Volume No. 6 Issue No. 1 1 June 2002

Trimble County Historical Society has one new book!

The Trimble County Historical Society has just produced its latest Heritage Book, Volume VI 2002. It is available from the Historical Society for $18.00 plus $3.00 postage. It includes a large sectionon school, church records, weddings, obituaries, more family files and things from the past.

Trimble County Historical Society hosted Diana Coone for a talk on the Underground Railroad, on 20 April 2002. Many turned out for the program. She had many pictures and maps to bring it all to life. She told us that the Underground Railroad was not a railroad; it was a passage to freedom. She told how the river was much different then from what we know it today. She told about the book "The Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb", and American Slave who spent much of his life in Trimble County. He also became editor of a newspaper "Voice of the Fugitive" 1851. If you missed this talk, you missed a good one. Be sure to watch the Trimble Banner for more updates on further speakers.

The historical Society had a booth at the Farm & Home night which went well. Violet Jennings, Charles and Marguerite Miller were at the booth. Many showed interest.


The Bedford I.O.O.F. Cemetery has now added some new rows. They are in both section B and D. Now that new rows have been added so that the first row in section B of the Cemetery Book may now be the 2nd row in the cemetery. The same for section D. So check one of the stones and check the book to be sure that you are in the correct row.


Having trouble locating and finding Kentucky Land Warrants, Surveys, Grants and Patents?Try going to the web site From here go to KY land office. Also, go to a searchable database. From these web sites you can learn much more about land, warrants, entries, surveys and grants. You may visit the land office in the basement of the Frankfort Capital.

Warrants - Function: Authorize Surveys (first step in land patenting. This document authorizes the survey). Warrants may be assigned. They may be used whole or in part.

Entries - Reserve the Land for Patenting. (2nd step in land patenting. Filing in county surveyor's book that reserves land until field survey is made.) Entries may be withdrawn or amended.

Surveys - Depicts Tract being patented (3rd step in land patenting; consists of a plat drawing, metes & bounds description identification of survey team.) Surveys may be assigned.

Grants - Finalize the Land Patenting process (document issued by the governor conveying title to previous unappropriated land.) Sales of grants are called Deeds. They should be filed on the county level.

Remember some of the important facts:

75% of all warrants were sold.
Grantee- An individual acquiring land title
Grantor - An individual conveying title.
Chain - Used by surveyors for measuring distance; 66' (4 poles or 100 links) or 33' (2 poles links)
Links - surveying measurements; 7.92 inches.
Acre - 208.7 feet = 43,560 square feet = 160 rods.
DS - Department survey
CC- Chain Carrier
DD - Deed Delivered
Exchange warrant - replaces lost or mislaid warants or may be issued to divide larger warrants into smaller denominations.


The 1880 United States Census and National Indexes are on CD now from the Family History Resource File of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Library. You can order online or call 1-800-346-6044. There are about 55 CD's in this set for $49.00 - which was the price back in the winter months.

Tid Bit from the town of Bedford Ordinances

Drunkenness and PRofanity - The Board of Trustees of the town of Bedford, Kentucky do ordain as follows; Be it ordained that any person who shall be guilty of being drunk on the street or sidewalk, or using any profane language, or swearing in any manner shall be fined any sum not less than one nor more than fifteen dollars and all costs. A. Coghill, Chairman; A.G. Spillman, Clerk. Published 2 March 1911

Tre Trimble Democrat 25 September 1913

To the public - We, the undersigned, will open the Old Engelman Blacksmith shop on 1 October 1913, and will be prepared to do general blacksmithing business, wagon repairing and painting. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a trial. W. C. Gatewood and O. R. Ross.

The White Sewing Machine - Old Machines taken in exchange. Harry D. Peak.

Frequent shave and hair cuts are necessary to neatness and cleanliness. Call A. Coghill

The Kentucky Farmer - A live journal published bi-monthly, Louisville, Ky. Subscriptions price 50 cents per year, $1.00 for three years.

A Postal Brings this Book - it's free - it tells how you can have local and long distance telephone service in your home at a very small cost. Send for it today. Write nearest Bell Telephone Manager or Farmer's Line Department, Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company.


George W. Green - I am searching fo the Green's 1820-1870's. I would like to know where they came from. I would like to find anyone connected to George W. Green, Mildred Payne Green ... she apparently was born in VA. George was born somewhere in KY. as listed in the 1880 census page 76 of the Trimble Co. Census book. Anderson Green met and married Mary E. Morgan and on his death certificate it says she was from Germany.
Sharon Franks - email:

Kent, Kemp, Burrows, McDowell
Seeking info on my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth born about 1839; married 1st Thomas Burrows in 1860, Trimble Co., 2nd Robert McDowell 1863 in Jefferson Co., IN.
Are her parents William Kent & Jane Kemp?
She and Thomas had a son, William. What happened to him?
When did she die?
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Sharissa McDowell Rogers
2555 South Mills Ave.; Orlando Florida 32806

Wood, Hancock, Mitchell
I am looking for any information on the following families: Giles Hancock, daughter of James & Leander Mitchell Hancock, b 1876 d 1945 m. James Cowden Wood, son of Butler & Nannie Connell Wood and Leander's parents Allen b. 6/12/1824 d. 1/14/1902 & Amanda Mitchell. Also looking for Anna Mitchell b.1882 d. 1955 wife of Benjamin F. Coghill. Deanna Singer

Seeking any info on Alzanah Webster born abt. 1770 Maryalnd; died November 1869 at age 100 years. Children: Cyrus born about 1822; Harriet born about 1824; Alzanah born about 1828; married Robert McDowell. What Webster did she marry? Where wsa she buried? How is she related to any of the Webster's of Trimble Co., today? Write or email
Ruby Gray McDowell
356 N. 5th Street; Orlando Florida 32833

Hosley Family
I am searching for what happened to James Hosley born about 1850 and his wife Catherine born about 1859, who married 2nd Harvey Gibbs. What happened to Matilda Hosely born about 1819 (src 1870 census). Did she die in Trimble Co.? Some of the family was in the census from 1870-1920. Anyone who knows anything please contact the Historical Society or email Marguerite Miller at

Ray of VA and KY
George Ray b 1800 VA d 1850 Trimble Co., KY married 1st 23 Dec 1823 to Minerva Lacklane (?) Clark Co., IN and had one child William D. b 1826.George married 2nd 9 Apr 1829 Henry Co., KY to Martha Watts, one child Elijah G. 1830. George m. 3rd 16 Oct 1839 Henry Co., KY to Sena (Asenath B. Duncan) and had 7 children. James 1837; Martha 1838; Catherine 1840; Sarah 1842; Julie 29 Aug 1843; George 1847; Mary 1849. I am looking for ancestors, siblings, birthplaces or any info about George Ray born in VA.
Joan Ray Stevens

Anyone with queries or information that they would like in the newsletter, please contact Marguerite Miller at

The Trimble County Historical Society has changed its meeting dates and times.
Watch the newspaper for the new dates and times.

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