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Trimble County Excerpts of Obituaries

The Trimble County Historical Society has the newest addition to its collection "Excerpts of Obituaries From Trimble County, KY 1990-1999" by Virginia G. Taylor. It is offered for sale at $10.00 per book plus $3.00 postage, if mailed. You may also find it in the Genealogy section of the Trimble County Library.

Marguerite Miller gave a presentation of her genealogical trip to Germany. Marguerite told of meeting family in two villages where her ancestor had left Germany some 137 years ago. She visited nine villages in which some of her family had lived many years ago and had many books and pictures to show. Marguerite also told of many experiences she had while there. Language need not be a problem in Germany.

Trimble County Historical Society meetings will change next year. Be sure to watch the newspaper for next year's meeting times and dates. There are going to be some changes made for next year's meetings. Times and dates have not been decided as of this printing. It appears that it is difficult for many to make th meetings. So we are going to try something new to see if this will help to bring some new members to our meetings. We desperately need some new members!!!So that means you!!! Come out and help us preserve our County's history before it is too late!

Anyone with queries or information that they would like in the newsletter please contactMarguerite Miller -

Carrollton Democrat, Saturday, May 31, 1884

Last Saturday the contract for building the Trimble County court house was awarded to B. F. Fletcher, Jr. of Aurora, Indiana whose bid was $12,598. About the next lowest bid was that of Mr. McCoy,who is building the Carroll County Court House, which was $12,770. Trimble's temple of justice will have the same internal arrangement that our court house has, but several of the external and merely ornamental features of ours are left off the Trimble plan.

Some abstracts from the Trimble County Court Books

Bk 2 p14 13th May 1850
A deed of emancipation from John Lynch to his slave Aaron was this day produced in this court by the said Aaron the same having been heretofore proven in the Shelby Co. Court and certified by the Clerk of said Court.

Whereupon it is ordered that the Clerk of this Court is sue to the said Aaron who is ascertained to be of the following description Viz aged 38 years five feet six and half inches in length; dark complexion with a scar on his right elbow occasioned by a burn. A certificate of his freedom accordingly to his giving bond with security in the penalty of four hundred dollars conditioned that Aaron shall not become a charge upon any County in the Commonwealth and there upon the said Aaron with Willis Jackson his security enter into and acknowledged bond into the Commonwealth according to the Law which is approved of by the Court.

Bk 2 p14 13th May 1850
This day James Johnson and George Strutbon creditable witnesses and personally known to the court being sworn state that Jesse Law died on the 14th of November 1839.

Bk 2 p18 10th June 1850
Proof was this day made in court by the oaths of James Gill, Silas Gatewood, creditable witness and known to this court that Jesse Law was a pensioner of the United States at the rate of seventy three dollars and thirty three cents per annum was a resident of Trimble County in the state of Kentucky and died in the County of Trimble, state of Kentucky in the year of 1839 and on the 14th day of November and he left a widow whose name was Polly Law and that he left five living children whose names were Elizabeth Lemaster wife of Dick Lemaster, Sally Barnes wife of John Barnes, Arvillor Barnes wife of Francis Barnes, Daniel Law and Anderson Law. Those of the children who were dead at the death of the said Jesse law were Joel, Willis and John Law.

Bk 2 p20 5th July 1850
Lena Ray, widow of George Ray deceased, administration of goods and chattels right and credits of George Ray deceased is granted. This day James Ray, infant orphan of George Ray, deceased, above the age of 14 chose Lena Ray as his guardian.

Ordered that Lena Ray be and is hereby appointed guardian of Martha Ray, Catherine Ray, Sarah Ray, Julia Ray, George Ray and Mary M. Ray infant orphan of George Ray, deceased, under the age of fourteen. Lena Ray with Granville Tandy, Milton Tandy, William D. Ray enters into and acknowledge bond to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the penalty of two thousand four hundred dollars conditioned according to Law.

