Macomb County Early Pioneers Surnames Q-Z

Aaron B. Rawles
Aaron B. Rawles came to Romeo, Macomb County in 1834. He was born 1812 in New York. Mr. Rawles was a hardware merchant and died in 1872.

Samuel Richardson
Samuel Richardson and his wife Abigail --?-- were located during the early years of their marriage in New Portland, Kennebec Co., Maine, and their children were born there. In 1814 they moved to Sodus, Wayne Co., NY. By 1830 the family had moved to Chesterfield Twp., Macomb Co., Michigan. They had a boy and girl born between 1790 and 1804, and (3) Sarah, b. 1798, who married Zarah Granger, (4) Samuel, Jr., m. Susannah Granger (5) Josiah, b. 1805, m. Rhoda Granger. Samuel Richardson died in 1844, "of old age and a sore foot", and his wife Abigail died in 1842. They are both buried in Hart Cemetery.

Joseph Rowley
Born in Livingston County, N.Y., February 13, 1812. He is the son of Erastus and Lydia Richardson Rowley, of Westfield, Conn. The father started to move to Michigan in 1835, but died on the way, in Ohio, and was buried there. The mother died in Armada Township in 1864. Mr. Rowley bought land on Sections 7 and 8, in Armada, on which he still resides. He was married, August 4, 1839, to Elizabeth, daughter of A. Smith, and they were the first couple married in Berlin Township, St. Clair County. Their children are Ory, born November 12, 1840; Polly B., born June 6, 1842; Marianna, born August 17, 1844, died December 25, 1865; Franklin, born August 26, 1846; George H., born August 20, 1848; Joseph born June 1, 1850; Nettie O., born February 11, 1852; Sarah E., born May 1, 1854, died June 30, 1881; Elias, born May 29, 1856; Lydia, born October 9, 1858; Willie J., born June 22, 1861. Mr. Rowley was a keen and successful hunter. He killed 180 deer the first three seasons on the place, and thirty per season for many years after. He is a Jackson Democrat. (Data as of 1882)

Liberty Rowley
Was born at Armada Township October 10, 1838. He was the son of Nathaniel (see Nathan, below) and Abigail Rowley, of the same place; was married, December 25, 1863, to Mary L. Banfill, who was born at Ypsilanti, Mich., December 20, 1847. Their children are as follows: Arthur T., born October 31, 1865, died August 7, 1872; Carrie E., born December 2, 1871; Rubie, born January 21, 1874, died in November, 1875; Mary L., born November 8, 1878. Mr. Rowley purchased a part of his father's farm, on Section 8, Armada, on which he lives, and keeps a stock of general merchandise. Mr. Rowley and wife have been member of the Methodist Protestant Church for fifteen years, and he has always been a Republican. (Data as of 1882)

Nathan Rowley
Son of Erastus Rowley, of Westfield, Conn., and was born May 17, 1802. He removed to Macomb County in June, 1831, and was married, November 5, 1834, to Abigail, daughter of Frederick Aldrich. In 1836, he took up land on Section 7 and 8, Armada, which he improved, and where he lived up to 1880. He died at Goodrich, Genesee County, July 27, 1881. Mrs. Rowley was born in Canandaigua County, N.Y., August 12, 1809, and died October 5, 1877. The grandfather is a survivor of the Revolution, and they are from a long-lived race of people. (Data as of 1882)

Henry Rose
Henry Rose was born around 1813 in New York. By 1839, he and his wife Mathilda Formen/Firman Rose lived in Lockport, Shelby County, and Ohio, where Henry was the postmaster. They had eight children, Nancy Ellen; Andrew Jackson; Lewis Wesley; Mary Elizabeth; Susan; Anna; Harriet; and Mary. In the 1860 and 1870 Census this family was found in Chesterfield Township, New Baltimore. On May 18, 1885, Mathilda Rose died in the Village of Evart in the center part of the State of Michigan. She was returned to New Baltimore for interment.
According to History of Macomb County by Leeson, printed 1882, pages 221 and 223, "At the earnest request of many citizens of Macomb County, anxious to collect incidents and biographical sketches of early settlements and settlers, and place on record some of the early history of the county, a meeting was called at Washington Village, March 22, 1881. Owing to the severity of the weather and conditions of the roads, the pioneer element was not so largely represented as it would otherwise have been." Henry Rose was a part of that meeting. If you wish to contact his great-great granddaughter, click here: Judith A. Stock

Lemuel Sackett
Born in Massachusetts in 1808, Lemuel Sackett moved to Clinton Township in 1829 where he cleared land to farm until his death in 1882.

John A. Sanders
John A. Sanders was born in Washington Co., Rhode Island i 1806 and moved to Macomb County in 1836, where he located and improved a portion of the county known as Lenox Township. He was a ship carpenter and worked at his trade much of the time at Mt. Clemens. He was married in 1828 to Lavina Crandall.

Archibald Scott
A native of Ireland, Archibald Scott crossed the Atlantic in his early years and came to Canada. He married there Miss Jane Busby, also a native of Ireland. In 1852 he moved with his family to Macomb County and settled in Ray Township. Scott Family Page

Susan Scott
Daughter of Capt. David Scott, of Clinton County, Mich., Susan was born at Shoreham, Vt., February 21, 1802; moved with her parents to Le Roy, N.Y., thence to Cattaragus Co., N.Y., and, after six months, returned to Le Roy; after a few years, moved to Covington, N.Y., and lived until 1825; in March of that year, married Norman Perry, and moved to Macomb County and settled at the Branch, two and a half miles east of Romeo, Mich., on Section 31, Armada Township. Mr. Perry bought 320 acres of land, which is still occupied by the family; have had seven children, all of who still live -- Delia, born January 19, 1826, married John Selleck, and now resides in Ray Township, and was the first child born in the township of Armada; Ozni S., born October 3, 1827, now at the old place; Elem Maria, born January 10, 1831, married James Sanford (deceased), now lives at Charlotte, Eaton Co., Mich.; Manly C., born January 4, 1833, lives in Richmond Township; Norman, born August 7, 1840, married Ellen Warner and lives at the old home; Norton M., born October 20, 1840, married and lives at Lansing, Mich.; Marshall, born August 10, 1844, who is unmarried, and, with Norman, owns and occupies the homestead. Mrs. Perry is a happy and cheerful old lady, full of neighborly deeds and kindnesses. (Data as of 1882)

Samuel Shepardson
Son of Samuel Shepardson, a native of Vermont, was born in Windham County, in that State, November 10, 1819. At the age of twenty-one, he removed to Canada, and thence to Macomb County, arriving in the spring of 1853. He purchased a farm on Section 3, Armada Township, where he has lived ever since. He has cleared up the farm, built all the buildings and added forty acres. He married, January 13, 1853, Elizabeth M., a daughter of Abel Sumner, of New Brunswick. They have no children. Mr. Shepardson is a cheese-maker, and has turned his farm to the production of that staple. He has furnished a store in Romeo with cheese for the past eighteen years. His father served his country in 1812, and was honorably discharged. (Data as of 1882)

Jacob Shook
Jacob Shook came to Macomb from New York abt. 1840 with his wife Catherine Stickle. He died in Mt. Clemens on 4-11-1862; she died 10-05-1846 in Mt. Clemens. Their daughter, Betsy Shook married Henry Teats and she died in Mt. Clemens on 6-16-1863.

