Bible record of Gabriel Abrams and Susan Rose
From the pension record of Clisby B. Smith # 357363, 18th day of July, 1904.

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"I am Sarah Miller, 59 years of age, my address is Richmond, Kentucky, occupation housekeeper, widow of Lafayette Miller who died about eight years ago. I am the daughter of Gabriel Abrams and was born in Jackson County, Kentucky. Yes, I had a sister Margaret Abrams, she married Clisby Smith, who was a soldier and got shot in the army and came home and died.

"I show you a record of births of my father's children. You came to the right place for that."

From the interviewer: "The record is old, on a sheet of paper."

Easter Abrams, born December 17, 1828
Margaret Abrams, born June 2, 1830
James Abrams, born March 13, 1832
Matilda Abrams, born January 10, 1834
Nancy Ann Abrams, born December 3, 1835
Solomon Abrams, born April 13, 1837
Friend Abrams, born 20 September, 1839
Elijah Abrams, born 31 January, 1842
Elizabeth Abrams, born 10 July, 1843
Sarah Abrams, born 7 May, 1845
Humphrey Abrams, born 22 February, 1847
Henry Abrams, born 14 August, 1849

" I suppose all of these are dead, for I have not heard from any of them for years. This record of my brothers and sisters was from fathers old Bible that he kept all the records. The Bible was really grand fathers."

Note from Interviewer: "Bible published by the American Bible Society, New York in 1781."

Gabriel Abrams (Abraham) was married to Susan Rose, ca 1827. Although the family name was shortened to Abrams, Gabriel insisted that his name be spelled Abraham. He was last found on the pension record of his son Solomon in Trimble County, Kentucky, ca 1890. At that time he gave his age as 84. It is believed that he died near Euings Ford, as did his son Solomon Abrams, on 4 February, 1923.

The parents of Gabriel Abrams (Abraham) were Henry Abraham and Rachel Turpin. They were married in Madison County, Kentucky, 24 May, 1797. Henry Abraham came into Kentucky, in 1795, from Pennsylvania, with his father Thomas and mother (believed to be Juriah Friend.) Also, several brothers: Joseph who married Betsy Persefied; Elias who married Elizabeth Wyatt; Thomas who married Judy Wyatt; Gabriel who married Elizabeth Skidmore; Basil who is believed to have first married Polly Carter and secondly Susan Lakes. Little is known of son Jesse. He is found on marriage records, tax and census records. No further information is found after 1830. A daughter Diana married Ezekiel Bledsoe, 20 January, 1810. Nothing is known of another daughter. All above marriages found in Madison County, Kentucky.

Solomon Turpin and Elizabeth Turpin were the parents of Rachel Turpin. Solomon along with William Sr. was a resident of Boonesboro. In 1781, William and Solomon lived on Tates Creek at Grubb's Station. (Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society, Eleventh - Deposition of William Williams.)

Elizabeth Turpin is made administrator of the estate of Solomon Turpin,1789. Higgison Grubbs and George Boon to appraise, Order Book A, page 242, Madison County, Kentucky.

In 1797, Elizabeth Turpin gives consent for daughter Rachel to marry Henry Abrams (Abraham). Madison County, Kentucky.

Enclosed is a picture of Gabriel Abraham born ca 1806, Horse Lick, Madison County, Ky., now Jackson County, died after 1890, Trimble County, Kentucky. (Photo not presently available)

Solomon Abram

Pension, Union Army #673-513

Solomon Abrams, 5 feet and 11 inches tall, blue eyes, fair hair and occupation listed as farmer at time of enlistment.

Enlisted in Company I, Third Kentucky Infantry Volunteers, enrolled 20 August, 1861 at Camp Dick Robinson. He was discharged on 9 February, 1863.
At the time of this pension application 25 November, 1890, his address was Campbellsburg, Kentucky. Gabriel Abraham appeared as a witness and gave his age as 84.
Note: Gabriel was the father, not identified as such.
Solomon Abrams states that he was married to Elizabeth Ricketts in Jackson County, Kentucky about 1860 and that they had no children of their own but had raised one boy who is about 35 years old in 1890.

" After I came home from the army my post office was Clover Bottom, Ky. and I remained that up to about 1875. I changed my post office to Pleasant Home in Owen County, Kentucky and remained there about one year when I changed my post office to English, Carroll County and remained there up to about 1880 when I changed my post office to Spring Port, Henry County, Kentucky and remained there about one year when I changed my post office address to Port Royal, Henry County, Kentucky. I remained there up to about 1888 when I changed my address to Campbellsburg, Henry County, Kentucky and that has been my address ever since. While I was at Mumfordsville, Kentucky about the first of October, 1862, I took sick with Camp Fever which resulted in a severe diarrhea and disease of the stomach from which I have suffered ever since. Dr. G.B. Holland of Clover Bottom treated me soon after I came home from the army and treated me for more than a year. Dr. Johnson of Port Royal, Kentucky treated me about 1884. Dr. Hensley of Port Royal treated me about the fall of 1887. My disabilities alleged still continue to affect me and in consequence of my alleged disabilities I am not able to do much manual labor."

Pension granted in the amount of $50.00.

Death Certificate #9708 for Salamon Abrams, death date 11 February, 1923, died in Antioch Pct. of Trimble County, Kentucky. age given as about 96 years old. Birthplace given as Kentucky, date of birth unknown, parents unknown, male, white, married. Burial in the Family Burying Ground. Terrel Brothers of Bedford were the Undertakers, died of senility and heart disease.
Dr. Webb Suter attended him. Informant was Della Mitchell of Campbellsburg, Route #3. Civil War Pension gives date as 4 February, 1923.

Birth date was 13 April, 1837 in Clover Bottom in now Jackson County, Kentucky.

Friend Abraham To Deed E.B. McCain, page 357, 3-21- 1925, Trimble County, Ky.
This indenture made and entered into the 17th day of December, 1924, by and between Friend Abraham, of Henry County, Ky, party of the first part and E.B. McCain of Bedford, Ky, of the second part ,
For and in consideration of one dollar cash in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and the further consideration that the estate of Solomon Abraham is indebted to the said E.B. McClain for the burial expenses of the said Solomon Abraham, the party of first part has sold and by these presents does grant, bargain, sell a Lein and convey unto him the said E.B. McClain, his heirs and assign forever all the right, title and interest that the party of the first part his or may hereafter have in and to the hereafter described real estate located in Trimble County, Ky. , and bounded as follows; On the north and east by lands of W.P. Colbert and on the south by the Penn land and on the west by the Little Kentucky River and being the same land purchased from Isom MITCHELL by Solomon Abraham about the year 1879 and for which no deed appears of record but being the same land owned by Solomon Abraham at the time of his death and supposed to contain Twenty Four or Twenty Five Acres. The Said Solomon Abraham having died on the 11th day of February., 1923 intestate and the grantor herein being the brother and one of the heirs at law of said Solomon Abraham.

Signed by Friend Abraham x
State of Kentucky
County of Henry said certify that the forgoing deed was on the 17 day of December, 1924, produced to me in my county and acknowledged and delivered by Friend Abraham party thereto to be his act and deed. Witness my hand the 17th day of December, 1924.
Recorded by H.L. Wright, County Clerk of Trimble County, Ky.

The father of Solomon Abrams, Gabriel Abraham always insisted the name be spelled Abraham. Gabriel lived with Solomon until his death and is, I feel sure buried in the same cemetery.

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