This is a abstract of some of the news from some old TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT NEWSPAPERS. I have tried to keep as much as possible with the spellings and words used in the newspaper. Marguerite Miller


Twenty First Year, Bedford Kentucky, Thursday, September 25, 1913

Bedford, KY. Sept. 26 & 27, 1913

An Explanation - Why Price of Entrance to Fair Was Raised. The price of entrance to the Trimble County Fair has been raised TEN CENTS. Bear in mind the amount of the raise. A number of "kicks" have been registered, in fact there seems to be considerable disapproval of the raise. Why this disapproval? Ask yourself that question.

The committee felt justified in making the raise. Indeed, the need of the raise was imperative. The committee has on its hands a great task. It must produce a good show-and pay expenses. It is easy enough to arrange for a good show-it is not so easy to pay expenses. Past experience has demonstrated that only certain sized crowds may be expected to attend. Weather conditions must be favorable to get even such crowds. It takes good financiering, even when the attendance is largest. To "make both ends meet." Let a bad day come, and there is a loss. The result is that the Fair Company is in debt. The committee keeps a book open to public inspection showing receipts and expenditures. How can this dept be wiped out? The Fair must at least "play even"; otherwise it means no Fair. The man who "Kicks" kicks himself. A few are spending their time for the good of the many. Let the many help the few by the donation. If you wish to call it that. Of the insignificant sum of ten cents to one man, but significant as a whole to the success and future of the Fair.

In another article:
Some are complaining that the entrance into the Fair has been raised to 35 cents. The Fair Committee make this raise for the sole reason of providing means to run the Fair. The receipts so far have been insufficient to pay expenses. If the Fair is to continue, money enough must be raised to pay expenses. When you realize that you surely will cheerfully contribute a dime more.

Will of J.J. Richardson Probated. In court Monday the will of J.J. Richardson was probated. Naming advancements and legacies to his children and his wife Jennie Richardson.

The old school house caught fire about ten o'clock Monday morning. It had been arranged that school be started there and the children had assembled. Mr. Dave Richmond who was passing along noticed that the roof of the north room occupied by Mrs. Hood and the smaller children was on fire, and gave the alarm. The children were soon out of the building, and the bucket brigade was at work. Practically all of Bedford was present. The fire was on the outside of the roof, and with the abundance of water on hand the fire was quickly extinguished. The damage was light. The cause was probably burning soot or paper falling on the shingles, fire having been started in the room below.

The Kentucky Conference, M.E. Church South closed its labors at Somerset Monday. Rev. Wright and Rev. Godbey will be welcomed back toTrimble. Following appointments were made: Shelbyville District-C.L. Bohon, presiding elder: Anderson, D.W. Young, Supply: Bedford, James E. Wright: Bloomfield, G R. Combs: Campbellsburg, F.B. Jones: Chaplin, E.L. Griffy: Christiansburg, P.J. Ross: Crestwood, A.C. Johnson: LaGrange, W.S. Maxwell, Lawrenceburg, mission, P.F. Adams: Milton, Josiah Godbey: Martonville, J.M. Baker: Supply, B.O. Beck: Oldham, R.M. Lee: Pleasureville and Eminence, J.W. Gardiner: Shelbyville, J.P. Strother: Salvisa, -____Selby: Simpsonville, P____: Taylorsville, E.K. Pike: Woodlawn, J.S. Ragan: President Kingswood College, J.W. Hughes: transferred to the Folrida conference, H.C. Nance: to the Western Virginia conference, J.A. Wright and A.W. Brooks. Other appointments: S.H. Pollitt, Lancaster and McEndre: B.F. Chattom, Middlesboro: R.B Baird, Preachersville, J.W. Crates, Carrollton: H.G. Turner, Frankfort: W.D. Welburn, Warsaw: H.C. Wright, Worthville: J.H. Williams, Mt. Hope: Polsgrove, J.H. Spillman, Supply: G.W. Crutchfield, Jenkins: J.R. Deering, presiding elder Lexington District: O.J. Chandler, First Church, Lexington: G.W. Boswell, Mt. Zion: C.A. Tague, Flemingsburg and Helena: W.F. Wyatt, Germantown: M.F. Clark, First Church Maysville: Peter Walker, Shannon and Sardis.