Alvah Sibley
Was born in Berkshire, Mass., in March, 1796, where he lived until he was twenty-one years of age. He then removed to Brighton, Monroe Co., N.Y., where he was married to Mary, daughter of Joseph Corbin, of Woodstock, Conn. She was born March 4, 1803. Her parents were pioneers of Western New York. Mr. Sibley removed his family to Macomb County in October, 1835, and settled on Section 25, township of Armada, where his widow still resides. His father, Ezra Sibley, was a Revolutionary soldier, having served in the conflict for seven years, during six of which he passed without sleeping outside of camp. His grandfather was a British officer in the West India service, and died of yellow-fever. The family are of Norman origin. Mr. Sibley was a man of stern principles of honesty and adherence to the Christian faith; a Deacon in the Congregational Church of Armada from its organization until his death, which occurred in February, 1870. Deacon Sibley is remembered with affectionate regard. His family consisted of three sons - Alfred I. Sibley, born in Brighton, N.Y., September 18, 1824, and is now a resident of Cass County, Iowa; Ezra F. Sibley, still a resident of Armada; and William H. Sibley, born in Armada December 2, 1838. He remained with his father's family and attended school at Mt. Clemens and Romeo until the commencement of the civil war, when he laid aside his great ambition for an education and went forth in defense of his country. He enlisted in Company A, Ninth Michigan Infantry, under Col. Duffield, and died of typhoid fever in January, 1862, at Elizabethtown, Ky. He is remembered as a worthy Christian soldier. (Data as of 1882)

Ezra F. Sibley
Son of Alvah and Mary Sibley, was born in Brighton, N.Y., November 29, 1827. He removed with his father's family to Macomb County in 1835, where he attended school and remained at home until he attained his majority. He then began working at the carpenter's trade for a few years, and was married, September 13, 1853, to Adaline A. Pierson, a native of Rush, Monroe Co., N.Y. In 1859, he engaged in mercantile business, in company with William H. Clark, in Armada Village, and at the opening of the civil war, he enlisted in Company A., Ninth Michigan Infantry, under Col. Duffield; served as a musician most of the time, and was captured, July 13, 1862, by General Forrest; was paroled, and soon after discharged by general order mustering out all regimental bands from the service. He again engaged in carpenter work until 1869, when he was appointed station agent on the Michigan Air-line Railroad at Armada, Mich., which office he has held since that time. His family consists of two daughters -- Lillian M. Sibley, born May 1, 1859, married, 1876, to Austin H. Phillips, and resides in Armada; Minnie A. Sibley, born August 22, 1867. (Data as of 1882)

IColby & Phillip Short
Born in Ontario County, N.Y. Their father's name was Colby Short, who died in Ontario. Colby was born January 11, 1838; Phillip, December 25, 1839. Colby came to Macomb in the autumn of 1860; Philip in 1862; settled on Section 12; afterward bought land on Section 2, Armada Township, where they now live. Philip married, July 10, 1867, Angeline Woolman, born at Mt. Clemens September 20, 1846; had five children, for of whom are now living. Colby is not married. They are extensively engaged in the sale of farm implements. Colby enlisted, September 19, 1861, in Company L., First Michigan Cavalry, and served four years; was Gen. Banks' Private Orderly three months. The company was body guard to Gen. Banks one year. He reached home in August, 1865. (Data as of 1882)

Calvin Smith
Born in Tolland County, Conn., in 1793; entered the army in 1812 as a private, and was promoted to Sergeant in 1814; served during the war, and was discharged with a land warrant, which he located in St. Clair County; moved to Macomb and stopped a short time in Ray Township, then settled on a farm in Section 12, which he cleared up, and where he died in 1853. He was married to Mary McNary, of his native place, by whom he had eight children, three of whom survive. She died at the homestead in 1872, aged seventy-eight years. His father, David Smith, was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, and two of his sons served in the civil war, and in the Indian troubles in Minnesota, and were wounded there. (Data as of 1882)

Dr. John S. Smith
Born 6 March 26 1822. His father, Asa Smith, was a native of Massachusetts and moved to Macomb County in 1854 and settled in section 24, Armada, where he died in 1865. Dr. John Smith graduated from the Medical School of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1844. He practiced medicine in Ontario County, NY, for 2 years and then removed to Macomb County in 1847 and engaged in the practice of his profession in Armada Village. In 1858, he read and studied law and the same year began the practice of law. He graduated from the Law Department of Ann Arbor and was admitted to the bar. In the spring of 1863, he joined the army as a quartermaster and remained for one year. On retiring, he engaged in farming. In 1867, he started a brick block building in Armada Village and during the construction, a wall fell, killing him on 19 Sep 1868. He married in 1845 to Linda B. Jones of Ontario, NY, they had no children. Dr. Smith was a Democrat. (Data as of 1882)

Lewis Smith
Son of Calvin Smith, Lewis Smith was born in Tolland County, Conn., December 27, 1832; came with his father's family to Macomb County in 1842; was engaged upon railroads three years, and then returned to the homestead where he now lives; married, July 9, 1864, Frances Curtiss, daughter of Harry Curtiss, of Richmond Township. They had one child, which died in infancy. Mrs. Smith died August 18, 1876. He married again, April 3, 1877, Anna Skidmore, of Troy, Oakland County; no children. Mrs. Smith was born June 28, 1837. Mr. Smith has held offices in township and agricultural societies. He built a good house on his farm, and added eighty acres to the same. Before the war, he was a Democrat in politics; since that time he has been a Republican. His great-grandfather, James McNary, was in the war between England and France. Being taken prisoner, he was confined in the hold of a vessel for seven days without food, except a pair of calf-skin boots, which, being cut in small pieces, was eaten by himself and his comrades. They afterward overpowered the crew, brought the vessel to America, entered the American Army and served in the war of the Revolution, being honorably discharged at its close; was also in the war of 1812. (Data as of 1882)

Seth Smith
Son of Asa Smith, Seth Smith was born June 10, 1825, Dighton, Massachusetts; moved to Ontario County, New York, thence to Michigan in September 1863; settled in Lenox Township for three years; moved to Armada Village in 1866, where he has since lived. He was married July 26, 1852 to Sarah S. Hubbell of Ontario County, who was born September 4, 1834. They have six children. The grandfather of Mrs. Smith, Nathaniel West, served in the war of 1812. Mr. Smith has been a dealer in fat stock. In politics, he is a Democrat." (Data as of 1882)To contact a descendant of Seth Smith, click here to reachJane Devlin

