Volume No. 7 Issue No. 1 1 February 2003

Trimble County Historical Society has new plans for this year!

The Trimble County Historical Society has many new plans for this year! We start the year out with joining together on March 15 to go to the Northern Kentucky Annual History Day 2003. If anyone is interested in going or want more information, please call Violet Jennings at 255-7454 or Marguerite Miller at 222-4370.Many of the areas will have booths set up so that you can see what material they have in their counties. There will be programs all day. The cost for this is $6.00 at the door or $5.00 if you register early.

Trimble County Historical Society meetings will change this year. Be sure to watch the newspaper for upcoming events. We will meet on March 22, 2003 at 1PM at the Trimble County Library in Bedford, Kentucky. We will be honored to have Mary Winters from the Kentucky Historical Society. She is in Special Collections and is a Photo Archivist and will speak about how to date pictures. She tells us to bring a picture that we are not sure about when it was taken. This is an area of her expertise.

On April 12, 2003 we will have an all day program on "How to Preserve Your Heirlooms" with Lynn Hollingsworth from the Kentucky Historical Society. It will be held at the Trimble County Library at 9:30AM. A great time to learn how we can preserve our old pictures, documents as well as other things. If you are interested in coming to this program, please sign up by calling the Trimble County Library at 502-255-7362 or Marguerite Miller

Other meetings this year are planned for:

June 17, 2003 at 6:30PM with Hugh Ridenour

There is also a plan for August 23, 2003 for an all day Genealogy workshop. There will be more about this in an upcoming newsletter.

September 23, 2003 at the library and speaker Mrs. Foree about tools from the area.

The 1930 Census of Trimble County is now at the library on microfilm.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Harold Ethington of the Ethington Family Organization for sending us the DNA Signature of the American Ethington Families. This is a very informative book he has put together. I encourage anyone who might be interested in the Ethington Family read it and maybe email him at or if you are at a dead end and unable to sort out family, this might be something you wish to look into.


Do you have any information about this family who would have farmed in the area around 1840-1880? Some of the individuals would be Emma Strother Hutchison, Thomas J. Hutchison, Charles Early Hutchison, George William Hutchison or Henry Strother Hutchison. John Fletcher Strother was a Methodist Minister who was Emma's father, and was in the area around 1840. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Margaret Hutchison email:

Anyone with queries or information that they would like in the newsletter, please contact Marguerite Miller at

The Trimble County Historical Society has changed its meeting dates and times.
Watch the newspaper for the new dates and times.

Membership dues are still only $5.00 which covers calendar year Jan 1-Dec 31, 2003.
All members will receive a copy of each of the newsletters.If you would like to join us fill out below and clip and mail along with the $5 to:

Trimble County Historical Society
Sue Reid
P. O. Box 407
LaGrange, Kentucky 40031

Make check payable to the Trimble County Historical Society.

Membership Application:

Maiden Name: ____________________________
City and Zip: ___________________________
Phone: __________________________________
Email: __________________________________
Family Names Researching:___________________________________________

Trimble County Marriages Year 1837

Hill, James to Jane Gray, William Connell her guardian, on 23 December 1837. Married 24 December 1837 by George Strother

Hopwood, Milton, father John Hopwood to ______, Bondsman, Theodon Hopwood
(***update on this record! Marriage of Milton Hopwood, to Emmarine Ford Banks, daughter of Samuel Banks and Elizabeth "Betsy" Martin on 10 March 1842 in Trimble County, KY. The bondsman was Theodore Hopwood, (his brother). They were sons of John Hopwood and Amelia Wilmer Tilghman Wilson. Milton and Emmarine were my 3rd great-grandparents. They both died in Clark County, IN. ... This sent in by Teresa ...thank you!

Hughes, James to Elizabeth Lane, her father consenting. Bondsman William Samuel. 28 November 1837 by Joseph Hardy, M.G.

Jackson, Vacheal, to Marticia May, of lawful age, on 18 December 1837. Bondsman, Hamilton Johnson. Certificate returned 20 December 1837, William S. Ball.

Lane, Jacob M. to Mrs. Susannah Woods on 23 August 1836. Bondsman John Corn.

Lee, John to Ann Mariah Luckett, daughter of Jeremiah Luckett, on 29 December 1837. Bondsman John Haydon. Married 7 January 1838 by Thomas Hall

Mayfield, Wyatt to Mary Ann Elizabeth Gosson, 23 October 1837. Bondsman John Gosson. Married 26 October 1837 by George Strother.

McKay, George, to Nancy Millener, consent being given by her father on 26 June 1837. Bondsman, James Anderson. Married on 4 July 1837 by George Strother M.G.

Mitchell, William T. son of David Mitchell, to Sarah Rollins on 2 May 1837. Bondsman, William H. Rawlings.

Mobley, Owen to Nancy Johnson, daughter of Samuel Johnson, on 11 December 1837. Attest John ____,Bondsman William Samuel. By Jospeh Hardy M.G.