CAPT. CARLISLE HEARD FROM---Missing Riverman is alive but whereabouts unknown. D.C. Carlisle, of Carrollton, has received notice from a life insurance company at Anchorage, Ky., that they had received a draft from New York City to the amount of $80 to pay the premium on a policy on the life of Captain Sam Carlisle, a riverman who has been missing since last spring. The resent where-abouts of Carlisle were not make known. The insurance company was instructed to send the receipt for the money to D.C. Carlisle at Carrollton. Aside from the fact that the letter and money came from New Your, there is no further clue to the missing man's whereabouts, although there is every indication that he is alive and well.-Carroll Democrat.

ICE CREAM SODA---for Fair Visitors at Our Store and on Fair Grounds All kinds of soft drinks. W.T. Bare & Co.

FREE COLUMN-for Paid in advance subscribers. For sale-Nice, clean, good seed rye. George Fisher, Bedford

LOST-A collie dog. Finder please notify L.A. Bryan, Bedford.

FOR SALE-50 brown Leghorn roosters at 50 cents. Mr. Addie Pierce, Bedford, Ky

FOR SALE-Nice fresh, red, 2 year old heifer, with calf two weeks old. D.M. Averitt, Bedford.

FOR SALE-15 shoats, weight form 50 to 125 lbs and 3 young sows. J.A. Monroe, Campbellsburg.

FOR SALE-Good 4 year old horse, good puller, has been worked every place, good saddler. Will sell right Bert Barringer, Milton.

FOUND-Thursday July 17, a gentlemen's watch chain on the Barebone pike. Owner may receive same by calling for it. L.M. Perkinson, Bedford.

LOST-Small yellow fice dog. She has one white fore foot. Lost at Association . Will pay charges. L.C. Brown, Bedford.

COW FOR SALE-One good milk cow or will trade her for young stock. A.J. Giddens, Bedford.

NOTICE-FARMERS AND STOCK MEN,---I will locate in Bedford on Oct. 1, 1913, where I will be prepared to treat any and all diseases to which our domestic animals are subject. I am a graduate of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, with 21 years practice. Give me a trial. Very respectifully your, Dr. O.R. Ross, V.S.

SCHOOL OPENS-The Trimble County High School and Bedford Graded School opened Monday with as enrollment of about 130 pupils. Conditions were then somewhat unfavorable and the fire was an added discouragement. However, the bright weather has warmed up the bodies and put the sunshine in the hearts of the pupils and teachers, and things are moving along nicely. Prof. R.A. Edwards and the assistant high school teacher, Miss Ruth Huston: Mrs. Carrie Hood with the primary pupils and Miss Alice Barnes with the intermediates are teaching at the old building. Miss Lavinia Stanley with the Grammar School is teaching in the lodge room. It is expected that the school will be in the new building in two or three week.

SCHOOL BUILDING---Subscriptions received. The Board of Trustees of the Bedford Graded School District takes this method of publicly acknowledging the receipt of subscriptions to the school building fund. From time to time the amounts received will be acknowledged in this column. The Board hopes to have the pleasure of publishing the name and donation of every man, woman and child in the District, and it would be a pleasure to publish the name and donation of others in the County and out of it. About $500 more is needed in order to complete the work on building, furniture and grounds. Any voluntary contribution will be gratefully received. Further subscriptions paid: Sibley Bros. $100.00; A.G. Hill, $50.00; I.T. Stanley, $20.00; Mrs. Dollie Hill, $10.00; J.W. Latty, $5.00.

TO THE PUBLIC. We, the undersigned, will open the Old Engelman Blacksmith Shop on Oct. 1.1913, and will be prepared to do a general blacksmithing business, wagon repairing and painting. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a trial. W.C. Gatewood and O.R. Ross.