Bk 2 p22 8th July 1850
Satisfaction proof was this day made in open court that Polly Law the widow of Jesse Law died on or about the 8th day of April 1844.

Bk 2 p23 8th July 1850
Ordered that John A. Bain be and is hereby appointed guardian of John Giddens, James Giddens, Francis Giddens, Elizabeth Giddens and Susan Giddens infant orphans of William Giddens, deceased, under the age of fourteen together with Abner J. Giddens and Shelby Maddox.

Bk 2 p26 12th August 1850
Ordered by the court that William R. Morgan be and he is hereby appointed guardian of Lafayette Morgan, Napoleon Morgan infant orphan of John D. Morgan, deceased, is room of Sarah Morgan their former guardian removed whereupon the said William R. Morgan with John Morgan, James Morgan and John Wheeler his sureties.

Bk 2 p29 9th Sept 1850
It is ordered by this court that Robert Ginn be and is hereby appointed guardian of Elizabeth Ellen Eddy and Nathan Ginn Eddy infant orphan of Roan Eddy deceased, under the age of fourteen years with George Robinson and Thomas Bradley his sureties.

Bk 2 p38 14th Oct 1850
James Quinly appointed guardian of Henry, John, Simeon, Daniel and William Garriott infant orphan of Daniel Garriott, deceased, with Martha Garriott, Leonard Harley, Henry O'Brien, James Robertson, Stephen Tague and James M. Staton his securities.

Bk 2 p42 9th Dec 1850
This day John G. Robinson an orphan of Caroline Robinson deceased above the age of fourteen came into court and chose George S. Robinson his father, as his guardian with Robert J. King and Robert Sims his securities.

Trimble County Marriages 1837

Adams, William to Mary Ann Hoghland, of lawful age, on 4 december 1837
Bondsman, Josiah B. Morgan. Certificate return 12 December 1838, R. Qunglyb ???

Baker, William to Martha Sibley, of lawful age, on 22 November 1837. Bondsman R. Gatewood. By John B. Perry, Methodist Minister by Conference, 23 Nov 1837.

Bargo, Daniel to Priscilla Walkins of lawful age of 5 December 1837,
Bondsman, Melvin Walkins.

Brent, John Lee to Elizabeth Duncan, on 16 August 1837. Bondsman Seth Duncan. Certificate return 10 February 1838, J. Cornelius.

Cakhill, Samuel W. to Mary Johnson daughter of John Johnson, dec. 11 April 1837. Thomas Spillman her Guardian, John S. Spillman and Welby Roberts, Attest: James Latty. By George Strother, M. G.

Cash, William A. to Susan Kent, of lawful age, daughter of Henry Kent. On 15 November 1837. Bondsman Edward Kent, Certificate of return 16 Nov 1837, Elijah Gates.

Curd, Samuel L. to Luceany Moreland, daughter of Jesse Moreland, on 4 Oct 1837, Bonds Robert Waters. Certificate return 5 Oct 1837, Elijah Gates.

Elliott, Levi H. to Elizabeth J. Howell, on 7 Feb 1837, by John Gillaspy.

Fallis, John to Sarah Stratton, daughter of William Stratte, on 20 Dec 1837. Bondsman, William Waters. Married by John A. McGuire.

Fergerson, William Franklin to Mary Wiggington on 30 Dec 1837. Bondsman Jacob F. Clem. By Robert Fish.

Finey, John to Nancy Waller, daughter of E C Waller, on 2 Nov 1837.

Fresh, William to Hannah Gifford, daughter of Jacob Gifford, 10 Oct 1837.

Harmon, Edward H. to Elizabeth Younger, of lawful age, on 18 May 1837. Bondsman Baxter Mayfield.

Hawkins, William A. to America Batlew of lawful age, on 29 Nov 1837
Bondsman, Martin P. Marshall. Certificate return November 1838. George Kindall.

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