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Written on the back of this picture is "?Charles Stark". Can anyone verify who he is?
Is this Charles Stark? This picture is owned by the Trimble County Historical Society. Thanks for your help.

Thanks to Mr. William Shaw, this photo has been positively identified as Charles Stark. Here is the letter written to us by Mr. Shaw - and we thank him for giving us this biography of Charley.

"For what it's worth, the photo of the sailor in the 8th row up from the bottom, 1st photo on the left, I recognize as an old friend of mine from the '60s and '70s. He is most certainly Charley Stark who most of us called "C.D. Stark". I believe he had a family member who served as a constable or in some other law enforcement position in the county at one time or another. He was a WW2 Navy veteran and was a ships carpenter who served in CASU #1 (or 2) (Carrier Air Support Unit) at Pearl Harbor before getting Sea duty around Saipan and Tinian in '44 I believe. If he is still living, he would likely be in his early 90s, as I believe he was born back around 1916 to 1918 or so. He learned his carpenter trade while in the CCC/WPA programs in the late '30s. Last I heard, he was living in Indiana somewhere. He was a truely nice fellow and it was nice seeing his photo in your photo section.
Best regards,
Wm. (Bill) Shaw"

Submitted byJoy Mack

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