The record of deaths were taken from microfilm and the books of papers,
THE TRIMBLE DEMOCRAT for the years 1980 through 1989.

Everything enclosed in ( parentheses ) was added from another source, burial records, TRIMBLE COUNTY KENTUCKY CEMETERIES, some reference to 1870 census of Trimble County, and some from family research. All notes were added by and not contained in the obituary. Permission to use at the Trimble County Kentucky Genealogy site from the Trimble County Historical Society, Trimble County, Kentucky. I would like to thank them for making this resource available.

RAISOR, Clarence Willard, 76, Louisville, KY died 17 Apr 1985, bur. Moffett Cem. Native of Gallatin Co., KY (s/o Harvey and Ella Mae Crawford Raisor.) Survived by wife THELMA RICHMOND RAISOR, 1 son Micky Raisor, 1 dau. Mrs. Audrey Clayton, 1 bro. Henry Raisor, 1 sis. Mrs. Eura Luffmann.

RAISOR, Mabel Clara, 79, Campbellsburg, KY died 11 Feb 1982, bur. there. d/o Leonard and Minnie Wright Peak. Survived by 4 sons Noel; Maurice; Donald and Kenneth Raisor, 1 dau. Mrs. Mildred Brewer. Preceded by husband RUSSELL RAISOR.

RAKER, Courtland, 70, Milton died 15 Sep 1984, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born 12 Nov 1913 s/o August and Clara Thieman Raker.) Survived by wife CHARLOTTE SACHLEBEN RAKER, 2 dau. Mrs. Karen Grangier and Mrs. Jean Bryan, 1 son Paul Raker. Preceded by parents.

RALSTON, Alice, 90, Stanton, Calif. died 21 May 1980, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. d/o Reuben and Nannie Barnes. Survived by 2 dau. Phyllis and Elva, 1 sis. Myrtle Barnes Wright. Preceded by husband Rev. G. C. RALSTON, 1 son Barclay.

RALSTON, Cleo W., 82, died 21 Apr 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 4 Dec 1906 d/o Benjamin and Bessie Kinchloe Whitaker.) She was a retired beautician. Survived by son Vaughn Ralston, 1 dau. Lois Tingle.

RALSTON, Herbert Lee "Woodrow," 68, Bennington, IN died 9 Mar 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by wife MATTIE RALSTON, 1 son Raymond Ralston, 2 dau. Mrs. Judy Young and Mrs. Ruby Smith. Preceded by 1 sis.

RALSTON, L. G., 68, Bedford died 9 Apr 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 28 Oct 1913 s/o Charles A. and Clara P. Garriott Ralston.) Survived by wife JESSIE CARROLL RALSTON, 2 sons Joe and Carroll T. Ralston, 2 bro. Samuel and Charles Ralston, Jr.

RALSTON, Raymond, (67,) New Hope, KY (Nelson Co.) died 15 Dec 1980, bur. _______. Former resident of Trimble Co. Survived by 4 ch. Note: More next week. It was not in next paper. Wife, Frances (Sims) Ralston age 54, died 14 Dec 1979, 4 sons Joseph Raymond; William Bruce; James Patric and Joseph Edward, 1 dau. Frances Leah Ralston. Two named Joseph? From her obit.

RALSTON, Samuel, (78,) Prospect, KY died 3 Dec 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 8 Jun 1908 s/o Charles and Clara Garriott Ralston. Data from funeral record.

RAND, John William, 70, Bedford died 3 Feb 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 7 Mar 1909 s/o Dr. B. O. and Josie Miles Rand.) He married SARAH BRAY in 1931, she died 8 Mar 1965. Survived by 2 sons Dr. O. B. and Reggie Rand, 1 dau. Carolyn Schwartz. Preceded by 1 bro. Joseph Rand and 1 sis. Mrs. Lottie Richmond.

RANSDELL, Charles E., 75, Indianapolis, IN died 27 Mar 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Henry Co., KY s/o Joe and Eunice Jenkins Ransdell. He lived most of his life in Trimble Co. He had been a store and restaurant operator for more than 50 years. Survived by wife GLADYS GREENWOOD RANSDELL, 2 sons William and Joe Ransdell, 1 dau. Mary Austin. Preceded by bro. Phillip Ransdell.

RATCLIFF, Arthur Forrest, 94, Pendleton, KY died 4 Jun 1984, bur. Sligo Cem. Born Henry Co., KY. Survived by son Buddy Ratcliff, dau. Geneva Taylor.

RAWLINGS, Jeffrey Lynn, 31, Calif. interred 10 Sep 1989 IOOF Bedford. Lived most of his life in Campbellsburg area. Survived by mother and father Lois and Garold Price, 2 sis. Shari Price and Mrs. Jack (Robin) Shuck.

REED, Jo Ann, 56, Indianapolis, IN died 9 Oct 1987, bur. Cross Plaines, IN. Born Milton, KY 21 Jan 1931 d/o Ralph and Marie Liter Wentworth. Survived by husband LEWIS REED, 1 dau. Janey Rodgers, 2 sons Jerry and Joe Reed, her father, 2 bro. Wayne and Doug Wentworth, 3 sis. Ada Aldred; Barbara Voris and Janet Wentworth.

REYNOLDS, Anita S., 77, died 1 Jul 1986, body cremated bur. Zachary Taylor Cem. Native of Trimble Co. a former teacher. d/o Joseph E. and Minnie Wright Spillman. Survived by dau. Debra C. Reynolds, 6 sis. Mrs. Ethel Mahuron; Mrs. Lucille Hutcherson; Mrs. Eva (Reva) Burrows; Mrs. Josephine Arnold; Mrs. Wilma Gilbert and Mrs. Ruth Ehrman, 2 bro. Glenn and James Spillman. Preceded by husband ARTIE D. REYNOLDS in 1984.

REYNOLDS, Art D., 77, Crestwood, KY died 1 Dec 1984, body cremated. W.W.II veteran, native of Carnegie, OK and former resident of Denver, CO. Survived by wife ANITA SPILLMAN REYNOLDS, a native and former resident of Trimble Co., a dau. Debra C. Reynolds, son John A. Reynolds.

RICHMOND, Bertha Mae, 88, Bethel, OH died 8 Aug 1980, bur. Campbellsburg, KY. (Born Greenup Co., KY 12 Aug 1891 d/o Thomas and Kathrine Robertson.) Survived by dau. Mary Popp, 1 sis. Mrs. Martha King, bro. Robert Robertson.

