1880 Antrim County Census Index H-N

Heads of Households

Note: A researcher in Antrim County has written me recently and suggested that these page numbers are actually household numbers. He made this discovery when working with the microfilm to the Antrim 1880 census. To respect the original work presented to me by the late George Rodgers, I am leaving it as he prepared it, but am also providing this note as a 'heads up' for those researching the census.

Haarer,Charles Page-108
Haarer,George Page-110
Hackett,John Page-95
Hagerman,John Page-145
Hailik,Joseph Page-58
Haines,Almiron Page-57
Hale,Archibald Page-16
Hale,Edwin H. Page-218
Hall,J. D. Page-248
Hall,Mrs. John Page-14
Hall,Rufus Page-55
Haller,Christian Page-276
Haller,Paulus Page-193
Halverson,Clarissa Page-3
Hamilton,Andrew Page-137
Hamilton,Chas. Page-136
Hanagy,Lewis M. Page-1
Handy,Leander C. Page-88
Hanse,Benedict Page-204
Hansen,Julia B. Page-124
Hard,Harriet Page-30
Hardy,Chatworth Page-119
Harper,Charles Page-10
Harpslen,Henry Page-91
Harris,Charles E. Page-106
Harris,Willard T. Page-121
Harrison,William Page-89
Hartwell,Amasa Page-60
Hartwell,George N. Page-48
Hartwell,John Page-32
Harvey,Stephen Page-103
Harwood,Joseph Page-50
Hastings,Hiram Page-32
Hastings,James Page-65
Hastings,John Page-32
Hastings,Martha Page-63
Hastings,Robert Page-49
Hatch,William Page-106
Hauley,John Page-35
Hause,Ella Page-143
Hause,William Page-186
Hawks,Addie C. Page-16
Hawks,Lena Page-147
Hawks,Netty Page-78
Hawley,Charles Page-65
Hawley,Joseph Page-103
Hawley,Truman Page-189
Hawley,Truman (2) Page-214
Hayt,Warren Page-111
Hazleton,William Page-142
Heater,Jay Page-55
Hebden,Edward Page-33
Helmer,Marshall Page-102
Hennings,John Page-59
Henry,Franklin Page-100
Henry,William Page-87
Herington,Nelson Page-73
Hickok,Henry K. Page-116
Hickox,Charles Page-47
Hickox,Warren C. Page-66
Higgins,Lawrence Page-100
Higgins,Peter Page-16
Higgins,Susan Page-259
Hiles,Augustus Page-144
Hill,Elizabeth A. Page-143
Hill,Sheridan F. Page-70
Hirt,Jacob Page-276
Hoag,Myron Page-21
Hobler,Andrew Page-103
Hodge,Merritt Page-92
Hodges,Charles N. Page-102
Hodgins,William Page-63
Hogan,Patrick Page-20
Holbrook,Orrie J. Page-59
Holden,Thomas Page-54
Hollenbeck,Chauncy Page-224
Hollenbeck,David Page-231
Holley,Charles Page-77
Holmes,Jay R. Page-61
Holt,Mary Page-153
Holt,Thomas Page-31
Honegar,Jacob Page-7
Hoopfer,Gilbert Page-127
Hoopfer,Savory Page-192
Hopkins,Henry Page-137
Hoppuis,Orsamew J. Page-74
Horner,Emanuel Page-168
Hosl64,John Page-65
Hosler,James Page-58
Hosler,Joseph Page-2
Hosler,Rosa B. Page-68
Hosly,Frank Page-280
Hosly,Melichion Page-184
Hostler,Alex Page-19
Houghton,Henry Page-144
Howard,James Page-23
Howe,Francis Page-68
Howitt,James Page-26
Hubbell,Seth Page-227
Hubbell,Sylvester Page-230
Hudson,John Page-41
Hugh,James Page-124
Hughes,John Page-31
Hult,John Page-125
Hults,Charles Page-86
Hunt,Clarence Page-102
Hurlburt,Andrew J. Page-85
Hurlbut,Charles N. Page-143
Hurlbut,Henry Page-34
Hurlbut,Mr. L. L. Page-143
Hutchins,Danforth Page-167
Hyatt,Anna Page-7
Ingalls,Henry Page-66
Ingalls,William Page-63
Ingersoll,Oscar Page-191
Inman,Simeon Page-177
Irwin,George Page-15
Iseli,John Page-185
Jackepson,Jofia Page-149
Jackson,Abram Page-101
Jackson,Frederic Page-157
Jackson,Harriet Page-20
Jackson,John Page-79
Jackson,Nathan Page-100
Jackson,Peter Page-5
Jackson,Samuel Page-81
Jacobs,Roswell Page-11
