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The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1960 through 1969.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

MADDOX, Flossie McClure, 62, died 13 Dec 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 1 Sep 1900, d/o John and Stella Ball McClure.) Survived by husband, DAVID MADDOX, 2 dau., Mrs. LaVerne McComic and Mrs. Sylvia Hargrove, 2 sons, Glenford and Joe Maddox, 1 bro. and 3 half bro., Shelby McClure, J. C., Glenn A. and Charles D. McClure, 2 half-sis., Mrs. Sadie Spurgen and Mrs. Elizabeth Becknal, step-mother, Mrs. Mae McClure.

MADDOX, Gary Roy, Madison, IN, b. and d. 9 Jan 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. s/o Lewis and Micky Louise Smith Maddox. Note: From funeral rec. MADDOX, Kimberly Gay died 10 Jan 1963, 1 day old, bur. Moffett Cem. d/o Lewis and Micky Louise Amith Maddox. Note: From funeral rec.

MAHONEY, Betty Stanley, 24, died 21 Mar 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Clarksville, Tenn, (14 Apr 1942, d/o James and Nellie Rorie Stanley.) Wife of MONTY MAHONEY, dau., Beth Ann, age 3, son Monty Wayne, age 1 yr. All the above named survives.

MAHONEY, Dennis, 76, Pleasant Retreat, died 3 Mar 1960, bur. Mahoney Cem. b. Trimble Co., (16 Jan 1884,) s/o Thomas and Marie Allen Mahoney. Survived by wife, HESTER FORSEE MAHONEY, 7 dau., Mrs. Russell Morgan, Mrs. Joe Murphy, Mrs. Harry Butts, Mrs. Russell Lowe, Mrs. Forman Hamilton, Mrs. Bradford Wingham and Miss Delores Mahoney, 3 sons, Cecil, (Lloyd) and Duane Mahoney, 2 bro., Harry and Nolas Mahoney.

MAHONEY, Hester, 81, Milton, died 8 Jun 1968, bur. Mahoney Cem. (b. 23 Mar 1887,) d/o George and Louise Leach Forsee. Survived by sons, Lloyd and Daune (Duane) Mahoney, 6 dau., Mrs. Georgia May Wingham, Miss Deloris Mahoney, Norma Jean Hamilton, Mrs. Louise Murphy, Mrs. Ruby Butts and Mrs. Ogle Morgan. Preceded by 2 dau. and 2 sons.

MAHONEY, Mary Catherine, 35, died 26 May 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 27 Jan 1931) Carroll Co., d/o Raymond and Stella Kelley Tilley. Surived. by parents, husband, RANNIE MAHONEY, 2 children, Berry, age 12 and Paula, age 10 years, 2 bro., Norman and Donald Ray Tilley, 1 sis., Mrs. Linda Ginn.

MAHONEY, Mayme Ethel, 73, died 3 Nov 1964, bur. Mahoney Cem. (b. 3 May 1891,) Trimble Co., d/o Richard and Mary Gavden Williams. Survived by husband, HARRY MAHONEY, 1 dau., Mrs. Maralyn Arthur and 1 son, Melvin Mahoney, 1 sis., Cora Forthoffer, 4 bro., Tom, Dillard, Hubert and Fred Williams. Preceded by son, Richard Mahoney.

MAHONEY, Melvin, 40, Milton, died 12 Oct 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (5 Sep 1929.) Survived by widow, ELLA MAE GARRETT MAHONEY, 1 son, Jerry, dau., Nancy Mahoney, his father, Harry Mahoney, sis., Mrs. Marilyn Arthur.

MAHONEY, Nolas, 68, Carrollton, KY, died 28 Mar 1960, bur. Mahoney Cem. (James Nolas b. 22 Sep 1891,) Trimble Co. Survived by wife, AGNES MAHONEY, 2 sons, L. G. and Edward Mahoney, 1 bro., Harry Mahoney.

MAHONEY, William Cecil, 58, Louisville, died 2 Jan 1964, bur. Mahoney Cem. (b. Trimble Co., 30 Sep 1906, s/o Dennis and Hester Forsee Mahoney.) A. baker for the last 38 years. Ran a bakery in Madison and with Winn Dixie for the past 12 years. Survived by wife, ILEEN MAHONEY, 2 bro., Lloyd and ___(Duane) Mahoney, 6 sis., Mrs. Ruby Butts, Mrs. Louise Murphy, Mrs. Opal Morgan, Delores Mahoney, Mrs. Georgie Wingham and Mrs. Norma Jean Hamilton.

MARTIN, James Arthur, 65, Wises Landing, d. 11 Nov 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 15 Feb 1902, s/o Ross and Nettie Sturgeon Martin. Data from funeral record.

MARTIN, Margaret, 47, died 5 Jan 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Carroll Co., KY, (11 Jul 1919, d/o William and Laura Raisor McCreary.) Lived in Bedford for 13 years. Survived by husband, AVERY MARTIN, step-dau., Mrs. Evelyn Hawkins, a bro. John Thomas McCreary. Margaret, her dau., Gloria Kidwell and granddau., Angela Kidwell were all killed in an auto accident.

MARVEL, Mary Ann, 58, Shidell, LA, died 2 Jul 1968, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. and reared in Trimble Co., d/o Emitt (Emmett) and Lena Ford Hughes. Survived by dau., Mrs. Colleen Wiley.

MAXWELL, Ethel, 71, died 23 Jan 1969, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Gallatin Co., 12 Oct 1897, lived in Milton area for 30 years. d/o Jackson and Mattie Breeden Wheeler, was last of a family of 3 children Husband, SPENCER MAXWELL, died 1963. Survived by 9 children, T. J., Sam, Harold, George, Johnny Maxwell, Mrs. Margaret Polly, Mrs. Maudie Merrill, Mrs. Mary E. Merrill and Mrs. Mabel Boaz.

MAXWELL, Spencer, 70, Milton, died 14 Oct 1963, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Henry Co., KY, 18 Feb 1893, s/o Thomas and Betty Wheeler Maxwell. His wife, ETHEL MAXWELL survives. Data from funeral record.

MAY, Harry B., 50, died 29 Sep 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II veteran. Survived bu 3 sis., Mrs. Aretta Wood, Mrs. Geneva Messmore and Mrs. Pauline Tilp, 2 bro., William and Fred May.

McALLISTER, Sally 99, Indianapolis, died 8 / 9 Mar 1961, bur. IOOF Carrollton. Former resident of Mt. Carmel Com. (b. Jul 1861.) Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Ada Johnson, Mrs. Catherine Pigger and Mrs. Lula Wynecopper, 3 sons, Dale, George and John McAllister (also Dell.)

McCAIN, Callie Vanhook, 81, died 9 May 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (21 Aug 1886) d/o Charles and Catherine Haines Vanhook, m. in 1904 to E. B. (NED) McCAIN, who died in 1942. Survived by 1 dau., Mrs. Joe Frost, a step-son, Jean Hayden whom she reared as a son. Preceded by 2 children, Margaret, died in infancy and Charles E. McCain, d. 1959.

McCANE, Anna Mae, 51, Bedford, died 8 Nov 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Middlesboro, KY, (1 Nov 1914, d/o William Smith,) lived in the Bedford Com. some 20 years. Survived by husband, JAMES LOUIS McCANE, children, Junior, James E., Nancy Lee, Emma Fay, Janice Sue, Marvin Franklin, Donald, Ronald McCane and Margaret Aldridge, bro., Lucian, Luther and Marion Smith, sis., Margaret Ferrell.

