A Short History of the Farley Family in Trimble County Kentucky

Around 1785 the first of the Farleys began to immigrate into the area of Kentucky, which would later become Trimble and the surrounding Counties. Among the earliest settlers were three of the children of Joseph and Mary Ellington Farley from Amelia County, Virginia. They were John and Daniel Farley, in company with William Butler, who was married to their sister Martha. Other descendants of Joseph and Mary Farley settled in what would become Trimble County, namely Parhams and Hoods, among others, however this short history will deal primarily with Forrest Farley, another son of Joseph and Mary Farley.

Forrest Farley, a younger brother of John, Daniel, and Martha, was born ca.1770 in Amelia County, Virginia. He, along with his brother William, appears in the 1790 tax records of Amelia as a tithable living with John Marshall. John was probably his uncle, as his aunt, Ann Ellington, married a “Marshall.” Forrest married his cousin Frances Ellington in Prince Edward County, Virginia on 16 Aug. 1792 and here is where their children were born.

The children of Forrest and Frances Ellington Farley:
1. Richard b. ca 1793 Prince Edward, VA. d. ca 1835 Henry, KY.
.......Married, Sarah K. Wright, 5 May 1824 Henry, KY.
2. Nancy M. b. 6 Jul. 1795 Prince Edward, VA. d. ca 1866 MO.
.......Married, Thomas Gibbens, 2 Mar. 1827 Henry, KY.
3. Polly b. ca 1799 Prince Edward, VA. d. ca 1837 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Bassett Watson, 27 Jan. 1819 Henry, KY.
4. Joseph Hayden b. 15 Apr. 1802 Prince Edward, VA. d.11 Mar. 1855 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Polly Rowlett, 22 Dec 1825 Westport, Oldham, KY.
5. John Ellington b. 2 Dec. 1803 Prince Edward, VA. d.22 Nov. 1858 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Melinda Chandler, 21 Jun. 1821 Henry, KY.
.......Married, Nancy Hudson, 25 Apr. 1823 Henry, KY.
6. Martha b. 29 Sept. 1807 Prince Edward, VA. d.1 Jan.1878 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Daniel Garriott, 8 Jun 1824 Henry, KY.
7. William b. ca 1811 Prince Edward, VA. d. Henry, KY.
8. Frances Jane b. 10 Dec 1814 Prince Edward, VA. d.22 Mar.1873 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, John F. Butler, 9 Jan. 1831 Henry, KY.

Sometime between 1815 and 1820 Forrest succumbed to the call of the West and set out to join his older siblings. His destination was several hundred acres along the Little Kentucky River in Henry County. Either shortly after arriving, or somewhere in route, Forrest died leaving his wife Frances to care for their eight children alone. The first written record of this family in Kentucky is Forrest’s oldest son Richard on the 1817 tax records of Henry County. In 1819 Frances and three of her children, Richard, Nancy, and Polly, appear on record settling the estate of Forrest Farley deceased. This estate was considerable for its time and he appears to have done quite well back in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Frances, now a widow appears on the 1820 census of Henry County.

On 23 Oct. 1823 Frances Ellington Farley’s sister-in-law Martha Farley Butler died, and shortly after on 4 Feb. 1825 Frances married her brother-in-law William Butler in Henry, Kentucky.

In 1823 Oldham County was created from a portion of Henry County, so by 1830 when the Federal Census was taken we find the family of Forrest and Frances Farley separated by county lines. Nancy Farley, now married to Thomas Gibbens, had migrated to the frontier of Missouri. Joseph Hayden Farley purchased land from Coleman Perkinson along Barebone Creek, near his father in law John Rowlett. Joseph and his brother John Ellington Farley were now on the Oldham side of the county line. The rest of the family was still in Henry County.

The 1830s brought more changes and deaths to the Farley family. Richard Farley died in 1835 leaving a young widow and five small children. Richard's widow Sarah later remarried Benjamin Gill. Polly Farley Watson died ca 1837; her widow Bassett remarried America Arnold. No records for William Farley, the youngest son of Forrest and Francis, have been found.

Children of Richard and Sarah Wright Farley:
1. Paulina b. 1825? Henry, KY.
2. Albion b. 1827? Henry, KY.
3. Elinor b. ca 1831 Henry, KY.
4. Richard b. ca 1833 Henry, KY.
5. Zerelda b. ca 1834 Henry, KY.
.......Married, Theodore Walker, 19 Jan 1851 Henry, KY.

Children of Bassett and Polly Farley Watson:
1. Nancy b. ca 1825 Henry, KY.
2. German b. ca 1829 Henry, KY.
1820 census of Henry County shows Bassett Watson with 3 daughters and 1 son.

