Milton Grange Roll Book

Donated to the Trimble County Historical Society by Alice Coffin Sprague

Milton Grange No. 590, State of Kentucky

Names of Charter Members
W. S. White
J. H. Moffett
Nancy Moffett
Gaberil May
Mark Coffin
Mrs. S. A. Coffin
G. A. Moreland
T. Fisher
Sally Fisher
Jas. Strother
T. B. Spillman
W. F. Trout
Jas. Conway
W. D. Coffin
J. R. Barkly
Lucy Barkly
Geo. Christman
Kate Faulkner
Isaac Trout
Burdett Fisher
Wm. Singer
S. D. McIntyre
Irvan Mayfield
Jas. Buchanan
H. Coffin
J. B. Joroun
M. E. Joroun

Roll of Milton Grange, No. 590, State of Kentucky

Names of Candidates, written by Secretary|Age|Date of Receiving FIRST DEGREE| Date of Receiving SECOND DEGREE| Date of Receiving THIRD DEGREE| Date of Receiving FOURTH DEGREE| Candidates write their Names.|Occupation| Remarks
(Note: this is spread out over two pages)

Page 1-2
Hanibal T. McIntyre|28|April 18, 1874|May 2nd|May 9th|May 23|Hannibale T. Mcintire|Farmer
James K Botts|30|24 April|" 2nd|May 9th|" 23|James K Botts|Farmer|Mr. Botts is ____ in School Teach
Skip Nannie Spillman|24|9 May|May 23d|" 30|June 13th|Nannie Spillman|Farmers Daughter
" Mary J White|18|9 May|" 23d| " 30| June 13th|Mary J White|Farmer's Daughter
Benj. F. Page|50|9 May|" 30| June 10|" 13th|B F Page|Farmer
John S Maddox|46|23 May|" 30|(blank)|(blank)|John S. Maddox|Farmer
Lindsay Cooper|72|23 May|" 0|June 27th|Aug1st|Lindsay Cooper|Farmer
Isaac Buchanan|60|30 May|June 13th|July 18th|" "|Isaac Buchan|Farmer
James G McIntire|40|30 "|June 13th|" "|Aug 1st|Jas. G. McIntire|Farmer
Joseph F Butler|30|30 "|July 11th|" "|Aug 1st|Joseph F Butler|Farmer
Nancy Wise|(blank)|June 6th|June 13th|July 18th|" "|Nancy Wise|Farmer
Jesse Wise|66|" "|" 13th|" "|" "|Jesse Wise|Farmer
Isaac Wise|56|" "|June 27th|" "|Aug 29th|Isaac Wise|Farmer
J C Coffin|28|" "|June 13th|" "|Aug 1st|Jas C Coffin|Farmer
Wm Oakley|59|June 27th|July 11th|" "|Aug 1st|Wm Oakley|Farmer
C. C. Hackett|37|July 11th|July 18th|Aug 1st|Sept 26th|C. C. Hakett|Farmer
Warren Callis|37|" 18th|Aug 29th|(blank)|(blank)|W M Callis|Farmer
Thos J Garland|(blank)|Aug 29th|Dec 24th|(blank)|(blank)|T S Garland|Farmer|Died 1875
Sarah J Singer|20|Dec 12| Dec 26th|(blank)|(blank)|Sarah J Singer|Farmer's Daughter
Zeralda Wise|19|1875 June 2|June 26th|July 24|Aug 14th|Zerelda Wise|Farmers Daughter
Francis Wise|25|Nov 27|(blank)|Feb 12|(blank)|Francies Wise|Farmer

Page 3-4
P McClannahan|(blank)|1876 Aprl 8|Aprl 22|May 13|May 27|Perry McClanahan|Farmer
W P Ewing|(blank)|1878 Aprl 3|By Card|(blank)|(blank)|W P Ewing|(blank)|By Card from Acorn Grange
Mary M Coffin|(blank)|Aug 9|Sept 27|Oct 11|(blank)|Mary M Coffin|HouseKeeper|Invation
Dorinda Holsclaw|(blank)|" "|" 27|" 25|(blank)|H D Holsclaw|"|"|
Izorah J McIntire|(blank)|Nov 22|Dec 13|Dec 27|Jan 24 1880|(too faint to read)|"|"|
Mary. E. Ewing|Feb 26 1881|By Card|(blank)|(blank)|"|By Card Acorn Grange
H. F. Coffin|24|May 13 1882|June 10|June 24|(blank)|H F Coffin|Farmer|Invation
Lue L. Coffin|16|" "|June 10|" "|(blank)|(too faint to read)|HouseKeeper|"
J W Coffin|16|" "|June 10|" "|(blank)|(too faint to read)|Farmer|"
S J Steward|28|" "|June 10|" "|(blank)|(too faint to read)|Farmer|"
Mary V Ewing|17|" "|June 24|" 24|(blank)|Mary E Ewing|HouseKeeper|"
J. P. Gillum|34|Oct 13|(blank)|(blank)|(blank)|J. P. Gillum|Farmer & Lawyer
Thos Rennels|(blank)|Jan 24|(blank)|(blank)|(blank)|Thos Rentels|Minister|by card
E M Wiley|(blank)|Dec 9 1882|Dec 9 1882|March 10 1883|March 10 1883|E M Wiley|Dr & Farmer|by Invation
Christopher Coffin|16|Dec 22 1883|Mar 22 1884|April 26 1884|Apl 26th 1884|Christopher Coffin|Farmers Son|by Invation

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