McCANE, James Louis, 57, died 15 Mar 1966, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) Lived in Trimble Co., the last 20 years. (b. Grant Co., KY, 6 Sep 1908, s/o Columbus and Nancy Franks McCane.) Survived by sons, Junior, James E., Marion F., Donald and Ronald McCane, dau., Mrs. Margaret Aldridge, Mary Lee, Emma Raye and Janice Sue McCane, bro., Julius, Henry and Herbert McCane, sis., Loula Eckman, Nellie Johnson and Martha Hammons. Preceded by wife in 1965.

McCLURE, Lila W., 68, died 3 Mar 1965, Madison, IN, bur. IOOF Bedford (d/o Ruffner L. and Cora Drake Conner) Native of Trimble Co. lived Madison 40 years. Survived by husband IVA C. McCLURE, son LaVon McClure, dau. Mrs. Rodland Coleman, sis. Lela Barringer, 4 bro. Archie, Sam, Noble and Delphin Conner. McCLURE,

McCLURE, Lola Mae, 58, Madison, d. 15/16 Aug 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., d/o George Perkinson, deceased and Carrie Carson Perkinson. m. WILLIAM McCLURE in 1925, moved to IN in 1928. Survived by husband, mother, 2 sons, Ran and Nelson McClure, 1 sis., Mary Belle Boatwright. Preceded by sis., Willie Roberta.

McCLURE, Mackenzie Sanders, 82, Indianapolis, IN, d. 5 Dec 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. Widow of PEARL McCLURE, a former Wises Landing merchant and real estate dealer, died 1954. Survived by sis., Mrs. Vera Teague.

McCLURE, Shelby, 67, Madison, died Fla., 31 Mar 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (s/o James and Stella Ball McClure.) Survived by wife, LILLIAN HAMILTON McCLURE, 2 sons, Norvel and Arthur McClure, dau., Mrs. Clara Gordon and Mrs. Dorothy Melford, 2 half sis. 3 half-bro., step-mother Mrs. Mae McClure. Preceded by 1 dau., 2 sis. and a bro.

McCORD, Bessie May, __, Milton, died 4 Jun 1962, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 20 Mar 1901, Trimble Co., d/o Joseph and Clara (Hussing) McCord. Survived by 2 sis., Mrs. Leona Graves and Mrs. Hilary Johnson, 2 bro. Ansel and Roland McCord. Preceded by sis., Mrs. Helen Rowlett. Note: Check dates, b. 20 Mar or Apr ?

McCORD, Byrde H., 78, Cincinnati, OH, interred 6 May 1961, Petersburg, KY, Cem. Wife of LAFE McCORD. Preceded by 2 dau., Margaret McCord and Mrs. Frank Camp.

McCORD, Clara Hussung, 80, Milton, died 10 May 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 16 Apr 1880, d/o James and Sarah Osborne Hussung.) Widow of JOSEPH S. McCORD, who died 16 years ago. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Leona Graves, Mrs. Hilary Johnson and Miss Bessie McCord, 2 sons, Roland and Jo Ansel McCord.

McCORD, Charles Calvin, 62, died 13 Feb 1964, bur. Moffett Cem. Lived in Milton area all his life. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Marvin Cull, Mrs. John Snell and Mrs. Willanna McCord, 3 sons, Roger, John and Joe McCord, 3 sis., Lillian Gordon, Bula Garrett and Mrs. Otis Persell. Note: Wife MAGGIE LEE McCORD, died 21 Sep 1947.

McCORD, John Allen. 21, died 21 Feb 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 3 Oct 1943,) s/o Calvin and Maggie Howe McCord. Survived by 3 sis., Mrs. Colene Snell, Mrs. Catherine Cull and Miss Willanna McCord, 2 bro., Roger and Joe McCord. Preceded by parents.

McCOY, Ben, died 12 Apr 1962, no other information. Data from funeral record.

McCUTCHEON, Fay Jane, 74, Indiana, d. 11 Oct 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., lived in Madison area 21 years. Survived by husband, THOSTER McCUTCHEON, 2 dau., Mrs. Jewell Kessler and Mrs. Laverne Green, 3 half-sis. and 4 half-bro. Preceded by 1 son and 1 dau.

McCUTCHEON, Gilbert Arthur, 77, Mt. Pleasant, died 12 / 18 Nov 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 4 Oct 1885, s/o Allen and Leota Harmon McCutchen.) Survived by wife, ESTHER (MAY DEAN) McCUTCHEON, 1 dau., Ileta Artez,(Ortez) 1 bro., Curtis McCutcheon, 3 sis., Mrs. Ethel Horine, Mrs. Lillian Louden and Mrs. Hazel Jackson. (McCutchen in other records.)

McCUTCHEN, Hurley, 76, Bedford, d. 4/11 May 1967, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. Life long resident of Trimble Co. (b. 28 Aug 1890, s/o Andrew and Agnes Richmond McCutchen.) Survived by 1 son, Raymond McCutchen, 2 dau., Mrs. Opal Jackson and Mrs. Monfred Adams, 2 sis., Mrs. Ernest Rowlett and Mrs. Foster McCutchen, 1 bro., Henry McCutchen. Note: Wife COLUMBINE "Cullie" BOGGS McCUTCHEN died 4 Apr 1953.

McCUTCHEN, Oasle, 67, died 4/5 Feb 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. Lifetime resident of Trimble Co., (b. 20 Oct 1897, s/o Andrew and Sarah Richmond McCutchen,) lived in Pryor Fork section. Survived by wife, FLORA ROWLETT McCUTCHEN, 1 dau., Lois Byrle Ralston, 1 son, Thurman McCutchen, bro., Henry, Hurley and Thoster McCutchen, sis., Mrs. Ernest Rowlett.

McDANIELS, Lola B., 59, died 7 Jul 1965, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. b. Trimble Co., 8 Aug 1908, d/o Henry and Lillie Stanley Newby. Data from funeral record.

McDONALD, Ollie Wheeler, in 97th yr, died 13 Feb 1966, Indianapolis, bur. there. She spent her early life in South Trimble, d/o Samuel and Elizabeth Wheeler. Survived by dau., Mrs. John Cooper, son, ____. Preceded by husband FRED McDONALD, 1 son, Alva, and a sis., Mrs. Nettie Norvell.

McDOWELL, Alonzo, 87, Bell Ridge, died 13 Apr 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. Lived on what is known as the old Joe Ball farm. (b. Trimble Co., 7 Nov 1874, s/o William Robert and Liza Jane McDowell.) m. 1897 to MARY RYAN, who died in 1931. Survived by 8 sons, Luther, Rube, Tandy, Jim, Arthur, Ernest, William and Sherman McDowell, 4 dau., Mrs. Anna Belle Miller, Mrs. Florence Sargent, Mrs. Lula McDowell and Mrs. Hazel Carter, 2 sis., Mrs. Ida Dunaway and Mrs. Anna Purvis, 2 bro. Jerry and Tom McDowell.

McDOWELL, Carroll, 76, Madison, died 26 Jun 1964, bur. Moffett Cem. b. KY. Survived by wife, EDITH McDOWELL, 3 bro., Jesse, Lester and Shelby McDowell, 3 sis., Mrs. Nettie Abbott, Mrs. Sadie Robinson and Mrs. Amy Chappel.

McDOWELL, Lester Richard, 65, R.# 3 Bedford, d. 16 Aug 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 5 Jan 1899, s/o Lewis and Minnie McCoy McDowell. Married. Data from funeral record.

McDOWELL, Mary Etta, 72, Bedford, d. 4 Aug 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Kent, IN, (b. 7 Oct 1895, d/o William Harrison and Amy Chapel.) A resident of Trimble Co. most of her life. Survived by husband, SHELBY McDOWELL, 1 sis., Mrs. Annie Kelly.