BEDFORD LOAN AND DEPOSIT BANK-The Directors of the Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank in July 1909, when they were meeting but once a year, thought the saw the necessity of monthly meetings, and since then have been meeting at least once each month. That they were right is evidenced by the fact that the Controller of the National Currency, a year afterwards, required the Directors of the National Banks to do the same thing. Beginning with April 15, 1910, a book has been kept in which is recorded their decision on each note. These records book are inspected by the Examining Committee who are under oath and together with the Directors are on the bond of Cashier for $50,000.00. The above together with many other things of like nature cause a great deal of extra work, but it is absolutely necessary to secure to the depositors that degree of safety to which they are entitled.

THE KENTUCKY FARMER---A Live Journal Published Bi-Monthly, Louisville, KY. Subscriptions Price 50 cents per year, $1.00 for three years.

TAILORED SUITS-for men and women. $15.00, N. Horuff & Sons, Madison, Indiana.

THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE - Old Machines taken in Exchange. Harry D. Peak

MEAT AND ICE-New Firm at Campbellsburg, J.C. Davis has opened a first class Meat and Ice Market. This firm will sell strictly for cash and there will be no exceptions-absolutely none. Persons wishing either meat or ice must have spot cash or tickets which are the same as cash. Will kill only nice young cattle and will not kill any cows. Will have meat on hands at all times. Will also run a meat wagon with a refrigerator which will keep meat fresh and in perfect order. This wagon will go to Port Royal on Tuesday of each week, to New Castle on Thursday and to Bedford on Saturday. TICKETS ON SALE AT ALL TIMES EACH GOOD FOR 10 CENTS. Respectfully, J.C. Davis

NOTICE OF CHANGE IN FIRM-Mr. W.O. Orem having purchased the interest of James H. Patterson in the insurance business of Patterson and Chilton at Eminence and Campbellsburg, KY. The business will be continued in the name of Chilton & Orem. Offices-Eminence, KY, Campbellsburg, KY.

A POSTAL BRINGS THIS BOOK-It is free----it tells how you can have local and long distance telephone service in you home at very small cost. Send for it today. Write nearest Bell Telephone Manger, or FARMERS' LINE DEPARTMENT, CUMBERLAND TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY.

Summer time calls for the freshest and best groceries and farmers will want tools and implements, work shirts and overalls. W.S. Pierce, Bedford, KY.

A PATROTIC APPEAL-I am a Trimble County boy trying to establish an Insurance Agency at our county sear. Protect your property with National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburg. John W. Barnes, Agent. Office 2nd floor Court H.


Mrs. W.B. Gillis was a guest Tuesday of Mrs. A.G. Spillman.

Claude B. Terrell attended the State Fair.

Thos. L. Button has gone to New York State for a short stay.

Sterling Morgan, of Louisville, is a guest at W.C. Morgan's.

Mrs. J. R. Buchanan, of Madison, was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Carrie Hood, this week.

Mrs. Virgie Greenwood, of Lakeland, was a guest of F.W. Hancock last week.

Misses Elva and Ruth Tinder, of Birmingham, Ala., are guests of friends here.

Harry D. Peak visited his sister, Mrs. Mayme Torsch, at Louisville, the latter part of last week.

Homer Spillman left Sunday for Eminence where he has work with the telephone company.

Mrs. Ella Peak and son, William, of near Hisle, are at the home of W.S. Peak, William having entered school here.

Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Spillman and son, Graham, and Shelby Callis visited Mr. Cam Callis Sunday.

Mrs. W.S. Peak visited her daughter, Mrs. Ed Tingle, Sunday .She brought home with her Helen Tingle, Who has entered school here.

Miss Louise Logan accompanied her cousin, Carrie East, to the home of Miss East's sister, Mrs. Chas. Butler, at Milton, last week, where Miss Logan visited for several days.