Jacobson,John Page-242
Jaquays,William H. Page-9
Jenkins,Lizzie Page-81
Johncox,William Page-164
Johnson,Cyrus Page-201
Johnson,Duncan Page-93
Johnson,George Page-162
Johnson,Gertrude Page-13
Johnson,Guermander Page-130
Johnson,Gustuf Page-148
Johnson,Hugh E. Page-57
Johnson,John Aug. Page-123
Johnson,Lars Page-147
Johnson,Otto Page-149
Johnson,Peter Page-124
Johnson,William Page-146
Johnson,Zachary T. Page-29
Johnston,George Page-5
Johnston,Robert Page-255
Jokum,John Page-19
Jolliffe Sr.,John Page-52
Jones,Lora Page-87
Josefeck,Anthony Page-38
Josefeek,Mary Page-1
Joynt,Thomas Page-12
Justice,David Page-12
Kanagy,George Page-162
Kanagy,Isaiah Page-162
Kanagy,William Page-158
Kearney,John H. Page-69
Keefe,John Page-91
Keeler,Elvia L. Page-183
Keiser,Fred Page-90
Keizer,Alfred Page-258
Keizer,Frederick Page-234
Keizer,Lucien Page-249
Keller,John Page-13
Keller,Menno Page-18
Kellogg,Ebenezer C. C. Page-77
Kellogg,Geo W. Page-151
Kellogg,George J. Page-61
Kelly,Thomas Page-62
Kemp,Charles H. Page-41
Kemp,Edward A. Page-40
Kennedy,Thomas Page-226
Ketchum,William Page-80
Kidder,Ephraim Page-66
Kidder,Henry Page-67
Kieser,William Page-96
Kile,Leumel W. Page-82
Kimbull,Paschal Page-3
King,Thomas Page-65
Kinney,Elizabeth Page-60
Kiser,Thomas Page-8
Kitchen,Charles Page-31
Kitchen,David Page-61
Kitchum,James Page-82
Knight,Charles A. Page-138
Knight,Richard Page-157
Kocher,Jonas H. Page-4
Korthare,Charles Page-41
Kotalik,Joseph Page-56
Koupka,Martin Page-59
Kraiger,George W. Page-17
Kramer,Joseph Page-28
Kramer,Martin Page-28
Kubeck,Anna Page-50
Kubeck,John Page-54
Kubeck,Thomas Page-2
Kubsek,Joseph Page-67
Kuntz,Alexander Page-221
Laarson,Mrs. Ann E. Page-122
Laclair,Joseph Page-42
Ladue,Wolford Page-156
LaForge,Andrew Page-60
Lambert,Lyman Page-79
Lanbrecher,Adam Page-43
Landon,Reynolds Page-61
Lane,Ema Page-21
Lane,George Page-89
Lang,Conrad C. Page-219
Lang,Milton B. Page-98
Langworthey,W. A. Page-75
Laraway,Philip Page-48
LaRouche,Louis Page-259
Larrabee,Norman Page-59
Larson,Peter Page-150
Laubrcher,Gottlieb Page-28
Laubscher,Adam Page-154
Lavitt,Roswell Page-84
Lawr,Adam Page-126
Layman,Gettis Page-51
Lazell,Daniel W. Page-30
Learsaus,Basielle Page-241
Leary,Alfred Page-46
Lebeau,Agustus Page-19
Lechtlightner,Isaac Page-207
Lee,Elsie Page-102
Lee,Newton Page-102
Lee,Robert Page-590
Lennox,James J. Page-64
Leonard,Charles Page-135
Leonard,Thomas Page-1
LeRuge,William Page-267
Levalley,Freeman Page-50
Levanway,Stephen Page-49
Levi,Maxim Page-115
Lewis,A. C. Page-77
Lewis,Francis J. Page-101
Lewis,James Page-43
Lickely,Frank Page-150
Liddell,John Page-240
Linderleaf,Antoine Page-84
Litka,Frank Page-64
Little,Mrs. Lizzie Page-77
Lively,David Page-103
Lively,James Page-139
Lockhoff,Edward Page-112
Lockhoff,Frank Page-112
Lozien,Zadock Page-112
Ludwig,August Page-92
Lull,Benjamin Page-50
Lull,George Page-51
Lutter,Calvin Page-42
Lutz,Peter Page-104
Lyman,Mariah Page-80
Lyon,Henry Page-65
Lyon,Leland Page-166
Lyon,Stephen Page-63
Mabie,Lora Page-2
Mackey,Robert Page-29
Mackey,Thomas Page-113
Maddock,Edwin Page-122
Maddock,Thomas Page-76
Maddocks,Henry Page-123
Madill,William Page-128
Maguire,Catharine Page-103
Maguire,Patrick Page-107
Main,John Page-5
Maitland,Anna Page-31
Malmstedt,Olans Page-128
Manchester,Peter Page-116
Mansell,Scott Page-7
Manwarring,George F. Page-29
Manwarring,Jennie Page-61
Marchbank,James Page-69
Marchbanks,Walter Page-128