McDOWELL, Minnie B., 91, died 16 Apr 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (3 Dec 1872,) d/o Jesse and Sarah McCoy. m. LOUIS McDOWELL, on 5 Jan 1887, he died 1936. Survived by 4 sons, Nanley Jessie, Carroll, Shelby and Lester McDowell, 3 dau., Mrs. Bob Robertson, Mrs. Nellie Abbott and Mrs. Amy Chappel, 2 sis., Mrs. Effie Wooden and Mrs. Mary Vest.

McENDRE, Naomi Hunter, 89, died 23 Mar 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (2 Mar 1876,) d/o William Burton and Melissa Stark Hunter. m. ROBERT McENDRE, now deceased Lived in Millers Branch Com. Survived by sis., Mrs. Minnie Pearl Beetem, 3 bro., Shirley S., Grover and William Berry Hunter. Preceded by 2 sis., Mrs. W. S. Welty and Ollie Hunter, 3 bro., Fred, Joe and Lee Hunter.

McILVOY, Sheila, 5 months, died 11 Feb 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 3 Sep 1966, d/o Raymond and Joan Hamilton McIlvoy. Data from funeral record.

McINTIRE, Clara, 90, Paris, KY, died 25 Sep 1967, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) Former resident of Milton, KY. Survived by 2 sons, Raymond and J. H. Sibley, a dau. Mrs. J. R. Benford. Note: Name on stone is Clara Peak Sibley. 1st m. to THOMAS G. SIBLEY, m. 2nd to HENRY McINTIRE.

McKELVEY, John Earl, 53, Louisville, died 15 Sep 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Vandergrift, PA, (26 Nov 1915, s/o Edward McKelvy.) Lived most of life in Ohio. Survived by wife, SARAH McKELVEY, 2 sons, Ricky and Mike McKelvey, his mother, Mrs. Hulda (Johnson) McKelvey.

McKINNEY, Fannie Catherine, 85, died 14 Oct 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. Came to Trimble Co. from Kansas at age 7. (b. 7 Jan 1877, d/o James and Lucretia Branch.) Survived by 3 sons, James, Samuel and Frank McKinney, 2 dau., Mattie Lou and Elizabeth McKinney, 1 bro., Richard Branch, 1 sis., Rebecca Lorne. Preceded by husband (SAM McKINNEY) in 1956.

McKINNEY, James H., 94, Washington, d. 28 Sep 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (or Carroll Co., 18 Feb 1867, s/o Joseph and Recca Waltonburgh McKinney.) He went west many years ago, was a fruit farmer, he returned to Trimble Co. 10 months ago. Was never married. Preceded by bro., John, Will and Sam McKinney and a sis., Mary.

McKINNEY, Mary Lou, 57, Bedford, died 12 Apr 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Life long res of Trimble Co., (b. 21 Oct 1910,.) A teacher at Central school in Indiana. She first taught in the one room schools in Trimble Co. d/o Judge W. O. and Rosa Powell Baxter. Survived by husband JIM McKINNEY, 1 son, James Baxter McKinney, 1 nephew, Jody Baxter.

McKINNEY, Rosa Lee, 88, died 17 Feb 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Henry Co., Ky, 5 Nov 1880, d/o Jordon and Theresa Edington Kidwell.) Widow of WILLIAM LEE McKINNEY, (died 27 May 1948.) Survived by son, Allen McKinney, 3 dau., Mrs. Rebecca Parson, Mrs. Martha Crozier and Mrs. Hallie O'Neal.

McKINNEY, Samuel Branch 55, Louisville, died 15 Jun 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. s/o Samuel and Fannie B. McKinney, b. Trimble Co. Surv. by son, Sam McKinney, Jr., dau., Susan, sis., Matty Lou and Elizabeth McKinney, 2 bro., Frank and Jim McKinney.

McKINNEY, Willis Lee 54, died 25 Feb 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Mrs. Rose Kidwell McKinney and the late William McKinney, b. Trimble Co. Also surv. by 3 sis., Mrs. Curtis Parson, Mrs. James Crozier and Mrs. Norma O'Neal, 1 bro., Allen McKinney.

McMAHAN, Irvin King, 68, Madison, died 13 Feb 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., W.W.I veteran, lived in Madison last 45 years. Survived by wife, ESTELLA McMAHAN, 7 son, Charles, Robert, Tom, Kenneth, Fred, Jimmy and Richard McMahan, dau., Mrs. Jean Lacesell, 3 sis., Mrs. Ethel Tullum, Mrs. Sadie Rowlett and Mrs. Opal Jacobs.

McMANIS, Female, stillborn, interred 15 Jan 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. Parents, Robert and Alma Doris McManis, sis., JoDeva and Lisa McManis, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ogden.

McNICHOLAS, Russell L., 56, died 5 Jul 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Scipio, IN, (b. 7 Sep 1903,) lived on Locust Creek most of his life. m. CLAUDIA MITCHELL, who survives. 3 dau., Mrs. Katherine Thompson, Mrs. Norma Duncan and Mrs. Margarie Lyons, 1 son, Donald McNicholas, 1 sis., Mrs. Edna Napp.

MEADOWS, Jesse Morgan, 60, Ohio, died 28 Oct 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., d/o Newton and Nellie (Abbott) Morgan. Survived by husband, SHIRLEY MEADOWS, 4 children, Mrs. Gladys Saxour, Mrs. Christine Musturd, Mrs. Jeanette Graham and Junior Meadows, all of Ohio.

MEIER, Mary M., (79,) died 8 Jan 1965, Milton area, bur. Lutheran Cem. b. Trimble Co., (31 Jan 1885, d/o Chris and Anna Cutter Sachleben.) Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Martin Thieman, Mrs. Karl Buhlig and Mrs. Louis Willis, 2 bro., Ed and Will Sachleben. Preceded by husband, HENRY W. MEIER, 1 sis. and 3 bro.

MELVIN, Edna Lillian, 82, died 10 Jul 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (9 Oct 1885,) d/o James and Adelia Dunham Garrett. Husband DAN MELVIN, died 1956. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Lena Furnish and Mrs. Margaret Mahoney, 3 sons, George, Ollie and Kenneth Melvin, 1 sis., Mrs. Emma Beaumont.

MILES, Barnett, 82, Madison, died ca 5 Jun 1967, bur. Indianapolis. b. Trimble Co., s/o John D. and Lottie May Miles, moved to Indianapolis, IN in 1927 where they lived until 1951. Wife ANNA L. MILES, died 1941. Survived by son, Laurel R. Miles, dau., Mrs. Mary K. Askren.

MILES, Jennie B., 65, Palmyra, died 30 Mar 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (24 Aug 1896,) d/o William and Georgia Martin Wood. Wife of GEORGE O. MILES, m. 1917. Survived by dau., Mrs. Georgia Carolyn LaMaster, children she cared for in her home, Geneva and Margaret Jackson, several others not named, bro., Henry, John, Stephen, Edward and George Wood, sis., Mrs. Marietta Webb and Mrs. Rebecca Bailey. Preceded by a son, Eddie Archer Miles, a twin of Mrs. LaMaster, died 23 May 1931.

MILES, V. Leonard, 84, Milton, died 5 Sep 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (13 Dec 1884,) former sheriff of Trimble Co. from 1922 - 1926, s/o H. C. and Kate Archer Miles. Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. Leona McCandless and Mrs. Rachael Abbott, 2 sons, Crawford and H. C. Miles. Preceded by 1 bro. and 1 sis. Note: His wife, ELLA CRAWFORD MILES, died May 1940.