Miss Ruth Houston, of Murray, KY., arrived the latter part of last week to take charge of her work as assistant in the High School here. She is a graduated of Murray High School and has had two year at Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Coghill entertained at dinner last Sunday. Those present were Mrs. Clarence Kidwell and daughter, B. Etta, of Louisville, Miss Ethel McCutchen, of near town and Messrs. Virgil McDole and Charlie Monroe, of Indianapolis.

Knowledge is not necessarily power. Think of the man who knows it all._____Jim Langlan, Philosopher.

The man who frequently repeats that he will never do a certain thing will invariable do it, if given time enough.


Albert Gains has sold his farm on the hill to James Hyatt.

Little Miss Stella Lee Browing spent from Monday until Saturday with Mrs. Lockhart.

Mrs. Mike Agin visited Miss Ross in Madison Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr. Theodora Bradford returned to his home in Indianapolis after spending the summer with Mr. & Mrs. Lockhart.

Mr. and Mrs. John Neal were guest of Mr. John Conn and family Sunday.

Mrs. Fannie Lockhart and two children and Mrs. Eliza Neal were guest of Mrs. Linnie Browning Monday.

Miss Lizzie Agin spent Thursday night with H.T. Martin and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Agin visited Mr. and Mrs. John Wiseman Sunday.

ANTIOCH Mr. and Mrs. Orve Morgan and baby, of Bedford, spent several days with Mrs. George Skidmore.

Mrs. Jennie Garriott and children spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Richard Garriott and daughters.

Mrs. George Moore and Son Wilmer, spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Will Gividen.

Mr. Eddie McClellan and Mr. Claud Sturgeon, of English, also Miss Lena Tingle, of near Campbellsburg, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. Joe B. Newby and sister, Miss Lizzie.

Dewitt Jenkins spent Saturday and Sunday with Elliott Hackney and Family.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hancock, of South Port, Ind., are visiting friends in the vicinity.

Mrs. Amy Reed, of near New Castle, spent several days with relatives in this vicinity.

Miss Nettie West, of Campbellsburg, is visiting relatives in this vicinity.


Miss Elizabeth Brent spent several days last week with her brother, W.S.Brent.

Mrs. Ollie Tague was a pleasant guest of Mrs. Annie Brent Monday.

Leland Brent and family were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Davy Pyles recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Smythers were recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Brent.

Mrs. Nannie Simmons visited her daughter, Mrs. Cora Barrnett, Wednesday until Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. John McDowell and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sidebottom motored to Louisville Thursday and attended the State Fair Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Simmons of Indianapolis, spent Thursday and Friday with her sister, Mrs. Cora Barnett.

Miss Maud Staten is visiting relatives at Indianapolis.

Mr. and Mrs. John McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sidebottom, Mr. and Mrs. George Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Simmons and mother, Mrs. Nannie Simmons, were recently entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Joel Jackson.

Leland Brent and family and Mr. and Mrs. Davy Pyles were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wilson Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira McDowell visited their brother Noah McDowell, Sunday.

Willie Brent and family spent Sunday at D.T. Pyles.

Several were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. John McDowell Sunday.


Leslie Bishop came up from Paducah for a few days with his family here. He purchased a jersey milk cow from A. Abbott for $60.00.

Quite a number from here attended court at LaGrange last Monday.

Mrs. Addie Varble, wife of Thos. Varble, died at her home at French Lick last Monday, Sept. 15, 1913, of a complication of diseases. She was formerly Addie Hood of this county. Three small children are left, the youngest being only five weeks old. Rev Walker conducted the funeral service at Sligo Church of which she was a member. Interment was at the church burying ground

J.W. Sheppard is at his home now under the care of Dr. Blaydes, he is still in a serious condition.

Roy Sheppard sold a sow and pigs to Mr. Russell for $35.00.

Miss Emma Patterson is still waiting on Mrs. Gracie Ford.

Walter Blackerby bought a hog for $8.00 from N. Pinnell.

Cholera among fowls is causing a big loss.

Mr. and Mrs. Kemper visited at Sligo Sunday.

Tommie Kemp has gone to Indianapolis.

