Probate file 30, roll 1,
William Abernathy dec'd. Aug 6 1853 Delia H ABERNATHY states that she is the widow of William Abernathy late of sd County deceased who died June 1 1852 then a resident of Sterling in sd County, although he was himself on his way to California. He left no will, and he left five children all of whom are under fifteen years old who reside with me in said county. She requests that Administration be granted to her & Oliver Adams of sd county.

Guardianship file 16, roll 1
. Harret J Abernathy & others Minors (not copied) Apr 7 1854 Application by Delia H Abernathy to be appointed guardian to her minor children to wit: Harriet Janette Abernathy, Francis A Abernathy, George W Abernathy, Albert B Abernathy & William B Abernathy being each under the age of 14 years resideing in said County and being also children of William Abernathy late of said County deceased.

Liber M, p.157. 12 Sep 1839 Joseph Aldrich & w Caroline to Jacob Frost, $400, SWq SWq S3 T5N R13E, 40a. Wit: Albert Aldrich & Darius Session JP.

Notes from Jeff DeHart, researcher on the Aldrich line: Joseph was born about 1804 in New York. He came to Michigan around 1830 and married Caroline in 1832. Eventually they moved to Lapeer County where he died in 1888. His death record lists his parents as Ernest and Margaret Aldrich. I could not find an Ernest in any census anwhere. Someone at the National Aldrich association thought Joseph was descended from Peter Aldrich who came from Farmington, Ontario County, New York.

Caroline was born 15 February 1815 in New York. She died in Lapeer County 3 October 1897. Her death record lists her parents as James & Caroline Parker.

Additional notes from Ann Faulkner: I do think that there is a good possibility that Joseph was a son of Peter Aldrich. Peter was quite a large landowner and owned land in both St. Clair and Macomb Cos, and there are many deeds for him in the county records, and I have only checked some of them. Peter is found on the 1830 census of Washington Twp, p.131 (122211 1100001) and is the only Aldrich living in the County. He appears to have died about July 1835.

Administrator's bond was dated 20 July 1835 for Parthenia Aldrich & Minot Q Lane, Asa Holman & JAMES PARKER as Admin of the estate. His heirs, except for his widow Parthenia are not named. From various records I have tentatively identified the following as children of Peter: Peter Aldrich Jr, Alfred Aldrich, Albert Aldrich, Lydia Aldrich, wife of Aden Armstrong, and Samuel Aldrich, but from the above census it appears that there were several others. Addit note from Jeanne Gorlick: I have the children of Peter Aldrich b. 1785 R.I as Samuel, Albert and Alfred only. Peter lived in Macomb Co., MI. I do not know of Ernest!

Probate file 5682, roll 99
Will of Phebe R BRABB 3 June 1897. To Ernest M Brabb $500 in trust to maintain the burial lot in Shaw Cemetery in which my husband Thomas and I are buried it being the north half of the George Brabb lot; Ethel Brabb Lee my household effects, clothing, jewelry, gold watch and chain, livestock & other personal effects except the gold watch of my husband Thomas Brabb, use of my home for one year after my death. Residue except for gold watch of Thomas Brabb both real & personal to be divided into 18 shares & divided as follows: Ethel Brabb Lee-2 shares; William S Batchellor 2 shares; Emily E Hoyt 2 shares and to the following children of Martha Dewey viz: Mary McCafferty, Sarah Fielding, Blanche Davis, George Dewey, Charles Dewey & Phebe McCafferty - 2 shares; to Elizabeth O Jones of Goodison 1 share; To Absalone Brabb of Lyons Mich 1 share; to William Brabb brother of my husband 1 share; to Thomas Brabb nephew of my husband 1 share and also the gold watch & chain worn by my late husband, to Louis Allor Mt Clemens 1 share; to Martin Allor 1 share; to Lancy Allor of Chesterfield 1 share; to Lillian Leonard of Gaylord 1/2 of 1 share; to Ida M Garland of England 1/2 share; to Carson D Wales of Chesterfield 1/2 share; to Carson D Wales of Chesterfield 1/2 share. In case of the decease of any of the above then their portion to descend to their children. Executors to be Edward W Andrus Washington and Elmer Allor of Mt. Clemens. Wit: Albert Yates & Clara B Yates of Washington.