Horace H. Spencer
Of Armada, Horace H. Spencer was the son of Ira and Sally (Earl) Spencer, and was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, June 17, 1822. His father was a native of Spencertown, N.Y., and gave the name to that place. The family removed to Macomb in 1839, and settled in Richmond Township, where the father died in 1876, at the age of eighty-five; the mother died in 1866. The subject of this sketch was married, June 12, 1844, to Mary Chamberlin, who was born in Ontario County, N.Y., March 18, 1818. After marriage he bought land on Section 27, Armada, which he partly cleared, and then sold, buying again on Section 14, which he kept till 1871, when he removed to the village of Armada, where he still resides; have had seven children, four of whom, sons, are still living. Mr. Spencer has held office in the township twenty-eight years (Justice of the Peace); always a Democrat, but often elected by Republicans. (Data as of 1882)

Ira Spencer
Ira Spencer, a native of Spencer Township in New York, locatd in ARmada in 1839, where he died in 1876 at the age of eighty-five years.

Nathaniel and Hiram Squier
Born in Vermont in 1752, Nathaniel Squier came to Macomb County from Canada in 1817. He located 640 in Shelby Township where he died in 1832. His son, Hiram was born in Canada in 1806. Hiram located 120 acres in Shelby in 1831. Mr. Squier attended the first town meeting held in Shelby in 1827, attended the first English school in 1819 and helped to build the first three houses in Shelby Township.

James Starkweather
James Starkweather, born in Connecticut in 1801, came to Macomb County in 1825, locating 160 acres of land in Bruce Township, where he died in 1873.

Joseph Stead
Joshua Stead was born in England 6 Jun 1784. He married Mary A. ? and settled in Macomb Co., MI in c1817. According to the 1820 census he had 7 sons under 16 and 1 daughter under age 10. He acquired a land grant from President Monroe in Shelby Township, most of section 33. In 1828, he drew a plat for a village, which he named Harlow after his home in England. However, in 1831, at a town meeting chose the name of "Utica" since most men had come from Utica, NY.
Stead Family Researcher

James Stephens
Son of James Stephens, of Scotland, James was born in that country September 2, 1817; left his fatherland in 1841 to become a farmer in Michigan. He bought land in Lapeer County, on the line of Macomb, in 1848, where he resided some years. He afterward bought a farm on Section 7, Armada Township, where he now resides. Married January 6, 1848, Anna Morton, daughter of James Morton. Their children's record is as follows: Margaret, born November 11, 1848, married and lives in Armada Township; Agnes W., born August 27, 1850, married and lives in Bruce Township; James B., born March 16, 1860, married and lives in Romeo; Thomas M., born November 24, 1855, married and lives in Vassar, Mich.; Anna M., born March 23, 1858, married and lives in Bruce Township; Andrew H., born April 3, 1860; John W., born May 21, 1863; Merton H., born September 8, 1866; George B., born September 28, 1868. Mrs. Stephens was born January 28, 1825, in Scotland. Mr. Stephens is a farmer and owns 325 acres, and is a successful grower of wheat. He has been a prominent member of several organizations, a professor of religion, with his wife, for many years; a leader in Sunday school, and a Republican in politics. (Data as of 1882)

Horace Stevens
Horace Stevens was born in 1799 in Connecticut, came to Macomb County in 1833 and settled in Clinton Township near the site of the Moravian mission. He died in 1849.

John Stockton
John Stockton arrived in Mt. Clemens in 1817, where he erected the city's first frame building. He was a generous individual and frequently aided poor settlers who were without common necessities of life. He was the first county clerk and register of deeds in the county. John Stockton served as an officer in the War of 1812. He died in Mt. Clemens, November 21, 1878 at the age of 88 years.

George Stroup
George Stroup of Pennsylvania, located in Macomb County in 1834. His sons, George, Jacob and Daniel also were pioneers, locating land in this county. George Stroup died in 1858.

John H. Stump
The son of Levi Stump, of Ontario County, N.Y., John H. Stump was born in Armada Township, April 23, 1855; moved to his present farm, known as the Albert Aldrich farm, consisting of 140 acres, in the fall of 1877; was married, August 29, 1877, to Francis A. Arnold, of Armada; the have no children. He is a general farmer and dealer in grain. Mrs. Stump was born April 15, 1858. (Data as of 1882)

Abel Sumner
Born in New Brunswick June 17, 1793. In early life he moved to Vermont, thence to Canada, coming to Macomb in 1841; settled on land on Section 2, Armada Township, which he improved and occupied previous to 1871, since which time he has lived with a daughter, Mrs. Ingraham. Mrs. Sumner, formerly Miss Ruth Ormsby, born at Middlebury, Vt., in 1803, died in Armada February 10, 1860, at fifty-seven years of age. The children of this marriage are five in number, four now living. Mr. Sumner is a pensioner of the war of 1812; was a musician at that time, and is still living. (Data as of 1882)

Dr. John M. Sumner
Son of Abel and Ruth (Ormsby) Sumner, was born in London, Westminster, Canada West, September 3, 1836; was a farmer till reaching the age of twenty-four, when he began the practice of medicine as the result of his own study and observation, and is engaged in practice at the present time. December 11, 1859, he married Julietta Holms, and has two children - Sarah J., born September 15, 1865, and John S., born August 16, 1867. Mrs. Sumner was born in Armada January 27, 1838. The Doctor has a small farm in connection with his practice. (Data as of 1882)

Jonas S. Sutton
Son of Amsey and Abigail (Dowd) Sutton, he a native of Massachusetts and she of Connecticut; Jonas S. Sutton was born in Genesee County, N.Y., March 17, 1835; removed to Macomb County in 1837, with the family, and settled in Ray Township, where they lived for eight years, then to Section 32 in Armada and lived nine years, then to Richmond and lived to eighteen years, then again to Armada, where he has lived the past twelve years. Married, March 20, 1856, Calista, daughter of Asahel Bernard, who was a native of Connecticut; she was born March 9, 1835; their children are as follows: Hattie A., born January 18, 1857, died March 26, 1858; Hattie J., born April 27, 1858, died November 18, 1862; Willie A., born August 27, 1864; Eddie W., born July 24, 1866. After his marriage, Mr. Sutton engaged in business as a machinist and engineer for twenty years; since that time, has followed the occupation of a painter. He is a fine singer, and teaches music, and leads the church music. In politics, he is a Republican. Mrs. Sutton's parents were natives of Connecticut and moved to Macomb in 1844; father died in 1866, and mother died in 1872. (Data as of 1882)