Rev. Walker was unanimously elected as pastor for the coming year at Sligo Church.

J.P. Duggin sold two mules for $140.00, and Richard Pinnell two mules for $100.00.


Mr. George Powell and family visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Huff Sunday. Leslie Barnes and family spent Sunday with James Barnes and family. Miss Della Huf has returned home after two weeks visit at the home of R.H. Wise and family.

Mr. Williamson and family and Mr. Holt and family visited Shirley Brooks and family Sunday.

The following visited J.C. Rowlett and family Saturday night and Sunday: Misses Virgie and Birdie Rowlett, Malissa Adams and Della Huff, Messrs Harvey Arnett, Allen Huff, Kellie and Lawrence Rowlett.

Joe Powell, of near Middle Creek, visited his cousin, Weston Powell, Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wise and baby visited her father, W.H. Rowlett and family Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. And Mrs. J.T. Huff spent Sunday at the home of V.L. Perkinson.


Miss. Avada Graves spent from Saturday until Monday with her sister, Mrs. Ed Anderson.

Miss Isabelle Adcock and brother, Jack, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Browning at Jericho.

The following spent Sunday with R.E. and S.D. Garriott Mr. Frank Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Adcock and Miss Verbenia Adcock.:

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Anderson and Miss Avada Grave accompanied Rev. Walker to Antioch Sunday in his automobile and reported a delightful time.


Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Rowlett spent Saturday night with Joe Ball and family at Wise's Landing. The following spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Browning: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jefferies and daughter, Sada, Frank Browning and family and Creed Rowlett and family.

Till Yeager and family visited his father near Three Springs recently.

Mrs. Will Drake and son, Virgil, visited Mrs. Pearl Barnes Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Farley spent Sunday with his daughter Mrs. Charley Miller, near Westport.

Lee Bronner and family spent Thursday night with homefolk.


The heavy rains last week were real drought breakers.

Coghill will neatly and promptly clean and press clothing. Give him a call.

Frequent shave and haircuts are necessary to neatness and cleanliness. Call A. Coghill.

See the nice pen tablets, box paper and envelopes at C.A. Bell & Co's.

The enrollment at Hanover this year is the largest in its history.

It has been arranged to light the Fair grounds and have a band concert there Friday night.

Don't swear! Get one of those good razors from C.A. Bell & Co. and you will not swear when you shave.

Hon. J.C. Becham, prominent lawyer, of Shelbyville, an uncle of ex-governor, Becham, is dead.

Morris' Piano Contest is on the square. Everybody well pleased. If you want your money's worth get it at Morris' Store.

If Jack Frost did not get those cornfields beans, gather them and use the canning acid and they will keep good. C.A. Bell & Co.

G.A. Parkhurst, of Smithfield, will have an exhibition at the Fair 8 head of purebred Aberdeen Angus Cattle. This will be a sight worth seeing.

T.L. Button & Son were successful in taking a large number of premiums in the fruit exhibits at the State Fair. We hope to be able to print the list next week.

Mrs. W.T. Walls died at county infirmary near Madison, Sept 22. She was more that eighty years old. She was the widow of the late Dr. Walls who was well known in Trimble County.

Mrs. W.H. Powell, widow of the late W.H. Powell, who was president of the National Branch Bank, of Madison, Ind., died last week. She had not been well for several years.

The following Confederate Veterans have been granted pensions: John G. Sanders, Trimble County; W.G. Sullivan, Oldham County: James M Whitley, Henry County.

Josie Gray, five years old, died at the home of her father in Milton, Sept. 19. Whooping cough being the cause. The funeral was preached by Rev. Vincent Saturday and the burial was at Moffett Cemetery.

J.W. Conn, 3 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jessee Conn died at the home of its grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.T.W. Leach Wednesday morning. We have not been informed as to arrangements for funeral.

Marriage License was issued by County Clerk Joyce Tuesday, To J. Roger Clifford, Son of A. T. Clifford, and Vergie M Wright, both prominent young people of near the Oldham line. They were to be married at LaGrange Wednesday.

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