1920 Trimble Co. KY Census Index

I have been given permission by the Trimble County Historical Society post this index. .

The data taken in the 1920 census included: Surname, Given name, Relation, Sex, Color, Age, Martial Status, Where Born, Father Born, Mother Born, Occupation and where, House number. Should you find several listings of interest, I would recommend that you order a copy of the census book from the Trimble County Historical Society. The book is a reasonable price and makes a nice addition to your genealogy library. To find out how to order a copy of this year's census or others, visit the Trimble County Historical Society's ORDER page. Good Luck with your research.

Quote taken from book "The material for this census was transcribed from microfilm of 1920 Trimble County Census. After written, it was proofread. Poor handwriting made some names difficult to read. The spelling of names was written as the enumerators wrote them. In many instances the spelling was incorrect or different than what is in use today. Some names we knew have correct spelling in parentheses for index purposes. We have added the maiden name of wife or widow from Vital Statistics or marriage records when known. When first copied, the writer added birth dates from Vital Statistics Births for her use. They were left in. In most instances they are correct." written by Violet Jennings. The Trimble County Historical Society, put correct or current spelling of these surnames under the spelling of that written by the enumerators.

The 1920 Trimble County Census has now been transcribed in full and is available on the internet for your viewing. You can check here for the surname you are interested in, and if you find it listed, go to the web link for the complete transcription. This was transcribed throught the USGen Web Project, of which this Trimble County site is proud to be a member of. Click to connect to the 1920 Trimble Census

1920 Census Trimble County Kentucky Transcibed by Violet Jennings and Virginia Taylor from Microfilm #T625-600. Pubished by Trimble County Historical Society. Book indexed by Virginia Taylor.


Abbott, Abner, Abram, Ackerman, Ackermon, Adams, Adcock, Aiken, Aldridge, Alexander, Allegood, Altof, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Angell, Arnett, Arrington, Ashby, Austin, Averitt

Bailey, Bain, Baker, Ball, Banks, Barclay, Bare, Barnes, Barnett, Barnhill, Barrickman, Barringer, Barth, Bartlett, Bassett, Bates, Baxter, Bayne, Bebout, Beckley, Becraft, Beech, Gehler, Bell, Bird, Bishop, Black, Blackburn, Boatwright, Boggess, Boggs, Boldery, Booth, Boswell, Bowman, Bradley, Branch, Brawner, Bray, Breckinrige, Brent, Brewer, Briddle, Bright, Broad, Brooks, Brown, Browning, Bryan, Buchanan, Burkhardt, Burnett, Burrows, Burton, Bush, Butler, Button

Callis, Calloway, Calvert, Campbell, Canada, Carder, Carlisle, Carr, Carraco, Carson, Carter, Cassida, Cassidy, Cayton, Chadwell, Chandler, Chapman, Chappel, Chatham, Chilton, Chowning, Clapp, Clem, Clifford, Coffin, Coghill, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Conard, Conn, Connell, Conner, Connor, Cook, Cooley, Coombs, Cooper, Courtney, Cox, Crafton, Craig, Crawford, Cull, Culver, Curd, Curran, Cutshaw

Dabney, Daily, Daugherty, Davis, Dawkins, Dean, Dearmon, Dehorney, Demaree, Dennison, Dermon, Detmer, Devine, Diarmet, Diarmit, Dierkes, Dolby, Donaldson, Dougherty, Douthitt, Drake, Driskill, Drury, Dugans, Duggins, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunlap, Dunn, Durand

Eaglin, Edwards, Egerton, Eldridge, Enoch, Ewing

Fallis, Farley, Faulkner, Ferris, Fewell, Finley, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Ford, Foree, Forsee, Foster, Fox, Freeman, French, Fresh, Furnish

Gammons, Garrett, Garriott, Gatewood, Gibbs, Gibson, Giddens, Gillis, Gillum, Ginn, Gividen, Glasscock, Goldsmith, Goode, Gordon, Gosman, Gossom, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenwood, Gross

