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The following is a collection of information, including bible records and deeds on the TAYLOR family of Kentucky. It was provided to me by Bob Zachery (sorry, no email address for Mr. Zachery)

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DEED BOOKS 5-6 ... 1806-1814

DB 5, pp.16-18 - 17 June 1805
Absolem Atkinson and wife, Nancy, of Adair Co, KY, George Taylor and wife, Ann, of same county, Momin (Moorman) Taylor and wife, Levina, of Garrard Co, and Uriah Taylor and wife, Sally, of Mercer Co, KY, appoint Samuel Peter, of Washington Co, KY,executor of Zachariah Taylor, deceased, their attorney to make a title to David New, ion Green Co, to a Tract of 1283 acres in Green Co, part of the tract of Zachariah Taylor, deceased...Roberson's Creek...

Signed: Nancy Atkinson, George Taylor, Ann Taylor, Momman (sic) Taylor, Levinah Taylor, Uriah Taylor, Sally Taylor.
Wit: William New ("3" mark), Isaiah Atkinson, William Mills (X), Ben Lawson (X), Thomas Owley.
Green Co SCT: Power of attorney recorded 22 July 1806 by John Barret, DC.

DB 5, pp. 18-19 - 21 Mar 1791
Beverly Randolph, Esq., Governor of Virginia, given greeting from Richmond: In consideration of 2 land office treasury warrants #11210 and #11682, there is granted by the Commonwealth and to Zachariah Taylor, a tract containing 3036 acres, dated 23 Feb 1789, in Nelson Co on Robinson Creek, a south fork thereof, about 5 or 6 miles above the mouth...Main Robertson's Creek...

Signed: Beverly Randolph; A copy teste Edmon Thomas, Regr.
Green Co SCT: Recorded 22 July 1806 by John Barret, DC.

Zacharias Taylor - Original Owner
Mrs. William Kreeger - Present Owner
Bible records copied by Mrs. William Kreeger for Mrs. Andrew G. Lofquist, Genealogical Records Chairman, Capt. John Whistler Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

The Bible does not state the birth places of any of this family. But from information supplied by a cousin, Mrs. Irene Taylor Allen, great grand daughter of Garrard Banks Taylor, and found in the Library Department of the Kentucky Historical Society at Frankfort, I learned that Mooreman Taylor was a native of North Carolina.

He came to Garrard County, Kentucky when a youth and there married Levinah Banks, the daughter of Lynn and Sally Proctor Banks.

Sterotyped Edition The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Translated Out of the Original Greek and with the Former Translations diligently Compared and Revised

Stereotyped by B. & J. Collins, New York Albany: Printed and Published by E. F. Backus 1816

On the back of the title page the following records:
Zacharias Taylor - His Bible price $______(illegible)
Zacharias Taylor and Susan Hume his wife were married the 13 day January 1830.
John Pruet and Malissia Taylor his wife were married the 3 day of March 1831.
Caddaline (or Chaddaline) Pruet (or Pruett) the 1st dtr to the above was born the 3 day of March 1832.
In the Old Testament part of the Bible, at the bottom of the page of the last book 11 Maccabees on page 181. The end of the Apacrypha (sic). This notation is written:
Rosey Pruet and John Taylor were married the 22 day of March 1838.
The other side of this page was blank as were the next two pages between the Old and the New Testaments where the following records were written in different handwriting:
Mooreman Taylor 3rd son to Zacharias Taylor and Loranah Morris was born the 26th day of March 1769. Easter Sunday.
D. C. September 6 day 1827. Mooreman Taylor, D.C. the 6th day September 1827.
Lynn Banks D.C. the 15th day of September 1827.
Lusey Taylor, the 1st dtr to the above was born the 21 (?) of November, 1830. Thursday.
Rolynda Emery was born the 20 day of April 1831.
John Taylor, the 1 son to the above was born the 1 day July 1832. Sunday.
On the next page this record is written in a lovely old-fashioned hand:
Mooreman Taylor, 3rd son to Zacharias Taylor, his father and Loranah Morris Taylor his mother was born the 26th day of March 1769, Easter Sunday.
Levinah Banks dtr of Linn and Sally Banks was born the 16th day of December, 1776.
Mooreman Taylor, and Levinah Banks his wife were married the 27th day of March 1794.
Betsy Taylor, 1st dtr to the above was born the 4th day of April, 1797. Tuesday.
Naomi Taylor 2nd dtr to the above was born the 14th day of November, 1799. Saturday.
Uriah Morris Taylor 1st son to the above was born the 1st day of December 1800. Monday.
Zacharias Taylor 2nd son to the above was born 2nd day of November 1802. Tuesday.
Melysea Taylor 3rd dtr to the above was born the 14th day of September 1804. Friday.
John Proctor Taylor 3rd son to the above was born the 15th day of May 1807. Friday.
Charity M. Taylor 4th dtr to the above was born the 26th day of April 1809. Wednesday.
Loranah M. Taylor 5th dtr to the above was born the 29th day of May 1811. Wednesday.
Garrard Banks Taylor 4th son to the above was born the 7th day of July 1813. Wednesday.
Oliver P. Taylor 5th son to the above was born the 10th day of July 1815. Monday.
Garton C. Taylor 6th son to the above was born the 2nd day of May 1817. Friday.
Teresia B. Taylor 6th dtr to the above was born the 24th day of August, 1822. Saturday.

