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McClure Family Reunion - Summer 2002

This is a group photo of the McClure family reunion held on July 6, 2002 at Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, Indiana. Unfortunately, a lot of the attendees had already departed when the photo was taken.

From Left to Right as I remember:

Gordon McClure (Myself), Cathy McClure (My Wife), David Wakefield (son of my sister Judith),
Front Row: Helen Buchanan (Wife of my brother Elbert), Paula Michelle Moler ggrandaughter of William David McClure and older brother of my grandfather
Charles McClure, Leona McClure (wife of Nelson G. McClure), Nelson Gray McClure and Kneeling in front of Nelson is Sandra McClure Hamilton (our daughter), Next to Nelson is Amy Wakefield (Daughter of David Wakefield), Cassandra Leatherman (daughter of my nephew and niece Byron and Shirley Leatherman), Michelle Wakefield (sister of Amy Wakefield), Judith McClure Bagley Wakefield (my sister), Mrs. Bruce McClure, and son of Bruce McClure.

Second Row beginning to the left of Nelson Gray McClure, Elbert Earl "Mike" McClure (my brother), Behind Cassandra Leatherman is her father Byron Leatherman, and behind Bruce McClure is my niece Shirley Bagley Leatherman.

I apologize for the names that I do not remember but after all I am getting along with my "Old Timers Disease!"

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Submitted by Gordon Mc Clure

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