Hackett, Hackney, Halcum, Hall, Hamilton, Hammond, Hammonds, Hampton, Hancock, Handley, Handlon, Hanlon, Hardesty, Harmon, Harrell, Harsin, Harwood, Hawkins, Hays, Heady, Heath, Henry, Hepner, Herren, Hester, Heveline, Hicks, Hill, Hisle, Hoames, Holderfield, Holsclaw, Holstein, Hood, Horine, Horton, Hoskins, Hosley, Hotfield, Houston, Hudson, Huff, Hughes, Humphrey, Hundley, Hunter, Hutcherson, Hyatt

Iddings, Irvin, Ishmael

Jackson, Jacobs, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Johson, Jones, Joyce, Justice

Kelly, Kemp, Kemper, Kendal, Kennedy, Kent, Kidwell, King, Kinkead, Kinnett, Kirkpatrick, Klineline, Knight, Knowles, Knox, Kruse

Lahee, Lane, Lanham, Latta, Latty, Law, Lawerence, Lawson, Leach, Leap, Leatherman, Lee, Lehue, Lewellen, Lindsay, Liter, Littrell, Logan, Long, Long, Longacre, Louden, Luckett, Lusby, Lynch, Lyon

Maddox, Mahoney, Mahorney, Manaugh, Manchester, Martin, Martinie, Mattox, Maxfield, Maxler, Mays, Meadows, Meier, Melvin, Mershall, Mikesell, Miksell, Miles, Miller, Mitchell, Monfort, Monroe, Montgomery, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Mosley, Mosser, Mount, Mullikin, Murphy, Myers

McAllister, McCain, McCandless, McClain, McClanahan, McClellan, McClure, McCord, McCoy, McCutchen, McDole, McDowell, McEndre, McGee, McGill, McIntire, McKay, McKinney, McMahan, McManis, McManus, McNewby

Nation, Neal, Neihouse, Newby, Norvell, Nowlin

O'Neal, Oakley, Ogden, Onan, Overton, Owen

Palmer, Pardo, Parks, Parson, Patterson, Peak, Pecar, Peel, Pender, Pendleton, Penn, Pennington, Perkin, Perkinson, Perry, Persell, Philips, Pierce, Pinnell, Pitman, Poe, Poindexter, Poland, Posey, Powell, Prather, Preston, Prewitt, Pruitt, Pryor, Pulliam, Purcell, Purvis, Pyles

Raker, Ralston, Rand, Ray, Razor, Redmond, Reeves, Register, Richarson, Richmond, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rockwell, Rogers, Rose, Rowlett

Sachleben, Saddler, Sadler, Sampson, Sams, Sanders, Sanford, Sargant, Sargent, Schirmer, Scholey, Schwartz, Schwers, Scott, Seavers, Seay, Shaffer, Shelton, Shephard, Shepherd, Shimfessel, Shingleton, Shirley, Shirmer, Shrader, Shuff, Sibley, Sidebottom, Simmons, Simpson, Singer, Skidmore, Skirvin, Smith, Smitha, Smither, Snyder, Somerville, Sommerville, Sparks, Spaulding, Spillman, Stafford, Stanley, Staples, Stark, Staten, Stephenson, Sterling, Stewart, Stockdale, Stockdall, Stone, Stout, Strausmeier, Strother, Stroup, Sudith, Sutherland, Sutton, Swisher

Tandy, Taylor, Teague, Temple, Terrell, Tharp, Thieman, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Thurston, Tilley, Tingle, Toombs, Totten, Trout, Troxell, Tyra


Vail, Vandolah, Vanhook, Varble, Vawter, Vecraft, Vest, Vincent, Voiers, Voires, Voirs, Vorris

Wainscott, Walkenhorst, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Washburn, Washington, Watson, Weatherly, Webb, Webster, Welch, Wells, Welty, Wentworth, Westrick, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Whiteley, Willhite, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Winburn, Wingham, Winlock, Wise, Wiseman, Wood, Woods, Wright, Wyatt, Wyles

Yager, Yancy, Yeager, Yenowine, Yocum, Young

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