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Daniel Tucker, born April 23, 1828 NY, died March 16, 1909 Shelby Twp., Macomb County, MI, buried Prestonville Cemetery, Shelby Twp,Macomb Co., MI. Son of Ephraim Tucker and Sally.

Married December 29, 1849 to Sabra Venelia Phillips daughter of Caleb Smith Phillips and Persis Crawford, born June 20, 1833 Hampton, Washington Co., NY, died December 9, 1906, Shelby Twp., Macomb County, MI, buried Prestonville Cemetery, Shelby Twp., Macomb County, MI. Children:

1-Edmund Eugene Tucker born March 13, 1852 married Sarah Bell Cleveland.
2-Marion Estelle Tucker born January 14, 1854 married Judson Sidney Carleton.
3-Lillian Persis Tucker born February 24, 1856 married Willard Howard Hess.
4-Nellie Estelle Tucker-born February 4, 1860 married Lewis Cass Hooker
5-Cora Maybelle Tucker-born October 17, 1863 married Mark Baldwin Brock.
6-Grace Lodema Tucker-born October 6, 1871 married Herbert Rosswell Hooker.

Information about Daniel Tucker:
Source-1875 Macomb County MI Atlas-Shelby Twp., Daniel Tucker, Date of Settlement:1856, Came from New York, P.O. Address Macomb, Occupation:Farmer
Daniel Tucker's farm located in Shelby Twp., Macomb Co., MI Section 1.

Daniel Tucker served his country:
Source Michigan Civil War Book:
Daniel Tucker enlisted in Company G, 22 Infantry, February 27, 1864 at Pontiac for 3 years, age 35. Mustered February 27, 1864. Joined Regiment at Chattanooga, Tennessee March 22, 1864. Transferred to Company G 29 Infantry, June 26, 1865. Discharged at Detroit, Michigan September 22, 1865.
Source Friday March 26, 1909, The Utica Sentinel, Utica, Michigan,
Shelby Center Letter, Shelby Center, March 24, 1909 column:
Relatives from here attended the funeral of Dan Tucker, near Macomb on Friday, Soldiers from hereabouts acting as ball bearers to their soldier brother. They were, O.L. Bessey, A.E. Collins, S.W. Phillips and George Stokes.

Daniel Tucker was a farmer:
Source-6 November 1880, Saturday, Utica Sentinel, Utica, MI, Macomb Correspondence Column, Macomb MI November 2, 1880:
Last week there was brought into our office a baga turnip, raised by Daniel Tucker, of Shelby, that measured 3 feet 2 inches in circumference and weighed 29 lbs. Mr. Tucker also raised an onion which weighed 14 oz.

Source-11 October 1884, Utica Sentinel, Utica, MI, Prestonville Letter Column October 7, 1884:
Mr. Daniel Tucker has a patch of potatoes which shells out "Jumbos" in great profusion. They are immense.

Pamela Rideout for contributing this information about her Macomb County, Michigan ancestor.

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