Codicil dated 16 Feb 1903. I devise my farm known as the "Garvin farm" to George Lee and Ethel Lee his wife as joint tenants on condition that they pay to my estate the sum of $2500 if I die within 1 year from this date or the sum of $2500 less the sum of $200 per annum for each and every year or part of a year I may live from this date. Whereas Edward W Andrus one of the appointed executors has lately died, I desire that George Lee of Washington shall be substituted in his place. Wit: Albert Yates and Clara B Yates of Washington.

Codicil dated 27 Mar 1909. I do hereby ratify and confirm said will and codicil in every respect except in the appointment of Elmer Allor of Mt Clemens as one of the executors as I do not desire him to act as such but I do hereby ratify and confirm the appointment of George Lee of Washington as the sole executor. Wit: Clara B Yates and Albert Yates of Washington.

Petition sates that Phebe R Brabb d 1 Dec 1909 Washington Twp leaving real estate valued at about $2650 & personal estate at $5372. Heirs & legatees were Ernest M Brabb nephew of Washington Macomb Co, Ethel Brabb Lee niece of Washington William S Batchellor of Chicago, Emily E Hoyt, Martha Dewey, Mary McCafferty niece, Sarah Fielding niece, Blanche Davis niece, George Dewey nephew of Oxford, Charles Dewey nephew of Bruce Twp, Phebe McCafferty no relation of Washington, Elizabeth A Jones no relation, Absalone Brabb no relation, George Brabb no relation of Romeo, William Brabb no relation of Romeo, Thomas Brabb no relation of Romeo, Louis Allor cousin of Mt Clemens, Martin Allor, Lancy Allor of Chesterfield, Lillian Leonard no relation of Idaho, Ida M Garland of California, Carson D Wales no relation of Chesterfield, Alice Wales no relation of Chesterfield, George Lee no relation of Washington.

Manilla, Crawford Co, Iowa. 1 Feb 1911. Heirs at law of Emily E Hoyt who died Dec 1907 Manilla Iowa being her children: Mrs Nellie H Cooper 47 of Manilla Iowa, Mrs. Emily A Alden 57 & Mrs. Flora E Pease 55 of Coruna California and Nina R Masten 50 of Olene Klamath Co Oregon. Emily also had a child Ertimer A Hoyt who preceded her in death without heirs. Nellie was the wife of Henry E Cooper.

The final settlement of $6838 divided in the following shares: Ethel Brabb Lee 2/18, Nellie H Cooper 1/36, Flora E Pease 1/36, Emily A Alden 1/36, Nina R Masten 1/36, Mary McCafferty 1/54, Sarah Fielding 1/54, Blanch Davis 1/54, George Dewey 1/54, Charles Dewey 1/54, Elizabeth O Jones 1/18, Ida Garland 9/144, Herbert Brabb 1/144, Wm Brabb 1/144, Chas Brabb 1/144, Elsie VanDuesen 1/144, Francis O'Brein 1/576, Harvey O'Brein 1/576, Hazel O'Brein 1/576, Milton O'Brein 1/576, Lillian Leonard 9/144, Rosemonds E Ashton 1/72, Lanettie V Miles 1/72, Della M Thompson 1/72, Josephine B Lundin 1/72, Wm Brabb 1/108, Louis P Brabb 1/108, George A Brabb 1/108, Charles E Brabb, 1/108, Ella E Ruppe 1/108, Thomas Brabb 1/18 also gold watch & chain under will, Louis Allor 1/18, Martin Allor 1/18, Lancy Allor 1/18, Carson D Wales 1/36, Alice Wales 1/36, Wm A Batchellor 1/27, Frank W Batchellor 1/27, Alfred Batchellor 1/27.

Probate file 13006, roll 181.
Louisa A DRAKE d 17 Aug 1927 testate. Her heirs at law were husband Winfield S Drake 77 of Sterling; g.son Maridan E Drake 20 of Sterling; son Martin L Drake 49 of Sterling; William W Drake 46 son of Sterling; dau Effie L Swank 43 of Sterling; g.dau Lucille J Leonardson 5 of Detroit & Marjorie Evone Leonardson 3 of Detroit.

Macomb Co. Probate file 6294, roll 109.
August MATTHEWS d testate 1 July 1912 a resident of the Village of Richmond. His heirs were his children: Emil J Matthews 48 of Detroit, Gustave L Matthews 46 of Casco Twp, Hugo Matthews 44 of Mukwanigo Wis, Herman Matthews 42 of Lenox, Otto Matthews 39 of Lenox, Martha Oemke 37 of Detroit, Lena Schoenemann 31 of Detroit, and Albert Matthews 28 of Detroit. His will written 24 April 1909 also included his wife Amalia.