Hiram Taylor
Son of Levi and Rhoda Madison Taylor, of Connecticut, Hiram Taylor was born at Rutland, Vt., September 10, 1811. His mother's people were from Rhode Island, and were of English descent; came from the township of Clarendon, Vt., to Macomb County, Mich., June 17, 1846, and bought a farm of 200 acres on Section 32, Armada Township for which he paid $3,600, on which he still resides. Mr. Taylor was married, October 31, 1834, to Ann Melissa Walker, of Clarendon, Rutland Co., Vt. They have had tow children - Melissa Ann, born at Clarendon, Rutland County, March 19, 1836, married Mr. Moses Wyman, of Ontario County, N.Y.; he died in October, 1872; she married again, Andrew Adams, and now resides in Auburn, Oakland Co., Mich.; Sarah, born August 23, 1837, and died September 24, 1881, at the old home. Mrs. Taylor died October 4, 1873, aged fifty-eight. When Mr. Taylor moved from Vermont, he brought forty thorough Merino sheep, for which he paid from $10 to $15 a head. He has been a careful breeder of fine sheep, and has made several importations, at a later date bringing, at one time, a flock of nearly one hundred sheep. He was a member of the Baptist Church in Vermont, and, although not uniting with any church here, his preference has been toward that church; cast his first fore for Jackson, and has been a Democrat since. (Data as of 1882)

Edward Teats
Edward Teats came to Michigan with his father in 1837; he married Harriet Rackham in Mt. Clemens on Jan. 5, 1850.

Dorothea Thompson
Daughter of Isaac Thompson, formerly of Yates County, N.Y., Dorothea was born at that place October 2, 1814; moved with her parents to Macomb County October 1, 1825, and lived in Bruce Township, near Romeo, until February 20, 1840, when she was married to Charles W. Chamberlin, and settled on Section 33, Armada Township. Mr. Chamberlin died on this farm August 22, 1844; they had three children - Oscar, born June 28, 1841, enlisted in company A., Ninth Michigan Infantry, at Armada, served three years, and was honorably discharged; he is married and now lives in Ray Township; Jane E., born September 28, 1842, married E. W. True, and lives at Armada Village; Charles W., born November 29, 1844, now lives upon the homestead, is farmer on the homestead and has two children - Adelbert, born September 17, 1871, and Fanny D., born July 30, 1876. The Chamberlins hold to the doctrine of universal salvation, and, politically, are Republicans. (as of 1882)

James Thorington
A native of Rhode Island, James Thorington settled in Shelby Township, Macomb County in 1818. The next year he moved to Washtington Township,where he died in 1836.

Benjamin Thurston
Son of Joseph Thurston, was born October 22, 1816; removed from New York to Macomb with his parents about 1832 and settled on Section 19, in Armada Township; spent his boyhood at home and received the homestead farm; was married, Septembe 29, 1839, to Electa Sperry, of Pennsylvania, who was born September 14, 1820. They had three children, one of whom is still living. Mrs. Thurston died June 14, 1849. He then married Mrs. Ruth Brown, April 28, 1852, who died March 1, 1873; married again, September 23, 1873, to Mrs. Caroline Hamilton, who died October 20, 1875. Mr. Thurston has always been a firm supporter of the antil-slavery movement, and a Christian in form of worship. (Data as of 1882)

Mrs. Marcia Thurston
Daughter of Jesse Bishop, of Bruce Township, was born March 16, 1845; married to Manly Thurston, son of B. H. Thurston, October 15, 1862; after marriage, resided on the farm of his father one year, then bought the farm on Section 18 known as the Donaldson farm, on which the family still reside. Mr. Thurston died March 3, 1870. They had four children, three of whom are still living on the homestead. Mrs. Thurston has erected a fine and commodious residence, and has a fine and prosperous farm business. She is and has for many years been connected with the Christian Church of Romeo; a fine musician, vocal and instrumental, and a prominent worker in the Sabbath school. Lillian, born October 29, 1863, died October 24, 1879; Henry J., born August 2, 1865; Abbie L., born September 27, 1867; Manly W., born January 6, 1870. (Data as of 1882)

Elihu Townsend
Elihu Townsend was born in NY Nov 1766, d. 15 May 1834 in Oakland Co, but buried in Mt. Vernon cemetery, Macomb Co. His second wife, Hester Brewer is also buried there. His children from both marriages lived in and around Macomb Co at various times. Abigail m. Lyman Rice, lived in Macomb Co, John Townsend m. Elizabeth Palen, Ann Miller, lived in Romeo, Zebuland m. Maria Durnsburger, lived in Macomb Co. Peter m. Sarah Hauck, lived in Oakland but all the family are buried in Mt Vernon cemetery, Timothy m. Harriet (or Maryette) Norton, Elnathan m. Laura Elizabeth Tedman. Contributed by Sally Emerson , descendant.

Daniel Tucker
Daniel Tucker was born April 23, 1828 NY, died March 16, 1909 Shelby Twp., Macomb County, MI, and was buried at Prestonville Cemetery, Shelby Twp,Macomb Co., MI. He was the son of Ephraim Tucker and Sally. Daniel married December 29, 1849 to Sabra Venelia Phillips daughter of Caleb Smith Phillips and Persis Crawford. To learn more about Daniel Tucker, and contact a descendant of his, please click here

Emery Turfant
Emery Turfant was born in 1814 in Massachusetts. He came to Mt. Clemens in 1835, lived on a farm a mile south of the city and died in 1874.

John R. Turrell
Born in Pennsylvania in 1811, John Turrell came to Michigan and located 80 acres of land in Washington Township, Macomb County in 1831.

Hiram C. Ulman
Hiram C. Ulman, son of Benjamin Ulman and Margaret Lane, was born July 18, 1880, in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. His father, Benjamin Ulman, settled in the Tawas City, MI area about 1881, making the trip in a covered wagon. Hiram married Eliza S. Gauthier on May 14, 1903. The couple moved to Mt. Clemens shortly after their marriage. They had three daughters and a son, unfortunately Eliza died in l914, in a Mt. Clemens hospital. Hiram later married Clara Senecal, in 1916. They had two more sons and resided at 36 Englewood their entire lives. Hiram was a retired section foreman for a railroad company and, later, worked for the Mt. Clemens Sugar Company. Hiram died in 1955, Clara, in 1957, but many of their descendants live in the Macomb County area today.
submitted by Joyce Bane, descendant

Charles VanHorn Sr.
Born in Pennsylvania in 1803, Charles VanHorn Sr. married Harriett D. Roff and came to Macomb Co., Michigan, where he was County Treasurer from 1834 -1854. He and his wife are buried at Meade Cemetary in Ray Township, Macomb Co. Van Horn Family Page

John Baptist Vernier
John Baptist Vernier came to Detroit in 1801 and bought land at the foot of Atwater and Randolph, where the tunnel and customs to Canada now stand. He purchased most of what is now Grosse Pointe and St. Clair Shores in 1808. Vernier road is named for the farm that he owned. Vernier (Family Page)

