William Singer Family Photo
Photo 111

This a photo of William H. Singer, his wife Malinda, and their six children. This came to me from my grandmother, Daisy McIntire Callis. Based on her penciled notes on the back, I've made the following identifications:

Seated, left to right: Louisa Catherine Singer Wilson (1856-1951), Malinda Cummins Singer (1828-1915), Mary Susan Singer Wescott (1855-1939), William Singer (1832-1919), and George W. Singer (1851-?).

Standing, left to right: William B. Singer (), Sarah Jane Singer McIntire (1853-1940), James M. Singer (1864-1936).

Sarah married Harvy E. McIntire and had two children, Daisy Lee (my grandmother) and Ira. James married Florence Weber and had a daughter, Marian. Louisa married Richard Wilson and adopted a son, Forest. Mary Susan married George C. Wescott and had two children, Luther and Mabel Lena. George married Angeline Harmon and had two children, Charles and Willis.

William and Malinda and four of their children are buried in Moffet Cemetery. Susan is buried in Texas. George's grave is unknown to me. I'm happy to be contacted by anyone interested!

Thank you to Trish Callis (aka Patricia Callis Nicholson) ... trishcallis@hotmail.com ... for her contribution. Columbus, Ohio

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