The following account is written by Irene Wright Kreeger, a descendant of Mooreman Taylor through his daughter, Naomi Taylor Banks.

This Bible evidently belonged to Zacharias Taylor, son of Mooreman Taylor and a brother of Naomi Taylor Banks, my great grandmother.
How it came to the family no living member knows. My mother's sister lived in the old home of their parents, Elizabeth Ann (Banks) and E. B. Holsclaw. This was an old log house built by my grandfather, E. B. Holsclaw, and after my aunt's death her family had a sale and in gathering up the family belongings this old Bible was found lying on the plate between the rafters of the old house, which, by the way, still stands.
The Bible was given to another of my aunts and by her son to me a few years ago. Great grandmother Banks and her sisters Betsey and Lora (Loranah M.) Taylor (unmarried) lived in my grandparents home the last ere and my great grandmother Naomi Taylor was married in Garrard County to Lynn Banks in 1824 (Box 6, Bond 1572, Garrard Co. Courthouse Lancaster, Kentucky). Her sister Charity Taylor, was married there to Wilford Embry 1829 (Box 7, Bond 1951) and her sister Melissa Taylor was married there to John Prewet (or Pruet) in 1831 (Box 8, Bond 2086).

Some members of this family lived in Butler Co., Ky. and are mentioned in Battle and Perrins History of Kentucky published in 1885.

Naomi (Taylor) Banks, after the death of her husband, came to Trimble Co., Ky. with her two small children, Elizabeth Ann and Garrard, and other members of the family, and lived here until her death, Nov. 27, 1889. She made her home with her daughter Elizabeth Ann (Banks) Holsclaw and husband Enoch Bascom Holsclaw.

My mother, Cardie (Holsclaw) Wright, was the youngest of the nine children born to Elizabeth Ann and E. B. Holsclaw.
I am the only child of my parents, Cardie (Holsclaw) Wright and Robert L. Wright.

/s/ Irene Wright Kreeger (Mrs. Wm. Kreeger)
Dated: December 11, 1959

MOOREMAN TAYLOR b. 1769 was my 3rd great grandfather. (notes from Bob Zachery)
His father Zachariah Taylor b. 1739 Goochland Va. died 1794 Washington Co. Ky. I just got some info on him, I haven't checked yet. DAR index Centennial Edition Part 3. Zachariah: b. a. 1739 d. a. 11-06-1794 KY married (1)x(2) Prudence Peters 2 Lt VA.

I guess that's why they gave him 3036 acres. Prudence was his 2 wife 1st wife Lurannah Morris. I'm not sure how much of what I have that can be verified. LDS has info back to William Taylor b. 1599 in Eng. Same info in "From Log Cabins to the White House" Chap. 13 more or less. The bible record I sent shows some of that info. wrong. Which I didn't use in my line. I did find a emigrant ship page that showed William Taylor age 36 that came to Va. with son John age 16 on Phillip in 1635. I'll work with who ever you want on info I have. If that's a help to anyone tracing this line. But I haven't checked most of stuff I have. I got lucky on Taylor's in that some of bio's in KY. relate to this line. Mooreman's son Garrard Banks Taylor b. 1813 was a Judge in Butler Co.Ky. I'll send along Ship Page.

June 20, 1635 The Philip departed London for Virginia Source: "Hotten's Lists", pages 94-95.
Ship and Passenger Information:
Richard Morgan, Master
June 20, 1635
36 + 8 passengers listed... Women are listed separately at bottom.

