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Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM HENDERSON4 SCOTT (GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1786 in Fayette, Kentucky, and died 1869 in Henry Co.,Kentucky. He married LYDIA DORSEY July 18, 1807 in Warsaw, Gallantin Co., Kentucky, daughter of BEALL DORSEY and NANCY STIGLER.

Know all men by these presents that we, William Scott and Levi Scott in are held and firmly bound unto Christopher Greenup, Esq. Governor of Kentucky in thejust and full sum of fifty pounds current money to the payment of which will and truly to be made to our said Governor and his sucessors, we bind ourselves and heirs jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed and dated, this 14th day of July 1807.

The condition of the above obligation is such that where asa Marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound William Scott and Lidia Dorsey, daughter of Beall Dorsey of Gallatin County.

Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriagethan the above obligation to be void, or else in full force.

Teste R.P. Bulter Clk,G.C.C William Scott Levi Scott

********************************************************** ****************
I do certify, that I am willing that a marriage shall take place between my son William Scott and Lidia Dorsey daughter of Beall Dorsey of Gallatin County and the clerk of the Court of said County is hereby authorized and requested to issue license accordly. Given under my hand and seal this 18th day of July 1807

Test. Joseph Campbell Geo. Scott
********************************************************** *****************

Notes for LYDIA DORSEY: Lidia/Lydia was underage when she got married

2. i. GEORGE DORSEY5 SCOTT, b. Aug 03, 1808, Gallatin Co, KY; d. Dec 06, 1856, Ballard Co., KY.
ii. BEAL SCOTT, b. Abt. 1810.

Notes for BEAL SCOTT:
Beal was a witness on deed for his parents, William and Lydia Scott

iii. NANCY SCOTT, b. Abt. 1813; m. DAVID PILES, May 15, 1827, Henry Co., KY.
iv. WILLIAM SCOTT JR., b. Abt. 1818; m. LUCY YOUNG, July 21, 1844, Carroll Co., KY.
v. LEVI SCOTT, b. Abt. 1821; m. SUSAN MCDOWELL, July 28, 1847, Carroll Co., KY.
vi. WHARTON R. SCOTT, b. Abt. 1825; m. HANNAH ANN TEAGUE, Sept24, 1845.

Wharton Scott was a witness on deed for his parents William and Lydia Scott. 1850 census shows Wharton on a tract of land in Ballard Co., next to his brother George Dorsey Scott.

vii. CORRINA SCOTT, b. Aug 29, 1829, Carrol Co.,KY; m. WILLIAM MCLISH, Feb 26, 1846, Trimble Co.,KY.
3. viii. MARY JANE SCOTT, b. Aug 29, 1829, Carrol Co.,KY; d. March 16, 1917, near Salon, IN.
ix. GILLY SCOTT, b. Abt. 1830; m. PETER DEMAREE, November 07, 1847.
4. x. CHARLES HENDERSON SCOTT, b. Dec 29, 1831, Carrol Co.,KY; d. Nov 22, 1911, Hannibal, MO.
xi. TODD SCOTT, b. Abt. 1833.

Notes for TODD SCOTT: Found on 1840 census for Carrol Co., KY

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE DORSEY5 SCOTT (WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born August 03, 1808 in Gallatin Co, Kentucky, and died December 06, 1856 in Ballard Co., Kentucky. He married MARGARET LOCKHART 1832 in Henry Co., Kentucky, daughter of JAMES LOCKHART.

Know all men these presents that we George Scott and Will Lockhart are held and firmly bound unto this Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of fifty pounds to the payment belief of well and truly to be made jointly and severally, firmly by these presents, signed and sealed this 14th day of February 1832.

The Conditions of the above obligations is such that where as a marriage is about to be solemnized between the above bound George Scott and Margaret Lockhart/Lockheart Daughter of James Lockheart of this County said Scott being of lawful age and is Lockheart consent being legale certified.

Now if it those allways appear that there is no justcause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to bevoid Otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

George Scott
William Lockhart
Henry County, Kentucky I do certify that I am fully satisfied that Margaret Lockhart my daughter should be lawfully married to George Scoot(Scott) Given unto my hand this 14th Feb 1832
James Lockhart Att William Lockhart
James Tucker + Mamie

i. WILLIAM6 SCOTT, b. Abt. 1833.
ii. JAMES SCOTT, b. Abt. 1835.
iii. MARY E. SCOTT, b. Abt. 1836.
iv. ALLEN OR ALNEY SCOTT, b. Abt. 1837.
5. v. GEORGE THOMAS SCOTT, b. Bet. 1838 - 1839, KY; d. Dec 08, 1922, Ballard Co., KY
6. vi. NANCY ELLEN SCOTT, b. Aug01, 1843, Henry Co., KY; d. Dec19, 1904, Ballard Co., KY.
vii. JOHN FRANCIS SCOTT, b. Abt. 1845.
viii. ZACHARIAH TAYLOR SCOTT, b. Abt. 1847; m. (1) MINNIE; m. (2) NELIA MOORE.