Probate File 11375, roll 157. 8 Jan 1924 Minnie C Matz, widow of Ferdinand W Matz filed a petition to determine the heirs of Daniel Shattuck who d previous to Apr 28 1866 intestate in order to clear a land title. On 1 Mary 1915 a conveyance of land by warranty deed was made by William B Shattuck and Caroline A Shattuck his wife to Ferdinand W Matz and your petitioner Minnie C Matz his wife to the E half of the NWq S19 T3N R14E, 80 acres. The sd William B Shattuck derived title to this land under two quit claim deeds, the first executed by Leonard W Shattuck & Mary Shattuck his wife, Eleanor B Marshall, and Cordelia Weller, under date April 28 1866 and the second executed by Samuel Betts and Elizabeth Betts his wife under date of April 30 1867. The deed by Leonard Shattuck etc. purports to convey an interest which was vested in such grantors by descent as heirs of one Daniel Shattuck, who died intestate. That the title to land was vested in the said Daniel Shattuck under a patent from the US Goverment. By search your petitioner has been able to determine the following heirs of Daniel Shattuck to be at the time of death William B Shattuck, Leonard W Shattuck, Elizabeth Betts (nee Shattuck), Eleanor B Marshall (nee Shattuck) and Cordelia Weller (nee Shattuck), all of whom are now deceased. The only living heirs of the above named were found to be Carlos Betts, 157 Robertson Mt. Clemens, Daniel Marshall, Orchard Lake Mich, May S Mason, 256 Euclid Ave, Mt. Clemens

Probate file 4369, roll 77.
Petition by J S Starkweather, a creditor, who states that Mary SPENCER of Armada Twp died 29 Sept 1902 intestate. She was possessed of real and personal estate situated in Macomb & St. Clair Cos valued at about $1700. Her heirs were a son Sebah H Spencer of Marquette MI and son Charles Spencer of Armada.

Probate file 10303, roll 141.
Petition by Amelia Froehlich of Detroit dated 28 Nov 1920 who states that HENRY HESSE d 31 July 1854 an inhabitant of Erin Twp intestate. He left real estate in Macomb Co valued at $1000. His heirs at law being Matilda Dippel dau age 70 of Helen Ave., Detroit; Louisa Brown, formerly Hartlep dau 68 of Unionville, Mich; and Amelia Froehlich dau 66 of 496 Drexel Blvd, Detroit.
Petitioner further states that Henry Hesse at one time owned land in Erin Twp described as being 22 acres of land on the west side (or end) of the W half of the SW qt S29 T1N R13E, which said land was partitioned among said heirs of said Henry Hesse on the 11 day of May 1897. The purpose of this petition is to have a determination of heirs by the Court, and a confirmation of the partition referred to.

Macomb Co Liber 53, p.379-385. JOHN B. RIVARD dec'd Commissioners Report (abstracted) 23 Jan 1869 order to partition the real estate among his heirs: Nelson Rivard, Frank Rivard, Mitchell Rivard and Napoleon Rivard are sons and Emily Camus, Agnes Rivard, Caroline Rivard are daus ; Cecilia Rivard & John Rivard are grandchildren; and Ellen Rivard & Adolphus Rivard are grandchildren. The real estate to be partitioned is designated as the NW fraction of fractional section 11 in T1N R13E and the SW fraction of NE fr qt of S11 T1N R13E, about 180 acres known as the Rivard farm. Commissioners appt to partition for Nelson Rivard, Frank Rivard, Mitchell Rivard, Emily Camus, Agnes Rivard & to Charles Camas as the guardian of the said Napoleon Rivard & Caroline Rivard & Ellen Rivard & Adolphus Rivard. To John Socier as the guardian of said Cecelia Rivard & John Rivard .... Division into 11 parts with full descriptions: Cecil Rivard 12.95a, John Rivard 12.95a, Ellen Rivard 10.6a, Adolphus Rivard 10.25a, Mitchell Rivard 20.5a, Nelson Rivard 20a, Emily Camus 19.3a, Napoleon Rivard 18.75a, Caroline Rivard 18.5a, Frank Rivard 18.3a, Agnes Rivard 18a.