1890 Tax List
Trimble County
Palmyra Precinct 5

Transcribed from Microfilm Roll #163378
Microfilm by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah.
At: Lexington, Kentucky
Date: June 1958
Reduction: 18
Exposure: 10.5 (negative)

Transcribed by Joy Mack and Proof-read by Violet Jennings, 2003.
Name of tax payer		Land in Acres	Nearest resident	No. of town 
									lots & City		Notes from transcriber

Pt. 47

Alexander, M. D. Alexander, James Alexander, Thomas 83 L. Newgent Bain, Charlotte Mrs. 75 Amiela Miles Bargo, V. S. 55 Robt. McKay Same 34 S. Mosser Bebout, Jno. O. 162 H. C. Miles Same 63 C. Bain Same 54 Sallie Meek Same 10 " " Same 165 " " Same 25 " " Same 150 May Jackson Same 130 C. A. Mitchell Same 50 I. A. Cull Same 38 W. C. Bell Ball, James S. 87 John Pitman Same 8 W. C. Bell Bell, F. D. 70 J. W. Bell Ball, J. W. 295 John Webster Same 30 J. B. Taylor Same 41 W. S. Sanders Bell, Catherine Mrs. 120 F. D. Bell Bell, A. J. 127 J. T. Cull Brown, D. G. 80 G. W. Law Bell, J. W. 160 John Webster Bell, W. C. 25 Alvin Miles Brown, Robt. Bell(or Ball), J. T. Ball, Jacob Brightwell, Lewis Brown, J. T. Ball, Collin Baxter, F. M. Brown, J. W. Calvert, W. H. Jr. 160 A W. Smith Carrico, W. T. 140 W. T. Spillman Coghill, John (NR) 78 F. S. Wright Non-resident

Pt. 48

Coleman, Frank 200 W. Rand Cull, James T. 127 A. J. Bell Calvert, W. T. 22 N. B. Welch Calvert, N. P. 3 Charity Welch Same 40 Alf Handlon Crafton, Rebecca Mrs. 50 W. P. Giddens Same 7 " " " Same 5 " " " Crafton, Susan Mrs. 39 Rebecca Crafton Callis, Royal 46 H. C. Miles Clem, Nancy Mrs. 60 Henry Jackson Coleman, C. C. (NR) Non-resident Chatham, Edward Coghill, J. F. Cull, Leslie Crafton, Fred Clem, J. B. Cassity, George Clem, Columbus Coghill, James (NR) 70 F. S. Wright Non-resident Dehoney, James T. 400 W. A. Trout Delap, Jacob Dehoney, Jane Denniston, N. B. Mrs. 64 W. Rand Egerton, James T. Foree, Sarah Mrs. 19 H. Colbert Fitzerald, Thomas 8 John Welch Foree, Peter Ginn, W. H. 1 J. J. Stockdale Ginn. Fannie Mrs 48 Bettie McGee Glass, Conway 27 J. T. Cull Same 13 May Jackson Same 37 J. P. Bebout Giddens, W. P. 47 (blank)

Pt. 49

Giddens, R. H. & C. R. 150 W. P. Giddens Same 50 W. A. Trout Ginn, D. S. M Ginn, C. M. Ginn, Edward Grotz, Nicholas Giddens, C. R. Giddens, R. H. Garris, James Holsclaw, W. S. 12 W. H. Calvert Holsclaw, E. B. 50 J. D. Miles Handlon, Alf 47 D. Jones Same 17 N. P. Calvert (or Colvert or Colbert) Hancock, Martha Mrs. 70 F. P. Lee Harmon, Mary E. Mrs. 35 R. Mitchell Harmon, Columbus Harmon, D. L. Handlon, John Hancock, J. W. Hancock, Monroe Harmon, Mary A. Mrs. 30 J. B. Lehue Handlon, Andrew Hall, Scott Hughes, Piny Humbles, Joseph Sr. Humbles, J. J. Harmon, J. V. Hancock, Thomas Hancock, L. T. Hocum, Albert Hest, J. T. Jackson, Mary A. Mrs. 111 N. Clem Jones, J. D. 30 Alf Handlon Jackson, Mary Miss Jackson, J. K. (John K.)