In 1836 Trimble County was formed, and the federal census of 1840 finds the majority of the family now found within the borders of this new County. The exception was Richard Farley’s family, which remained within the borders of Henry County. The Farley family matriarch, Frances Ellington Farley Butler died on 11 Jan 1849.

The 1850s saw the Farley family continue to grow and expand with marriages into other familiar Trimble County families, namely Perkinson, Wright, Kidwell, Duncan, McMahan, Toombs, Butler, and others. There was also death, with Joseph Hayden Farley dying 11 March 1855 from pneumonia, and John Ellington Farley dying 22 Nov 1858 from inflammation of the bowels.

The children of Joseph Hayden and Polly Owen Rowlett Farley:
1. Forest b. 6 Nov 1826 Oldham, KY. d. 17 Jan 1918 Freetown, Jackson, IN.
.......Married, Nancy Kidwell 10 Apr. 1850 Trimble, KY.
2. Permelia A. b. 7 Dec 1828 Oldham, KY. d. 1829 Trimble, KY.
3. Frances Jane b. 2 Sep. 1830 Jeffersonville,Tazewell,VA. d. 19 Feb. 1890 Trimble KY.
.......Married, Willis Duncan, 7 Nov 1850 Trimble, KY.
4. Phebe b. 15 Aug. 1832 Oldham, KY. d. 24 Mar 1901 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Lafayette Wright, 3 Nov 1846 Trimble, KY.
5. Emma b. 11 Aug 1834 Oldham, KY. d. 17 Aug 1894 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Milton Kidwell, 20 Dec 1855 Trimble, KY.
6. John W.E. b. 10 Mar 1837 Trimble, KY. d. 10 Jul. 1857 Trimble, KY.
7. Joseph Hayden Jr. b. 12 Dec. 1838 Trimble, KY. d. ca 1880 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Mary Jane Perkinson, 18 Jan 1860 Trimble, KY.
8. William b. 14 Jan 1841 Trimble, KY. d. 6 Mar 1863 Wytheville, Wythe, VA.
9. Jemima b. 15 Mar 1844 Trimble, KY. d. 1916 probably Louisville, Jefferson, KY.
.......Married, Levi M. Perkinson, 12 Nov 1863 Trimble, KY.
10. Mary b. 8 Mar 1846 Trimble, KY. d. 5 Mar 1825 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Ben Overton, ca 1867 and Benjamin Adams, ca 1887.
11. James b. 29 Mar. 1849 Trimble, KY. d. Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Martha Overton, 15 Feb. 1872, and Mary Adams, Jun. 1870 Trimble, KY.

Children of John Ellington and Nancy Hudson Farley:
1. Elizabeth Frances b. 29 Sep.1824 Henry, KY.
.......Married, William J. Perkinson, 29 Sep. 1841 Trimble, KY.
2. Albion b. ca 1827. could be a son of Richard?
.......Married, Mary Pricilla Wright, 29 Jan 1849, Trimble, KY.
3. Mary Ann b. ca 1829 Henry, KY.
.......Married, Coleman H. Perkinson, 26 Oct 1842 Henry, KY.
4. Martha Jane b. 25 Dec 1832 Henry, KY. d. 22 Feb 1924 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Jacob H. McMahan, 5 Feb 1852 Trimble KY.
5. Permelia b. ca 1835 Henry, KY. d. 25 Apr 1860 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Joseph Toombs, 15 Feb 1852 Trimble, KY.
6. Nancy b. ca 1838 Trimble, KY.
7. Creed E. b. 11 Aug 1841 Trimble, KY. d. 28 Feb 1907 Steedman, Callaway, MO.
.......Married, Henrietta Reynolds, 21 Sep. 1862 Trimble, KY.
8. Emily b. ca 1844 Trimble, KY. d. 1914 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Thomas W. McMahan, aft 1861 Trimble, KY.
9. Elva b. 1848 Trimble, KY.

The 1860s brought the Civil War, and like many other families the Farley family found themselves on both sides of the conflict.

Farley Family Civil War Veterans.
Forest Farley, Union, 18th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry. Son of Joseph Hayden Farley.
Joseph Hayden Farley Jr., Union, 54th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Son of Joseph Hayden Farley.
William Farley, Confederate, 4th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry. Son of Joseph Hayden Farley. Died in Virginia.
Lafayette Wright, Confederate, 8th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry. Son in law of Joseph Hayden Farley. Died a P.O.W. Camp Douglas, Cook, IL.
Milton Kidwell, Union, 54th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Son in law of Joseph Hayden Farley.
Henry Garriott, Union, 54th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Son of Daniel and Martha Farley Garriott.
Simeon Garriott, Union, 54th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Son of Daniel and Martha Farley Garriott.
Joseph Forest Butler, Union, 54th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Son of John Butler and Frances Farley Butler.
John Dicen Perkinson, Confederate, 4th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry. Son in law of John Butler and Frances Farley Butler.