Marik,Dwight W. Page-75
Marriott,Charles Page-103
Marriott,Thomas Page-78
Marsh,Noble I. Page-34
Marshall,Charles Page-3
Marshall,Edwin Page-2
Marshall,George T. Page-56
Marshall,George W. Page-4
Martin,Andrew Page-144
Martin,Reuben Page-37
Martindale,Elisha Page-12
Mathers,Jesse Page-75
Mathers,John H. Page-13
Maxfield,Emett Page-61
McAlister,Wilson H. Page-48
McBeath,Anett Page-74
Mcbeath,John Page-29
McCachran,John Page-74
McCalvy,William Page-46
McCauley,Edward Page-67
McCauley,Mary Page-110
McClennahan,Henry Page-105
McCready,John Page-200
McCullon,Robert Page-4
McCuskee,John Page-25
McCusker,Michael Page-24
McDonald,Donald Page-11
McDonald,John Page-10
McDougall,William Page-63
McElroy,John Page-78
McGinnis,John Page-5
McGrink,Darius Page-113
McGuire,Michael Page-281
McKay,Daniel Page-31
McKay,George Page-17
McKay,Hugh Page-18
McKay,Robert Page-84
McKay,Soseph Page-10
McKay,William Page-30
McKechnie,Neil Page-14
Mckensley Page-,106
McKenzie,James Page-40
McKinney,James Page-35
McKinnon,Laughlin A. Page-3
McLane Jr.,John Page-50
McLaughlin,Addie Page-13
McLaughlin,James Page-2
McLaughlin,Michael Page-106
McLean,Eva Page-37
McMahan,Patrick Page-110
McMillen,Hugh Page-59
McMullen,Duncan Page-85
McPherson,John H. Page-74
Mcpherson,Lorenzo Page-151
McPherson,Peter Page-105
McVicar,Alex G. Page-275
McVickar,John Page-21
Mcvickar,Mary Ann Page-21
Mead,Theodore Page-91
Medell,John Page-223
Merford,Henry E Page-76
Merrell,Clara L. Page-5
Merrett,Charles Page-103
Merrick,J. D. Page-31
Meyers,August Page-72
Meyers,Capt. J. Page-31
Michle,Andrew Page-8
Miller,James Page-155
Miller,Rufus Page-87
Miller,Zelina D. Page-117
Mills,Clark Page-89
Mills,James Page-93
Miner,Edwin J. Page-134
Miner,Joseph S. Page-142
Miner,Oliver Page-51
Mitchell,Jefferson Page-264
Mitchell,William Page-235
Moblo,Margaret Page-47
Moblo,Peter Page-48
Mochemer,Nancy Page-28
Montgomery,George Page-38
Montgomery,John Page-54
Montgomery,Joseph Page-40
Monty,Melvin Page-36
Monty,William Page-17
Moore,Alfred M Page-96
Moore,Henry Page-92
Moore,Joseph Page-67
Moore,Justus Page-41
Moore,Patrick Page-48
Moravitz,Frank Page-57
More,Emma Page-45
Morehouse,Adolphus J. Page-12
Morehouse,Ira H. Page-68
Morford,William Page-27
Morris,John W. Page-87
Morrison,Anna Page-24
Morrison,Jennie Page-40
Morrison,Mrs. May Page-46
Morrison,William Page-73
Morrison,Wm. E. Page-145
Morton,Andrew Page-58
Mowrey,David Page-147
Muckey,Eugene Page-32
Mucky,E. D. Page-31
Mudge,Elkanah Page-72
Mudge,Joshua Page-71
Mullery,Joseph Page-103
Mullery,Maud Page-155
Munson,Alfred Page-13
Murphy,John Page-62
Murphy,Mary J. Page-102
Murphy,William Page-44
Murray,George Page-86
Murray,Peter Page-6
Myers,George Page-66
Myers,Levi S. Page-21
Myers,Mary Page-271
Myers,William Page-37
Nackerman,Michael Page-139
Naff,John Page-215
Neillson,Carrie Page-121
Neilson,John Page-128
Nelson,Joseph E. Page-77
Nelson,Theodore Page-58
Neule,Andrew Page-118
Newell,Alonzo Page-33
Newton,Charles A. Page-45
Niblock,Margaret J. Page-97
Nichols,James R. Page-113
Nichols,Reuben Page-112
Nickerman,John Page-245
Niles,Cyrus Page-151
Niles,Thomas L. Page-152
Nixon,Allen Page-56
Nixon,Clark Page-12
Noble,Edwin S. Page-143
Noble,Henry H. Page-142
Noble,Thomas H. Page-106
Norbe,John Har. Page-128
Norton,Cyrus A. Page-2
Norton,Levi L. Page-1

In Memory of George Rodgers, who did this index in July, 1997

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