RICHMOND, Carl H., 80, Madison, IN died 24 Sep 1982, bur. Grandview Memorial Gardens. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by wife BLANCHE SHELTON RICHMOND, 1 dau. Mrs. Nancy Raisor, 1 sis. Mrs. Geneva Muster, 3 bro. Clifford; H. L. and Robert Richmond. Preceded by parents, Alpa N. (Nolan) and Maude Ward Richmond, 2 sis. and 3 bro.

RICHMOND, Claude O., 75, Indianapolis, IN died 30 Apr 1985, bur. ____. Formerly of Trimble Co. Survived by wife LEONA RICHMOND, 3 step-dau. and 1 sis. Jeanette Hillman. Note: He was s/o Andrew Jackson and Ollie Welch Richmond.

RICHMOND, Kathryn, 72, Bedford died 3 Dec 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 1 Sep 1910 d/o George and Mary Chandler Harmon.) Survived by husband RUSSELL RICHMOND, 2 sons Douglas and Shelby Richmond, 2 dau. Patsy Adam and Wanda Helm. Preceded by 2 dau. and 3 bro.

RICHMOND, Kenneth, 65, Scott Co., IN died 1 Feb 1981, bur. there. W.W.II Navy veteran, native of Trimble Co. Survived by wife PAULINE JONES RICHMOND, 1 son Dale Richmond, 3 dau. Mrs. Paula Baldwin; Mrs. Brenda Spicer and Mrs. Karen Owens, 4 bro. Carl; Lemuel; Clifford and Robert Richmond, 1 sis. Mrs. Geneva Muster.

RICHMOND, Louise, 73, Milton died 24 Dec 1981, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 24 Feb 1908 d/o Shelby and Bessie Chandler Rowlett.) Survived by husband EARL RICHMOND, 1 dau. Mrs. Mary Ann Taylor, 5 sons Norvel "Charlie"; Donald; Randall; William and Robert Richmond, 2 sis. Mrs. Mary Leanna Harmon; Mrs. Frances Carson and Mrs. Dorothy Kendall. Preceded by 1 sis. and 3 bro.

RICHMOND, Lucille, 80, Madison died 25 Oct 1982, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 2 Dec 1902 d/o Arthur and Nannie Rand Carlisle.) A former resident of Trimble Co. living in Indiana a number of years. Survived by 2 dau. Mrs. Ruth Oles and Mrs. Delsie Herford, 2 sons William and Robert Richmond, 2 bro. Bob and Charles Carlisle.

RICHMOND, Ray, 83, Milton died 18 Jul 1982, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born KY 24 Aug 1898 s/o George and Cora Preston Richmond.) Survived by 1 sis. Geneva Richmond. Preceded by 1 bro. (Dallas) and 2 sis.

RIFFE, Elsie Gambill, 57, Bedford died 15 Sep 1989, bur. LaGrange, KY. Native of Oldham Co., KY d/o late Ode E. and Goldie Lee Foster Singer. Survived by husband CLARENCE RIFFE, Jr., 1 dau. Freda Goff, 4 sons Randy C.; Dallas R.; Eddie L. and Mike Gambell.

ROBBINS, Joanna J., 59, Bedford died 3 Jan 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Vevay, IN 8 Feb 1933.) Survived by husband ELMO B. ROBBINS, 1 son Carl Robbins, 1 step-son Garry Robbins, her mother Mrs. Ethel Haak, 3 bro. Charles; George and Harry Haak, 1 sis. Mrs. Dorothy Rewis. (Lewis?)

ROBERTS, Amberly Dawn, 2 mo. Bedford died 1 May 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 22 Feb 1983.) Survived by father Timothy Lee Roberts, mother Cathy Sparkman Roberts, g-mother Harriet Sparkman, g-father Bryan Sparkman, g-mother Mrs. Sue Joslin, g-father David Roberts, great grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberts, 1 sis. Nicole Roberts.

ROBERTS, Mathew Kirby, 84, Bedford died 28 Apr 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Seymour, IN 28 Nov 1895.) Survived by 3 sons Chester Lee; Clareng (Clarence?) Gilbert and Thomas Roberts, 2 dau. Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Jones and Mrs. Virginia Mae Myers, 1 bro. Porter Roberts. Preceded by wife, 1 son Edwin Mathew Roberts.

ROBERTS, Paul, 81, Campbellsburg, KY died 25 Jan 1986, bur. there. Born Trimble Co. Survived by wife MABEL ROBERTS, 2 sons Bill and David Roberts, 2 dau. Mrs. Ethel Mae Taylor and Mrs. Doris Griffin, 1 bro. Eugene Roberts, 2 sis. Mrs. Mildred Chandler and Mrs. Sarah Welch.

ROBERTSON, Sadie, 97, Bedford died 21 Dec 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 5 Apr 1889 d/o Lewis and Minnie McCoy McDowell.) Survived by husband ROBERT ROBERTSON, 1 sis. Mrs. Amy Chapel.

RODGERS, Richard Payne, 72, Madison, IN died 18 Jul 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, a retired teacher, businessman and farmer. (Born Trimble Co. 3 Nov 1914 s/o James and Lacey Height Rodgers.) Survived by wife JEAN B. RODGERS, 2 sons Rick and Steve Rodgers, 2 bro. James Allen and Gayle Rodgers, 2 sis. Sondra Rodgers and Ruby Young. Preceded by 2 bro. Raymond and Neville Rodgers.

RODGERS, Shirley, 60, Milton died 22 Nov 1983, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carrollton, KY 16 Nov 1923 d/o Prentice C. and Lora Mae Coppersmith Meeks.) Survived by husband GAYLE RODGERS, 1 son Tom Rodgers, 2 dau. Mrs. Cherry Lynn Liter and Mrs. Robin Dell Phillips. Preceded by 2 bro.

ROGERS, Jason Alvin, 3 weeks, Campbellsburg, KY died 25 Nov 1980, bur. Moffett Cem. Infant s/o Carl and Janet Nutgrass Rogers (Born 4 Nov 1980.) Survived by parents, 1 sis. Carla Lynn Rogers, grandmothers Mrs. Mary Rogers and Mrs. Frances Nutgrass. Preceded by 2 bro.

ROSE, James William, 70, Bedford died 20 Aug 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born Owen Co., KY 27 Jun 1918 s/o Garnett and Helen Adams Rose.) Survived by wife HELEN ROSE, 1 son Terry Rose, 1 dau. Mrs. Rita Tharp, 2 bro. Chris and Elbert Rose.