Richard Walker
Born at Georgetown, Md., September 4, 1797, removed with his father's family to Ontario County, N.Y., where he married Elenor, daughter of John Ray, of the latter place, and removed to Macomb County in the spring of 1844, and bought a large farm on Section 16, Armada, which he cleared and improved, and where he died April 23, 1879. Mrs. Walker was born in Bennington County, Vt., who died at the home in Armada, and he afterward married a Miss Tibbits, who still survives. They had ten children, four of whom still live. (Data as of 1882)

Seth E. Walker
Youngest son of Richard Walker, Seth was born in Armada, May 21, 1851. He came into possession of the home farm in 1872, and still occupies the same. It consists of 200 acres, situated on Section 16, Armada Township. He was married, November 16, 1875, to Carie I. Draper, of Warsaw, N.Y. They have one child, Charles R., born September 13, 1877. Mr. Walker is a successufl farmer, and has always been a Republican in politics, and Congregational in form of worship. (Data as of 1882)

Iddo Warner
Son of John Warner of Vermont, was born February 11, 1796 and came to Macomb June 12, 1824, in Washington Township, where he lived three years, then moved to Armada and settled on Section 31, on the North Branch of the Clinton River, where he lived up to the time of his death, which took place August 15, 1852. He was married, July 13, 1819, to Sophia Phillips, at Lima, Livingston Co., N.Y., and had three children - Julia, born August 1, 1820, married J. Smith, and died July 9, 1878; James, born September 11, 1824, living in Armada Township; Elizabeth, born March 9, 1835, married Robert Coykendall and lives at Romeo. Mrs. Warner still lives with her son. (Data as of 1882)

James L. Warner
Son of Iddo and Sophia (Phillips) Warner, James L. Warner was born at Washington Village, Macomb County, September 11, 1824; moved with the family to the farm on the "Branch" where he lived till June 1856, when he purchased the Gates farm, Section 18, Armada, where he still resides; was married June 29, 1847, to Spedee Bishop, who was born at Ontario County, N.Y., and died July 9, 1852. They had two children, Ellen, born April 22, 1848, married Norman Perry and lives in Armada Township; George L., born Jun 26, 1852, and lives in Armada Township; married again, June 28, 1854, to Jane Walton, who died April 13, 1860; had one child, Terry, born November 9, 1857, died April, 1862; again married, July 2, 1872, to Phoebe Wilder, of Armada Township. Mr. Warner has added to the original purchase of land 784 acres, situated in various parts of the State. He has erected one of the finest and most substantial farmhouses in the county, good bans and sheds, wind-mills, and all the requirements for a first class farm business; in politics, always a Republican. (Data as of 1882)

Robert Warner
Robert Warner moved to Macomb County in 1830 from NY (where he was born 22 Dec 1811) and farmed there until his death 22 Mar 1888. He was the son of Andrew Warner and Permilla Cox of Herkimer Co., NY. The Warner farm was located near Meade, known as Crawford Settlement. More information is available at the Macomb Co. Historical Society and in the Mt. Clemens Public Library.

Able Warren
Born in Washington County, New York in 1789, Able Warren served in the War of 1812, where he was severely wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Queenstown Heights. He was later paroled and sent home. He married Sarah Hooker of Vermont, then moved to Michigan in 1820 where he purchased 80 acres near Pontiac. Later, he sold the property and in 1824 moved to Shelby Township, Macomb County where he lived till his death in 1862. Mr. Warren was a M.E. Minister and was the first man licensed to preach in the territory of Michigan. He preached at more funerals and married more couple that any other minister at the time in the county.

Ansel Bailey Warren
Ansel Bailey Warren was the fourth of 12 children of Ebenezer Warren and Anne Rice or Royce who were early settlers of Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY. He was born 2 April 1805 in NY or VT and moved to Shelby, Macomb Co., Michigan about the time his brothers, Timothy Leonard Warren and Stephen Barnum Warren, also moved there from Western New York. Ansel married Elizabeth "Eliza" CLOUGH (b abt 1819 NY) and they had these children: Doren, b abt 1837 MI; Mary J., b abt 1839 MI; Louisa M., b abt 1841 NY; Lucus (Lucius) John, b abt 1844 MI; Orpha, b abt 1846 MI; Caroline C., b abt 1850; Joseph S., b abt 1856. Ansel was a farmer and broommaker in Shelby. He died of consumption on 11 Nov 1880 in Shelby. Contact: Karen Mohr, and view the Warren Family Bible site which Karen has created.

Stephen Barnum Warren
Stephen Barnum Warren was the youngest of 12 children of Ebenezer Warren and Anne Rice or Royce who were early settlers of Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY. He was born 26 Sep 1826 probably in Covington, NY and moved to MI after his brothers Ansel and Timothy moved to Shelby, Macomb Co., MI. At the time of his marriage, Stephen lived in Newport, St. Clair Co., MI. He was married to Miss Maria Hannah WALLACE, b England, at Port Huron, Allegan Co., MI on 18 Feb 1848 by Riley Crawford. Stephen and Maria had these children: Mary L., b abt 1849 MI, m Henry MOYERS; Ellen; Sophia, b abt 1853 MI; Alfridine, b abt 1854 MI; Phineas, b 13 Mar 1856 MI; Emma, b 1856; Henry, b 14 Mar 1858; Frank (Franklin), b 10 Jan 1862 MI; Charley, b 14 Apr 1864 MI; and Florence, b 25 Dec 1870. Stephen was a carpenter, a farmer, and a Civil War soldier. He served in Co. F, 22nd Michigan Infantry and also in Co. I, 29th Michigan Infantry. He died 15 Sep 1872 in Shelby, Macomb Co., MI. Contact: Karen Mohr, and view the Warren Family Bible site which Karen has created.

Squire Ethan Warren
Squire Ethan Warren was born September 14, 1825, in Macomb Co., Mich., and died at his home in Armada, on Friday, November 23, 1900. Brother Warren was the son of the Rev. Able Warren, a descendant of Gen. Warren, the hero of Bunker Hill. He was also related on his mother's side to Samuel Hooker, one of the passengers on the Mayflower. His father went all through Macomb county preaching in private houses and school houses, never refusing to go where duty called him. In this religious atmosphere Rev. S. E. Warren was born and reared.

He was married in 1849 to Miss Ellen Davis, sister of the late Rev. S. P. Davis. Three children were born to them. In April, 1883, the wife and mother passed away, while Brother Warren was pastor at Utica. In September, 1884, Brother Warren was happily married to Mrs. Walker, of Armada, who survives him.

