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My name is Connie McDowell and I have some photos I thought you might like to add. I took them several years ago on a visit that I made to Trimble County. Let me tell you a little about my family.

My grandparents were William and Rosie Freeman of Bedford Ky. I couldn't tell you how many years they lived there, but I know its at least 20 yrs. They lived on Brays Orchard and my Grandfather worked there many years along with many of his sons and daughters.I spent a great deal of my life on that farm.

When I went to visit, I had planned on taking pictures of the old house. My grandparents had moved to Madison because of their age and health. It was to my very sad surprise to find that the old house had been torn down. No one in the family seems to have a picture, but I shot a few photos of what was left: the old Tobacco barn, the lane,an old storage shed(that my grandpa probably built) and a few in Milton at the souvenir shop . Here, also is an obituary for Joseph Freeman my uncle (son of William and Rosie Freeman) who lived at Rt. 1 in Bedford on Brays orchard and worked there many years.

Submitted by Connie McDowell

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