Hancock / Webb Deed

This indenture made and intered unto this 12th day of March, 1859. Between FRANCIS HANCOCK of the first part, and WILLIAM WEBB of the second part both [apartisable] County and State of Kentucky. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty three dollars to be paid twelve months from this date, for which the said Webb has executed his notes to the said party of the first part. She has and by these presents does hereby sell and convey unto the said WILLIAM M WEBB and his heirs forever the tract of land on which ROBERT HANCOCK deceased lived at the time of his death, lying and being in the County of Trimble and State of Kentucky. Supposed to contain nine acres more or less with all and singular the appurtinances thereunto belonging, or the [anytire] appertaning (also all the claim she as administrator of JOHN HANCOCK deed holds on said estate of said ROBERT HANCOCK) in the event the land is lost to have and tohold with the said WILLIAM WEBB his heirs and assigns forever. The above described tract or piece of land with all and singular the appurtinances thereunto appertaining and the said FRANCIS HANCOCK herby consents to and [nerth] the said WILLIAM M WEBB that she will and her heirs to shall warrant and frence defend the title of the above described premises against the claim of all persons whatsoever In testimony Whereof the said FRANCIS HANCOCK has herunto subscribed her name [?] first written State of Kentucky, Trimble County [her signature]

I WILLIAM SAMUEL Clerk of the County Court for the County foresaid that the within deed from FRANCIS HANCOCK to WILLIAM WEBB

Hancock Family Tree

First Generation
1. Robert HANCOCK was born 1770/1775 in Virginia. He died about 1849 in Trimble County, Kentucky. Robert married Lucy ?. Lucy was born 1770/1775 in Virginia.

They had the following children: + 2 M i. John HANCOCK was born about 1814 and died about 1859. Marries Francis Hoskins on Feb 22, 1835 Henry County, Kentucky

3 F ii. Milly HANCOCK was born about 1808 in Virginia. Milly married William LOUDEN on 18 Jun 1830 in Oldham County, Kentucky.

4 F iii. Mary "Polly" HANCOCK was born about 1801 in Virginia. Died 5/3/1878 Mary married Stephen BURNETT on 14 Oct 1823 in Henry County, KY

5 F iv. Lucy HANCOCK was born about 1812 Virginia Lucy married Charles ALLEN on 8 Oct 1839 in Trimble County, Kentucky. Robert also married (2) Nancy ESTIS on 21 Aug 1834 in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Second Generation

2. John HANCOCK was born about 1814 in Virginia. He died about 1859 in Trimble County, Kentucky John married Francis HOSKINS on 22 Feb 1835 in Henry County, KY Francis Hoskins was born abt 1817 Kentucky. She died aft 1870 Trimble County, Kentucky

They had the following children: + 6 M i. James Richard HANCOCK was born 1839 and died 1906. Marries Mary Jane Adams Jan 21, 1861 Trimble County

7 M ii. Robert HANCOCK was born 1838 in Henry County, Kentucky.

8 F iii. Martha HANCOCK was born 1836 in Henry County, Kentucky.

9 F iv. Lucy HANCOCK was born 1841 in Trimble County, Kentucky.

10 M v. John Charles HANCOCK was born 1843 in Trimble County, Kentucky. John married Martha Edmonia TUCKER on 12 Dec 1867 in Trimble County, Kentucky.

11 M vi. Newton Harrison HANCOCK was born 1845 in Trimble County, Kentucky. Newton married Louisa J TUCKER on 11 Oct 1870 in Trimble County, Kentucky.

12 F vii. Fanny Barnett HANCOCK was born 1848 in Trimble County, Kentucky. Fanny married John Pressley SPEAKS on 1 Nov 1866 in Trimble County, Kentucky.

13 M viii. Allen Bowen HANCOCK was born 1851 in Trimble County, Kentucky.

14 M ix. Elias Tillman HANCOCK was born 1853 in Trimble County, Kentucky. Elias married Nancy E SHEPPARD on 16 Jan 1877 in Trimble County, Kentucky.

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