Brother Warren contracted a severe cold which developed into bronchitis, which aggravated catarrhal conditions. Amid his sufferings, which were intense at times, he displayed a cheerfulness and fortitude marvelous to behold. His entrance was both abundant and triumphant into the city of our God. The funeral services were held at the M. E. Church in Armada. Rev. John Russel, Dr. McEldowney, H. S. White, W. W. Washburn, J. A. McIlwain, F. Berry, C. W. Baldwin, R. Crosby, H. Cansfield, J. Scott, J. S. Steininger, and J. S. West were present, and bore tributes of respect.His remains were interred at Utica. (contributed by Debbie Axtman

Timothy Leonard Warren
Timothy Leonard Warren was the eldest of 12 children of Ebenezer Warren and Anne Rice or Royce, who settled in Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY. He was born 11 Mar 1799 in New York and married Eliza BRADLEY, daughter of Joy Meiggs BRADLEY and Sally HOWE. Timothy and Eliza had these children: Emeline, b abt 1824 Washington Co., NY, m William P. LOVEJOY; Charity, b abt 1833 NY, m Philo HUTTON (Civil War soldier, Co. H, 7th Michigan Infantry); Ebenezer, b abt 1837 MI; and son Joy (minister and Civil War soldier, Co. I, 9th Michigan Infantry), m Laura Prentiss HOWE. Timothy bought land in Macomb Co. on 18 Aug 1837. His daughter Charity WARREN and Philo M. HUTTON were married by Elam CHAPIN, Justice of the Peace. Timothy died in 1862 in Shelby, Macomb Co., MI. His widow Eliza later married Hugh NORTON. Contact: Karen Mohr, and view the Warren Family Bible site which Karen has created.

Reuben Warrener
Was born at Royal Oak, Oakland County, July 20, 1832. He is the son of John Warrener, of Brighton, near London, England. Reuben came to this county in 1855, and married, July 4, 1855, Lydia, daughter of Nathan Rowley, and bought a portion of the farm of his father-in-law, where he now resides, Section 7, Armada Township. They had two children - Mary, born October 5, 1856, died January 11, 1857; Abbie, born July 25, 1862, married E.J. Cross and lives on the homestead. Mr. Warrener enlisted, August 9, 1862, in Company B., Twenty-second Michigan Volunteer Infantry, and served three years. He participated in six engagements, and served in military prison and contracted diseases from which he still suffers; is a Republican in his politics. (Data as of 1882)

Charles Wells
Charles Wells first settled in Washington Township in 1828, then later to Armada, where he died in 1844.

Stephen S. Wells
Born November 3, 1813, in Ulster County, N.Y. His father, Charles Wells, of the same place, moved to Macomb County in 1828; settled one and a half miles south of Romeo; after some years, removed to Section 8, Armada, which he cleared from the stump, and where he died in 1844. Mrs. Wells was Anna Hood, a relative of Thomas Hood, the poet, and was born in Ulster County, and died in 1859. The had nine children, four of whom still live. On the death of his father, Stephen assumed control of the homestead, and married Sarah Stiles in 1838; she dying, he married Sarah Hunt, who died in 1847; next married Isabella Tuttle, in 1860; he then married Lemira Church, who, with her husband still lives on the farm. The have had six children, four of whom still live. (Data as of 1882)

David Wilcox
Born in Connecticut in 1789, David Wilcox came to Macomb County in 1831, settling on a farm of 178 acresin Shelby Township where he remained until his death.

John Wilder
Son of Artemus and Catherine Sherburne Wilder, was born at Lancaster, N.H., January 1, 1812. His grandfather, Artemus Wilder, a native of England, was a Major in the war of the Revolution, served to its close, and died at Lancaster in 1808. The father was born at Lancaster 8n 1767 where he lived until the year 1810, then removed to Quebec, thence to Kingston when that place was a small village, surrounded by a brush fence, and was engaged in the business of butchering. He died of cholera in 1832. His mother was a native of Portland, Me., daughter of Harry Sherburne, of that place, of English descent. She died at Wolf Island, St. Lawrence River, in 1858. John moved with his family to Kingston, where he lived until the time of his marriage, which took place August 8, 1835, to Mary, daughter of Henry and Hannah (Wright) Harvey, of English descent, who came to Kingston, Canada, in 1822. Mary was born September 25, 1815. When he moved to Wolf Island, St. Lawrence River, he cleared up a farm of fifty acres from a wilderness, which he bought for $5 per acre and sold for $52 per acres. As a sample of what Macomb people can do, we mention the following: Reaching Wolf Island, Mr. Wilder, with his wife, moved into a fisherman's hut, which had a fireplace in one corner and a hole in the roof through which the smoke might escape. Soon after, he got the help of neighbors and built a log house 13x20, and had lumber enough to cover half the roof and half the floor; during the first summer, had neither door or window, but used a bed-quilt to hang before the hole where there ought to be. These were at last provided, second-hand, from an old building in the vicinity. Wolves were fierce and plenty, and at one time attacked Mr. Wilder's cattle, which at once formed in a circle, the calves and young cattle in the center, and the cows and oxen on the outside. One wolf was shot, and the others fled. Mrs. Wilder worked at clearing land all day, with a baby in a cradle near and hand, and with a small boy with a bell on his neck to keep him from being lost. The wolves were at length driven from the island by a raid of all the inhabitants. After selling the farm on the island, Mr. Wilder purchased land in Wales, St. Clair Co., Mich., but, on account of his wife's ill health, concluded to purchase an improved place. After considerable search, he bought the farm of about one hundred acres on Section 27 of Armada Township, where he has since resided. Mr. Wilder's family consists of the following: John W., born at Kingston, July 8, 1836, died at home February 11, 1861; Henry L., born at Kingston January 13, 1837, now living in Armada Township; Catherine H., born on Wolf Island December 2, 1839, married and living in Romeo Village; William H., born on Wolf Island December 4, 1841, served in the war of the rebellion, and died at home in July, 1874; Jonas W., born on Wolf Island August 6, 1843, married and lives in Armada Township; Phebe E., born on Wolf Island, September 14, 1845, married and lives in Armada Township; Samuel S., born on Wolf Island, September 25, 1847, married and lives in Armada Township; Artemas T., born on Wolf Island, August 24, 1851, married and living in Armada Township; Albert P., born of Wolf Island December 8, 1853, married and lives in Armada Township; Almira, born on Wolf Island February 10, 1856, died at the homestead February 17, 1874; Isaac R., born at Armada, June 10, 1860, died April 19, 1861. Mr. Wilder has always been a Republican in politics, and a Methodist in religion. Mr. Wilder favors the Established Church. She boasts of having furnished from her family seven votes for Garfield. [transcriber's note - the last two sentences are transcribed as shown in the book, but the differences in gender references seems awkward - perhaps it is Mrs. Wilder who favors the Established Church as Mr. Wilder is already identified as a Methodist. (jd)] Mr. Wilder is a hale and hearty man; never has taken a dose of medicine in his life. He has never drunk intoxicants nor used tobacco in any form - an example followed by all his large family. He has one of the most sightly, pleasant and commodious places in Armada Township. His farm is supplied with a windmill, good barns, and all the necessary appendages of a prosperous business, and is making the product of milk a leading feature. (Data as of 1882)

The following information on John Wilder was contributed by Beverley Straub - email address - December 2006:

You might be interested to know that this entry was used in a Supplement to the Book of Wilders to state that John (and his brother, my ancestor, Artemas) were not descended from the original Thomas Wilder, (>John>John>Jonas>Major Jonas>Artemas I) but in the letter which I include below, I believe I have proven that, in fact, they were! Looking forward to hearing from you. Beverley

P.S. I have highlighted the Macomb Co. John Wilder in red.