The 1860s saw the death of Forrest and Frances’ oldest daughter Nancy.

Children of Thomas and Nancy Farley Gibbens.
1. Joseph Forrest b. 25 Jan 1828 Henry KY. d. 11 Mar 1893 LA.
.......Married, Sallie, ca 1867 LA.
2. Nathaniel b. ca 1833 probably St.Louis MO.
.......Married, Mary, ca 1858 probably St Clair Co. MO.
3.Frances Jane b. 4 Aug. 1836 St Louis MO. d. 17 July 1928.

In the 1870s many of the grandchildren of Forrest and Frances Farley began to move on as their grandparents before them had. By the census of 1880 they could be found in Indiana, Missouri, Louisiana, and other states. The 1870s also brought the death of the last of Forrest and Frances’ children, Martha and Frances.

Children of Daniel and Martha Farley Garriott:
1. Henry b. ca 1834 Henry, KY.
2. John b. ca 1838 Trimble, KY.
3. Simeon b. ca 1840 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Paulina, ca 1864 Trimble, KY.
4. Daniel b. ca 1845 Trimble, KY. d. 18 Aug 1915 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Ellen Perkinson, Trimble, KY.
5. William b. ca 1846 Trimble, KY. d. after 1910 Auxvasse, Callaway, MO.
.......Married, Elizabeth Wright Butler, 21 Nov. 1872 Trimble, KY.

Children of John F. and Frances Jane Farley Butler:
1. Mary Elizabeth b. 22 Jun. 1835 Henry, KY. d. 23 Sep. 1836 Henry, KY.
2. William b. 26 Nov. 1837 Trimble, KY.
3. Mary Frances b. 21 Mar 1840 Trimble, KY. d. ca 1861 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Thomas W. McMahan, 1 Sep. 1858 Trimble, KY.
4. Joseph Forest b. 14 Feb. 1842 Trimble, KY. d. 15 Apr. 1914 Liberty, Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Nancy Jane Pendleton, 1859 Trimble, KY.
5. Martha R. b. 22 Apr. 1844 Trimble, KY. d. 20 May 1925 St. Aubert, Callaway, MO.
.......Married, John Dicen Perkinson, 21 Dec 1871 Trimble, KY.
6. Nancy Ann b. 8 Apr. 1846 Trimble, KY. d. 19 Nov 1871 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Andrew Bruner, 25 Aug. 1864 Trimble, KY.
7. Eunitia Ann b. 23 Mar. 1848 Trimble KY. d. abt 1875 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, John Dillon Perkinson, 10 Mar 1870 Trimble, KY.
8. Elizabeth Wright b. 3 Feb 1850 Trimble, KY. d. 7 Apr 1926 Auxvasse, Callaway, MO.
.......Married, William Garriott, 21 Nov 1872 Trimble, KY.
9. Sophia White b. 27 Nov. 1851 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Robert McCallister, 20 Dec 1877 Trimble, KY.
10. Ella Edwina b. 16 Apr 1864 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Marquis Lafayette Freeman, 11 Jan 1872 Trimble, KY.
11. John Breckenridge b. 8 Sep. 1856 Trimble, KY.
12. Edmonia Isabell b. 5 Feb. 1859 Trimble, KY.

Our history now follows the family of Joseph Hayden Farley Jr., son of Joseph Hayden and Polly Rowlett Farley. Joseph Hayden Jr. married Mary Jane Perkinson in Trimble County, 18 Jan 1860. Joseph lived his entire life in Trimble County along Barebone Creek. As an adult he farmed the land given to him in his father's will, which amounted to 34 and one half acres. His neighbors were siblings, James and Mary, and his mother Polly. No death date has been found for Joseph or his wife Mary Jane. Joseph Hayden Farley Jr. is listed on Trimble County tax records of 1879 but is dead by the time the 1880 census was taken.

Children of Joseph Hayden and Mary Jane Perkinson Farley:
1. Miranda Josie b. ca 1861 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, John B. Whittaker, John M. Boss, William Adams. All in Trimble, KY.
2. Samuel Dicen b. 27 Feb 1863 Trimble, KY. d. 18 May 1816 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Amanda Lewis, 27 Feb 1883, Trimble, KY.
3. William b. ca 1865 Trimble, KY.
4. Alonzo b. ca 1867 Trimble, KY. d. bef 1886 Trimble, KY.
5. Mary b. ca 1869 Trimble, KY. d. bef 1895 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, John F. Buchanan, 19 Mar 1893 Trimble, KY.
6. Amelia Emily b. 5 Feb 1871 Trimble, KY. d. bef 1910 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, James Asa Stone.
7. Nora E. b. ca 1873 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Joseph C. Vanhook, 30 Nov 1891 Madison, Jefferson, IN.