3. MARY JANE5 SCOTT (WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born August 29, 1829 in Carrol Co.,Kentucky, and died March 16, 1917 in near Salon, Indiana. She married MATHIAS HANDLON March 07, 1846 in Trimble Co.,Kentucky, son of JAMES HANDLON and NANCY SCOTT.

i. HARRIET6 HANDLON, b. 1849.
ii. JAMES WILLIAM HANDLON, b. March 24, 1853.
iii. JOHN WESLEY HANDLON, b. December 25, 1853.
iv. CORRINNA HANDLON, b. March 05, 1858.
v. MELISSA HANDLON, b. March 22, 1861.
7. vi. MATHIAS ANDREW HANDLON, b. Sept 23, 1863, Carroll Co., KY; d. May 1928, Madison, IN.
vii. CHARLES HARVEY HANDLON, b. March 25, 1865.
viii. SOFIA HANDLON, b. 1867; d. December 1870.

More About SOFIA HANDLON: Cause of Death: Scarlet Fever

ix. PRENTICE MEAD HANDLON, b. November 20, 1870.
x. LYDIA FRANCES HANDLON, b. June 23, 1873.

4. CHARLES HENDERSON5 SCOTT (WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born December 29, 1831 in Carrol Co.,Kentucky, and died November 22, 1911 in Hannibal, MO. He married (1) ELIZABETH J. CATTLE. He married (2) ANNA ROBINSON February 16, 1851 in Henry Co., Kentucky, daughter of SAMUEL ROBINSON and SARAH JAMES.

i. SAMUEL P.6 SCOTT, b. January 12, 1852.
ii. WILLIAM H SCOTT, b. February 02, 1853.
iii. JAMES SCOTT, b. September 24, 1854.
8. iv. LEVI R SCOTT, b. Oct 31, 1856, Henry Co., KY; d. Jan 05, 1937, Louisiana, MO.
v. GILLIE SCOTT, b. October 18, 1858.
vi. CHARLES M. SCOTT, b. September 17, 1859.
vii. GEORGE D SCOTT, b. March 1863.
viii. HORT R SCOTT, b. December 13, 1865.
ix. JESSE SCOTT, b. May 09, 1867.
x. SARAH G SCOTT, b. February 13, 1869.
xi. ROBERT D. SCOTT, b. December 27, 1871; d. November 08, 1950.
xii. LUCY SCOTT, b. April 07, 1876.

Generation No. 3

5. GEORGE THOMAS6 SCOTT (GEORGE DORSEY5, WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born Bet. 1838 - 1839 in Kentucky, and died December 08, 1922 in Ballard Co., Kentucky. He married ERMA EMILY MCELYA Abt. 1872, daughter of RICHARD MCELYA and ANN MARTIN.

Children of GEORGE SCOTT and ERMA MCELYA are:
i. GEORGE DORSEY7 SCOTT, b. Oct 1874, ?; d. Aug 07, 1948, ?; m. EDNA EARL GRACE, Aug 18, 1901, KY
ii. GUY HARTFORD SCOTT, b. April 30, 1877; d. May 31, 1935.

More About GUY HARTFORD SCOTT: Fact 1: never married

iii. THOMAS MARSHALL SCOTT, b. July 30, 1878; d. November 01, 1963; m. EDDIE BURNLEY.
iv. IRA CLINTON SCOTT, b. June 11, 1880, Ballard Co., KY; d. Dec21, 1956, Roseville,Macomb Co.,MI; m. ROSA ELLA COOPER, Nov 07, 1909, Cairo, Alexander Co., IL

More About ROSA ELLA COOPER: Cause of Death: Kidney Failure

v. CLAUDE AFTON SCOTT, b. Nov 14, 1882; d. Dec 18, 1951; m. ROSA VICTORIA OWENS, Nov 11, 1911, Metropolis, Illinois. vi. GROVER CLEVELAND SCOTT, b. Dec 26, 1884, KY; d. May 19, 1947, KY.

