Farrar Brothers Military Photo

Here is the text, sent to me by Jan & Bill Proper about this photo. Jan states: "Judson Smith Farrar (eldest, born 1836) was CAPTAIN of the Michigan 5th Infantry then later became LT COL of the Michigan 26th Infantry and then COLONEL. By comparison to other photos I have of him (like the one posted by his obit on your webpage) -- I truly believe he is the gentleman standing in the second row - middle of photo. This xerox was made for us by Grant Allison, a cousin in Menlo Park, CA. He too is unsure of which brother is which!

Judson's brother Clinton Manson Farrar (2nd eldest, born in 1838) died in the battle of Fredericksburg -- he was a color-bearer. We just ordered his records - as we have no proof of which unit he fought with - likely the same as his brothers MI 5th & 26th. His brother Uriel Sullivan Farrar (3rd eldest, born 1840) was a SGT with the Michigan 5th Infantry then later 1st LT of the Michigan 26th Infantry. Ultimately he became a CAPTAIN. Stedman Bruce Farrar (youngest, born 1842) was also with the Michigan 5th, Company B (not sure of rank - we just ordered his records from Washington, DC). Problem is - not sure who is who of the remaining 4. Anyway -- if there is anyway to tell by the hats or uniforms -- who is what rank -- that might help decipher the puzzle. Who might the extra person be? I see a Leonidas B. Farrar listed among the soliers of Company B of the Michigan 5th (under Judson's command) -- perhaps he was a cousin of theirs???? Who knows? If anyone out there can help us with the uniform puzzle - that would be great! Anyway - enjoy!

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