MILLER, Bland Dean, 70, Bedford, died 1 Mar 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Henry Co., KY, (b. 29 Apr 1894, s/o Amos and Pollie Huey Miller.) Came to Trimble Co. 48 years ago. Survived by wife MARY D. SPARKS MILLER, 1 son, Willie D. Miller, 2 bro., Willie and Omer Miller.

MILLS, Ernest, 47, died 22 or 23 May 1963, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. W.W.II veteran, b. Barren Co., KY, (13 Mar 1916,) lived in Trm.Co since 1947, (s/o George and Alice King Mills.) Survived by wife CLARINE MILLS, 2 sons, Stanley and Ronnie Mills, 1 step-son, Carroll Bewley, 1 sis., Mrs. Daisy Elmore.

MITCHELL, Allie Green, __, died 23 Jan 1960, bur. ______. Native of Milton, wife of GEORGE MITCHELL. Survived by 4 sis., Mrs. Effie Wingham, Mrs. Maggie Bates, Mrs. Robert McLaughlin and Mrs. Ed Kidwell. Note: d/o George Washington and Eliza Chadwick Green.

MITCHELL, Arthur, 91, English, KY, interred 3 Apr 1963, ______. b. Trimble Co., s/o James and Nannie Mitchell, spent his first 30 years in the county. He was a school teacher. m. to LULA WIGGINGTON, 3 children, Mrs. Richard Mitchell, 2 deceased, dau., Pauline and a son, Malcolm. He leaves cousins, Walter, Otto and Noble Mitchell and Lena Darnold.

MITCHELL, Noble P., 87, died 14 Dec 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 20 Sep 1877, s/o Randolph and Sallie Yager Mitchell,) a life resident of Trimble Co., he was the last of a family of 5 children His wife, SCOTTIE MITCHELL died 1961.

MITCHELL, Scottie, 82, Milton, died 20 Jun 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Carroll Co., (25 Aug 1878,) d/o John and Sally Diarmit Coghill. m. 25 Feb 1899 to NOBLE MITCHELL, who survives, 1 bro., Victor Coghill. Preceded by 2 bro., Ben and Bert Coghill. She had been affiliated with Union Grove Church since 1897.

MONTGOMERY, Charles Sanford, 61, d. 22/23 Nov 1964, bur. Sligo Cem. Lifetime resident of Trimble Co., (b. 16 Jul 1903,) s/o John T. and Laura C. Moore Montgomery. Survived by wife ANNA MONTGOMERY, 1 son, Grover Montgomery, 2 bro., Oather and Faller Montgomery, 3 sis., Mrs. Lena Baker, Martha Vest and Mrs. Lizzie Morgan.

MOORE, Chester, 85, died 25 Feb 1967, Indianapolis, IN, bur. there. b. Trimble Co., s/o James H. and Katie Mae Moore, had lived in Indianapolis most of his life. Wife, the former GOLDIE STAPLES of Trimble Co., died 1945. Survived by dau., Leone Webster, 2 grandsons, Walter and David Webster, 1 bro., Charlie Moore, 1 half-bro., Ray Moore, 2 half-sis., Lorena (Mrs. Lloyd) Greene and Lillie Fields.

MOORE, Mabel, 73, Milton, died 23 Nov 1964, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 6 Feb 1891, married, d/o Charlie and Minnie Crafton Gosman. Data from funeral record. Note: Husband BRYAN MOORE, died 10 Jul 1980, their children, Mrs. Elizabeth Joyce, Mrs. Thelma Harmon, Mrs. Dorothy Rutherford, Charles and Lewis Moore. Her bro. and sis. on school census: Sadie B., Albert B., Alfred E., Shelby and Mary L. Gosman.

MOORE, Robert Franklin, 54, died 19 Nov 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 30 May 1908,) s/o J. Ben and Effie Hunter Moore. Survived by wife, HELEN McMANIS MOORE m. 1936, dau., Mrs. Jo Ann Halloran, son, Bobby Moore, bro., Harold Moore, 1 sis., Miss Alma Moore. Preceded by bro., Buell Moore.

MORGAN, Arthur, 78, Bedford, died 30 Sep 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, lifetime resident of Trimble Co. (b. 15 Jan 1890, s/o James and Carolyn Ralston Morgan.) Survived by widow, LIZZIE MONTGOMERY MORGAN, 2 bro., Raymond and Ivan Morgan, 2 sis., Mrs. Grace Rowlett and Mrs. Arletta Adcock.

MORGAN, Dora Bell, 63, died 5 Feb 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, resident of Bedford before moving to Carrollton 20 years ago, s/o Judge Chan and Henrietta O'Brien Morgan. m. HELEN STROTHER, who survives, 2 dau., Mrs. Byrnes Fairchild and Nancy Morgan, 3 sis., Mrs. Addison Callis, Mrs. Mattie Harmon and Mrs. Mary Ball. Preceded by bro., Orval L. Morgan, 5 years ago, sis., Mrs. Rose Greenwood died about 30 years ago.

MORGAN, Effie, 80, died 25 Nov 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Henry Co., (6 May 1881,) lived Trimble Co., in Wises Landing area 30 years, d/o John and Mary Devore Hoskins. Preceded by husband, FRANK MORGAN, and a dau. Beulah.

MORGAN, James Wesley "Jim," 66, died 19 Jan 1964, bur. Sligo Cem. A lifetime resident of Trimble Co. (b. 24 Jul 1898, s/o John and Emily Manning Morgan.) Survived by wife MARGARET STARK MORGAN, 3 dau., Mrs. Robert Bentley, Mary Emily and Anna Lee Morgan, 2 sons, Tom and James Harlan Morgan, 2 sis., Mrs. Elmer Jennings and Mrs. Howard Perkinson, 3 bro., Bush, Howard and John William Morgan.

MORGAN, Margaret, 69, Pendleton, died 26 Mar 1969, bur Sligo Cem. b. Trimble Co., 20 May 1899, d/o Levi and Mary B. Wright Stark. Data from funeral record.

MORGAN, Shirley Millard, 65, Madison, IN, d. 25 Sep 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by wife, NELLIE MORGAN, 3 sons, Dick, Robert and Gayle Morgan, 2 dau., Mrs. Vera Rosenberger and Miss Shirley Jean Morgan, 3 half-bro., Cecil, Russell and Leonard Morgan, 2 half-sis., Mrs. Daisy Brawner and Mrs. Lela Leachildren

MORGAN, Tony, 78, Martinsville, IN, in paper of 3 May 1962, bur. ___. b. Trimble Co., s/o James and Carolyn Morgan, lived away many years. Survived by 3 sis., Mrs. Henry Rowlett, Mrs. Claude Adcock and Mrs. Virgie Whitaker, 3 bro., Arthur, Raymond and Ivan Morgan. Preceded by sis., Roberta and Delcia, a bro., Goebel Morgan.

MORRISON, Owen, 62, Bedford, died 23 Nov 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., s/o James and Stella Mix Morrison. Survived by widow, KATIE BALL MORRISON, 4 bro., Wilbur, Frank, Dan and John Morrison. Preceded by 1 sis., Mrs. Annabell Williams.

MOSLEY, Bettie Durrett Pardo, 84, died 2 Mar 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 6 Apr 1878 in Henry Co., KY, moved to Trimble Co. at age 4 years, the youngest d/o Mildred Ann Lyle and Preston Butler Pardo. Widow of DALE E. MOSLEY, died 5 years ago. Survived by foster dau., Miss Thelma Beutel, 4 nieces, Mrs. Oscar Pulliam, Mrs. John Tinsley, Mrs. Delphin Conner and Mrs. Cecil Hackett, 3 nephews, Lyle, Charles and Preston Pardo. Preceded by an infant dau., 2 sis., Mrs. Fannie Taylor and Mrs. Ella Bradshaw, 4 bro., Joshua, William, John and Preston Pardo.