In 1886 Samuel bought Mirandas share of the land left to her by their father Joseph. This was a one sixth share, indicating one of the seven children had died. Since all the other children are accounted for after 1886 except Alonzo he must have died between 1880 and 1886.

Mary Farley married John Buchanan in 1893. She was dead by 1895. She died after giving birth to a daughter named Lilah. In 1895 Samuel bought the rest of the land from his siblings and mother, except the share belonging to his niece, Lilah Buchanan. No records for Mary Jane Perkinson Farley, William Farley, or Nora Farley Vanhook have been found after this land sale.

Amelia Farley and her husband James Stone were also part of this land sale, but not on the 1900 census of Trimble County. The last record found for Amelia was 13 July 1902 when she was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Amelia must have died in Trimble County between 1902 and 1910; James Stone is in the 1910 census of Trimble County listed as a widow with three daughters and one son living on Bedford-Sulfur Road.

My great grandparents, Samuel Dicen and Amanda Farley, continued to farm the land along Barebone Creek until they sold it in 1909. In the 1910 Census of Trimble County Samuel is listed as the Keeper of a Toll Gate living on Bedford-Sulfur Road. Family lore is that Samuel ran a tollgate for a ferry, possibly at Wises Landing. The early years of the twentieth century were not kind to the family of Samuel Dicen and Amanda Farley. By 1910 they had lost their four oldest children as well as their son-in-law Richard.

Children of Samuel Dicen and Amanda Lewis Farley:
1. Rose Ann b. 30 Nov 1883 Trimble, KY. d. 23 Mar 1910 Trimble, KY.
.......Married, Richard Ollie Farley, 17 Nov, 1897 Trimble, KY.
2. Rosettie b. 30 Dec 1885 Trimble, KY. d. 21 Aug 1905 Trimble, KY.
3. Luther Ignatius b. 21 Jun. 1889 Trimble, KY. d. 16 Sep 1905 Trimble, KY.
4. Albert Asa b. 29 Sep. 1892 Trimble, KY. d. 20 Dec. 1894 Trimble, KY.
5. Anna Belle b. 28 Mar 1895 Trimble, KY. d. 7 Dec. 1992 Celina, Mercer, OH.
.......Married, Cornelius Alexander, 11 Oct 1911 Trimble, KY.
6. Perry Jennings Bryan b. 18 Nov 1897 Trimble, KY. d. 2 Jun 1977 Salt Lake City, UT.
.......Married, Elva Jane Doty, 7 Nov 1922, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake,UT.
7. William Arthur b. 9 Jun. 1900 Trimble KY. d. Nov 1944 Salt Lake City, UT.
.......Married, Elsie May Lund.

At the turn of the century members of the Farley family received the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Among the first to join were John Wesley Farley and his wife Nancy Alice Stone. John's father Forest Farley, son of Joseph Hayden Farley Sr., also joined. John Wesley Farley and his wife Nancy Alice Stone moved to the mountain town of Wallsburg, Northeast of Provo, Utah. John Wesley Farleys cousins, Amelia Emily Farley Stone, daughter of Joseph Hayden Farley Jr., and Sinnett Duncan, son of Willis and Frances Jane Farley Duncan, also joined the Church. After joining, Sinnett Duncan and his wife Eva Lewis moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Samuel Dicen Farley and Sinnett Duncan were not only cousins but also brothers in law, because they married sisters Amanda and Eva Lewis. Letters written by Annabelle Alexander to her Duncan cousins in Utah reveal the hard times this family was going through, and the final years for this branch of the Farley family in Trimble, Kentucky began on 21 April 1913 when Amanda Lewis Farley died from a measles outbreak that also claimed the life of her grandson, Delmer Alexander. Samuel Dicen Farley died just three years later in Bedford on 18 May 1916. With their parents gone, Perry Jennings Bryan Farley (my grandfather), and his younger brother William Arthur Farley moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to live with their uncle Sinnett Duncan, their older sister Anna Belle Farley Alexander moved to Ohio. So after nearly a century of living in Trimble County Kentucky this line of Farleys, like so many others, finally left their Kentucky home and moved on, leaving four generations behind, buried in the land they had fought for, cultivated, and called home.

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