1880 Antrim County Census Index O-Z

Note: A researcher in Antrim County has written me recently and suggested that these page numbers are actually household numbers. He made this discovery when working with the microfilm to the Antrim 1880 census. To respect the original work presented to me by the late George Rodgers, I am leaving it as he prepared it, but am also providing this note as a 'heads up' for those researching the census.

Heads of Households

Obrien,George Page-152
Oconnor,Carrie Page-133
Ogletree,John H. Page-68
Ohlue,Frank Page-123
Oick,Isaac F. Page-160
Olds,George W. Page-261
Omann,Elias Page-121
Orcutt,Orson Page-61
Orr,Carrie Page-11
Osborn,Edward Page-272
Osborn,J. T. Page-183
Osborn,William Page-270
Osrandfield,William Page-14
Oxby,Charles Page-278
Oxby,Charles (2) Page-280
Pachek,Frank Page-61
Pachek,Josaphine Page-62
Paige,Thomas Page-136
Paige,William Page-70
Palmer,George Page-25
Parish,Leroy Page-257
Parkinson,Alice Page-132
Parkinson,Mrs. C. Page-48
Parks,David Page-213
Parks,David B. Page-159
Parks,Joseph Page-26
Parks,Peter Page-128
Parmalee,David Page-91
Parodise,Joseph Page-179
Parr,John Page-11
Parsons,John Page-53
Paschal,Richard Page-222
Passage,Marshall St.John Page-27
Passwaters,John Page-113
Pate,Dennis Page-144
Pattee,Earl D. Page-45
Patterson,Ephraim Page-18
Patterson,Robert Page-163
Patterson,Watson Page-130
Paukett,Joseph Page-46
Paukett,Mary Page-43
Paukett,William Page-54
Paul,Mary Page-103
Payment,M. Page-103
Payne,Nahene Page-4
Pearl,John Page-104
Pearl,Timothy Page-20
Pearl,William Page-21
Peasley,Milton G. Page-253
Peasley,Samuel Page-242
Peckham,James Page-117
Peckham,Littleton Page-24
Peckham,Mary Page-244
Peckham,Samuel G. Page-24
Peebles,John Page-64
Pendelton,James Page-62
Pendock,Adelbert Page-69
Pendock,Durwood Page-32
Pendock,Lucius Page-52
Penell,George Page-120
Penny,Margaret L. Page-109
Perry,Eugine Page-35
Pershall,John Page-100
Persons,Charles B. Page-80
Peters,Henry Page-146
Peterson,John Page-106
Peterson,John (2) Page-106
Peterson,John (3) Page-250
Peterson,Neils Page-120
Peterson,Peter Page-121
Petrie,John M. Page-39
Phillips,Clara M. Page-64
Phillips,D. B. Page-116
Phillips,John C. Page-64
Phillips,June E. Page-45
Pickrell,Walter A. Page-118
Pierson,Charles D. Page-81
Pinney,Alice Page-14
Pinney,Curtis S. Page-22
Pinney,Franklin Page-33
Pluff,John Page-4
Plummer,John Page-55
Pomeroy,Ana Page-29
Potter,Josiah Page-89
Powell,Benjamin Page-29
Powell,John Page-114
Powell,William Page-260
Powers,Frederick Page-10
Powers,Lucinda S. Page-78
Powers,Mary Page-32
Powers,Mary M. Page-78
Powers,Oliver Page-101
Price,Albertus Page-58
Price,James L. Page-96
Price,Mrs. Samuel Page-96
Priest,George Page-232
Probasco,Amasa Page-62
Quigley,Henry Page-240
Quigly,George Page-28
Rainey,David Page-10
Randall,Alvin Page-63
Randall,Gilbert Page-146
Randall,Rachael Page-144
Randall,Walter Page-144
Ranger,Charles M. Page-43
Rankin,James E. Page-88
Ranky,Lena Page-77
Raymond,Emma Page-16
Raymond,Eugene Page-20
Raymond,George H. Page-80
Reed,Joseph Page-24
Reed,Mr. Nancy Page-71