Arundell, William . . . . 32
Bonham, George . . . . . . 31
Bransby, William . . . . . 34
Coachman, John . . . . . . 28
Davies, Robert . . . . . . 28
Dawson, Richard . . . . . 31
Disnall, Nathaniell . . . 23
Edwards, Thomas . . . . . 20
Enson, William . . . . . . 33
Featlie, Tymothie . . . . 23
Gorham, John . . . . . . . 18
Gorham, Thomas . . . . . . 19
Habroll, James . . . . . . 22
Halock, Edward . . . . . . 22
Hart, John . . . . . . . . 33
Hill, George . . . . . . . 23
Johnson, Peter . . . . . . 36
Johnson, Richard . . . . . 19 (JNoSON)
Lawters, John . . . . . . 17
Leake, Alexander . . . . . 22
Mason, John . . . . . . . 16
Milner, Samuell . . . . . 18 (SAmVELL, with line over the "m")
Morgan, Robert . . . . . . 33
Owdell, Isack . . . . . . 22
Poslett, Thomas . . . . . 23
Quarrier, James . . . . . 22
Reddam, John . . . . . . . 32
Rippin, Nicholas . . . . . 31
Rogers, William . . . . . 35
Shawe, John . . . . . . . 30
Taylor, John . . . . . . . 16
Taylor, William . . . . . 36
Trumball, Thomas . . . . . 22
Uppcott, Richard . . . . . 26
Wilson, Richard . . . . . 19
York, James . . . . . . . 21
Baker, Marie . . . . . . . 25
Barnie, Ann: . . . . . . . 23 (Colon is in original)
Bowes, Katherin . . . . . 20
Burgis, Ellin . . . . . . 45
Langford, Marcie . . . . . 24
Shawe, Sara . . . . . . . 18
Trash, Suzan [or Trask] . 25
Willerton, Elizabeth . . . 18

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 2nd ed., 1885, Butler Co. GARRARD BANKS TAYLOR, Butler County, was born July 7, 1813, in Garrard County, Ky., where he grew to manhood, and in 1833 removed to Trimble County, and in 1845 located in the northeast part of this county, where he has since resided. His father, Mooreman Taylor, an ative [sic] of North Carolina, was born in 1769; removed with his father to Garrard County while a youth; was a hatter by trade, and died in 1827. He was the son of Zachary Taylor, a cousin of Gen. Taylor's father. His children were Mooreman, Uriah, Zachary, George and Betsy (McDonald). Mooreman married Levina, daughter of Lynn and Sully (Proctor) Banks, of Garrard County (born in 1776, died in 1868), and their offspring are Betsey, Naoma (Banks), Uriah, Zachary, Melissa (Pruett), John, Charity (Emery), Lorenah, Garrard B. [,?] Oliver, Garton C. and Theresa B. (Sadler). Garrard B. procured his education by his own industry, and is a reading man.

He has been twice married; first March 5, 1835, to Nancy, daughter of Jesse and Hannah (Kimmel) Stearling, of Trimble County (born July 7, 1818, died December 21, 1867), and to them were born John M., William A., Wilford E. (deceased), Charity E. (deceased), Garrard B. Jr., Zachary, Jesse S., Mooreman, Joel J., James S., Edward, Mary J. (Bryant) and Oliver P. Mr. Taylor was next married October 25, 1868, to Mrs. Julina, widow of Azel Simpson, and daughter of William and Rachel (Hampton) Lowe (born in Barren County, December 6, 1819). Her children are James W., John E., Warren T., Angeline (Lee), Amanda J. (Bryant), Marion (deceased), Martha L. (Bryant), Jesse S. (deceased), and Sarah E. (Embry).

Mr. Taylor has served his community seven years as a magistrate and member of the court of claims in Butler County. He is a farmer, having 217 acres of productive land, in a high state of cultivation. He has for more than forty years been an elder and a deacon in the Christian Church; in politics he is a Prohibitionist. Mr. Taylor and his last wife had three sons each in the Union army in the late war.

The Will of Zachariah Taylor, Washington County, KY Wills, Page 34-book #1 follows:
dated May 3, 1794, probated 6 Nov 1794
That is to say item one the plantation where on I now live containing 150 acres of land and leave to my beloved wife Prudence Taylor during her life or Widowhood one negro girl name Jenny and then to return to my son Zacharius Taylor land and negro after her death to him and his heirs forever. Then the rest of my negroes to be equally divided amongst my children named the following: John, George, Marmon, Uriah, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth to them and their heirs forever at my decease.