More About GROVER CLEVELAND SCOTT: Fact 1: remained single

vii. MARY LUCILLE SCOTT, b. July 05, 1886; d. Oct 31, 1963; m. JOHN BOYD, Kevil, Ballard Co., KY.
viii. BONNIE BELLE SCOTT, b. Sept05, 1888; d. March 27, 1971; m. ZACK MILTON GRACE, Dec 22, 1907, KY
ix. CLIFTON BRECKENRIDGE SCOTT, b. Aug 31, 1890; d. April 09, 1966, Kevil, Ballard Co., KY; m. (1) MARY VIRGINIA SMITH, 1912, Cairo, Alexander Co., Illinois; m. (2) MYRTLE LANE, Aft. 1948.

x. CHARLES S. SCOTT, b. Aug 10, 1892; d. May 28, 1957; m. (1) EVIE BUCHANAN, Nov 19, 1911, KY; m. (2) ONIE MCFADDEN, Oct 06, 1923, Paducah, McCracken Co., KY xi. MALE CHILD SCOTT, b. September 1893; d. October 1893. xii. ANDREW JACKSON SCOTT, b. August 28, 1895; d. January 28, 1972; m. (1) MARGARET FLOOD, February 14, 1920, Cairo, Alexander Co., Illinois; m. (2) ELIZABETH OSBORNE, October 21, 1933, Metropolis, Illinois.
xiii. MARTHA VIRGINIA SCOTT, b. August 28, 1895; d. November 22, 1895.

6. NANCY ELLEN6 SCOTT (GEORGE DORSEY5, WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born August 01, 1843 in Henry Co., Kentucky, and died December 19, 1904 in Ballard Co., Kentucky. She married RICHARD OWEN SMITH Abt. 1873, son of JAMES SMITH and ELIZABETH GOODE.

More About NANCY ELLEN SCOTT: Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery; Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

More About RICHARD OWEN SMITH: Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Children of NANCY SCOTT and RICHARD SMITH are: i. ROBERT7 SMITH, b. December 20, 1873, near Woodville, Ballard Co., Kentuckk; d. March 08, 1946, Weslaeo, Hidalgo Co. Texas; m. PERMELIA ELIZABETH GREEN, October 31, 1900.

More About ROBERT SMITH: Cause of Death: pnuemonia

ii. MARY MAGGIE SMITH, b. April 29, 1876, near Woodville, Ballard Co., KY; d. Dec 13, 1913, Ballard Co., KY; m. ISSAC IKE SHELBY, 1894.

More About MARY MAGGIE SMITH: Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

iii. SALLIE SMITH, b. August 20, 1878, near Woodcville, Ballard Co., Kentucky; d. March 03, 1958, Ballard Co., Kentucky; m. ED.. OVERBY

. More About SALLIE SMITH: Medical Information: Had Diabetes

iv. GEORGIE LEE SMITH, b. November 11, 1883, near Woodcville, Ballard Co., Kentucky; d. March 17, 1968, Ballard Co., Kentucky; m. THOMAS ELY STONE, October 01, 1905.

More About GEORGIE LEE SMITH: Cause of Death: Heart attack Medical Information: Had diabetes

7. MATHIAS ANDREW6 HANDLON (MARY JANE5 SCOTT, WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born September 23, 1863 in Carroll Co., Kentucky, and died May 1928 in Madison, Indiana. He married GRACE KOONTZ/COONCE December 10, 1891 in Madison, Indiana, daughter of JACOB KOONTZ/COONCE and ANNA SANDERS.

i. STELLA7 HANDLON, b. March 15, 1893, Hanover, Indiana; d. March 29, 1948, Covington, Kentucky; m. JOSEPH ALONZO MONROE, November 30, 1912, Madison, Indiana.

More About JOSEPH ALONZO MONROE: Fact 1: buried in Fairmont Cementery in Madison, Ind

8. LEVI R6 SCOTT (CHARLES HENDERSON5, WILLIAM HENDERSON4, GEORGE3, BAPTIST2, JAMES1) was born October 31, 1856 in Henry Co., Kentucky, and died January 05, 1937 in Louisiana, Missouri. He married (1) EMMA J. ALRED. He married (2) VICTORIA SCOTT December 28, 1875 in Madison County, Indiana, daughter of ANDREW SCOTT and JULIA MEADOWS.

Children of LEVI SCOTT and VICTORIA SCOTT are:
i. GRYTIE7 SCOTT, b. April 26, 1885; d. April 26, 1924, Hannibal, MO; m. ARTHUR JAMES SMALLWOOD, April 07, 1903, Marion Co., MO.

ii. WILLIAM SCOTT, b. 1877.
iii. CHARLES IVY SCOTT, b. December 18, 1879.
iv. JESSE SCOTT, b. 1881.
v. MYRTIE SCOTT, b. 1883.
vi. MINNIE DONA SCOTT, b. Jan 02, 1888; m. CLARENCE SCOTT.

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This site is dedicated to her memory and her great love of family history.

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