Family Bible of Manson Farrar

Bible entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1872 by Ziegler and McCurdy, In the office of the Library of Congress, at Washington D. C.

J. C. McCurdy & Co. Philadelphia, Cincinnati Ohio, Chicago Illinois, St. Louis Missouri


Dewitt Clinton Farrar died Dec. 14, 1862 by wounds received on the 13th inst. On the battlefield of Fredericksburg, VA

Sybil E. L. Farrar, Westcott died May 20th 1877, at her father’s M. Farrar, Lenox, Macomb Co. Mich

died in Milwaukee March 19, 1889 Stedman B. Farrar

Sybil Smith Farrar died April 27th 1891 at Lenox, Mich, aged 82

Manson Farrar died Aug 18th 1891 at Lenox, Mich aged 82

Helen A. Farrar died Oct 27, 1913 at Richmond, Mich

Uriel S. Farrar died in California

Judson S. Farrar died Mt. Clemens March 11, 1916

Delia S. Hall died Jan 30, 1969 at Portland, Oregon - daughter of Helen A. Farrar and John S. Parker, Born Sept 13, 1881

Death of Grandchildren

George C. Wescott drowned as is supposed in St. Clair River May 17, 1880, age 6

Sanford Parker died Nov 15th 1880 aged 11 or 19

Mrs. Delia V. H. Smith Babcock died June 12, 1887 age 65 yr 10 mo

Vespee, NY Deacon Uriel Smith died July 30th 1870

Mrs. Sybil Smith died Jan 3rd 1851 age 57 Vespee, NY

Tully, NY Arminias Smith died May 7 1884 aged 76 yr, 5 mo.

Marriage Ceremony

for Manson Farrer of Mt. Clemens, Mich and Miss Sybil Smith of Tully,New York on the 20th day of October, 1835 at the bride’s father’s.
In the presence of Uriel Smith , Delia Smith. Rev. Brownlow W. Evarth

Mr. John S. Parker to Miss Helen A. Farrar

By Rev. Wm. P. Russell, Mar 1, 1863, Columbus, Mich

Capt. Uriel S. Farrer to Miss Alice M. Chapman

By Rev. Wm Bryant Sept. 4, 1869, Columbus, Mich

Mr. Roland D. Crandall to Miss Delia T. Farrar

By Rev. Wm. Allington, July 3rd 1870, Armada Mich

Mr. John W. Westcott to Miss Sybil E. L. Farrar

By Rev. S. Gardiner, March 4th 1873 Lenox, Mich

Mr. Stedman B. Farrar to Miss Minnie Nott

By Rev. E K Young, July 11, 1876, Dubuque, Iowa


Mr. Manson Farrer b. Sept 14, 1809 Hower, NY


Mrs. Sybil Smith Farrer          April 5, 1816, Tully, NY


Judson Farrar                          August 23, 1836         Mt Clemens, Mich


Clinton Farrar                         August 4, 1838           Mt. Clemens, Mich


Uriel S. Farrar                        Feb 14, 1840               Mt. Clemens, Mich


Stedman B Farrar                   March 22, 1842          Mt Clemens, Mich


Helen A. Farrar                       Jan 22, 1844               Mt Clemens, Mich


Delia T. Farrar                        June 14, 1846             Mt Clemens, Mich


Sybil E. L. Farrar                    Aug 12, 1854              Columbus, Mi


Geo C. Westcott                     April 25, 1874            Lenox, Mi

            at his grandfather’s M. Farrar

Mildred Sybil Hall born Flint Michigan to

            Delia Sybil and Elmer Parker Hall, Oct. 27, 1909

Sybil Anne Williams, born to Mildred S. Hall Williams and Aulton Leo Williams, only daughter, March 9, 1934

Bruce Wayne Monroe, 1st born of Sybil and Kenneth Monroe, Spokane, Wash. Jan 16, 1953

This information was generously contributed to the Macomb Genealogy page by Rev. Linda Pope

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