1860 Trimble Co. KY Census Index

I have been given permission by the Trimble County Historical Society to post this index for your convenience.

The data taken in the 1860 census included: Family Number, Surname, given name, age, sex, occupation, value real estate, personal value and Place of Birth. Should you find several listings of interest, I would recommend that you order a copy of the census book from the Trimble County Historical Society. The book is a reasonable price and makes a nice addition to your genealogy library. To find out how to order a copy of this year's census or others, visit the Trimble County Historical Society's Order page. Good Luck with your research.

A portion of the introduction in the book: "An attempt has been made to copy the original writing of the census taker, therefore the misspelled words and any mistakes are copied as written. At time the alphabet was not easy to transcribe and a mistake may have been made. It is well known that the census taker sometimes used the ditto marks incorrectly, and the place of birth may be wrong in some instances. A check with other sources is the best way to prove which is correct. In this census, the writer used IA for Indiana, so to avoid confusion, Indiana and Iowa have been used in full. The census taker was not consistent in his writing, and some pages were filmed out of sequence, thus it was impossible to list the precinct or area for the families." (written by Donna Stark Thompson)

1860 Census Trimble County Kentucky Transcibed by Donna Stark Thompson from Microfilm roll #M653-397. Pubished by Trimble County Historical Society. Book indexed by Virginia Taylor.

Abbott, Adams, Adcock, Alen, Alexander, Allen, Alltman, Anderson, Arington, Armstrong, Arnold, Arrington, Ashby, Austin, Averett, Averitt

Babcock, Bain, Baker, Ball, Banks, Barclay, Barkshear, Barnes, Barr, Barriger, Barringer, Barten, Bartlett, Bates, Baxter, Beabout, Beach, Bear, Beech, Bell, Beloat, Biggers, Bignim, Black, Blake, Blakemore, Blankenship, Boatwright, Bolster, Booker, Boswell, Bowers, Bowlin, Bowling, Bowlington, Bowlder, Braddly, Branch, Brannon, Brent, Brewer, Briddle, Bridwell, Brinker, Brinkworth, Brislin, Brison, Britton, Broad, Broure, Brown, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buff, Burks, Burnett, Burriss, Burton, Bulter,

Cade, Calander, Calendar, Callis, Calvert, Calverts, Campbell, Canada, Cannon, Caplinger, Casey, Chalfant, Chandler, Chapman, Chatham, Cheatham, Chinn, Chowning, Chrisman, Christison, Clark, Clem, Clifford, Coatney, Coffin, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Colman, Colter, Conelly, Conn, Connell, Conner, Consley, Conway, Cook, Cooper, Corn, Cox, Crafton, Craig, Craycraft, Cromwell, Cull

Dagny, Dailey, Danner, Darnes, Daugherty, Davis, Daviss, Dean, Demaree, Detraz, Dike, Dikes, Dinwiddle, Divine, Dodson, Dowel, Dowell, Drake, Dugan, Duggins, Duke, Duncan, Dunn, Duron, Dust

East, Edgington, Edward, Edwards, Ellis, Ely, Emerson, Eppard, Ervin, Erwin, Estes, Etherington, Evans, Everling, Ewing

Fairfield, Falkner, Fallis, Farley, Faulkner, Fearn, Fisher, Fistler, Fitchner, Fix, Floyd, Ford, Fore, Foree, Forsee, Fout, Fox, Fresh, Frost, Furgesson, Furnish

Gaddy, Gale, Gammon, Gardner, Garland, Garr, Garrett, Garriott, Gatewood, Geffries, Genkins, Giddens, Giesler, Gilbo, Gill, Gillaspie, Gillis, Gillum, Giltner, Ginn, Givens, Gividen, Glass, Glasscock, Golden, Goode, Goodman, Goolsbury, Gosman, Gossom, Gratz, Graves, Green, Greenwood, Grimer, Grinstead, Guinn, Guthery