MOSLEY, Effie Joyce, 86, died 7 May 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Brooksburg, IN 3 Oct 1878, came to Trimble Co. as a young girl. d/o Frank and Gail Townsend Joyce. She was the first telephone operator in Trimble Co. Widow of EUGENE MOSLEY, Sr., died 25 years ago. Survived by dau., Mrs. Gail Ransdall, 2 sis., Mrs. Denzil Peak and Mrs. Vivian Holderfield. Preceded by dau., Mary Young Mosley, son, Eugene Jr.

MOSLEY, Gip, 88, Madison, IN, died 8 Nov 1969, bur. Indianapolis, IN. Native of Trimble Co., (b. 16 Aug 1881,) wife died 1952. (s/o Armstead and Alice Givens Mosley.)

MOSLEY, James T., 79, died 5 Nov 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (6 Apr 1883, s/o William and Georgia Young Mosley.) m. 12 Mar 1910 to LURLENE SANDERS. Survived by dau., Mrs. Joseph Ogden. Prec. by 2 bro., Dale and Eugene Mosley, 1 sis., Mrs. R. E. Callis.

MOSLEY, Lurlene Sanders, 70, died 6 Nov 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Carroll Co., KY, 31 Aug 1892, d/o Robert and Nancy Ewing Sanders.) m. 12 Mar 1910 to JAMES T. MOSLEY. Survived by dau., Mrs Joseph (Laura) Ogden, 4 sis., Mrs. Elsie Staten, Mrs. Fred Pierce, Mrs. Walter Perry and Mrs. Morris Beetem, 1 bro., Curtis Sanders.

MOSLEY, Nancy, 88, Indiana, died 1 Mar 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 20 Nov 1877,) d/o Robert and Kate Mayfield Overton. Survived by dau., Mrs. Rachel Ceveland, Mrs. Lucille Klein and Mrs. Dorothy Goode, son, Baxter Mosley. She was an aunt of J. R. McCord, James Overton and James McMahan of Trimble Co.

MOSSER, Pearl Hall, 87, Kent, IN, died 8 Sep 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 6 Oct 1875, d/o William H. and Sallie McIntire Hall.) Widow of HARRY MOSSER. Survived by dau., Mrs. Raymond (Hazel) Owen, sis., Mrs. Fawn Barringer, step-sis. Mrs. Mattie Ewer.

MULLIKIN, F. C. "Callie," 86, died 2 Mar 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Grant Co., (b. 6 May 1876,) spent most of his life in Trimble Co., (s/o John Mullikin.) He and wife LUCY MULLIKIN, would have celebrated 60th anniversary had he lived until Sunday. Survived by 4 sons, Cecil, Frank, Johnny and Orville Mullikin, 2 sis., Mrs. Alice Pryor and Mrs. Lottie Lemon. Preceded by 2 sons and 2 bro.

MULLIKIN, Lucy Houston, 83, Madison, d. 6 Nov 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Robert and Margaret Elizabeth Garriott Abbott. m. FRANCIS CALLIE MULLIKIN on 5 Mar 1902, he deceased Survived by 4 sons, Cecil, Orville, Frank and John Mullikin, dau., Mrs. Corine Norris, bro., Pearl Abbott. Preceded by 2 sons who died in infancy.

MULLIKIN, Ruby Mayfield, 62, Milton, d. 3 Jan 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Missouri, (20 Feb 1898, d/o Thomas and Flora Mayfield,) came to Trimble Co. when young. m. CECIL MULLIKIN, who survives, 1 dau., Mrs. Robert Baker, 4 sis., Mrs. Gilbert Kelly, Mrs. Will Ray Garriott, Mrs. Daisy Webster and Mrs. Ernest Brown. Preceded by 3 sis., Mrs. George Staples, Mrs. Lydia Garriott and Mrs. Mary Fount and a bro., his name not given.

NEAL, John Curtis, 48, Michagin, died Sept 1962, bur. Kent Co., Michigan, b. Trimble Co., s/o late John and Lisa McAlister Neal. Preceded by a twin bro., Vertus Neal.

NEAL, Lloyd G,. 64, Madison, IN, d. 21 Apr 1966, bur. Springdale Cem. Native of Trimble Co., was editor of The Madison Courier at time of death. Surv. by wife, BESS GARBER NEAL, 2 sons, Michael G. and Gil Neal, 2 bro., Barney and Jacob Neal, sis., Mrs. Frank C. Bell.

NEAL, William 67, Milton, died 7 Jan 1965, bur. Moffett Cem. W W II veteran, b. Trimble Co., (16 Nov 1897,) s/o John and Jennie (Holsclaw) Neal. Survived by wife, GRACE NEAL, dau., Mrs. Thomas Williams, 3 bro., Jacob E., Lloyd and Barney A. Neal, 1 sis., Mrs. Frank C. Bell.

NEWBY, James F., 74, died 28 Jan 1962, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Henry Co., KY, s/o David and Sarah Hopkins Newby. Survived by wife, OSHIA SIMPSON NEWBY, 4 dau., Mrs. Delores Roberts, Mrs. Jessie B. Becraft, Mrs. Rachel Powell and Mrs. Martha Hopkins, 2 sons, James W. and William F. Newby, 3 sis., Mrs. Mary E. Titman (Pitman?), Mrs. Oscar Garrett and Mrs. Robert Jackson, 2 bro. Joe B. and Will Newby.

NEWBY, Joseph B., 69, died 16 Apr 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, b. Henry Co., KY, (21 May 1893, s/o David M. and Sarah Jane Hopkins Newby.) Spent most of his life in Trimble Co. Survived by wife, PEARL (ALEXANDER) NEWBY, 6 children, Mrs. Lucille McManis, Mrs. Wanda Teague, Mrs. Pauline Heveline, Mrs. Judy Bishop, Bobby and Wilford Newby, 3 sis., Mrs. Kate Jackson, Mrs. Virginia Garriott (Garrett) and Mrs. Mary E. Pitman. (A bro. William, was omitted.)

NEWBY, William Isaac, 90, died 5 Feb 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 16 Oct 1878, s/o David McFarland and Sarah Jane Hopkins Newby.) Survived by 2 sis., Mrs. Virginia Garrett and Mrs. Lizzie Pittman. Note: Wife, BERNICE LEE NEWBY died 17 Apr 1947.

NEWMAN, Kimberly Sue, 1 month, died 1 Mar 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 29 Jan 1961, d/o Raymond and Linda Jean Richmond Newman. Data from funeral record.

NORTHERN, Henry, 35, Bedford, died 10 Dec 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Leslie Co., KY, 4 Oct 1925, s/o Joseph and Briettie Couch Northern. Data from funeral record.

NOWLIN, Dewitt C., 47, Pleasant Retreat, d. 11 Feb 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. s/o Russell and Ella McIntire Nowlin. Survived by wife, the former LEONA MILES, a dau., Mrs. Phyllis Driggers (by 1st marriage) and 2 sis., Mrs. Stanley DeBoe and Mrs. Alton Yager.

NOWLIN, Mrs. Ferdie, 70, died 13 Oct 1960, Lawrenceburg, IN, bur. __. d/o late Alice Trout and William H. McIntire. Survived by husband, ROBERT L. NOWLIN, 3 sons, Charles, Robert and Dale Nowlin.

O'NAN, Elizabeth, near 100, died 23 Aug 1969, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. (Missouri) 1 Dec 1868. (d/o Daniel and Mildred Allison Rodgers.) Survived by son, Thurman O'Nan, a dau. Mrs. Josie Clemmons.