Moreland, Jesse to Orpak Staton on 8 January 1838

Morgan, Charles M. to Harriett Webster, daughter of Ann Webster and Henry Morgan. Bondsman, Edward Morgan. Certificate returned 3 Sept 1837, Elijah Gates.

Overton, James to Jane Pane, of full age, her father, Robert Blake, on 30 June 1837. Bondsman, Thornton Blake. Married 15 July 1837 by George Kendall.

Rowlend, Thomas G. to Mary E. Young, daughter of James S. Youngon 5 December 1837. Bondsman, Robert O'Brien.

Rosengarten, Samuel to Mary Ann Ragsdale of age. 7 June 1837. Bondsman Anderson Chapman. Attest James Latty.

Spillman, John to Nancy Harris on 28 August 1837. Bondsman, George Spillman. Certificate return 29 August 1837, Elijah Gates.

Some abstracts from the Trimble County Court Order Books

Bk2 p46 15th Jan 1851
Louisa Toombs infant orphan of Lucy Bain over the age of fourteen chose George W. Toombs guardian with Jefferson Toombs and Joseph Toombs his secruities.
Malvina Toombs infant orphan of Lucy Bain over the age of fourteen chose Jefferson Toombs guardian. George W. Toombs and Joseph Toombs his securities.

Bk 2 p47 13th Jan 1851
Mary Elizabeth Bain infant orphan of Lindsey Bain deceased chose Thomas G. Rowland guardian with William Samuel his securities.
Ordered by the court that William Samuel be guardian for Susan Bain, Thomas Bain and Margarette Bain infant orphan of Lindsey Bain deceased with Thomas G. Rowland his securities.

Bk 2 p54 10th Mar 1851
Sarah Foree infant orphan of Calvin Foree deceased over 14 years chose Cordelia Foree guardian with Robert T. Rickett, William Force and John Thompson.
Cordelia Foree was appointed guardian for John T. Foree, Mary Foree and Affriah Foree infant orphan of Calvin Foree with Robert T. Rickett, William Foree and John Thompson.According to the law, said guardianship extends only to the estate to come from their grandfather's estate Jessee Foree.

Bk2 p64 16th Apr 1851
John F. Butler school commissioner resigned as school commissioner and Stephen Foree is hereby appointed school commissioner in his stead.

Bk2 p65 12th May 1851
The Commissioner appointed to allot to Martha Garriott, widow of Daniel Garriott deceased; her dower in the lands of said decedent made this report and the same is ordered to lay over for exceptions.

Bk2 p74 9th June 1851
Oliver Burrows infant orpahn of Martha Burrows deceased over the age of 14 years chose Levi H. Elliott guardian with James Norvelle his surety.

Bk2 p80 14th July 1851
Anguslarus Achilles Faulconer, Mary Elizabeth Faulconer infant orphans of James Faulconer, deceased over the age of 14 years chose Mathias Whitaker guardian. Appointed guardian for Nelly K., George W. and William S. Faulconer infant orphans of James Faulconer deceased, with Daniel S. Lane, John Wheeler, Shelby Maddox his securities.

Bk2 p80 14th July 1851
Mary Quinly widow of James Quinly deceased relinquished rights of administration.

Bk2 p89 15th Oct 1851
Emily W. Barclay, Hanson W. Barclay, infant orphans of Joshua Barclay deceased over 14 years chose Robert J King guardian with George Chrisman his security. Ordered that Robert B. Gray appointed guardian of Sarah H. Barclay infant orphan of Joshua Barclay deceased under 14 years with Benjamin Cornwell and George Chrisman his securities.

Bk2 p90 15th Oct. 1851
Satisfactory proof was this day made in open court by oath of Oliver Jackson that James Logan, a revolutionary Pensioner departed this life in Trimble County on the 16th day of August 1851.

Bk2 p 90 15h Oct 1851
The commissioner appointed at a former term of this court on motion of Thomas Kendall and wife and Thomas Crafton and wife to divide lands belonging to them jointly in this county.

Bk2 p109 9th Feb 1852
Richard King appointed guardian of Martha Bradlay, James Bradlay and Darcus Bradlay infant orphans of Dennis Bradlay, deceased under the age of 14 years, with William Sams his security.

Bk2 p112 Mar 1852
The commissioner appointed at former term of this court to allot to Louinda Roman widow of Lylle Roman deceased her dower and divide the lands among the heirs of said Lylle Roman deceased recorded by the court and ordered to lay over one month for exceptions.

Bk2 p112 8th Mar 1852
Malvina Robins infant orphan of Evan Robins deceased over the age of 14 years chose George W. Wyatt guardian with William Hayden his security.

Bk2 p112 8th Mar 1852
Sarah Bell widow of John Bell deceased relinquished her right of administration.

Bk2 p113 8th Mar 1852
John R. Bradley appointed guardian of Alice Lawrence, Bradley Lawrence and Joseph Lawrence, infant orphans of Henry Lawrence deceased with Flourney Willis and Willis Jackson his securities.

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