1890 Tax List
Trimble County
Additions to all Precincts

Transcribed from Microfilm Roll #163378
Microfilm by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah.
At: Lexington, Kentucky
Date: June 1958
Reduction: 18
Exposure: 10.5 (negative)

Transcribed by Joy Mack and Proof-read by Violet Jennings, 2003
Name of tax payer		Land in Acres	Nearest resident	No. of town 
									lots & City		Notes from transcriber

Pt. 65

Garriott, George Election Prec. 1 Colbert, Simon Election Prec. 1 Clements, Moses Election Prec. 1 Clark, Julia Mrs. Election Prec. 1 Dabney, John 1 Milton-town lot Election Prec. 1 Gossom, Alf Election Prec. 1 Graves, George Election Prec. 1 Hall, Thomas Election Prec. 1 Hicks, Wash Election Prec. 1 Hicks, Edmund or Edward Election Prec. 1 Love, Julia Mrs. 1 Milton-town lot Election Prec. 1 Mannis, Willis Sr. 24 J. W. Holsclaw 1 Milton-town lot Election Prec. 1 Same Election Prec. 1 Moore, Logan 10 Near Milton Election Prec. 1 Mannis, Willis Jr. Election Prec. 1 Neal, Peter 5 (blank) Election Prec. 1 Neal, Henry Election Prec. 1 O'Bannion, Richard 1 Milton-town lot Election Prec. 1 Stafford, Jacob Election Prec. 1 Shelton, George Election Prec. 1 Shelton, Jack Election Prec. 1 Spencer, Pheby Mrs. 6 (blank) Election Prec. 1 West, Thomas Election Prec. 1 Bedford Bank Election Prec. 2 Anderson, Ranse? Election Prec. 2 Anderson, Logan Election Prec. 2 Bartlett, John Election Prec. 2 Bain, James Election Prec. 2 Butler, W. Election Prec. 2 Butler, Peter 10 (blank) Election Prec. 2

Pt. 66

Butler, Sallie Miss 20 Peter Butler Colbert, Madison Dickerson, Simon Hutcherson, Henry Johnson, Sandford Law, Alfred Posey, Samuel Peticord, George Saddler, Authur Steel, Charlie Steel, Mariah Steel, Starling Sherley, James Saddler, James Sanders, Boston Tandy, George Tandy, W. Taylor, Martha Taylor, G. H. Williams, Austin Williams, Preston Wright, Jesse Burrows Precinct No 4 Burton, Willis Morton?(or Martin), W. H. Morton?(or Martin), Richard Palmyra Precinct Brown, W. K. 80 W. T. Carrico Prec. 5 Austin, Stephen 26 F. S. Wright Prec. 5 Jenkins, Newton Prec. 5 Johnson, Henie Antioch Hutcherson, Ben Palmer, Phillip 70 Robert Voris Simmons, James Trout Bird, John Barnes, Henry Boyd, Adam Bain, James

Pt. 67

Peak, Logan Roberts, Phillip Roberts, W. Scott, Mary Saddler, Edward Smith, James

1890 Milton Precinct 1
1890 Bedford Precinct 2
1890 Providence Precinct 3
1890 Burrows Precinct 4
1890 Palmyra Precinct 5
1890 Antioch Precinct 6
1890 Trout Precinct 7
1890 Corrections & Exceptions to Tax List
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