Reed,Mrs. John Page-144
Reed,Thomas F. Page-67
Reed,Uriah Page-32
Reed,Watson O.l Page-136
Regle,John Page-37
Reiley,William H. Page-42
Resigneaux,Batise Page-26
Resignell,Charles Page-65
Reynolds,Luther Page-1
Rhodes,Mrs. Geo. Page-39
Richardson,Amos Page-17
Richardson,William Page-18
Richer,George Page-22
Richer,James Page-20
Rigel,Thomas Page-264
Risden,John W. Page-162
Riseen,Joseph H. Page-159
Roach,Phillip[ Page-93
Robbins,Charles W. Page-45
Roberts,John Page-273
Robinson,Chandler Page-5
Robinson,Elmira J. Page-67
Robinson,Hi Page-180
Rockafellow,Stephen Page-104
Rogando,Louis Page-40
Rohr,Julia Page-103
Rose,Elgar Page-14
Rose,James Page-25
Ross,Maggie Page-11
Ross,William Page-74
Row,Robert Page-43
Rowe,William Page-44
Rubison,Charles D. Page-63
Rulison,Carrie Page-63
Rulison,Charles Page-243
Runyan,John Page-154
Rushmore,Wilson Page-57
Rushton,Melvina Page-46
Rushton,Thomas Page-60
Rushton,Thomas M. Page-14
Russell,Anna Page-244
Russell,Charles Page-188
Russell,Henry Page-247
Russell,Philo M. Page-16
Russell,Thomas Page-246
Russell,William Page-256
Rust,Robert B. Page-140
Rutherford,Frank Page-249
Sabins,William Page-26
Sage,Daniel W. Page-55
Sanders,Norman C. Page-141
Sanford,Annie Page-35
Sanford,Daniel Page-41
Sanford,Jeannette A. Page-112
Sang,Sarah Page-180
Satterlee,Chauncey A. Page-137
Satterlee,Stephen E. Page-124
Savage,Edwin G. Page-73
Savage,John H. Page-40
Savage,John K. Page-28
Sawyer,Chauncey Page-151
Schlandecker,Bertha T. Page-65
Schuler,Adam Page-84
Schuler,Fredoline Page-149
Scofield,Hilam C. Page-89
Scott,Byron Page-63
Scott,Ephraim Page-86
Scott,Harvey Page-80
Scott,John Page-25
Scott,Melvin Page-20
See,Francis Page-11
See,Frank Page-31
Seeger,Philipp Page-13
Seeley,Mary M. Page-54
Sevanney,Christopher Page-60
Sevanway,Mary E. Page-54
Severance,F. M. Page-7
Seward,James Page-46
Seymore,Joseph Page-51
Sharpe,Clemens Page-68
Shaw,John Page-25
Shearer,Levi B. Page-86
Shepherd,Henry Page-17
Shire,Agustus Page-44
Shire,Robert Page-43
Shmeilz,Ferdinand Page-150
Shrock,Adam Page-143
Sickels,James Page-7
Silkman,John H. Page-102
Silver,Allen Page-225
Simmons,Lyman D. Page-71
Sinclair,Adam N. Page-103
Sinclair,Francis Page-101
Sinclair,Samuel Page-124
Sisley,John Page-16
Sisley,Richard Page-30
Sissons,Henry Page-28
Skinner,Edward Page-10
Skinner,L. W. Page-115
Slingerlind,Abram Page-47
Sliter,Ella Page-30
Slussar,Legrand E. Page-81
Smalley,John Page-15
Smalley,Peter Page-13
Smatz,Edward Page-45
Smith,Alonzo Page-44
Smith,Charles Page-106
Smith,Charles E. Page-210
Smith,Charlie Page-106
Smith,Dawn Page-80
Smith,Emma Page-31
Smith,Frank Page-31
Smith,George Page-14
Smith,Henry W. Page-26
Smith,Hiram Page-94
Smith,James Page-6
Smith,John F. Page-9
Smith,Julia Page-100
Smith,Lemuel R. Page-5
Smith,Manda Page-104
Smith,Norman W. Page-31
Smith,O. G. Page-61
Smith,Oliver Page-99
Smith,Reuben A. Page-17
Smith,Richard J. Page-22
Smith,Theodore Page-111
Smith,Wheaton Page-16
Smith,Will H. Page-138
Smith,William W. Page-37
Smith,Wm. Page-31
Smoke,John Page-268
Snell,John Page-6
Snyder,John Page-140
Soddy,Cora Page-141