Pt. 50

Jackson, O. P. Jacobs, Robt. Jenkins, James Kennedy, James 27 W. H. Calvert Kendall, W. T. 10 Roland Kendell Kendall, Roland 75 J. G. Sanders Kendall, James 60 N. B. Welch Same 54 (blank) Same 26 (blank) Same 20 (blank) Same 50 (blank) Kendall, James A. Kidwell, David Kendell, Robt. Kendoll, John Lee, F. P. 80 Martha Hancock Law, G. W. 60 David Brown Lehue, J. B. 84 R. Mitchell Same 10 W. Richmond Latty, J. W. 150 Martha Murphy Latty, Dora Laycock, J. W. Liter, W. A. Law, John W. Law, John A. Laycock, G. W. Law, Thomas Long, B. F. (NR) 50 W. T. Carrico Non-resident Mitchell, D. F. & Mose 62 J. B. Lehue Maddox, T. A. 60 James Mitchell Same 83 F. S. Wright Mitchell, Sallie Mrs. 1 Winona Miles, V. C. 60 W. C. Bell Miles, A. A. 82 W. Rand Miles, America Mrs. 221 Winona

Pt. 51

Meek, Alexander 76 Sallie Meek Miles, G. S. 182 Susan Crafton Miles, J. D. 115 W. Young May, Roberta Mrs. 35 " " Meek, Sallie C. Mrs. 65 A. G. Meek Mitchell, C. S. 100 W. T. Carrico Mitchell, James H. 133 W. A. Trout Murphy, Mariah Mrs. 140 J. W. Latty McKenny, Joseph 120 W. H. Mosley Same 60 W. Rand McKay, Robert 80 W. Young Mahoney, Fall 185 Joseph McKenny Miles, H. C. 48 Mary Zimmerman Same 70 V. C. Miles McKenny, Susan Mrs. 117 F. Mahoney Mitchell, D. F. 46 J. B. Lehue Mitchell, Moses Miles & Bro McGlocklin, Lee J. Mrs. 23 George Law Mahoney, G. T. Mitchell, Ivy Mahoney, Mary Mrs. McDowell, Wm Melvin, George Murphy, Burton McKenny, W. Moore, J. H. Mays, Joseph McDowell, H. G. Maxwell, S. P. Morrison, W. McKay, W. McKenny, J. H. Packham, J. J. (NR) 74 F. D. Bell Non-resident Perry, J. N.

Pt. 52

Ressdorf, M. M. Mrs. 108 Thos. Alexander Richmond, W. 60 Dave Brown Rand, W. 200 Franklin Coleman Ricketts, Robert Rand, E. F. Robins, W. S. Robinson, Lewis Stockdale, John J. 38 Z. G. Green Sanders, J. G. 40 Roland Kendall Sanders, W. S. 84 All Hill? Smith, A. W. 174 W. H. Calvert Jr. Spillman, W. T. 60 W. T. Carrico Spillman, James D. Sherman, Ezra Swisher, Abram Trout, W. A. 142 F. Coleman Tharp, Taylor Tandy, W. H. Taylor, B. D. Temple, N. B. Vail, E. O. 42 W. W. Wetherby Webster, J. M. 24 J. W. Ball Wood, A. S. 42 H. C. Miles Wetherbee, W. W. 150 J. W. Mosser Wood, W. (NR) 50 Charlie Wood Non-resident Wright, F. S. 80 Jas. Kendall Same 35 " " Wright, Dorcas Miss 85 F. S. Wright Welch, John 48 " " " Welch, N. B. 170 Jno. Kindell Welch, Chastiy Mrs. 68 N. B. Welch Wright, W. H. H. Williamson, Lucy Mrs. Williamson Richard

Pt. 53

Williamson, B. F. Williamson, George Wallace, G. W. Welch, J. D. Wells, G. L. Wright, Thomas V. Wright, Reason M. Whitaker, Samuel Whitaker, Jerry Williamson, Chas. Welch, Smith Young, W. T. 81 Robt. McKay Yeager, E. F. Yarber, Richard Zimmerman, Mary Mrs. 115 J. D. Miles Same 8 Near Milton Zimmerman, G. W.

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