ROWLETT, Claude Lee, 80, Middletown, OH died 19 Jul 1984, bur. there. Former resident of Bedford (s/o Thomas Owen and Retta Jeffries Rowlett.) Survived by 3 sons Benny Harold; Denver and Duell Rowlett, 2 dau. Lorene Martin and Iaana Welcher, 1 sis. Ethel Belle, 2 bro. Alfred (Albert) and Prentice Rowlett. Preceded by wife LAVERN ROWLETT. Note: Name is Albert not Alfred on other records.

ROWLETT, Rev. Daniel P., 95, Milton died 13 Jan 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 14 Apr 1888 s/o Will B. and Leanna Perkinson Rowlett.) married MARY LEW HOLDERFIELD, who died 1978. When she died they had been married for 66 years. He served the Baptist Church at Locust, Corn Creek and Milton in Kentucky and several churches in Indiana. Survived by dau. Freda Dice Rowlett, 1 sis. Mrs. Leona Chandler. Preceded by 6 bro., 1 sis. and 1 dau.

ROWLETT, Frank L., 92, Bedford died 17 Jan 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 18 May 1892 s/o George A. "Andy" and Mattie Rowlett.) Survived by 3 sons Charles; Merle W. and Graham Rowlett, 2 dau. Mrs. Alma Ruth Scott and Mrs. Norma Watson, 1 bro. Henry Rowlett. Preceded by wife GRACE MYRTLE ROWLETT, 1 bro. and 2 sis.

ROWLETT, Grace Blanche, 87, Bedford died 31 Mar 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 10 Apr 1898 d/o James and Callie Ralston Morgan.) Survived by 2 dau. Neola Hoops and Lavern Jones, son Harold Estell Rowlett, 1 sis. Arletta Adcock, 1 bro. Ivan Morgan. Preceded by husband HENRY ROWLETT, 4 bro. and 3 sis.

ROWLETT, Henry Tolbert, 87, Bedford died 6 Jul 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 9 Nov 1898 s/o Andrew and Mattie Rowlett.) Survived by wife GRACE B. ROWLETT, 2 dau. Mrs. Neola Hoops and Mrs. Laverne Jones.

ROWLETT, Ivy C., 79, Bedford died 1 / 2 May 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 14 Feb 1903 s/o Charles and Rhoda Rowlett.) Survived by son Donald Rowlett, dau. Mrs. Emma Louise Brown, 2 bro. Noble and Herman Rowlett.

ROWLETT, Kenneth, 72, Milton died 3 Dec 1984, bur. Moffett Cem. W.W.II vet., (born Indiana 25 Aug 1912 s/o Harry and Sadie Gosman Rowlett.) Survived by bro. Raymond Rowlett, 2 nephews Jim and Bob Rowlett.

ROWLETT, Louis Clifford, 66, Greenville, GA died 26 Oct 1989, bur. GA. W.W.II veteran, born Trimble Co. s/o Lawrence and Mary McKay Rowlett. Survived by wife JUANITA ROWLETT, 2 sons Louis Carrol and Douglas Rowlett, 2 dau. Jennifer Fowler and Janet Fisher, 3 sis. Lois Liter; Jackie Hall and Nellie Patterson, 2 bro. Raymond and Howard Rowlett.

ROWLETT, Myrtle, 80, Milton died 14 Feb 1982, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 29 May 1901 d/o Thomas and Angie Ball Arnett.) Survived by husband D. T. ROWLETT, 2 sis. Mrs. Corale Liter and Mrs. Opal Schnyder, 1 bro. Joe Arnett. Preceded by son Walton Rowlett in 1943 and dau. Mrs. Geneva Butler in 1976.

ROWLETT, Raymond, 67, Milton died 9 Aug 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 24 May 1919 s/o Harry and Sadie Gosman Rowlett.) Survived by wife ELEANOR ROWLETT, 2 sons James and Robert. Preceded by 1 bro. Kenneth.

ROWLETT, Sadie, 88, Milton died 29 June 1981, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born 6 Feb 1893 d/o Charles and Minnie Crafton Gosman.) She operated the Rowlett Grocery in Milton the past 41 years. Survived by 2 sons Kenneth and Raymond Rowlett, 1 bro. Shelby Gosman, 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Lou Underwood. Preceded by husband HARRY ROWLETT in 1952 and 1 sis.

RUBLE, Mary Walker, (__) Lawrenceburg, IN died 26 Feb 1983, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. Survived by husband, 1 son and 2 dau., 1 sis. Mrs. Bertie Detraz, several nieces and nephews, 1 being Mrs. Howard McEndre. Preceded by parents John and Ellen Tingle Walker and 6 bro.

RUSH, J. Milton, 70, Bedford died 10 Oct 1983, bur. Lexington, KY. W.W.II veteran, (born VA 27 May 1913 s/o Willett and Frankie May Milton Rush.) He was raised in Versailles, KY. Survived by wife MARY ESTER RUSH, 1 dau. Mrs. Betsy Rush Liston, 2 bro. Kenneth and Dr. Buddy Rush, 1 sis. Ovana L. Rush.

RYAN, Herman V., 47, Milton died 19 Jun 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 29 Apr 1934 s/o Herman D. and Agnes Ryan.) Survived by wife JO ANN RYAN, 1 dau. Mrs. Twila Hughes, 1 step-dau. Mrs. Deborah Ralston, 3 sis. Mrs. Deloras Noble; Mrs. Edwina Schnaws and Mrs. Betram Martin, 1 bro. Edwin Ryan. Preceded by 1 sis.

SACHLEBEN, Jessie Lee, 100, Milton died 1 Dec 1986, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born Ohio Co.,IN 20 Jun 1886, d/o Charlie and Charlotte Steglmiller Detmer.) Married at age 25 to ED SACHLEBEN. Survived by dau. Mrs. Charlotte Raker, 6 sons George; Chris; Raymond; Clifford; Lawrence and Marvin Sachleben. Preceded by husband, 4 sis. and 3 bro.

SACHLEBEN, John W., 66, Milton died 2 May 1980, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 30 Jul 1913 s/o Fred and Lizzie Scholey Sachleben.) Lived in Milton area throughout his life. Survived by wife VIRGINIA HAMILTON SACHLEBEN, whom he married 19 Nov 1938, 3 sons J. W.; Jerry and Phillip Sachleben, 1 sis. Mrs. Leanna Wright, 1 bro. Robert Sachleben. Preceded by 3 bro. Harry; Walter and Charlie Sachleben.