Item I give my daughter Elizabeth Taylor when she becomes of age or marries one young negro and feather bed to her and her heirs forever.
Item the tract of 400 acres Atkinson survey on Green River to be equally divided in quanity and quality between John Taylor, Ann Atkisson and Mary Peter to them and their heirs forever..
Item the rest of my land containing 680 acres to be equally divided in quality and quanity amongst my three sons: George, Marmon and Uriah Taylor.
Item All my Moveable estate I leave in possession of my wife until my youngest child comes of age or marries and then to be equally divided between my wife and all my children. I do appoint John Taylor and George Taylor and Samuel Peters Executors of this my last Will and testament. In Witness where of I have here until set my hand and this third day of May one thousand and seven hundred and ninety four.

Richard Peter , Zachariah Taylor, Thomas Turpin, Cleton Taylor .... Book A page 34

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886. Metcalfe County.

DR. ZACHARIAH TAYLOR was born April 7, 1851, in Adair County, Ky., where he was reared to manhood, and in 1881 located in Metcalfe County, where he has since resided. His father, Francis N. Taylor, also a native of Adair County, was born in 1800, was a minister in the Christian Church, and died in 1873. He was the son of Col. Zachariah Taylor, an early representative in the Legislature. He was a relative of Gen. Zachary Taylor. Francis N. Taylor married Clarissa, daughter of Aaron and Lucy (Walls) Williams, of Adair County (born 1817, died August 1, 1880), and from their union sprang Flavius J., Pinckney W., Mary R. (Montgomery), Drury A., Ann D. (Conover), Dr. Zachariah G. and Samuel A. Dr. Taylor obtained a good English education at the common schools of the country and at the Columbia Christian College. He married, November 12, 1876, Luanthra, daughter of Sidney S. and Letitia (Campbell) Dunbar, of Adair County (born October 4,1854), and to them have been bortn Letitia Clarissa, Minnie Bedine and Welby Dunbar. In 1876 Dr. Taylor commenced the study of medicine with Dr. William B. Montgomery, of Adair County, and attended lectures in the session of 1878-79, in the medical department of the University of Louisville, and located as above, where he has since been successfully engaged in the practice of his chosen profession. He is a zealous member of the Christian Church and in politics a Democrat.

George W. Taylor b.Nov. 13 1790 Union Co. SC. had a son Benj. F. Taylor b. 1832 d. 1852 in Adair Co. Ky.
Benj. F. Taylor had a bro. George M. Taylor b. 1825 that named one of his sons Benj. F. Taylor b. Nov 18, 1854. This is the Bio. on Benj. F. Taylor b. 1854.

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886. Metcalfe County.

BENJAMIN F. TAYLOR, M. D., is a native of Adair County, Ky., born November 18, 1854. His father, George M. Taylor, was born in Adair County, where he yet resides. His age is about sixty-three years. His life has been spent mostly in agricultural pursuits. His wife, the mother of Dr. B. F. Taylor, was Mary J. McLain, daughter of Robert McLain. To this marriage were born nine children. George W. Taylor, the father of George M., was a native of North Carolina, and came to Kentucky with his parents when a lad of ten years; they located in Adair County, where George W. grew to manhood, and married Kittie F. Jones, whose parents were of English birth. George W. Taylor spent his life in the ministry, having preached the gospel for more than fifty-four years, in the Methodist Church. He was among the pioneers and was well known as an efficient and worthy divine who preached the Word with power and worked for the Master with a zeal commensurate with the importance of his mission.

Dr. B. F. Taylor received a common school education, and at the age of fifteen years entered the Columbia Male and Female High School in Adair County, where he spent a year in the study of the English literary course, after which he read medicine with Dr. U. L. Taylor for one year, and took his first course of lectures, after which he began to practice. After five years' success he entered the University of Louisville, from which he graduated with honors, and took his degree of M. D. in 1878. He then located in Bridgeport, Metcalfe County, where he has ever since been engaged in a lucrative and successful practice. He married, on the 12th of October, 1873, Mattie Pendleton, of Metcalfe County, Ky.; to this union was born one son, James, October 12, 1877. He is the proprietor of a farm of 150 acres, which he superintends in connection with his other business. In politics he is a Republican and takes a lively interest in the political issues of the day.

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