1900 Trimble Co. KY Census Index

I have been given permission by the Trimble County Historical Society to post this index.

The data taken in the 1900 census included: Name, relation, race, sex, birth month, birth year, age, martial status, years married, children born, living children, where born, father born, mother born, and occupation. Should you find several listings of interest, I would recommend that you order a copy of the census book from the Trimble County Historical Society. The book is a reasonable price and makes a nice addition to your genealogy library. To find out how to order a copy of this year's census or others, visit the Trimble County Historical Society's ORDER page. Good Luck with your research.

Quote taken from book "The material for this census was transcribed from microfilm of 1900 Trimble County Census. After written, it was proof-read twice more to make sure the spelling of names were as written by the enumerators. As you will see, many names have incorrect or different spellings than what is in use today." written by Violet Jennings. The Trimble County Historical Society, put correct or current spelling of these surnames under the spelling of that written by the enumerators. These corrections also appear in the index.

1900 Census Trimble County Kentucky Transcribed by Violet Jennings and Virginia Taylor from Microfilm #T623-552. Pubished by Trimble County Historical Society. Book indexed by Virginia Taylor.

Abbott, Ackerman, Acra, Adams, Adcock, Agin, Aldridge, Aldrige, Alexander, Allan, Anderson, Andrew, Angel, Appleshimer, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold, Arrington, Ash, Ashby, Aston, Athey, Austin, Averitt

Bailor, Baily, Bain, Baker, Ball, Ballard, Banks, Barbour, Barclay, Bare, Barnes, Barrickman, Barriger, Barringer, Barth, Bartlett, Bates, Baxter, Bayne, Bear, Bebout, Beck, Becraft, Beech, Beetem, Bell, Benham, Berry, Biggers, Binger, Birchfield, Bird, Bishop, Black, Blackaby, Boatwright, Boggs, Bois, Bolander, Boldery, Borgas, Boss, Boswell, Bowen, Bower, Bowman, Bradley, Bradshaw, Branch, Brawner, Bray, Breck, Brent, Brenton, Brewer, Brewington, Briddle, Brite, Broad, Broadfield, Broning, Brooks, Brown, Browning, Bryan, Buchanan, Buckhannon, Burchfield, Burkhardt, Burnett, Burrows, Burton, Bush, Butcher, Butler, Button

Calaway, Callis, Calloway, Calomese, Calvert, Campbell, Canada, Caplinger, Carder, Carico, Carlisle, Carpenter, Carson, Carter, Cassity, Cavanaugh, Cayton, Chadwell, Chandler, Chatham, Chilton, Chowing, Clem, Clifford, Clifton, Coffin, Coghill, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Combs, Conn, Connell, Conner, Contri, Cook, Cooley, Cooly, Coombs, Cooper, Corman, Cornett, Cox, Crafton, Craig, Crawford, Cull, Culley, Culver, Cunningham, Curran, Cutshaw

Dabner, Dabney, Daily, Danner, Daughrity, Davis, Dawkins, Dean, Deackir, Dehoney, Dehorney, Demaree, Dennison, Dermitt, Detchinmey, Devine, Devol, Diarmit, Doke, Dolby, Dorsey, Dougherty, Downton, Drake, Driskell, Duggins, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunham, Dunlap, Dunn, Durand, Durker, Durossett, Duvall

Eaglin, Edrington, Edwards, Ellegood, Ellis, Elston, Emmet, Engleman, Erby, Estes, Evans, Ewing

Fallis, Farley, Farris, Faulkner, Fearn, Fendley, Ferguson, Finney, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fix, Floyd, Ford, Foree, Foreman, Forsee, Foster, Fox, Fresh, Fulton, Furguson

Gammon, Garrett, Garriott, Garris, Gatewood, Gaunt, Gavigan, Gaylord, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Giddens, Gillespie, Gillis, Gillum, Ginn, Gividen, Glass, Glasscock, Glore, Glover, Goins, Goode, Gordon, Gosman, Gossom, Graves, Green, Greenwood, Gross

Hackett, Hackney, Haines, Halcomb, Hall, Hamilton, Hammon, Hammond, Hammonds, Hammons, Hampton, Hancock, Handlon, Hankins, Hanley, Hanlon, Hardesty, Hardin, Harmon, Harney, Harrell, Harsin, Harson, Harting, Hawkins, Hays, Heath, Hebner, Henry, Hensley, Herrick, Herron, Hess, Heveline, Hicks, Higbie, Hill, Hitt, Holcomb, Holderfield, Holeman, Hollstein, Holmes, Holsclaw, Holstein, Hood, Hopkins, Hopwood, Horine, Horton, Hosley, Howard, Hubeck, Hudson, Huff, Hughes, Humphrey, Humphry, Hundley, Hunter, Huston, Hutcherson, Hyatt