Somerville,Robert Page-15
Soupenor,Albert Page-14
Soupenor,Calvin Page-13
Sovain,Peter Page-103
Spaulding,L. L. Page-103
Spaulsbury,David Page-10
Spence,William Page-45
Spencer,John Page-8
Spencer,Sohn B. Page-132
Spencer,Warren Page-48
Spillane,Peter Page-76
Sprague,John Page-42
Stafford,Levi Page-15
Stanck Sr.,John,54,,
Stannard,William Page-131
Stebbins,Abram Page-39
Stebbins,Andrew Page-84
Stebbins,Dempster Page-38
Stebbins,Hosea Page-65
Steele,George Page-1
Stephens,Charles C. Page-145
Stephuis,William E. Page-156
Sterling,John D. Page-125
Stewart,Henry Page-44
Sticker,Samuel Page-107
Stiger,William Page-8
Stiles,Augustus Page-149
Stocking,Harry Page-10
Stoker,Mary A. Page-79
Stoner,James C. Page-1
Stoner,Mary E. Page-1
Stover,Andrew Page-16
Stratton,Daniel Page-35
Stratton,Effie Page-22
Stratton,James Page-91
Strickland,Frank H. Page-165
Strohm,Maggie Page-59
Strome,Anna Page-77
Strong,Lavinia Page-9
Suddes,George Page-30
Sutter,John Page-237
Swager,Vincel Page-60
Swan,Zephaniah Page-99
Swatosch,Joseph Page-85
Swatosh,Vincel Page-2
Sweeney,Cornelius Page-28
Sweeney,Jerry Page-51
Sweeney,Miles Page-30
Sweeney,Patrick Page-11
Sweeney,William Page-47
Sweet,Hiram Page-25
Sweet,Sanford Page-26
Swenor,Marshall Page-43
Swift,Arvilla Page-27
Swift,Robison Page-48
Swoboda,Mike Page-55
Taylor,Andrew Page-108
Taylor,Charles B. Page-199
Taylor,Walter A. Page-105
Tearaief,Charles Page-31
Tees,Lizzie Page-80
Tendall,Hannah Page-44
Tennis,John Page-88
Tetrean,Elijah Page-65
Thagustcha,Stella Page-103
Thayer,Helen Page-69
Thomas,George W. Page-18
Thomas,Otis Page-153
Thomas,William Page-153
Thompson,Frank Page-274
Thompson,Henry Page-164
Thompson,James Page-78
Thompson,William Page-91
Thomson,John Page-199
Thomson,William Page-202
Thurston,Trancis H. Page-38
Tierney,Patrick Page-7
Tiffany,Albert D. Page-110
Todd,Nelson Page-114
Torson,Louis Page-121,or Forson
Touchstone,John Page-13
Tower,David Page-18
Tower,Isaac Page-24
Towne,C. D. Page-43
Towne,Mrs. C. D. Page-43
Trojanek,Joseph Page-65
Trotman,Samuel Page-71
Truell,Henry Page-6
Try,William H. Page-56
Tuffle,William Page-114
Turcott,Joseph Page-182
Turcott,Louis Page-272
Turner,Arthur E. Page-84
Tyler,Rebecca Page-246
Underchek,Joseph Page-39
Updike,John Page-129
Updike,Theodore Page-117
Updike,Williamson Page-118
VanArnam,Ezra Page-262
Vancamp,Elizabeth Page-17
Vancamp,Joseph Page-11
Vance,Henry Page-90
Vance,Henry B. Page-94
Vance,John R. Page-7
Vance,Thomas Page-52
Vance,William Page-91
Vandeventer,Ellis Page-53
VanMere,Edward Page-66
Vanness,William Page-4
Vanvranken,George D. Page-101
Varley,Albert Page-100
Veho,Narciss Page-34
Vondell,Alex Page-275
Vosberg,Henry Page-25
Votruba,John Page-66
Votruba,Joseph Page-15
Wadsworth,James M. Page-27
Waffle,Garrett Page-100
Waffle,Jackson Page-54
Wagner,Henry Page-21
Wait,Charles Page-9
Wait,Watson Page-98
Wakefield,Elizabeth Page-43
Walbrook,William Page-2
** Wealch,Elmer E. Page-86
Wealch,George H. (father of Elmer E. & John L.H.) Page-187
Wealch,John L. H. Page-80
Wealch,Katie Page-25
Wealch,Michael Page-25
Walderon,George Page-26
