Descendants of Alney Allen Scott

Alney Allen Scott, my great-grandfather, is the son of George Dorsey and Margaret Lockhart-Scott, born in 1838 in Kentucky. Alney Allen Scott passed away about 1900 in Ballard County, Kentucky.

Alney Allen Scott married Margaret Francis Powell about 1870 in Ballard County, Kentucky.

Margaret Francis Powell was born on November 20, 1851 in Kentucky and passed away in April 1924 in Craighead County, Arkansas.

Alney Allen and Margaret Francis Powell-Scott's children are:

1. Mary Ellen Scott, m. Jacob Flegle, abt. 1857 b. 1871
2. Georgea A. Scott b. 1872
3. Robert (Bob) W. Scott , m. Annie M., abt 1918 b. 1878
4. Sadie Scott, m. Ferd Witherington, abt. 1905 move and died in Utah. b.1881
5. Thomas Scott, m. Ora abt 1909(1st), m. Edna H. 1918 (2nd) d in Mo. b.1884
6. Carrie L. Scott, m. James Owen, abt. 1908 b.1888
7. John Martin Scott, m. Carrie Humble 1911 b.1889
8. Ola M. Scott, m. Curtis Streight, abt. 1912 b.1894
9. Bryan Scott, m. Laverne (1st), m. Mrs. Geneva Fuller-Dodson (2nd) b.1897

Family tradition says that following Alney's death, abt 1900 that Margaret moved to Arkansas. The time is not known (at this time) but youngest son Bryan was "old enough to be charged fare, but young enough to sit on his mother's lap during the trip."

One other story is about the death of great-grandma Margaret, when my mother, Mary Elizabeth Scott, was 12 years old grandma Margaret passed away. They came to grandma Margaret's house to embalm her IN HER OWN BED. The kids, of which my mother was the oldest, were spying through the glass of grandma Margaret's bedroom window and watched the events until they "started filling up the jugs!" When I asked what she meant she said the jugs were for catching the blood from grandma's body. At that point the kids decided that watching wasn't such a good thing to do.

John Martin Scott was born on December 7, 1889 in Kevil, Kentucky. The son of Alney Allen Scott and Margaret Francis Powell-Scott. John Martin Scott passed away on September 13, 1968 in Roe, Arkansas. John Martin is buried in Roe Cemetery, Roe, Arkansas.

John Martin Scott married Carrie Humble in 1911 in Prairie Chapel, Arkansas.

Carrie Humble is the daughter of George Washington Humble and Elizabeth Hill-Humble. Carrie Humble was born June 25, 1892 in Priairie Chapel, Arkansas and passed away on December 24, 1981 in Stuttgart, Arkansas and is buried in Roe Cemetery, Roe, Arkansas.

The children of John Martin and Carrie Scott are:

1. Mary Elizabeth Scott, m. Green Perry Gray, 1929. b. May 13, 1912
2. Robert Charles Scott, m. Francis Dodson b. May 24, 1915
3. Woodrow Wilson Scott, m. Rosie b. April 2, 1918
4. Raymond J. Scott, m. Helen b. July 4, 1921
5. Ruth Scott b. 1926
6. Frances Scott b. 1928
7. Johnny Scott b. 1931

I am attempting to fill in all the gaps and when I get some more information I will be glad to share it with you. I am sending copies of the Scott Genealogy to my Aunts and Uncles hoping for further information, then hope to continue on with the present day families. Hopefully I will be able to come up with more family stories. I am the youngest child of six, son of Green Perry and Mary Elizabeth Scott-Gray. I was born on March 19, 1953.

Thanks to Sanford Lynn Gray for providing this Scott family information. He can be contacted via email at

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