Hall, Hamilton, Hammell, Hamond, Hancock, Hankins, Hanlon, Hardin, Harley, Harmon, Harris, Harrison, Harsin, Haselwood, Hathaway, Hawkins, Hays, Heath, Henderson, Henry, Hensley, Herald, Higgins, Hill, Hisel, Hoagland, Hoburn, Holcolm, Holms, Holsclaw, Holstine, Holtsclaw, Hood, Hopkins, Hopwood, Horsley, Hoskins, Hougland, Howard, Hudson, Huff, Hughes, Hughs, Hull, Humble, Hume, Humphrey, Hundley, Hunt, Hunter, Hurdes, Hutchinson, Hyatt

Ingles, Irwin

Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jeff, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jesse, Jewel, Jinkins, Johnson, Johnston, Jones

Kagle, Kees, Kendle, Kelly, Kemp, Kemper, Kenny, Kent, Kidwell, King, Kinney, Kitzenger

Lackland, Lahu, Lamb, Lancaster, Lane, Latty, Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Lay, Leatherman, Lee, Linch, Lindsay, Line, Liter, Little, Lockhart, Loesch, Loftus, Logan, Lohead, Louden, Loughery, Lowden, Lucas, Luckett, Lunsford, Lutz, Lynch, Lyons

Maddox, Mahan, Mahorney, Maloy, Manly, Markley, Marshall, Martin, Masco, Mason, Massing, Matlock, Matthus, May, Mayfield, Mead, Melvin, Mendinhall, Merchant, Mers, Metcalf, Metesser, Mewes, Mikesell, Miles, Miller, Millner, Mire, Mires, Mitchel, Mitchell, Moffett, Monroe, Monrow, Montgomery, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Mosley, Mulikin, Mullikin, Murphy, Murray, Muse

McAlister, McCarty, McClellan, McClure, McCord, McCormack, McCoy, McCrary, McDole, McDowell, McGee, McGinty, McGlocklin, McIntire, McIntosh, McKay, McMahan, McMannis,

Neal, Nesbet, Netherland, Neugent, Newkirk, Newman, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicholson, Noel, Northcut, Norvell

O'Brien, O'Bryant, Ogden, Oliver, Ooast, Opelinger, Orr, Overton

Padget, Page, Palmer, Parham, Parker, Parkhurst, Peak, Pearce, Pecar, Peek, Pendleton, Penn, Perkinson, Perry, Peyton, Phillips, Piles, Pinnell, Pitman, Pommart, Powel, Powell, Prewet, Prewett, Pruet, Pruett, Pryor


Radcliff, Ragland, Railey, Ralston, Rapp, Rawlings, Ray, Reed, Renshaw, Reynolds, Rice, Rich, Richardson, Richen, Richerson, Richmond, Ricket, Riddle, Robbins, Roberson, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Rolington, Romans, Roseberry, Ross, Rowland, Rowlett, Rowner, Rucker, Rudiger, Rutherford,

Sadler, Sampson, Sams, Samuel, Sanders, Satterwhite, Sawmiller, Scarbrough, Scott, Seamon, Sever, Shaver, Shehee, Shelton, Shepherd, Sherdon, Short, Shotwell, Sibley, Sideallen, Sidebottom, Simmons, Simpson, Sims, Singer, Sinney, Skidmore, Slade, Slater, Slave, Smiddy, Smith, Smithey, Snyder, Sparks, Speace, Spencer, Spillman, Spilman, Stalker, Stanley, Stanly, Stansbury, Staples, Stapp, Stark, Starks, Starlen, Starr, Staten, Stewart, Stiles, Stone, Stottlebower, Strain, Stratten, Stratton, Strother, Stubbins, Sudduth, Sullivan, Suttle, Swindall

Tague, Tandy, Tapp, Tate, Taulman, Taylor, Terril, Tharps, Thomerson, Thompson, Tilly, Tindle, Tingle, Toombs, Totten, Townsend, Trout, Tucker, Turner, Turngate, Tyre

Underwood, Ungles, Utley

Vance, Vandine, Vawter, Vest, Voiers

Waddle, Wales, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walter, Walton, Waner, Ward, Wardlow, Warren, Washington, Watson, Webb, Webster, Welch, Wells, Wentworth, Wert, West, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Whittaker, Wigginton, Wiginton, Wilhoit, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, Wingham, Winn, Wise, Witham, Wood, Woodard, Woolfolk, Wright, Wyatt

Yeager, Young

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