Waldruff,William Page-55
Wallace,John Page-78
Walten,Edwin H. Page-133
Walter,Ella Page-77
Walters,James Page-138
Walton,Nelson Page-133
Walton,Samuel Page-134
Wanek,Frank Page-51
Wanek,John Page-50
Wanek,Vincet Page-63
Ward,Alfred G. Page-49
Ward,Dennis Page-103
Ward,Samuel Page-52
Wardrop,Thos. Page-20
Wardrop,William B. Page-19
Warner,Allen Page-216
Warner,Elizabeth Page-96
Warner,Hiram Page-44
Warner,John Page-233
Warner,Nicholas Page-63
Warner,William G. Page-95
Warner,William W. Page-102
Washburn,George Page-48
Washburn,Samuel Page-26
Washby,Jacob Page-29
Watrous,Jacob Page-18
Watson,Alfred Page-34
Watson,William H. Page-263
Way,Annie Page-8
Way,Lewis Page-4
Weatter,Christopher Page-33
Weaver,Peter Page-95
Weber,Cornelius Page-12
Webster,H. N. Page-1
Webster,Isaac Page-8
Webster,John B. Page-1
Webster,Robert M. Page-16
Webster,Rosina D. Page-1
Weeks,Phares Page-92
Weidner,Jacob Page-78
Weisthoffg,Henry Page-83
Welch,Peter Page-99
Wells,Henry A. Page-60
Wells,Simeon Page-23
Welsh,Michael Page-6
Wesley,Frederick Page-6
West,Arthur Page-50
Westgate,Alfred Page-36
Weyant,James Page-66
Whaley,Esther Page-131
Whaley,Robert Page-47
Wheatley,Thomas Page-61
Wheaton,Charles F. Page-99
Wheeler,Keyes H. Page-8
Wheeler,Sherman Page-125
White,Mike Page-267
White,Robert Page-120
White,Thomas Page-140
Wiggin,Dben Page-134
Wilcox,Dey W. Page-54
Wilcox,Isaac Page-84
Wilcox,John Page-85
Wilcox,Shatford C. Page-3
Wilkinson,Byron Page-160
Wilkinson,Robert R. Page-81
Wilks,Edward Page-43
Wilks,Henry Page-40
Wilks,John F. Page-49
Willcox,Chantter Page-63
Williams,Aaron Page-47
Williams,Fitch R. Page-52
Williams,James Page-139
Williams,Lewis Page-35
Williams,Richard Page-14
Williams,Simon Page-87
Williamson,Peter Page-26
Willson,Crowell Page-44
Willson,Freeman S. C. Page-38
Willson,Gilman Page-46
Wilson,Edward Page-206
Wilson,George Page-209
Wilson,Harmon Page-21
Wilson,Harvey Page-210
Wilson,John H. Page-181
Wilson,Peter Page-85
Wilson,Robert Page-46
Wilson,Samuel W. Page-114
Wilson,William Page-121
Wiltse,Edward Page-135
Winer,Benjamin J. Page-89
Winkler,Jacob Page-134
Winters,John Page-225
Wolf,Fritz Page-43
Wollfe,Fritz Page-103
Wollin,Frederick Page-68
Wood,Amos Page-6
Wood,Eliada Page-212
Wood,Katie Page-55
Wood,Simeon Page-54
Wood,Wiarcell E. Page-8
Wood,William Page-217
Woodruff,Jacob Page-115
Woolverton,Chester D. Page-78
Wornsly,Giles Page-88
Wrisley,Byron Page-81
Wyckoff,Geo D. Page-53
Wylie,L. A. Page-1
Wylie,William M. Page-131
Yettein,Benjamin Page-70
Yettein,Edward Page-69
Yettein,Henry Page-69
Yettein,Jeremiah Page-53
York,Silas Page-17
Yottein,Dennis Page-49
Yottein,George Page-96
Young,Albert Page-119
Young,Elisha W. Page-84
Young,Robert Page-107
Zemke,Herrman Page-220
Zeran,Michael Page-62
Zeran,William Page-61
Ziefein,Baron Page-69
Ziegler,John H. Page-135
Ziegler,William A. Page-91
Zipp,Peter Page-57
Zybarker,Albury Page-96

** Wealch Family researcher - Scott A. Wealch scott.a.wealch@ripnet.com

In Memory of George Rodgers, who did this index in July, 1997

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