Macomb County Early Pioneer Histories
These pages contains brief backgrounds on some of the early settlers of Macomb County. The information for much of this page came from exerpts of "The Early History of Macomb County" written in the late 1890's by Warren Parker. Another significant portion of the biographies came, courtesy of Jane Devlin, from the 1882 History of Macomb at the Oakland University Library. The list is alphabetical. If you would like your early settler listed here, simply ask - I would be happy to add them for you if you would like to send a brief sketch. Also, don't forget that women were also early settlers in Macomb County. Please let me know if your early settler was a woman, as I would like to be sure she is included here.

Places of Settlement
The first settlers in Macomb County were located in Harrison and Erin townships. These townships were settled between 1758 and 1800 by the French and the Tucker family. Clinton Township was settled between 1782 and 1800 by the Moravians and Judge Clemens, as well as the French. Armada, Macomb, Lenox, Shelby, Washington and Bruce Townships were settled in 1820-1840 by people from New York state, Vermont and other eastern states. Chesterfield Township had French settlers by the date of 1796 and gradually by 1845 influx of German settlers began in most of the Macomb County communities.

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