Inglis, Irvin, Isaac

Jackson, Jacobs, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jividen, Jobson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joyce, Jump, Justice

Keisner, Kelley, Kellie, Kelly, Kemp, Kemper, Kendall, Kennedy, Kennett, Kent, Kersey, Kidwell, Kinchaloe, King, Kinnett, Kriby, Kirk, Kirkland, Knowles, Kunclen

Lacefield, Lacock, Lacy, Lancaster, Lane, Latty, Laughery, Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Leach, Leap, Lee, Leech, Lehue, Lemen, Letherman, Lewellin, Lewelyn, Lewis, Light, Lindsey, Linn, Liter, Little, Lockwood, Lodge, Logan, Louden, Love, Lowden, Luckett, Lymch, Lynch, Lyter

Maddox, Mahoney, Marklan, Marsh, Martin, Martinie, Maxwell, May, Mays, Means, Meek, Mefford, Melvin, Merchant, Mershal, Mershon, Metesser, Meyer, Mikesell, Miles, Miller, Milliner, Mills, Milson, Mitchell, Mollengraft, Monroe, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Morton, Moscoe, Mosley, Mosser, Mount, Mulkins, Mullikin, Murphy, Muse, Myers

McAlister, McCain, McCallister, McCandra, McCarty, McCay, McClain, McClure, McCord, McCoy, McCutchen, McDole, McDonald, McDonel, McDowell, McGee, McIntire, McIntosh, McKay, McKey, McKinney, McLanahan, McLellan, McLelland, McMahan, McMannis, McVay

Nation, Neal, Neaves, Newby, Nickels, Nickson, Niehouse, Nix, Noble, Norvell, Norville

O'Bannon, Oakley, Ogden, Oliver, Orr, Osban, Overton, Owen

Page, Palmer, Pardo, Parham, Parker, Parson, Pattent, Peak, Pecar, Peck, Peeples, Peggs, Pendleton, Penn, Pennington, Perkinson, Perry, Pfistir, Philipps, Phillips, Pickens, Pierce, Pinnell, Pittman, Poland, Posey, Powell, Prather, Price, Priest, Pritchard, Pruett, Pryor, Pyles


Raider, Railey, Ralston, Ramsey, Rand, Ray, Reed, Rice, Richmond, Riegel, Riggs, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Robison, Rodgers, Rolston, Romans, Rose, Rowlett, Rudder, Ryan

Sachleben, Saddler, Sampson, Sams, Sanders, Sandford, Sarrels, Saurwin, Scalf, Scheser, Scholey, Schram, Scott, Scudder, Seering, Sefors, Settle, Shadrich, Shambo, Shelton, Shepherd, Sherley, Shermer, Shiftlet, Shirkey, Shoots, Shuck, Shuff, Sibley, Sidebotom, Simmons, Sims, Singer, Sisson, Skidmore, Slater, Smith, Smitha, Smyth, Smythe, Smythers, Snyder, Somerville, Sparks, Spencer, Sphnister, Spillman, Spilman, Spran, Stafford, Stanley, Staples, Stark, Starling, Staten, Stegger, Stephenson, Stergin, Sterling, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, Stickrod, Stien, Stockdale, Stogdale, Stone, Stoner, Stout, Strain, Strassmier, Stratton, Strickland, Strother, Strothers, Stroup, Strubbe, Suddith, Sulivan, Sullivan, Sutherland, Sutton, Swan, Swisher

Tandy, Tate, Taulman, Taylor, Teague, Temple, Terrell, Tharp, Thieman, Thomas, Thomasson, Thompson, Thomson, Thurston, Tilley, Tingle, Tolbert, Toombs, Torweller, Treat, Trout, Tucker, Turner, Tyra

Underwood, Ungles

Vail, Vanburen, Vandola, Vanhook, Varble, Vawter, Vest, Vickers, Voiers, Vories

Walker, Ward, Warren, Washburn, Washburnm, Watson, Waxly, Weatherbee, Webb, Webber, Webster, Welch, Welker, Welty, Wentworth, West, Westrick, Whallon, Wheeler, Whitaker, Whittaker, Wiggington, Wiggins, Wilds, Wiley, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Windon, Wingham, Winter, Wise, Wiseman, Wood, Woods, Wooley, Wooten, Workman, Wright, Wyatt, Wylds

Yager, Yeager, York, Young


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