SACHLEBEN, Will F., 86, Madison, IN died 26 Jun 1982, bur. Springdale Cem. W.W.I veteran, native of Trimble Co. (born 4 Feb 1896, s/o Chris and Anna Cutter Sachleben.) Survived by wife EDNA L. DETMER SACHLEBEN, 2 dau. Mrs. Aliene Breitenbach and Mrs. Lillian Smith. Preceded by son, 2 sis., and 4 bro.

SANDERS, James, 63, Bedford died 28 Nov 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 4 Jan 1917 s/o Albert and Minnie Carlisle Sanders.) Survived by wife HOPE (KENNEDY) SANDERS, 1 dau. Mrs. Libby Powell, 1 bro. Malcolm Sanders.

SARGENT, Charles Tillman, 74, Bedford died 6 Aug 1984, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 24 Mar 1910 s/o Knox and Katie Mershall Sargent.) Survived by 3 sons Billy; Donald and Charles Sargent. Preceded by wife MARGARET SARGENT, 3 Jul 1976.

SARGENT, Florence, 77, Bedford died 5 Sep 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 4 Jun 1905 d/o Alonzo and Mary Ryon McDowell.) Survived by son Morris Wayne Sargent, step-son Charlie Sargent, 6 bro. Jim; Arthur; Bill; Ernest; Tandy and Luther McDowell, 2 sis. Lula McDowell and Anna Belle Miller. Preceded by husband KNOX SARGENT, 2 sis. and 2 bro.

SCHAFER, Henry, 85, died 7 May 1987, bur. Lutheran Cem. (Born Mile, Germany 22 Mar 1902.) Survived by son Donald Schafer. Preceded by wife MARY SCHAFER in Mar 1987, 1 son Carl, 2 bro. and 3 sis.

SCHAFER, Mary E., 81, died 19 Mar 1987, bur. Lutheran Cem., Hunter's Bottom. (Born 1 Apr 1905 d/o Charles and Louise Raker Thieman.) Survived by husband HENRY SCHAFER, 1 son Donald Schafer, 1 sis. Mrs. Ella Detmer, 1 bro. Ernest Thieman. Preceded by son Carl Schafer.

SCHMIDT, Michael Warren, 28, Bedford died 31 Jul 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Indianapolis, IN 5 Jul 1954.) Survived by wife WYNN SCHMIDT, his father Joe M. Schmidt, his mother Mrs. Edith (Morgan) Bishop, 1 bro. Joe R. Schmidt.

SCHIRMER, Reuben A., 80, Riverside, CA died 28 May 1980, bur. there. Native of Trimble Co. resided in California since 1924, s/o late Otto and Chella (Barnes) Schirmer. Survived by wife MILDRED SCHIRMER, 1 son Robert L., 1 dau. Nancy, 1 bro. Dr. Robert Schirmer and 1 sis. Lucille Ashby. Preceded by sis. (Lottie Vincent) and an infant bro.

SCHURMEIER, Clara Marie, 61, Tucson, Arizona died 11 Jan 1986, bur. Lutheran Cem. Former resident of Milton ( Born 25 Jun 1924 d/o William and Clara Thieman Schurmeier.) Survived by sis. Mrs. Ed Moore of Milton.

SCOTT, Albert L., 66, Wise's Landing died 15 Sep 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.II veteran, (born 14 Oct 1914 s/o Ira Clarence and Minnie Dona Scott.) Survived by wife JEAN GRISSON SCOTT, 1 son Albert L. Scott, Jr., 2 sis. Mrs. Lucy Scott Wallace and Clara E. Scott.

SCOTT, Hallie Lee, 86, Bedford died 13 Jul 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 31 Aug 1894 d/o John and Verbinia Whitaker Brown.) She married OSCAR SCOTT, who died Feb 1960. Survived by 3 sons Elrene; Leland and Sylvan Scott, 4 dau. Mrs. Velma Welty; Mrs. Johnny Mae Callis; Fern Ward and Mrs. Gleneva Neal, 2 bro. Tully and Charlie Brown, 1 sis. Mrs. Elizabeth Kidwell. Preceded by infant dau. 2 bro. and 1 sis.

SEVERN, Amanda, 76, Frankfort, KY died 16 Mar 1981, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Perry Co., KY 16 Mar 1904 d/o Harmon and Minerva Morrison Kleving.) Survived by 3 dau. Mrs. Virginia Defler; Mrs. Frances Poe and Mrs. Emma Severn, 6 sons Jefferson; Raymond; David; Arnold; William and George Severn, 1 bro. Ray Kleving, 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Canie. Preceded by 2 dau., 3 bro. and 1 sis.

SHAFER, Charles, 95, Bedford died 6 Apr 1985, bur. IOOF Carrollton,KY. Born Carroll Co. 19 Feb 1895 s/o Joe and Minnie Fisher Shafer, married 30 Sep 1908 to ELLA HARMON, who died 27 Jun 1967. Survived by 6 dau. Mrs. Goldie Stockdale; Mrs. Juanita Brown; Mrs. Cordie Mae Knox; Mrs. Faye Hall; Mrs. Bulah Handlon and Mrs. Lola Stockdale, 4 sons Paul; Frank; Allen and Alvin Shafer. Preceded by dau. Valetta Welch, 3 sis. Lena Taylor; Mollie Harsin and Virgie Tingle.

SHAFER, Nola Mae Reynolds, 73, Louisville, KY died 29 Nov 1987, bur. IOOF Carrollton. (Born Whitley Co., KY. 14 Apr 1914.) Survived by husband CHARLES FRANK SHAFER, 1 dau. Mrs. Louise St Clair, 2 sons Daniel and Willard, 2 step-sons Ira Lee and Charles Shafer, Jr.

SHAFER, Virginia Mae 62, Bedford died 5 Dec 1985, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Carroll Co. (Born 20 Jan 1923 d/o Dalton and Flora Smith Garrett.) Survived by husband PAUL KEITH SHAFER, 1 son Paul David Shafer, 2 dau. Mrs. Priscella McIntosh and Mrs. Joleeta Stephens, 1 bro. Dalton Garrett, 1 sis. Mrs. Velma Heusel and half-sis. Mrs. Eileen Barry. Preceded by parents.