Dear Mr Wilder:
You may recall that I wrote you some years ago about my Wilder line and you were kind enough to send me some information and tell me about the Book of Wilders, which I subsequently purchased. I have done a lot of research on my line since and I would like to share this information with you, in the hope that the Supplement to the book will be amended.

In the Supplement 1, p.5, “Some Wilders Definitely Not Of Our Line”, it states: “Artemus Wilder, b. in England, d. 1808 at Lancaster, NH. He was a Major in the Revolutionary War” (source Parker, Warren. The Early History of Macomb County, Michigan). I wrote to the North County Genealogical Society and had a reply (enclosed) from a genealogist and one of the Directors of the Wilder-Holton House, Ms. Faith Kent, stating: “As far as I know there was no such person as Major Artemus Wilder who died in 1808 in Lancaster, NH. There was a Major Jonas Wilder who died February 4, 1810”. (Town History of Lancaster, NH, p. 193; Records of First Church in Lancaster, NH). (see your p. 230 #3613 Jonas Wilder (1291). On the basis of my subsequent research, I believe my line to be the following:

1. Jonas Wilder
Book of Wilders, p. 229. #75 Jonas Wilder (63) b. Lancaster, Mass., Nov. 16, 1699. who married Eunice Thornton Beaman (and Eunice Houghton Beaman (b. 1712); the latter being the niece of the first.) (His fourth child with his first wife, Eunice Thornton Beaman (b. 30 May 1708) was my ancestor Jonas. She died a few weeks later on 15 June 1731 (source: The Beaman and Clark Genealogy, A History of the Descendants of Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark of Dorchester and Lancaster, Mass, page 27.)

2. As given in the “Book of Wilders”, Jonas’ son was:
p. 230 #3613 Jonas Wilder (1291) b. May 9, 1731, died February 4, 1810 (“Town History of Lancaster, NH”, p. 193);

As stated in the book, his wife was Elizabeth Baker. She was the daughter of Edward Baker and Persis Brigham, Born: 28 May 1734 in: Westboro, Worcester, Mass., (Source: Records of First Church of Lancaster) Died: March 15, 1802 in: Lancaster, NH (Sources: (1) Records of First Church of Lancaster, “age 67”; (2) Gravestone inscription, Wilder cemetery, Lancaster, NH reads 1735-1802. (3) Somers, Rev. A.N. History of Lancaster, new Hampshire, The Rumford press, concord, NH, 1899, p. 193. Deaths. March 15, 1802, "Elizabeth, wife of Maj. Jonas Wilder, aged 67.") - Two of Jonas & elizabeth's children are listed in the Book of Wilders, both born in Bolton, namely, Elizabeth (b. 1756) 1310 and John (b. 1758) 1311; but Ms. Kent pointed out to me that he had 8 more, all on record in the Vital Records of Templeton, Mass. The children given in the Templeton Records are Molly (1760), Jonas (1762), Persis (1764), Sarah (1766), Joseph (1768), Eunice (1771), Lucy (1773), Artemas (1776). 3. Artemas Wilder “Jr”, I, born 1776.

According to Ms. Faith Kent, genealogist and Director of the Wilder-Holton House in Lancaster, NH, this Artemas (b. 1776) was called “Artemas Jr.” to distinguish him from his cousin Artemas “Sr” (b. 1775) (1318), son of Jonas’ (1291) half-brother Elisha, (1292) p. 229.

A local account says that this Artemas was “born in Templeton, MA, 3 August 1776; he spent his earlier days in Lancaster, engaged in unfortunate speculations, involving his father, and left the country about 1810”. (It must have been between 1812 when his son John was baptized and 1814 when Artemas II was born in Quebec.)

In any case, Artemas sold the Wilder House to Timothy Holton in 1807, his father died in 1810, and he left the country some time thereafter.

- Hanging in the Wilder-Holton House is the deed of sale from Artemas to Timothy Holton, which clearly states: “being the same Farm which I the said Artemas Wilder purchased of My Father Jonas Wilder”. This deed was executed at Tolland County in Ellington on March 5, 1807, “personally appeared Artemas Wilder, Jun.”

- Artemas had married Catherine Sherburne of Conway on 26 October 1799 (Marriage Index, Misc., NH + First Church, Lancaster, NH: "Artemas Wilder, Jr., of Lancaster & Catharine Sherbon (sic) of Conway, 26 Oct. 1799" + Rev. A.H. Somers, History of Lancaster, The Rumford Press, Concord, N.H., 1899, p. 190) + First Church of Lancaster: Admissions to Communion: Catherine, wife of Artemas Wilder Jr., 2 Sept 1810

Catherine was born 04 July 1779 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH. Parker, Warren. The Early History of Macomb County, Michigan, 1895 states that Catherine “ was a native of Portland, Me., (sic) daughter of Harry Sherburne, of that place, of English descent. She died at Wolf Island, St. Lawrence River, in 1858." According to NEGHS, “Descendants of Henry Sherburne”, July 1904, p. 232, her father Henry was baptized in Portsmouth, NH on July 31, 1737; was a blacksmith who moved to Conway, N.H., in 1789 and died there in 1823.

- Their children, baptized at the First Church, Lancaster, NH on 4 Sept. 1888 were: Catherine, Betsy, Phebe, Jonas, and on 3 May 1812, John. Their last child, Artemas II, was born in the province of Quebec on 15 June 1814 and bapt. 12 Feb 1815. (Baptismal record = Registers of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Quebec City, 1815, folio 6, Quebec National Archives microfilm #M-138.14."Artemas Wilder of Quebec Farmer and Kitty his wife had a Son born on the fifteenth of June last & baptised this twelfth day of February one Thousand Eight Hundred and fifteen, named, Artemas, by (signed) Alex'r Spark Min'r Father not present (signed) Caty Wilder Mother Eliza Barnard Mary Remick)

- Artemas and Catherine moved to Kingston, Ontario in late 1815, as there is a notice in the Kingston Gazette of 10 October 1815, stating that there is mail for Artemas in the post office. And in the Kingston Chronicle of 11 April 1829, p. 3, col. 3, there is a list of letters from the USA for Caty Wilder. (Their son Jonas died there at the age of 18 in 1823 (Kingston Chronicle. Sept. 5, 1823, p. 3, col. 3: Obit: "On Sunday the 31st ult., Jonas, son of Mr. Artemus Wilder, aged 18 years."). Betsy is listed on Artemas II.’s gravestone (see below). John moved to Macomb Co., Michigan around 1858. I do not know what became of Catherine Jr. or Phebe.)