O'NEAL, Raymond, 57, died 5 May 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Carroll Co., KY, 10 Oct 1905, s/o Benjamin and Scottie Alexander O'Neal.) Survived by wife, RUBY (WILLIAMS) O'NEAL, dau., Mrs. Eula Jones, Mrs. Mona Rose, Mrs. Arlien Gullion, Nancy, Brenda and Frances O'Neal, sons, Larry, Frankie, Darrell (and Dale O'Neal,) his mother, a sis. Mrs. Howard Louden, 2 bro., John R. and Norman O'Neal.

OGBURN, Robert Calvin, 21, died 14 Oct 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. (25 Mar 1945) in Carroll Co., KY, lived in Trimble Co., most of his life. Survived by wife, EDNA KATHERINE OGBURN, parents John W. and Lucy Booth Ogburn, 2 sis., Mrs. Linda Wingham and Mrs. Jeanie Roberts, bro., Johnny and Eddie Ray Ogburn, grandparents, Mrs. Lula Ogburn and Mrs. Mary Trabe.

OGDEN, John Delta, 79, Corn Creek, died 1 Jun 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 13 Jun 1880, s/o John and Lucy Gillum Ogden.) Survived by wife, NETTIE OGDEN, 2 dau., Mrs. Cecil Morgan and Mrs. Jewell Warren, 2 bro., Lawrence and Will Ogden.

OGDEN, Lawrence, 83, died 4 / 5 Oct 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (17 Aug 1881, s/o John and Lucy Gillum Ogden.) Survived by son, DeVon Ogden, dau., Grace Mary Bell. Preceded by wife, KATE GARRIOTT OGDEN, 1 sis. and 2 bro.

OGDEN, Nettie, 89, Lexington, IN, d. 11/13 Apr 1969, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 9 Nov 1879, Trimble Co., d/o Bing and Mary Plumber Barnes.) Husband DELT OGDEN, died 1 Jun 1960. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Leola Morgan and Mrs. Jewell Warren, a bro., Guy Barnes.

OGDEN, Walter, 86, Milton, died 11 Apr 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 30 Jul 1877, s/o William and Lucy Rowlett Ogden.) Survived by dau., Mrs. B. L. (Hazel) Burke. Preceded by wife, GERTRUDE OGDEN, a son, Roy Ogden.

OGDEN, William Perry, 77, died 19 Oct 1960, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co., (7 Sep 1883,) s/o John Allen and Lucy Gilliam Ogden. m. 16 Feb 1902 to ELIZABETH MOORE SMITH, who survives, 6 children, Kenneth, Joseph, Paul and Dallas Ogden, Mrs. Chester Pyles and Mrs. Lincoln Lehue, 1 bro., Lawrence Ogden. Preceded by 3 children, Grace, Elgin and Vernon Ogden, a sis. Grace and a bro. Delta Ogden.

OLIVIGNI, Robert A., 44, Bedford, died 8 Dec 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. W W II veteran, b. Boston, Mass., (2 Mar 1923,) lived in Bedford area 16 years. Survived by widow, WILMA CLEM OLIVIGNI, 2 children, Nanci Carole and Terry Wayne Olivigni, 1 bro., John Olivigni, sis., Mrs. Kay D'Innocenzo. Preceded by parents, P. J. and Mary O'Leary Olivigni, a bro., Frank.

OWEN, Raymond, 71, Kent, IN, died 22 Apr 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Jefferson Co., IN, s/o George and Dora Sigmon Owen. Surv. by widow, HAZEL MOSSER OWEN, 2 sons, Russell and Glenford Owen, 1 dau. Mrs. Edwina Stocker, 2 bro., Paul and Vincent Owen, 2 sis., Mrs. Erma Kruse and Mrs. Ada Averitt.

PAGE, Abe Harrison, 77, Bedford, died 27 May 1967, bur. Sligo Cem. (b. Carroll Co., KY, 4 Jul 1889, s/o William H. Page.) Survived by wife, DEHILA PAGE, 1 son, A. C. Page, 5 dau., Leona Page, Mrs. Charles Hurst, Mrs. George Myers, Mrs. Charles White and Mrs. Hamilton Hood, 1 bro., J. D. Page, 1 sis., Mrs. Pearl Perry.

PARDO, Elizabeth, 85, died 7 May 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (8 Jan 1880,) d/o Robert and Betty Morgan Burrows, lived in county her lifetime. m. 1907 to JAMES WILLIAM PARDO. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Lillian Hackett, Mrs. Ada Fern Pulliam and Mrs. Della Mae Conner, 2 sons, Charles and Preston "Mitch" Pardo, 1 step-son, Lyle Pardo, 1 bro., Charles R. Burrows. Preceded by husband and 4 bro.

PARDO, John D., 85, died 31 Jan 1960, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 29 Jan 1875,) s/o Preston and Mildred Pardo, lived in house where he died 75 years. Survived by wife, MATTIE MORGAN PARDO, 1 dau., Mrs. Mildred Tinsley, 1 sis., Mrs. Betty Mosley. Preceded by 2 sis., Mrs. Fannie Taylor and Mrs. Ella Bradshaw, 2 bro., Joshua and Will Pardo. Lyle Pardo, s/o Will lived in his home until 1926.

PARDO, Mattie Margaret, 72, died 6 Jul 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 23 Jan 1892,) Trimble Co. d/o John Fulton and Betty E. Hill Morgan. Lived in community all her life, was a school teacher in her early life. Surv. by dau., Mrs. Mildred Tinsley. Preceded by husband, JOHN PARDO in 1960 and 2 bro.

PAYNE, Johnnie D., infant, interred 24 Aug 1963, IOOF Bedford. s/o Elizabeth Ann Payne of R.# 2, Bedford and Kemper Payne of Maryland. Mrs. Payne is d/o Jerry Cole of Indiana and Eura Cole of Louisville.

PAYTON, James Oscar, 71, Bedford, died 19 / 20 Nov 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Henry Co., KY, (3 Oct 1895, s/o Thomas Payton,) a resident of Trimble Co., for last 47 years. Survived by 9 sons, Lawrence, Oldham, Jack, Paul, James, Isaac, Harold, Tommy and Carroll Payton, 1 sis., Mrs. Zella Webster. Preceded by wife, LORA PAYTON 2 years ago.

PAYTON, Lora, 69, died 25 Aug 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Franklin Co., KY, (1 Jun 1895, d/o Lawrence and Lynn Hardin Peyton.) Resided in Bedford for 45 years. m. Feb 1916 to OSCAR PAYTON at New Castle, KY. Survived by husband, 9 sons, Lawrence, Jack, Paul, James, Clint, Harold, Tommy and Carroll Payton, 1 sis., Mrs. Bell Kemper, 4 bro., Johnnie, Jimmie, Lewis and Charlie Peyton.

PEAK, J. W., Jr., 46, died 24 Apr 1962, (bur. IOOF Bedford.) b. Trimble Co., (Jesse Warren, b. 12 Jun 1916,) s/o J. W., Sr. and Stella Harmon Peak. Survived by wife, EDITH CHANDLER PEAK, 2 sons, Ronald Allen and John Carroll Peak. 5 sis., Mrs. Hulda Hoffman, Mrs. Chester Wood, Mrs. Crawford Miles, Mrs. Glenford Carder and Mrs. Raymond Turner Wright, 2 bro., Carroll and Larry Peak.