SHAW, Kirsten, 50, Louisville, KY died 29 Feb 1984, bur. Moffett Cem. Body cremated. (Born Copenhagen, Denmark 25 Aug 1933 d/o Jens Peder and Anna Peterson Kobberrod.) Survived by son Tim Shaw, dau. Anetta Shaw, and her mother all of Louisville. Preceded by husband HARRY "RANNY" SHAW, son of Mrs. Sarah Noe of Bedford.

SHELTON, Florrie Ford, 71, Bedford died 24 Aug 1989, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Owen Co.,KY 17 Jun 1918 d/o Ace and Ruth Lewis Lusby.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Dorothy McKinney, 1 son Marshall Wayne Shelton, 1 sis. Mrs. Adell Morrison, 2 bro. Jesse and Bennie Lusby. Preceded by husband MARSHALL SHELTON in 1984.

SHELTON, Marshall, 67, Madison, IN died 27 Mar 1984, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 25 Jul 1916 s/o Luther and Daisy (Green?) Shelton.) Survived by wife FLORIE LUSBY SHELTON, 1 dau. Mrs. Dorothy McKinney, 1 son Wayne Shelton, 2 sis. Mrs. Leona Kinman and Miss Elizabeth Shelton. Preceded by 1 bro. and 1 sis.

SHEPHERD, John K., 85, Bedford died 22 Jun 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. W.W.I veteran, (born Indianapolis, IN 12 Feb 1897 s/o Sidney and Mollie Penn Shepherd both Born Trimble Co.) Survived by 2 sons James S. and John Shepherd, Jr., 1 bro. James B. Shepherd, 1 sis. Lena K. Pennington. Preceded by wife (CORDIE CRAIG SHEPHERD, d. 1972.)

SHEPHERD, Katherine M., 82, New Castle, KY died 16 Nov 1988, bur. IOOF Bedford. A retired school teacher, (born Henry Co., KY 20 Apr 1905 d/o William R. and Lula Mae Schnetyer Shepherd.) Survived by 3 sis. Mrs. Wilma Dunn; Mrs. Mae Rand and Mrs. Freida Atwell.

SHEPHERD, Laura Anne, 3 mo. Madison, IN died 3 Oct 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. d/o Maryella (Hendrick) and Bobby Shepherd, grandparents Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hendrick, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reed, great grandmother Mrs. Emma Shepherd.

SHEPHERD, Raymond Dale, 27, Bedford died 6 Apr 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born 28 Nov 1953. Survived by parents Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reed and Mr. and Mrs. William Pierce, 1 sis. Mrs. Diana Arnold, 1 bro. Bobby Shepherd, 1 grandmother Mrs. Emma Shepherd, an aunt Mrs. June Ginn. Preceded by father Robert E, Shepherd.

SHEPHERD, Sally, 83, Milton died 15 Jun 1980, bur. Sligo Cem. (Born Woodford Co., KY 9 May 1897 d/o William B. and Senia (Hurle?) Kincaid.) Survived by 3 dau. Mrs. Beatrice Etherington; Mrs. Mary Powell and Mrs. Helen Powell, 2 sons C. A. and Norman Abbott, 1 bro. Eldridge Kincaid. Preceded by 3 bro. and 2 sis. Note: Her 1st husband GEORGE W. ABBOTT, died 26 May 1938.

SHIMFESSEL, Virginia L., 61, Milton died 27 Jan 1988, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 29 Jul 1926 d/o Joe and Gertie Arnett Luckett.) Survived by husband SAM SHIMFESSEL, 1 son Gary Shimfessel, sis. Mrs. Lena Shimfessel, 2 bro. Gayle and Warren Luckett. Preceded by 2 sis. and 2 bro.

SHORT, Harlan, 77, Jackson, KY died 2 Aug 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Sewell, KY 20 Nov 1908.) Survived by wife HAZEL SHORT.

SHRADER, Alfred Louis, 64, Milton died 18 Mar 1986, bur. Grandview Memorial Gardens. (Born 23 Oct 1921 s/o Ollie G. and Annabell Spillman Shrader.) Data from funeral record.

SIBLEY, Darrell, 67, Sulphur died 10 Jan 1980, bur. Sulphur Cem. W.W.II Navy veteran, native of Bedford. Survived by wife EVELYN TILLER SIBLEY, dau Mrs. Shelly (Jane) Staples, son Jimmy Sibley, bro. Harvey G. Sibley.

SIBLEY, Olive Maye, 82, Pendleton, KY died 11 Mar 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born KY 7 Oct 1897 d/o John Raymond and Florence Ford Powell.) Survived by husband RAYMOND SIBLEY, son John Raymond Sibley, 1 bro. Robert F. Powell. Preceded by sis. Mrs. Frances Gilbert.

SIBLEY, Raymond, 87, Pendleton, KY died 17 Feb 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 5 Nov 1896 s/o Thomas G. and Clara W. Peak Sibley.) Survived by son John Raymond Sibley, 1 sis. Mrs. J. Ray Binford.

SIMPSON, Mary Elizabeth, 48, Bedford died 21 Mar 1980, bur. New Castle, KY. Survived by husband WILLIAM THOMAS SIMPSON, 3 dau. Mrs. Gary (Rita) Allen; Mrs. Rodney (Debra) Ashby and Patricia Jo Simpson, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Celester Baxter, 2 sis. Mrs. Lorene Downey and Mrs. Elzy (Dorothy) McAlister, bro. William Howard Baxter.

SIMPSON, William Thomas "Bill," 57, Bedford died 8 Aug 1986, bur. New Castle, KY. Veteran of Korean conflict. (Born Henry Co. 5 Aug 1929 s/o William O. and Margaret Thomas Simpson.) Survived by 3 dau. Mrs. Rita Allen; Mrs. Debra Ashby and Mrs. Betty Wright, his mother, 1 bro. Larry Simpson, 3 sis. Mrs. Beulah Callis; Mrs. Annete Smith and Mrs. Peggy Morgan. Preceded by wife MARY BAXTER SIMPSON, his father, 1 sis. Margaret Wagner and 1 bro. O. D. Simpson.

SMITH, Amelia, 84, Bedford died 11 Jun 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Lebanon, TN 25 May 1900 d/o Marion and Sallie Massie Turner.) Survived by bro. W. J. Turner, 1 sis-in-law Mrs. Goebel Turner.

