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"Postcard of Early Milton Ky" - The person who took this picture was facing the Ohio River. So that would be North. The only building that is still standing today is the one with the pitched roofed. All the others are gone. Not sure as to when this picture would have been taken. I'm not good with old cars for dating a time frame. Perhaps a viewer can help identify the vintage of this photo!

"The Milton-Madison Bridge" - This photo was taken from Moffett Cemetery on the hill top in Milton. Madison is across the river in the picture. Judging from the picture, I would say it was taken sometime in the latter 1940s or sometime in the 50s. It could have been in the 60s also. I'm just not sure. But, until recently the view has been blocked by trees for over 20 years.

Submitted by Joy Muck

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