PEAK, Jesse Warren, 85, Bedford, died 22 May 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. 12 Jan 1881,) s/o William Peak. (and Susan Retta Luckett Peak.) Mr. Peak died in the house where he was born. The farm where he lived came as a Revolutionary War grant to one of his ancestors by the name of Peak. He m. STELLA BEATRICE HARMON, who survived with 5 dau., Mrs. Hulda Hoffman, Mrs. Jesse Woods, Mrs. A. C. Miles, Mrs. Glenford Carter (Carder) and Mrs. R. F. Wright, 2 sons, Carrol and Larry Peak, 3 sis., Mrs. James Bailey, Mrs. Perry Gammons and Mrs. Edward Tingle. Preceded by 1 son, J. W. Peak, Jr.

PEAK, Lawrence A., 84, Indianapolis, IN, died 26 Jun 1961, bur. ____. Lived in Indianapolis 59 years, s/o W. S. and Retta Luckett Peak, m. 1907 to GENEVA NICHOLS, Indianapolis Survived by wife, dau., Mrs. Thelma Durham, (sons?) Robert and Charles Peak, 1 bro., Warren Peak, 3 sis., Mrs. Ed Tingle, Mrs. James Bailey and Mrs. Perry Gammons. Preceded by 4 bro., Leonard, Kelly, Luckett and Elmer, sis., Mrs. Lee Bailey.

PECAR, Julian, 60, Bedford, died 24 Sep 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. Trimble Co., 16 Jul 1906,) s/o George and Lillian Pecar. He operated a grocery and general type merchantile for past 45 years. Survived by wife, SARAH PECAR, 1 dau., Mrs. Linda Coghill, 1 step-son, Harry Shaw, 1 bro., Gilbert Pecar, 2 sis., Mrs. Harold Bray and Mrs. Ora Jones. Preceded by 1 bro., Bob Pecar.

PENDLETON, Mayme, near 82, died 18 Apr 1961, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Cooper's Bottom, (b. 22 Apr 1879, single, d/o Robert and Amanda Killgore Pendleton.) Survivors include Mrs. Stella Sigman and Penn Pendleton. Note: Two bro. were Ben and Rennie H. "Ren" Pendleton.

PENDLETON, Rennie H. "Ren," 73, Milton, d. 31 Oct 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 1893, s/o Robert and Amanda Killgore Pendleton. Survived by wife the former Susie Iddings, dau. Mrs. Robert Robertson, 2 sons Jack and Louis Pendleton.

PEPPER, Henrietta Prewitt, 84, died 23 Jan 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (13 Mar 1883, d/o William Henry and Ida Kirk Toombs.) Survived by 2 sons, Malcomb Curtis and William F. Prewitt, 1 dau., Mrs. James Louden, 1 bro., John Coons, (or Toombs ?) 2 sis., Mrs. Fanny Hancock and Mrs. Nannie Sutherland.

PERKINS, Ollie K., 53, Madison, died 22/23 Dec 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Henry Co., KY, (b. 16 Jun 1910,) d/o Willard and Kate Mefford. Widow of VERNON PERKINS, died 17 Mar 1963. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Imogene Westrick and Mrs. Wanda Cull, (son?) Melvin Perkins, 1 sis., Mrs. Imogene Car (Carter ?) 3 bro., Webb, Wiley and Frank Mefford, 2 half-bro. and 2 half-sis.

PERKINS, Vernon, 58, Madison, IN, died 17 Mar 1963, bur. Moffett Cem. (b. 22 Oct 1904, s/o Arch and Mary Perkins.) b. Owenton, KY, lived there until 15 years ago. Survived by wife, OLLIE PERKINS, 3 children, Mrs. Wanda Cull, Mrs. Imogene Westrick and Melvin Perkins, 2 sis. Mrs. Fannie Leep and Mrs. Martha Litrell, 2 bro. Bill and John Perkins.

PERKINSON, Harry Douglas, 45, died 4 Jul 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (15 Dec 1917.) m. 1938 to HELENA UNDERWOOD, she survives, 1 son, Glen Douglas Perkinson, his parents, Jess C. and Chester E. Boatwright Perkinson.

PERRY, Homer, 61, Louisville, died 17 Nov 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trigg Co., KY, s/o William H, and Mary Taylor Perry. Survived by bro., Truman Perry, half-bro., William H. Perry.

PERRY, Joseph Newt, 77, Bedford, died 23 Apr 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Jennings Co., IN, (19 Nov 1899, s/o Squire and Mary Wright Perry.) Resided in Trimble Co. for 61 years. Survived by wife, PAULINE WATSON PERRY, 2 sons, Leslie and Norman Perry, 2 dau., Mrs. Fredia Callis and Mrs. Viola Thompson, 1 sis., Mrs. Goldie Smith, 1 half-sis., Mrs. Margaret Kuykendall. Preceded by 4 children who died in infancy, 1 bro., Mark Perry, 2 sis., Mrs. Martha Washington and Mrs. Effie Garrett.

PERRY, Michele Renea, 7 months, died 6/7 Mar 1961, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. 12 Jul 1960, d/o Robert and Jean Callis Perry. Data from funeral record.

PERSELL, Charlie W., 74, Bedford, died 26 Mar 1968, IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co., s/o Charlie and Ella Taylor Persell. Survived by 1 son, Charles Persell, 1 bro., Otis Persell. Preceded by 1 dau., 3 sis. and 4 bro.

PETTIT, Ora Dunlap, 66, Madison, died 6 Aug 1966, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Grant Co., KY, (6/28 Apr 1900,) d/o A. H. and Anna Webster Dunlap, lived most of her life in Trimble Co. Survived by husband, JAMES T. PETTIT, 1 dau., Mrs. Jo Ann Bell, 4 sons, Calvert, Bradford H., Charles H. and Holman H. Pettit, 2 sis., Vera Hamilton and Jaunita Callis, 3 bro., Ernest, Robert and Hayden Dunlap.

PHELPS, Lilian Peck, 86, Shelbyville, KY died 3 Aug 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. She was the last of the children of D. C. Peck. Peck's Pike had its name origin from the Peck family. There were 8 children, of D. C. Peck. The farm was where Dewitt McMahan now owns.

PIERCE, Fred Adam, 86, south of Bedford, died 3 Oct 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., (15 Jul 1878,) s/o Addison and Cornelia Trout Pierce. m. RUBY SANDERS, 20 Apr 1910. Survived by widow, dau., Mrs. Lois Pierce Shepherd, 1 son, Robert Ewing Pierce, 1 bro., Tony Pierce, 1 sis., Mrs. Kate Sibley. Preceded by 1 son, Fred Allen Pierce, 4 sis., Mrs. Addie McIntire, Mrs. Rhoda Ball, Mrs. Maggie Sanders and Mrs. Anna Tyra, 3 bro., Charles, Clinton and W. D. Pierce.

PIERCE, Tony Cooper, 84, died 8 Jan 1965, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 15 Dec 1880, s/o Addison and Cornelia Trout Pierce.) Died at the Pierce home, was last of 4 bro. whose families had lived together since their weddings. 3 of the wives are still living. m. 4 Sep 1924 to GRETCHEN GREENWOOD, who surv., also 1 sis., Mrs. Katie Sibley. Preceded by sis., Addie McIntire, Rhoda Ball, Maggie Sanders and Annie Tyra, bro., Charlie, Clinton, W. D. and Fred Pierce.

PIERCE, William D. "Baud," 86, died 2 Apr 1963, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 16 Jun 1876, s/o Addison and Cornelia Trout Pierce.) m. to the former ZELPHA EWING, who survived with a son William Pierce, 2 bro., Tony and Fred Pierce, 1 sis., Mrs. Oscar Sibley. Preceded by 2 bro., C. T. and Ben C. Pierce, 4 sis., Mrs. Allie Tyra, Mrs. Rhoda Ball, Mrs. W. N. Sanders and Mrs. Elijah McIntire.

