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The following article was contributed by Bill Davis

SOME CAME RUNNING (1958) with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley McClaine is showing again at the Ohio Theatre (105 E. Main, Madison, Indiana) this week, at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern). And it is quite a good film; television doesn't do it justice. It is a unique experience to see a movie in a theater that actually appears in the film it is showing. So much of Madison is visable and the city has not changed much. The film is sponsored and tickets are free (but don't make the mistake of bringing the kids, it will bore them and they'll ruin the film for everyone else).

I'm compiling a list of where various shots of the movie were filmed. If anyone knows any more, please drop me a line. My email address is at the end of this page. What I have so far:

Opening credits: Bus comes down big hill at Milton, Ky, passing the Longview Inn restaurant (the house with the pay telescopes).

Exterior of Hirsh's Jewelry Store: 110 E. Main, almost directly across from the Ohio Theatre [Interior the same?]. Now an antique store.

Exterior of Hotel where Dave Hirsh [Sinatra] stays: 301 Mulberry Street (NW corner of Second). [Lobby interior the same?].

Sinatra's Hotel Room interior: Apparently in building next to the Ohio Theatre (103 E. Main?), the Jewelry store is visable across the street in some shots.

Smitty's Bar exterior: 302 Jefferson (NE Corner of Second)

Fight outside of Smitty's: Second Street side of 302 Jefferson. Glass bricks and doorways still visable today.

Hirsh House: I believe filmed on Hanover College Campus

French House: A handout from last year described this as the "Hermosa Vista House." Scenes appear to be filmed at Hanover College.

College: Hanover College

Bus Station: 206-208 E. Second Street (according to handout from last year).

Exterior of Bama's (Dean Martin) House: 748 West 3rd Street. [Interior the same?]

Carnival: much of it staged on Jefferson between Main and Second Street; Ohio Theatre on Main Street visable in some scenes.

Lanchak looks out window: Appears to be 103 Main Street, next to the Ohio Theatre. Perhaps the exterior side of Dave's [Sinatra] hotel room interior.

Shooting at the end: A fellow attending the movie said this was in front of a building, no longer standing, near the corner of Jefferson and Second Streets.

Cemetery in last scene: Moffett Cemetery on the hill behind Milton, Kentucky. Most of the stones visible in the movie were movie props, placed closer to the edge than actual gravestones. Interiors and exteriors were not always shot in the same place.

If anyone knows any more filming locations, let me know! Bill Davis

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