SMITH, Boyd Russell, Jr., 37, Bedford died 20 Dec 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 27 Nov 1944 s/o Boyd R. and Aldean Aldridge Smith.) He was owner and operator of the Bedford Sunoco Station. Survived by wife LUCY WEBSTER SMITH, 2 sons Joseph and Mathew Smith. Survived by parents, 2 bro. James P. and Danny R. Smith, 2 sis. Mrs. Linda Bell and Mrs. Brenda Wentworth.

SMITH, Charles M., Sr., 72, Bedford died 26 Aug 1984, bur.IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 19 Feb 1912 s/o James Solomon and Mattie Elizabeth Sutherland Smith.) Survived by wife VIRGINIA BELL SMITH, 2 sons Solie and Charles Smith, Jr., 4 dau. Martha Elizabeth Horine; Mary Jane Fitzgerald; Mary Magdalene Aldridge and Mattie Bell Evans, 1 bro. Ira Smith. Preceded by bro. James Brown Smith.

SMITH, Clisby D., 87, Bedford died 28 Jul 1989, bur. English Cem. (Born Carroll Co., KY 23 Jul 1902 s/o Otis and Azora Bell Smith.) Survived by son Robert Allen Smith, 4 dau. Grace Griffith; Dorothy Johnson; Flora June Lory and Mavis Robbs, 2 sis. Margaret Byrd and Liza Imel. Preceded parents and by son Otis Smith.

SMITH, Helen Angeline, 69, Bedford died 1 Nov 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 23 Nov 1910 d/o Field and Stella Taylor Colbert.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Bernice Liter, 1 bro. Norval A. Colbert, 1 sis. Mrs. Ethel Gividen. Note: Her husband LONNIE EARL SMITH died 1959.

SMITH, James Lafayette, 65, Bedford died 6 Apr 1987, bur. New Castle, KY. (Born White Run,KY 21 Dec 1921 s/o Wayne and Arie Roy Smith.) Survived by wife ANETTA SIMPSON SMITH, 2 sons James William and Allen Wayne Smith, 2 dau. Mrs. June Williams and Mrs. Judy Lynn Jennings, 3 bro. Louis; Arnold Wayne and William Scott Smith, 4 sis. Mrs. Maudie Bell Hurst; Mrs. Irene Burch; Mrs. Ruby Peace and Mrs. Louise Mefford.

SMITH, Ollie Blanche, 69, Bedford died 22 Jun 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 4 Feb 1913 d/o George H. and Anna Blanche Tripp Griffith.) Survived by husband JAMES H. SMITH, 2 dau. Mrs. Lenora Chenault and Mrs. Rosa Powell, 3 bro. Clarence; Herbert and James Griffith, 1 sis. Mrs. Francis Roberts.

SMITH, Otis A., 49, Chicago, IL died 5 Nov 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. Former resident of Trimble Co. (Born English, KY 29 Jan 1933 s/o Clisby and Rose Murphy Smith.)

SMITH, Velma, 82, Bedford died 22 Feb 1986, bur. IOOF Carrollton, KY. (Born Breckinridge Co., KY 12 Nov 1903 d/o Roscoe and Martie Horsley Carmen.) Survived by son Leonard C. Smith, 2 dau. Mrs. Jean Mershall and Mrs. Pauline Smith, 1 sis. Mrs. Geneva Conkwright. Preceded by husband PAUL B. SMITH.

SMITH, Willie J., 86, Bedford died 8 Nov 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Henry Co. 1 Jan 1898 s/o James and Mary Blackburn Smith.) Survived by 6 sons R. C.; Andrew; Hiner; Orville; Gus and Charles Smith, 2 dau. Mrs. Mary D. Gilley and Mrs. Allene Wentworth, 1 half-bro. Boyd Smith, 2 half-sis. Mrs. Hattie Bradshaw and Mrs. Mabel Vest. Preceded by wife MARY JOSEPHINE SMITH, son Alvin Smith, dau. Bessie Lee Winkle.

SMITHA, Leslie Lee, 87, Carrollton, KY died 25 Aug 1980, bur. Dupont, IN. Native of Trimble Co. attending the old Prior Hill school in Mt. Carmel. Resided in Indiana before returning to Kentucky. Survived by wife EDITH CRAFTON SMITHA, 2 sons Clarence and William Smitha. Preceded by 2 sons. Note: s/o William H. and Frances R. Berkshire Smitha, ref. 1910 census, born 23 Sep 1892 given on school census. Note: Social Security gives birth date as 23 Sep 1892.

SNOOK, Joe Davis, Sr., 69, Bedford died 30 Jan 1986, bur. Lebanon Church Cem. Where? Born Shelby Co., KY 20 Jan 1917 s/o Chester and Rosa Rogers Snook. Data from funeral record.

SNYDER, Henrietta, 73, Milton died 20 Dec 1982, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 5 Feb 1909 d/o Benton and Mary Morgan Ball.) She was a retired school teacher. Survived by husband MILTON SNYDER II, 1 dau. Mrs. Mary Carolyn Heitz, 1 son Milton Snyder III, 1 sis. Mrs. Evelyn McMakin.

SNYDER, Janie, 26, Dale, IN died 5 Mar 1983, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Madison, IN 1 Aug 1956 d/o Hayden and Josephine May Boldery.) Survived by 3 ch Rachael; Joy and Jason, her parents, sis. Pamela Brown.

SNYDER, James Coleman, 79, Louisville, died 10 Oct 1981, bur. Moffett. Born Hunter's Bottom s/o Bro. W. B. Snyder. Survived by 1 son James Millet Snyder, 2 bro. William Oscar and George Milton Snyder. Preceded by wife JOSEPHINE SNYDER.

SNYDER, Kenneth Campbell, 59, Bedford died 1 Dec 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born IN 31 Jul 1930 s/o John and Lottie Logan Snyder.) Survived by wife VIRGINIA CLARA SNYDER, 2 sons Morris Dwain and Darren Snyder, dau. Mrs. Marsha Smith, 3 bro. Charles Allen; Billy and Dickie Snyder, sis. Mrs. Nancy Shepherd.

SNYDER, Milton II, 81, Milton died 13 Apr 1986, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 13 May 1904 s/o Milton and Carrie Whalen Snyder.)

SOMMERVILLE, Thomas James, 88, Indianapolis, IN died 27 Feb 1983, bur. there. Survived by wife LEAH STOCKDALE SOMMERVILLE, both formerly of Trimble Co., 2 sons James and John Sommerville, 1 dau. Loretta, 3 sis. Mrs. Janet Ewing; Mrs. Susie Lappin and Mrs. Martha Hays.

