Births in Trimble County, Kentucky 1853
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Date of Birth Name Sex Place of Birth Name of Father Maiden Name of Mother Remarks

April 13 Martilia J Mahorney Female parents Residence Elgy Mahorney Sarah A Underwood white on the Soudon Road

April 23 Catherine M Lockhart F parents Residence Simon B Lockhart Catherine C Mays white on the Soudon Road

May 5 Henry B McClellan M parents Residence James H McClellan Jane Walker white

Sept 10 John J Deen M parents Residence Daniel Deen Elizabeth Stark white near the mouth of Corner

June 2 Logan Faulconer M parents residence Robert Faulconer Cornelia Gilham white near Bedford and Madsion road

August 2 James J Williams M parents residence (nothing else listed)

December 15 Elisha Adcock M parents residence Elisha Adcock Phebe Robber white near Barebone creek

November 18 Jacob S Fix M parents residence Jacob S Fix Marian Lockhart white Mouth of Barebone

November 25 Marey E Carey F parents residence Burlington D Carey Sally Jackson white near mouth of Barebone

June 5 Mary Ann Andrew F parents residence Franklin Andrew Elizabeth Brewer white near the mouth of Barebone

August 15 Martha Jane Hardin F parents residence William Hardin Martha Oro white on Muddle Creek

February 22 Frances C F at George Abbotts Loving Garriott black near Gariotts Landing

March 1 Willliam M Masters residence William P Morton Mulatto near Gariotts Landing

July 27 John D Morgan M Fathers residence Thomas Morgan Mary Morgan white near Pallous creek

November 15 Anrilla T Hoksins F parents residence Robert D Hoskins ? C OBrien white near Pallous creek

June 29 Livin Rounder M parents residence Jackson Burton Nalia Sampson near mouth of Muddy Creek

November 27 Isaih Morgan M parents residence Levi N Morgan Martha Glass white on Pallous creek

Sept ? Francis B Burton M parents residence Peter Burton Elizabeth (Harns/Hams) white near Iverhort road

April ? Amazetta Jeffries F parents residence James Jeffries Sarah Linn Dowell white on Sweetwater

April 29 Melva Ann Staples F parents residence John Staples Eliza Ann Jeffries on Iverhort road

December 12 Clarinda Bowling F parents residence

April 4 Edwana C Bowling F parents residence James Bowling Martha Ann Harris white near Iverhort road

Elias T Hancock M parents residence John Hancock Fanny Hoskins white near Bedford and Sewballa roads

Eliza F Pernell F parents residence Elijah Pinnell Mary Ann Spilman white near Pallous creek

July 15 David McKay M parents residence George McKay Nancy Milner white on Little Kentucky

January 25 James H Colbert M parents residence Jeremiah Colbert Matilda A Staton on Little Kentucky

August 4 Nathan Calvert M parents residence Franklin Calvert Lucy Reno white on Little Kentucky

March 28 John J Milner M parents residence Lafayette Milner Elvira Coombs white near Little Kentucky

November 18 Nelson M Masters William Coleman black on Little Kentucky

June 30 Samuel W Arington M parents residence Samuel Arington Sarah Sheperd white near Louisvile road

January 29 Nancy E Shepherd F parents residence John Shepherd Permelia Bounett white near louisville road

August 4 Sarah Burrows F parents residence Clement Burrows Nancy Wright white near Louisville road

March 16 William Gile M parents residence Green Gile Edna Lemaster white near Ohio river

November 5 Marietta Orr F parents residence George Orr Mildred Wright white near Newcastle road

July 7 Mary C Walker F parents residence William G Walker Charlotte Abbott white near Middle creek

December 11 Evan G Abbott M parents residence Alvah Abbott Mary Ann Law white near Garriotts landing

February 10 Tom M masters residence Janus Gill black near garriotts landing

November 8 Mary Mikesill f Mrs Mary Saw's Andrew Mikesill Malinda Saw white near mouth of Barebone creek

June George W Suddith M parents residence Leonard F Suddith Judith Ann Cooner whtie near mouth of Barebone creek

May 28 Euphemia Ann Brewer F parents residence Zachariah Brewer Elizabeth Adams white near the outh of Barebone creek

November 1 rachael McQuerry F parents residence William McQuerry Una Ren white near mouth of Brebone creek

december 22 William H Farley M parents residence Forest farley Nancy E Kidwell white near mouth of Barebone creek

April 8 Elizabeth f Purkinson f parents residence William Purkinson Elizabeth F Farley white near mouth of Barebone creek

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