PILOW, Rev. Carroll Percy, 89, died 5 Apr 1967, bur. IOOF Bedford. Served as pastor of Bedford Methodist Church twice during his 65 years as a member of the Kentucky Methodist Conference, 45 years of which were spent in active ministry. b. Carroll Co. near English, 2 Dec 1877. (s/o John and Mary Ann Adcock Pilow.) m. ALICE GARRIOTT of Carroll Co. on 18 Mar 1904, she died 30 Nov 1952. Survived by an only child, Mary Emma Pilow.

PINNELL, Ovie, 84, near Milton, died 18 Jan 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. b. 24 Jan 1884, s/o Harvey and Retta Kemp Pinnell, native of Trimble Co. Survived by widow, CORDIE SUDDITH PINNELL, 2 dau., Helen Pinnell and Mrs. Manuel Andrew.

POE, Ella Yeager, 64, Providence, died 22 Nov 1964, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co., 10 Sep 1901, d/o Thomas and Maggie Louden Yeager. A Widow. Data from funeral record.

POTTER, Charles, 76, Madison, 18 Dec 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. Survived by wife, SYLVIA TUCKER POTTER, dau., Mrs. Charles Poindexter, 2 bro., Robert and George Potter, 2 sis., Mrs. Evelyn Imel and Mrs. Harriet Phillips.

POWELL, Elva Mae, 54, Campbellsburg., d. 1 Nov 1961, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. b. Providence Com., d/o Leslie and Carrie Pyles. m. to FRED GARRIOTT, deceased m. 2nd to KIRBY POWELL. Survived by dau. Mrs. Jack (Fredericka Garriott) Clore, 2 sis., Mrs. Allen Rodgers and Mrs. Herman McManis, 3 bro., Cliff, Ira and Howard Pyles. Preceded by 2 bro., Tim and Raymond Pyles.

POWELL, Florence Ford, 83, near 84, died 7 Mar 1960, Sligo, bur. ____. Native of Trimble Co., d/o Silas and Retta Swift Ford, widow of late J. R. POWELL. Survived by 2 dau., Mrs. Raymond Sibley and Mrs. Fred Gilbert, son, Robert F. Powell, 2 sis., Mrs. Oliver F. Boyer and Mrs. Ora Callis, 1 bro., S. W. Ford.

POWELL, William Jefferies, 56, died 25 Aug 1968, bur. IOOF Bedford. (b. Trimble Co., 6 Oct 1911, s/o George A. and Grace Jefferies Powell.) Survived by wife, MILDRED BARNES POWELL, 2 sons, Maurice Wayne and William Joseph Powell, 1 sis., Mrs. Nancy Moore.

PURVIS, Charlie W., 71, died 19 Oct 1966, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Henry Co., KY, (19 J_n 1905,) s/o Charlie and Margaret Staples Purvis, lived in Trimble Co. many years. Survived by wife, MARGARET MADDOX PURVIS, dau., Mrs. Mary Cooper and Mrs. Ruby Wentworth, sons, Morris, Charles G., Robert Lindsay and Kenneth Purvis, 3 bro., Hubert, Clarence and Dewey Purvis. Preceded by 1 dau., 1 bro. and 1 sis.

PURVIS, Elsie Myrtle, 68, R.# 2, Bedford, d. 25 Oct 1968, bur. Moffett Cem. b. Trimble Co. (9 Sep 1900,) d/o Albert and Fannie (Mary "Tommie" Hughes) Chandler. Survived by husband, CLARENCE PURVIS, 2 sons, Wayne and Merle Purvis. Preceded by parents and 1 dau., Mrs. Freida Tuttle. Note: "Tommie" was d/o A. J. and Ollie J. Alexander Hughes.

PURVIS, Herbert, 68, died 19 Feb 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. He and wife VIRGINIA PURVIS, killed in auto accident. b. Henry Co., KY, lived in Trimble Co. (b. 29 Sep 1898, s/o Charlie and Martha Staples Purvis.) m. 8 Dec 1927 to VIRGINIA VANDERGRIFT. Survived by son, Herbert Purvis, Jr., 2 dau., Mrs. Elizabeth Rowlett and Mrs. James Schafer, bro., Clarence Purvis, half-bro., Dewey Purvis. Preceded by 2 bro. and 1 sis.

PURVIS, Virginia, 57, died 19 Feb 1967, bur. Moffett Cem. Killed in auto accident, b. Henry Co. (3 Jul 1909, d/o Arthur Vandergrift.) Lived in Trimble Co. 22 years. m. 8 Dec 1927 to HERBERT PURVIS. Survived by son, Herbert Purvis, Jr., 2 dau., Mrs. Elizabeth Rowlett and Mrs. James Schafer, dau., Rosselin by a previous m. a sis., Mrs. Beulah Berry, 1 bro., Artie Vandergrift.

PYLES, Austin Eugene, 28, died 27 Oct 1965, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Trimble Co., 4 Nov 1937, s/o Paul and Martha McManis Pyles. Data from funeral record.

PYLES, Charles D., 78, died 29 Mar 1962, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Trimble Co., 29 Aug 1883, s/o David and Inez (Pyles) Pyles. m. 25 Dec 1905 to MARY SCOTT. Survived by 3 dau., Mrs. Inez Shepherd, Mrs. Thelma Staten and Mrs. Alma Nevill, 2 sis., Mrs. Clara Clark and Mrs. Joe Adams, 1 bro., Claude Pyles.

PYLES, David, 53, died 26 Nov 1963, Indianapolis, IN, bur. there. Lived in Indianapolis for 20 years. Survived by dau. Mrs. Robert R. Smith, his father, Claude Pyles, 4 bro., Sutter, Edward, Chester and Gene Pyles, 5 sis., Mrs. J. W. Brent, Mrs. Ellis Joyce, Mrs. Leslie Perry, Mrs. Margaret Ogden and Mrs. Marion Sedam.

PYLES, Everett Maurice, 56, Madison, died 14 Feb 1967, bur. IOOF Carrollton. b. Trimble Co., 12 Sep 1910, s/o Marvin and Lena Colbert Pyles, married. Data from funeral record.

PYLES, Leslie, 73, d. 21 May 1967, Louisville, KY, bur. IOOF Bedford. b. Trimble Co. (29 Nov 1892, s/o George and Alice Tilley Pyles.) Survived by 6 bro., Noble, Roscoe, Paul, Bryan, Woodrow and Joseph Pyles, 2 sis. Mrs. Florence Adams and Mrs. Delcie Wood. (Name, Eritt Leslie.)

PYLES, Oscar H., Jr., 37, died 9 Apr 1966, bur. Campbellsburg Cem. (b. Henry Co., 24 Apr 1928.) Survived by wife, NORMA TAYLOR PYLES, 2 dau., Jacqueline Lorraine Pyles and Diane Marie Pyles, 1 son, Mike Douglas Pyles, 4 sis. and 3 bro.

PYLES, Oscar Harold, Sr., 60, LaGrange, KY, died Fla., 9 Apr 1966, bur. Campbellsburg. Native of Henry Co., (b. 6 May 1905,) s/o Clarence and Ella Wright Pyles, former resident of Campbellsburg and Trimble Co., prior to moving to LaGrange in 1958. Surv. by wife TRULA MAY PAYTON PYLES, 4 dau., Mrs. Edwin (Donna) Driskell, Mrs. William (Betty) Ransdell, Mrs. Gerald (Laverne) Parrish and Mrs. James (Marjorie) Horine, 3 sons, Donald H., Carroll and Franklin Pyles. One son Oscar H., Jr. died with his father in auto crash in Florida.

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