SPILLMAN, Allene Law, 71, Frankfort, KY died 17 Jun 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 3 Apr 1913 d/o John Oliver and Fannie Temple Law.) Survived by sis-in-law Nita Law and 3 nieces. Preceded by husband HOMER SPILLMAN.

SPILLMAN, William E. "Bud," 79, Milton died 14 Dec 1989, bur. Moffett. (Born Trimble Co. 27 Oct 1910 s/o Isaac and Susie Sherman Spillman.) Survived by wife ANNA BROAD SPILLMAN, 3 sons William; George and Howard Spillman, 3 dau. Mrs. Jean Williams; Mrs. Ann Harmon and Barbara Spillman, 1 sis. Mrs. Lena Carter, 1 bro. Morris Spillman.

SPURR, Eullah Lee, 89, Bedford died 10 Feb 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Grant Co., KY 25 Dec 1896 d/o Stephen and Lucinda Schaffer Burch.) Survived by 2 sons David "Pete" and Harvey Sid Spurr, 5 dau. Mrs. Della Spurr West; Mrs. Savanna Spurr Jones; Mrs. Alene Spurr Louden Harvey; Mrs. Mary Lee Venhoff and Mrs. Gladys B. Aldridge. Preceded by husband WILLIAM HARRISON SPURR, dau. Mrs. Velma Lee Keith.

STANGLE, Anna Elizabeth Gaines, 63, Bedford died 28 Mar 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Spencer Co., KY 17 Jun 1925 d/o John C. and Rosie Redman Goodlett.) Survived by husband DALTON STANGLE, 3 sons Harry, Jr.; John and Elmer Gaines, 5 dau. Rose Lee Nation; Glenna Shuck; Pat Ellegood and Marlene McKinney, 2 bro. John and Robert Goodlett, 5 sis. Mary Koehler; Hazel Rodgers; Maudie Mathis; Sue Stevens and Shirley Sutherland. Preceded by parents, 3 bro. and 4 sis.

STAPLES, Elsie Lee, 56, Bedford died 19 Sep 1982, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (Born Madison, IN 22 Jan 1926 d/o Alven and Stella Buchanan Brooks.) Survived by husband J. C. STAPLES, 2 sons John and Ronnie Staples, 1 bro. Howard Brooks, 3 sis. Gladys Garrett; Mrs. Laura Staples and Miss Ida Brooks.

STARK, Janie Button, 87, died 24 Jan 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 19 Aug 1882 d/o Thomas and Myra Holmes Button.) Survived by dau. Mrs. Mary Jo Taylor, step-son Hubert Stark, sis. Mrs. Bernice Hamilton.

STEWARD, Edmond C., 70, Milton died 5 Oct 1981, bur. Moffett Cem. Born Owen Co.(19 Apr 1911) lived Trimble Co. most of his life. s/o Boyd and Sallie Lappin Steward. Survived by wife ROSIE CRAIG STEWARD, 3 sons Donald; Robert and Boyd Steward, 5 dau. Mrs. Barbara Pachaco; Mrs. Lucille Gross; Mrs. Wanda Harmon; Mrs. Jo Ann Consley and Donna Steward, 3 sis. Mrs. Hallie Raisor; Mrs. Bea Smith and Mrs. May Spurgeon, 1 bro. Boyd Steward.

STIVERS, Hectoria, 7, Bedford died 3 Aug 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Frankfort, KY 22 Dec 1979.) Note: See data on sis. Joyce's obit.

STIVERS, Joyce Michelle, 9, Bedford died 3 Aug 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Louisville, KY 8 Mar 1987 d/o Joe and Linda Jackson Stivers.) Native of Franklin Co., KY. Survived by parents, 4 sis. Beverly Jackson, Sandy; Melony and Kathy Stivers, grandparents Janet and Sid Jackson, great grandmother Mrs. Bertha Jackson. Note: Hectora and Joyce drowned in Little Kentucky River.

STOCKDALE, Addie Gertrude, 89, Milton died 29 Nov 1981, bur. Moffett. Oldest child of Drucilla Jane Hood and John B. Conn, born 26 Aug 1892, she spent her entire life in Trimble Co. Survived by 1 dau. Mrs. Doris Clem, 2 sis. Ruth Colbert and Gladys Clem. Preceded by husband ELZA STOCKDALE, son John William Stockdale and a bro. Roy Conn.

STOCKDALE, Bessie Ellen, 81, Campbellsburg, KY died 4 Sep 1980, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Owen Co., KY 22 Mar 1899 d/o Edwin and Julia Ford Hewitt.) Survived by 2 sons Edwin and Herbert Stockdale, 5 dau. Mrs. Juanita Hawkins; Mrs. Earline Shields; Mrs. Julia Jackson; Mrs. Ruby Davis and Mrs. Laverne Evans, 1 bro. G. L. Hewitt, she also reared 2 grandch. Herbie and Mike Stockdale. Preceded by her husband EARL A. STOCKDALE, 1 dau., 1 son, 2 sis. and 1 bro.

STOCKDALE, Elmer James, 76, Bedford died 28 Apr 1985, bur. Mt. Carmel Cem. (Born 7 Nov 1908 s/o Ben Ira and Josie Farley Stockdale.) Survived by wife GOLDIE SHAFER STOCKDALE, 3 dau. Mrs. Erma Holley; Mrs. Phylis Ayres and Mrs. Rachel Consley, 2 sons Boyd and Paul Stockdale, 3 sis. Mrs. Lottie Hicks; Mrs. Helen Leach and Mrs. Mary Bell Tingle, 1 bro. Wilbur Stockdale. Preceded by infant son, Delmar.

STOCKDALE, Emma, 101, Madison, IN interred 5 Jun 1983, Sharon Hill Cem. Native of Trimble Co. lived most of her life in Madison. Survived by 2 sons James E. and Andrew Stockdale, 1 dau. Mrs. Hazel Podurgiel. Preceded by husband THEODORE STOCKDALE in 1945.

STOCKDALE, Francis Elwyn, 70, Bedford died 27 Aug 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. 3 Mar 1916 s/o Mervin and Mattie Diarmet Stockdale.) Survived by wife MARY JACKSON STOCKDALE, 3 sons Elwyn Edward; Dwight and Neil Stockdale, 1 dau. Mrs. Brenda Dunlap, 1 sis. Mrs. Mildred Searcy.

