris McClure. To this marriage was also born Auther K. McClure who died in infancy and Norma Frances McClure who was raised by their uncle, Barney McClure and wife Lula after the premature deaths of Charles and Minnie.

Thanks to cousin Jeff Duvall we now have a photo of my Grandfather Charles McClure, his third wife, Minnia Mae Jackson and their daughter, Wilma Doris McClure; My Grand Uncle Barney McClure and his wife Lula.

Our cousin, Jeff Duvall, has come across a rare find. This is a photo of My Great Grandfather James S. McClure and his second wife, Laura Belle Taylor McClure. Does anyone recognize the decoration he is wearing on his vest? Thanks a million Jeff!

Note from Jeff about this photo:
I've recently gotten a copy of a photograph of my great-great-grandparents, James S. and Laura Belle Taylor McClure, of Trimble Co., KY

. James S. McClure was born in Trimble County on 11-April-1848 and died there on 15-Dec-1909. His second wife, and my gg-grandmother, Laura Belle Taylor, was born in Pendleton Co., KY on 14-Dec-1853 and died in Trimble County on 20-March-1924. They were married in Pendleton Co., KY on 20-Nov-1884.

As far as I know, this is, in fact, the only photo of James S. McClure that exists. At any rate, we (Gordon and I) believe that the photo probably dates to ca. 1890-91. If you've any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

Jeff Duvall

P.S. Here's my connection to the couple in the photograph:

-James S. McClure m2. Laura Belle Taylor
--Isabelle McClure (1888-1974) m. Eugene Forest Morgan (1877-1954)
---James Walton Morgan (1915-2004) m. Marguerite Fuller (1915-1998)
----Wanda Jean Morgan m. William Edward Duvall
-----Jeffery Alan Duvall (me)

If I'm not mistaken, McClure lineage included on the Trimble County webpage only follows my family down to my great-grandmother Isabelle McClure Morgan. She and my great-grandfather actually had six children, 15 grandchildren, at least 36 great-grandchildren, and 13+ there's quite a few of us...

Minnie Mae preceded my grandfather in death leaving his with two small daughters. When my grandfather charles died at age 57 from a stroke, Barney and his wife Lula took the two daughters to live with them in Maysville, Kentucky. It was until they were in their late middle ages did they learn the true identity of their true parents. The older daughter was Wilma Doris McClure and the younger daughter was Norma Frances McClure. Both daughters did very well in life and Norma retired from the FBI.

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Submitted by Gordon McClure

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