Antrim County Michigan photographs 1939 Alba School

Photo 14a,b,c,d ... Eastport, Antrim County Michigan

Eastport Michigan circa 1910

Kaufmann's Store - 1927, Eastport

Eastport Post Office - in photo, Perry Wood, Cecil Blakely, Wilbur Robertson,
Will & Ethel Sweet, Belle and Jake Skeels. Mary Blakely stands to the right with 4 children:
they are Ida Dawson, Clifford McPherson, Lester Arnold and Eben Dawson.

This is the 1902 4th of July Window Display at the Eastport Store of Will Sweet and Family. Notice the roman candles, skyrockets and flags. In front of the store, left to right ar Calla Clark, Charlie Clark, William Sweet, Myrtle Sweet, Guy McPherson and Byron Sweet. Among the merchandise displayed in front of the store is a case of Fels Naptha Soap and a washboard.

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