STOCKDALE, Gertrude, 94, Bedford died 15 Jul 1986, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Carroll Co. 25 Jan 1892 d/o Lafe and Martha Diarmet Harmon.) Survived by 2 sons Everett and Carroll Stockdale, 1 dau. Mrs. Pauline Farley. Preceded by husband RAYMOND STOCKDALE in 1979.

STOCKDALE, Mary Verna, 72, Bedford died 17 Feb 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Trimble Co. 24 Jan 1915 d/o Emmett and Cordie Varble Jackson.) Survived by 3 sons Elwyn Edward; Dwight and Neal Stockdale, 1 dau. Brenda Dunlap, 3 bro. Owen; Graham and Aubrey Jackson, 1 sis. Mrs. Dottie Thomas, half-sis. Mrs. Ora Pruitt.

STONE, Louis A., 81, Milltown, IN died 5 Mar 1982, bur. IOOF Bedford. Native of Bedford. Survived by wife ETHEL SORLES STONE, 2 sons Louis Roy and David Stone, 2 dau. Agnes Gibson and Mrs. Bessie Bussey. Note: Social Security gives birth date as 19 Dec 1900.

STOUT, Richard "Dick," 77, Carrollton, KY died 13 Jun 1984, bur. there. Born Henry Co. 20 Oct 1906. Survived by wife RUTH STOUT, 1 dau. Mrs. Wilbur (Sue) Ginn, 2 sons James P. and Mike Stout, 1 bro. Robert C. Stout, 3 sis. Mrs. Clarence Callis; Mrs. Margaret Harrell and Mrs. Elizabeth Wainscott. Preceded by parents, 1 bro. and 3 sis.

STRASEMEIER, Robert Frederick, 87, Milton died 22 Sep 1987, bur. Moffett Cem. (Born Trimble Co. 9 Dec 1899 s/o Ernestt and Augusta Sachleben Strasemeier.) Survived by wife MARY STRASEMEIER, 2 dau. Marie Strasemeier and Mrs. Martha Phillips. Preceded by 4 bro. and 4 sis.

SULLIVAN, Roger Allen, 26, Bedford died 10 Aug 1984, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born Gallatin Co. 26 Jun 1958.) Survived by wife FELECIA McCANE SULLIVAN, 1 son Dereck Allen Sullivan, his mother Mrs. Juanita Calvert, his father Wilbur Lee Sullivan, stepmother Charlotte Sullivan, grandmothers Mrs. Allen Satchwell and Mrs. Maggie Sullivan, 2 half-sis. Carrie Ann and Annie Sullivan.

SULLIVAN, Tom, 74, Bedford died 5 Mar 1984, bur. English, KY. (Born Henry Co. 15 May 1909 s/o Thomas and Julia Downey Sullivan.) Survived by wife STELLA SULLIVAN, 7 sons Alvin Lee; Tommy Dean; Kenny; Buford; Timmy; Everett and Lucian Sullivan, 2 dau. Mrs. Joyce Hogg and Mrs. Cindy Frazier, 1 sis. Mrs. Sally Justice. Preceded by wife SUSAN B. SULLIVAN, 1 sis., 1 bro., 1 son and 2 dau.

SUPPLEE, Edward, 71, Carroll Co. died 20 July 1986, bur. IOOF Carrollton. W.W.II veteran, (born 17 Dec 1914 s/o Howard and Lucy Mae Thompson Supplee.) Survived by wife FLORANCE ANGIE THIEMAN SUPPLEE, 1 son Mike Supplee, 1 bro. Joe Supplee. Preceded by parents.

SUPPLEE, Harry, 96, Carrollton, KY died 25 Jan 1989, bur. there. Survived by son Jack Supplee, 3 dau. Pauline Dougherty; Mrs. Dorothy McDiarmet and Mrs. Marjorie Harmon. Prec, by son Harry, Jr.

SUTER, Sue Fisher, 34, died 4 May 1981, bur. IOOF Bedford. (Born 10 Dec 1946 d/o Eldred and Verna Jackson Fisher.) Survived by husband HARRY LEE SUTER, her parents, 2 sons John and Joel Lewis, 1 bro. Gregg Fisher, grandmother Glenita Jackson.

SUTTER, Norma Louise, 55, Madison, IN died 31 May 1987, bur. IOOF Bedford. Born Trimble Co. 30 Jun 1931 d/o Otis and Dorothy Harmon Parson. Survived by husband LEON SUTTER, 1 son Mark Sutter, 2 bro. James and Ronnie Parson and her mother.

SUTHERLAND, Emma Rose, 69, Bedford died 27 Nov 1989, bur. IOOF Bedford. She was a retired nurse. (Born Shelby Co. 23 Jan 1920 d/o Joseph and Mary Smith Wilmoth.) Survived by son Harold D. West and wife Ruth, dau. Jane Dunlap and husband Warren, 1 sis. Margaret Harrod. Preceded by parents, 2 bro. J. C. and Eugene Wilmoth.

SUTHERLAND, James Ishmael "Ish," 63, Campbellsburg,KY died 10 Mar 1988, bur. there. W.W.II veteran, (born Trimble Co. 20 Jun 1924 s/o Ashby and Hallie Richmond Sutherland.) Survived by wife JUNE FITZGERALD SUTHERLAND, his mother, 2 sons James E. and Gary D. Sutherland, 1 dau. Mrs. Patricia Albert, 2 bro. Arthur and Cecil Sutherland, 6 sis. Mrs. Dorothy Louden; Mrs. Jeanette Hulker; Mrs. Ethel Kirovac; Mrs. Mabel Smith; Mrs. Barbara Rutherford and Mrs. Minnie Payton. Preceded by father, sis. Bonnie Bennett and bro. Billy Sutherland.

SUTHERLAND, June, 60, Campbellsburg, KY died 13 Nov 1989, bur. there. (Born Henry Co. 17 Jul 1929 d/o Wm. Joseph and Lula Jones Fitzgerald.) Survived by 2 sons James E. and Gary D. Sutherland, 1 dau. Mrs. Patricia S. Albert, 2 bro. Ralph and Luther Fitzgerald, 3 sis. Mrs. Sally Brierly; Mrs. Martha Bayne and Mrs. Cornelia Kelley. Preceded by husband ISHMAEL SUTHERLAND, 4 bro. and 1 sis.

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