- While The Early History of Macomb Co., Michigan may not be accurate in stating that Artemas’ father was called “Major Artemas Wilder from England”, it states that Artemas I died in 1832 of Cholera. Their son John, wife Mary Harvey, and the mother Catherine moved to Wolfe Island around 1838 (the 1851 Agricultural Census lists them at Concession 10 Lot 3). John moved to Macomb Co., Michigan, possibly after Catherine Sherburne Wilder’s death c. 1857, with the 11 children listed in the supplement to the Book of Wilders. (I have been in touch with one of his descendants and can supply you with information, including many obituaries, on this line if you wish.)

4. Artemas Wilder II
My ancestor, Artemas Wilder II (b. 15 June 1814 in Quebec) married Mary Maxwell of Ireland, around 1847 and lived on Wolfe Island, moving to Kingston in 1871. (- The 1851 Agricultural Census of Wolfe Island shows Artemus Wilder, age 38, place Born = Q; Relig. EM., Occup, F., House: Log 1; Concession 10, Lot 1. Mary, 27, born I. James Wilder, 3, born Upper Canada. - 1878 - Illustrated Historical Atlas, Con. II, Lot 21, 100 acres, Kingston; Concession II, Lot 22, 100 acres. - 1881 Census, Kingston, Frontenac Co., Ontario Mary Wilder, c. 1835, 46 yrs. old, Married, Irish, Artimus Wilder, ME church, District 115A, Div. 1, page26, household #132;

- They had eleven children: James (1849-), my great grandmother, Betsey Sherburne Wilder (1852-1948); Charlotte (1862-1967!), Emma (1867-) and Laura (1859-) (all 3 unmarried and school teachers in Kingston; Joseph (1862-), George (1853-), John(1868-), Henry (1857), Martha (1856-) and Jonas (c. 1864). (The Kingston Whig-Standard, Ontario newspaper article about Charlotte Wilder on the occasion of her 100th birthday, Saturday, September 22, 1962 states "She was born on Wolfe Island. Her father was Artemus Wilder from Montreal (sic) and her mother was Mary Maxwell from Ireland. She came to Kingston from Wolfe Island with her family when she was about nine years old.”

- Artemas II died 2 June 1899: ( Cataraqui Burial Register, vol. iii, (1888-1900), Frontenac, Kingston, KG-034-X; Cataraqui Card Catalogue: “Artemas Wilder was born in Quebec and died in Kingston Township on June 2, 1899 at age 85 of Heart Failure. His wife: Mary Wilder was born in Canada (sic) and died a widow in Kingston on April 8, 1923 at age 97 of Arteriosclerosis. Denomination: Methodist.” The gravestone (photo enclosed) simply states: “Betsy Wilder/ Artemas Wilder/ His wife/ Mary Maxwell/ their children/ Jonas, Laura/ Martha, Emma/ Charlotte/ Wilder”.

5. Betsey Sherburne Wilder was born 15 November 1853 on Wolfe Island, Ontario, married David Purdy at Williamsville, Ontario on 29 December 1875 and died 29 October 1948 in Kingston, Ontario.

They had seven children: Mabel Mercy (1877-1877); Edith Georgina (1878-1945); my grandmother, Mary Cornelia (1880-1953) ; Sarah Madeline DeForest (1882-1891); Laura Wilder (1884-1907); Frank Havergal (1887-1958); Philander Grant (1892-1892).

James Williams
A Pioneer of Mt. Clemens, James Williams was a merchant tailor. He located in the county in 1832. He was born in Canada in 1807.

John H. Wilson
Son of John Wilson, was born in Lincolnshire, England, October 12, 1834; he came to St. Clair County with his father's family in 1842, who settled in the woods in Berlin Township, in St. Clair County, in a bark-covered hut. In 1858, John H. bought forty acres of land on Section 6, Armada, Macomb County, the same on which he now resides. He was married, October 13, 1860, to Mary Shepherd, who was born Perthshire, Scotland, October 5, 1839. Their children were as follows: Albert N., born July 21, 1861; Cyrus T., born May 6, 1863, died March 17, 1864; Peter H., born December 31, 1864; Mary J., born January 7, 1867; John T., born October 26, 1868; Robert A., born June 1, 1872; Sarah A., born July 3, 1875; David S., born June 23, 1877; James W., born October 4, 1879. Mr. Wilson has increased the acreage of his farm by 125 acres; has a fine new residence, barn, etc.; he is a Republican in politics, and a Quaker in religion; he is also connected with several organizations. (Data as of 1882)

Dr. Albert Yates
Of Washington Village, was born in Lincolnshire, England, September 13, 1842; emigrated to America in 1849, and settled in Wentworth County, Ontario, where the Doctor received his early education in the schools of Canada, and entered the Medical College, of Detroit, having previously studied medicine in Canada under a preceptor; graduated from the college July 10, 1872; he returned to Canada and entered the practice of his profession at the village of Bismarck, which he continued two years; he then, November 1874, removed to Macomb County and established an office at Washington, where he is still in practice; his father, Richard Yates, lives in Ontario at the age of sixty-six, a carpenter by trade; his mother died in 1854. The Doctor was married, March 9, 1864; to Margaret, daughter of Joel Eastman, of Canada; she was born May 31, 1844, and died May 5, 1878; their children were Henry W., February 24, 1867; Minnie A., January 7, 1869; Albert E., May 10, 1874; May M., April 20, 1878. He was married again, July 23, 1879, to Clara B. Davis, daughter of Milo Davis, of Washington Township; she was born January 5, 1860. Dr. Yates is Secretary and Treasurer, of the Northeastern District Medical and Scientific Associations, since February, 1876, and Superintendent of Schools for the township in which he lives and Magistrate of the same. Both the Doctor and his wife were members of the M.E. Church, and he was in politics a Republican; he has a very pleasant home and a remunerative and increasing practice. Taken verbatim from "History of Macomb County" page 844.

In tribute to the pioneer women of Macomb County - and all across America, the following quote, found in the Leeson history of Macomb County (page 259-60):

"What shall we say of the true woman, the pioneer woman of this county? Ah! ...Nowhere in the world did God's last, best gift to man, more clearly assume the character of a helpmate, than in the log cabin, and amid the rough and trying scenes, incidental to a home in the wilderness. Ever foremost in the work of civilization and progress, the pioneer woman - the true woman - was to-day physician, to-morrow nurse, and the following day teacher of the primitive school. Withal the woman was busily engaged in that wearisome round of household work that knows no cessation. Early and late, all the year round, the pioneer woman acted her part well. From year to year, as through many privations and much new and strange experience of that necessity, which is the mother of invention, wife and husband joined hand to hand to work out under the green arches of the wilderness the true beginnings of Macomb County. To the pioneer mothers of Macomb honor belongs."

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