The Mt. Clemens Press
Transcriptions from the early years

The earliest known newspaper in Mount Clemens was the Mount Clemens Patriot, a weekly publication founded in 1840 and later absorbed by the Macomb Gazette. The Gazette was sold in 1856 and the name was changed to the Republican Standard. The Standard became the Mount Clemens Monitor, a weekly publication, in 1866. A number of other publications came and went briefly through the years.

Daily news publication came on the scene at the turn of the century. In 1901, the Daily Leader and its weekly adjunct, the Mount Clemens Press, were born. The Monitor began publishing daily in 1940. In 1942, the Monitor and Leader merged, and the first edition of the Daily Monitor-Leader was published on April 3, 1942. In 1964, the Daily Monitor-Leader was merged with the South Macomb News, a weekly, and the Tri-City Progress, another weekly which served the Warren-Center Line-Utica area. After a brief stint as the Monitor-Progress, the new paper became the Macomb Daily. The Macomb Daily, still published in Mount Clemens, continues to serve as Macomb County's daily newspaper today.

Mount Clemens Public Library holds a fairly complete run of microfilmed newspapers for the years 1882-present. Significant gaps in the run exist for the year 1898, January 1901 - June 29, 1902, November - December 1902, and the year 1922. Visit their web site for a detailed list of their holdings. Brief History of Mt. Clemens Newspapers - Mt. Clemens Public Library

Below are links to several issues that have been partially transcribed, thanks to the efforts of Ann Faulkner, who has given me permission to display it here and to share it with Macomb Genealogists. Thanks, Ann!

Mount Clemens Press - 1891 part 1
Mount Clemens Press - 1891 part 2
Mount Clemens Press - 1893 part 1
Mount Clemens Press - 1893 part 2
Mount Clemens Press - 1894 part 1
Mount Clemens Press - 1894 part 2
Mount Clemens Press - 1894 part 3
Mount Clemens Press - 1895 part 1
News from 1925
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